It’s Not Your Imagination

GenX parents spend 64 percent more time with their children than the Boomers spent with them.

On average, mothers and fathers in 1965 spent 12.7 hours per week caring for their children, whereas in 2011, that number had risen to 20.8 hours per week. More telling is the average father who, in 1965 spent 2.5 hours per week with his kids while his offspring son spent nearly three times that amount with his children in 2011…. Given that hours in a day are a strictly limited resource, this shift in parental time away from other activities to raising children represents a massive shift in values and behavior, one that is well reflected in anecdotes and observations about “Boomers.”

Boomers can shuck and jive all they like, but the statistics clearly support the anecdotal observations about the general shortcomings of their generation.

UPDATE: It’s been pointed out that 1965 parents were mostly not Boomers. This is true. So, do you think Boomers spent a) more or b) less time with their kids, given the upward trend from 1965 to 2011? Of course not…

CORRECTION: Boomers spent 13.4 percent less time with their kids than their parents did, and GenX spends 89 percent more time with their kids than their parents did.


Unequivocal Motive

The US State Department publicly threatened to destroy Nord Stream 2 back in January 2022, before the Russian invasion of Ukraine even began.

State Dept vows Nord Stream 2 will be a ‘hunk of metal at bottom of the ocean’ if Russia invades Ukraine

The State Department on Thursday unequivocally warned that if Russia invades Ukraine the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will sit unused at the bottom of the ocean.

By Caitlin McFall

Updated Jan. 27, 2022 08:24 PM

The State Department on Thursday unequivocally warned that if Russia invades Ukraine the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will sit unused at the bottom of the ocean.

The controversial pipeline has become the U.S. and NATO’s biggest bargaining chip in its attempts to preserve Kyiv’s sovereignty.

But reporters questioned the diplomatic agency on whether Germany, which would profit from the functioning pipeline, is on the same page when it comes to countering a Russian incursion.

“We continue to have strong, clear communication with our German allies,” Under Secretary for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said. “If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another, Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.”

Her comments echoed those made by Secretary of State Antony Blinken earlier this week, but reporters pushed back on the ability to enforce this threat given the pipeline’s physical completion.

It’s 100-percent certain that the pipelines were destroyed on the orders of the US government, and most likely, by US military forces. And this unprecedented action unequivocally provides a legitimate basis for a declaration of war on the United States by Russia and by Germany.

And just to add to the gravity of the situation, Germany is on the hook to pay for the gas whether it receives it or not.

Germany is contractually obligated to purchase at least 40 billion cubic meters of Russian gas a year until 2030. Just say no? They can’t: Gazprom is legally entitled to get paid even without shipping gas. That’s the spirit of a long-term contract. And it’s already happening: because of sanctions, Berlin does not get all the gas it needs but still needs to pay.

Weekly Meme Review 01

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A Non-Coup in China

Never pay any attention to all the ridiculous media stories about how Putin has leprosy or Xi has been replaced by a Google-powered robot. There was never any sort of coup in Beijing and Xi is fine. It was just the usual wordspellers engaged in their futile attempts to alter reality through magical thinking and mass propaganda.

Chinese communist leader Xi Jinping made his first public appearance in nearly two weeks, terminating an absence that fueled a storm of unsubstantiated rumors regarding his whereabouts. Xi, who leads China as general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, visited an exhibition in Beijing on Sept. 27, according to Chinese state-owned media.

The event was Xi’s first public appearance since returning to China from a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Uzbekistan earlier in the month.

Xi had met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, an unofficial ally, during that summit. The two leaders reaffirmed their nations’ support for one another in the face of mounting resistance from the West regarding China’s plans for Taiwan and Russia’s war in Ukraine.

My assumption is that Xi has been occupied with overseeing the coordination of China’s next move with the coming Russian offensive. This would be an ideal time to open the second front, after Russia ties down US forces in Eastern Europe. Both Xi and Putin know that the USA is no longer equipped to fight two first-tier opponents at the same time, and I assume that Putin would not have proceeded with the four referendums without an assurance from Xi that China will enter the conflict in a meaningful manner.


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Suspect Identified

It appears that the Russians not only know that the USA sabotaged the two natural gas pipelines to Germany, but they know which US Navy ship was responsible and how the attack was carried out.

An expeditionary detachment of US Navy ships led by the universal amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge days ago was in the Baltic Sea. It was 30 km from the site of the alleged sabotage on the Nord Stream-1 gas pipeline and 50 km from the threads of Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

On September 2, interesting maneuvers performed by an American helicopter with the call sign FFAB123. Then it was assumed that this board was from the USS Kearsarge air wing, and today more details were looked. According to the website , this call sign was used by 6 boards that day, of which we managed to establish the side numbers of three. All of them are Sikorsky MH-60S.

By superimposing the FFAB123 route on the scheme of yesterday’s accident, we get a rather interesting result — the helicopter either flew along the Nord Stream-2 highway, or even between the points where the accident occurred.

And finally, we need to pay attention to the June article in Sea Power, where the Americans brag about experiments in the field of underwater drones, which they put on exercises BALTOPS 22 — just in the area of the island of Bronholm. And YES,there was US military training there

Meanwhile, the Baltic Pipe project is going live, shipping natural gas from Denmark to Poland, and will be running at full capacity at the end of November.

On Saturday, September 24, 2022, Energinet notified the gas market that the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline can be commissioned at full capacity from the end of November 2022, a little more than one month before planned. Energinet planned to commission Baltic Pipe with partial capacity from October 1, 2022, and with full capacity of up to 10 billion cubic metres of gas annually from January 1, 2023.

The most logical explanation for the Nord Stream attacks is that the US Navy destroyed the pipeline in order to prevent Germany from surrendering to Russia, and making it dependent on Poland instead. And since all four referendums went Russia’s way, it would appear that we’ll find out what Russia’s response is within the next 3-4 weeks.

UPDATE: Some Eastern European countries are clearly expecting conflict in the near future.

Poland and Bulgaria’s foreign ministries are recommending all of their citizens leave Russia by any means possible.