Trannies are Literally Retarded

It’s becoming abundantly clear that not only is baphometizing minors a particularly evil form of child abuse on the part of the parents and medical professionals, but also a historic crime against humanity by Clown World that is even worse than anything the infamous Dr. Mengele ever conceived:

A world-renowned expert who found puberty-blockers can harm children’s IQ says woke academics initially dismissed her research as ‘biased’. University College London neuropsychologist Professor Sallie Baxendale published a review of the potential impact of the powerful drugs on teens who take them.

Her alarming study highlighted cases where young girls seemingly lost between 7 to 15 IQ points while taking the medications, which halt bodily changes in puberty.

But despite the concerning findings, Professor Baxendale initially struggled to find a publisher for her review. Three separate journals rejected her paper in which she called for ‘urgent’ research into the impact of the drugs on children’s brain functions.

Writing in the now-published article in the peer-reviewed Acta Paediatrica journal, she said: ‘What impact does any delay in cognitive development have on an individual’s educational trajectory and subsequent life opportunities given the critical educational window in which these treatments are typically prescribed? If cognitive development “catches up” following the discontinuation of puberty suppression, how long does this take and is the recovery complete?’

I wonder if virtue-signaling parents who think that their tranny child is a social benefit to them would rethink their wicked plans if they realized that they are not only sterilizing their child, but permanently lowering the child’s IQ by a whole standard deviation? To put it in perspective, that’s the difference between the average white American IQ and the average black American IQ.

Probably not, considering that deviation is their central motivation.


At Least They Didn’t Panic

An English doctor writes about what he calls “the covid booster cancer time bomb”.

I have previously reported on my concern about the rise in stable cancer relapses that I have witnessed in my melanoma clinic.

None of these patients of mine presented with the classic prodrome of relapse that I had always noticed previously, such as severe depression due to bereavement, divorce or bankruptcy. Indeed the only thing I found they had in common was to have had a recent booster mRNA covid vaccine. I phoned around my colleagues not only in the UK but also in Australia to check their experience. In no case did they deny such a link. Indeed, they were equally alarmed at the association between booster vaccines and relapse that they too were witnessing, as well an increase in new cancers, particularly in those below 50 years old. In addition to melanoma these colleagues were also very concerned about a sudden big increase in young patients with colorectal cancer.

Rather than instigating a proper inquiry to investigate this when we raised these concerns, the medical authorities told us all that what we were witnessing was a coincidence, that we had to prove it and above all, not to upset our patients.

Recently the American Cancer Society (ACS) has warned of a surge in new cancer cases in the US this last year of over 2 million, with many of these cases occurring in younger patients. Indeed, the chief scientific officer of the ACS, William Dahat, announced in addition that cancers were presenting with more aggressive disease and larger tumours at the time of diagnosis, especially in younger patients. Of further interest it noted a difference in the microbiome (the community of micro-organisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses that exist in a different environment) between patients under 50 compared with those over 50.

This surge mirrors a report from Phinance Technologies of late last year which analysed in detail data from the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) which showed that disability and deaths in 2021 and 2022 had increased dramatically in all age groups, but especially in the 15-44 age group.

The Lancet also published an article before Christmas reporting excess deaths post covid pandemic to be up by 11-15 per cent over than expected for under-25s and for between 25-49 year olds. This is in fact the pattern found in many countries that have looked at the data. Germany for example has reported excess deaths rising from 7 per cent in 2020 to 24 per cent in 2023.

What makes this all the more surprising is that negative deaths should be the norm after a pandemic as you cannot die twice!

The link between covid vaccines and myocarditis and early death particularly in the young, highlighted by Peter McCullough and colleagues as well as by Aseem Malhotra here in the UK, is incontestable. Now we have a confirmatory report from the CDC in the US, data that the authorities here have refused to act on so as not to alarm vaccinated patients!

The Covid Booster Cancer Time Bomb, 3 February 2024

The CDC has admitted that it didn’t tell the vaxxed about the obvious link between the vaxx and myocarditis because it didn’t want “to cause panic”. Which could, I suppose, be justified in theory if there is nothing that can be done about it, except to punish the parties responsible for injuring tens of millions of Americans. But the vaxx-inspired turbo cancers that are causing a significant percentage of the excess post-Covid deaths can be mitigated by early awareness, diagnosis, and treatment, which is why it is a moral imperative for the CDC and other medical organizations to come clean on the cancer risks that the vaxxed-and-boosted are now facing.

The situation is worse than it superficially looks, because while the excess deaths aren’t as high as had been feared, as the doctor points out, they should be negative. So, we can expect them to continue to rise over the next 2-3 years. And if you are boosted, or even if you’re only vaxxed, be sure to schedule regular checkups, particularly if you have ever been treated for any form of cancer.

UPDATE: In what is almost certainly related news, country music singer Toby Keith has died of cancer at the age of 62. And yes, he was vaxxed.

Country singer Toby Keith died Monday at the age of 62, his family wrote in a statement posted to his website and social media accounts early Tuesday. Keith revealed in June 2022 that he had been diagnosed with stomach cancer.

UPDATE: The Harrowing of the Elderly is real.

My wife works in a nursing home facility. Prior to the vaxx the facility averaged a death per week and the facility was at max capacity. Today it’s 7 deaths per week… sometimes as high as 10. And the facility is at half-capacity. She left during the vaxx mandate as she refused. They begged her to come back six months ago but she’s quitting again as the environment has become so sad and depressing.


A Mystery in Portugal

Portugal has the highest COVID-19 vaccination rate in the world.
September 2021

Portugal registers highest level of excess deaths in Europe
January 2024

We don’t know it’s the vaxx…

UPDATE: The English are similarly confused.

Why ARE strokes rising in young people?

Why indeed? Such a vexing mystery! But not to worry. The strokes are safe and effective.


Vaxx? What Vaxx?

The vaccine revisionism has officially begun in Canada.

I have a coworker who got the cupcake because of pressure at work and I think he was drinking the coolaid. A while after having the cupcake, his wife found him on the kitchen floor. He was rushed to the hospital where he spent 2 days in emerg and 1 day in the cardiac ward due to a “cardiac event”. He has been diagnosed with myocarditis. When he asked his cardiologist if he should get the second cupcake the Dr.’s response was “you may as well, the damage has already been done.” He got it and was bed ridden for quite some time before finally returning to work under “modified duty”.

Today my coworker dropped a bombshell. On the 1 year anniversary of his “cardiac event” he had a follow up appointment with the same cardiologist. After reviewing the test results, the Dr. asked a strange question. He asked, “what are you doing here?” My coworker was surprised and answered “I’m here for my 1 year follow up.” The Dr then told my coworker that he wanted to show him something. He turned the screen he was looking at towards my coworker and asked, “1 year follow up to what?” There was nothing on the file about my coworker being admitted to the hospital after the cupcake. “Do you have any paperwork?” the Dr. asked. “Yes,” my coworker responded, “I have my discharge papers.” “Keep them.” The Dr. advised. “You are the 5th patient of mine whose admission records have been removed.” The Dr. complained to Alberta Health Services and is now receiving disciplinary action. Alberta Heath Services is deleting records of adverse reactions to the cupcakes.

And to think that we were labelled “conspiracy theorists” because we had absolutely zero faith in the modern medical systems of the West. Now the culprits are adding gaslighting and historical revisionism to the list of their copious crimes. If the medical community is already denying the records of the injuries that occurred in the aftermath of the vaccines, it can’t be too long before they’ll deny administering them in the first place.

Why on Earth does anyone still believe anything the government-media-medical complex tells them?


The Failure of Binary

It’s becoming increasingly obvious to everyone that neither capitalism and Economic Man nor communism and Socialist Man are ideologies capable of sustaining societies that are both functional and civilized. And the godless “Third Way” has already proven to be a comprehensive historical failure.

It’s time to return to Christendom.


10,000 Dead Canadians

Canada is literally massacring what once passed for its native population.

Last year, more than 10,000 people in Canada – astonishingly that’s over three percent of all deaths there – ended their lives via euthanasia, an increase of a third on the previous year. And it’s likely to keep rising: next year, Canada is set to allow people to die exclusively for mental health reasons.

To put things in context, that’s the equivalent of 186,000 US citizens being “assisted” last year. And if you put the trends together – depopulation, vaccination, and euthanization – Occam’s Razor suggest that the mass euthanization of the vaccinated may be the long-term result.

Today’s HYPERGAMOUSE provides an amusing take on a very dark matter.


What The Actual…

I’m not sure this explanation of the consequences is correct, but regardless, the latest action by the CDC is a ghastly one in light of the fact that the Covid 19 vaccines are a) extremely unsafe, b) highly ineffective, and c) worse than worthless for children.

The CDC just now voted 15-0 to add the Covid 19 Vaxx to the childhood vax schedule. This means they are mandated the Covid 19 vaccine in order to attend public schools. This is the event that could spark an all-out civil war.

On the bright side, people who insist on sending their children to public school despite knowing better now have considerable motivation to contemplate the superior alternatives. And between the children fleeing the public schools and the inevitable cases of Suddenly, this should significantly reduce class sizes.

Silver linings aside, it should be entirely obvious now that the wicked governments of the West are attempting to depopulate the nations over which they so insidiously rule.


Vaxx = Cervical Malignancies

Dr. Kimberly Biss is an obstetrician-gynecologist in Saint Petersburg, Florida and is affiliated with Bayfront Health St. Petersburg. She received her medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. She’s now gone on the record about what she’s observing in her practice post-vaxx:

I’m Kimberly Biss. I’m an OBGYN that practices in St. Pete’s, Florida. I can definitely say since the vaccine rollout started we have seen in our practice a decrease in new OB numbers, which would be infertility, by about 50 percent. We’ve also seen an increase in miscarriage rate by about 50 percent. And I would say there’s probably about a 25 percent increase in abnormal pap smears as well as cervical malignancies in our area.

Don’t forget that the government-medical complex pushed the HPV vaccine for girls to reduce a much smaller risk of cervical malignancies than is apparently being produced by the Covid vaxxes.

On a not-unrelated note, 80 Canadian doctors are now reported to be dead of “suddenly” and the pace appears to be increasing. So there is at least some justice in the world, because Satan despises his servants.


A Malevolent Presence

The British authorities are prosecuting a nurse for murdering infants:

A nurse accused of murdering seven premature babies – and trying to kill ten more – took up to three attempts to poison infants by injecting insulin, milk or even air into their tiny bodies, a court heard today. Lucy Letby, 32, is alleged to have gone on a year-long killing spree while working at the Countess of Chester Hospital – including one child who died less than 90 minutes after being handed into her care.

Today the specially trained ICU nurse was described as a ‘constant malevolent presence’ on the Cheshire children’s unit where she allegedly killed and injured many vulnerable children – including twins. She is accused of using night shifts to launch many attacks because she knew parents were off the neonatal ward.

Several babies were allegedly poisoned with insulin and one child – known as Baby E – was murdered when Letby allegedly injected him with air, Manchester Crown Court has heard. It caused what doctors call an air embolus, which leads to strokes or heart attacks. Letby is also accused of pumping dangerous levels of milk into the premature children via feeding tubes or veins.

Once justice is served, let’s hope they proceed with the Covid and vaccine nurses. This case proves, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that members of the medical community are entirely capable of intentional murder despite their training.

“But what doctor or nurse would ever be complicit in actually harming people?”

A year-long killing spree is a fairly reasonable description of the recent wave of mass vaccinations.


Excess Death in Switzerland

Thousands of more Swiss than usual are dying for unknown reasons. Whatever could it be?

The Tages-Anzeiger has a curious piece on the sustained excess mortality trend that has gripped Switzerland since the start of the year. The persistent slight elevation, which has never been seen before, has yielded 3,000 excess deaths through the end of August.

The same months in 2020 and 2021 also saw excess pandemic-related mortality, but substantially lower: deaths 2020 and 2021 combined fall well short of the 3,000 post-pandemic deaths in 2022.

Particularly unusual is the duration of the trend. More than half of all weeks since the beginning of the year have tallied more deaths than average, an as-yet unobserved phenomenon. Official Corona deaths add up to a mere 1,100, and we know that in the era of Omicron, at least half of those are likely to be incidental. It’s obviously not the virus that’s killing these people. The preferred Science explanation is that a substantial portion of these deaths are “heat-related” and that these are the unfortunate consequences of climate change. In truth, the summer heat has been vastly overplayed by a press eager to transition back to climate-change narratives, and Swiss heat deaths even in record-setting years, like 2003, don’t break the 1,000 mark.

The Swiss healthcare system is also under considerable pressure, and here too nobody knows the reason.

Sustained, as-yet unheard of excess mortality trend strikes Switzerland, 9 September 2022

No doubt the intrepid Swiss government already has its crack scientist-investigators on the case of this deeply puzzling medical mystery. Also, if you’re over 16, be sure to get your Covid-19 booster shot to contain a new wave of infections expected this autumn and winter….

I suspect we’re going to get a LOT of use out of that particular panel from HOW TO SUCCEED LIKE A DARK LORD in the months and years to come. A LOT.