Friday Arktoons

TALES OF THE FENRIS WOLVES Episode 1: Prologue Part I

VEGFOLK FABLES Episode 213: Truly Needed

WARMAN Episode 46: Machinegun Justice

FRUG THE WANDERER OF THE WASTELAND Episode 6: Frug goes to Woehio

THE SWORD OF GOD Episode 52: Meanwhile, ft. Ghosts in the Machines

BOB Episode 124: How to Stay Safe

FRIDAY FISH FUNNIES Episode 13: Geography Lesson

FLYING SPARKS Episode 65: Related To A Monster

A MIND PROGRAMMED Episode 17: The Technology of Space

STONETOSS Episode 176: EGStremism

Today marks the launch of a new independent comic with a truly excellent name, TALES OF THE FENRIS WOLVES. Check it out!

Wednesday Arktoons

FAIRY DOOR Episode 12: The Craftsman

WITCH HUNTER Episode 1: Witch Hunter Chapter One

A MIND PROGRAMMED Episode 16: Top Priority Alert

RIOT TOWN, USA Episode 9: State of the Union 2023

SOMETHING BIG Episode 74: Cockroaches In His Cupboard

CHATEAU GRIEF Episode 215: Happens Dance

Arkhaven is pleased to welcome another new series, this one called WITCH HUNTER. To be honest, I suspect it may not be a particularly good match for the current audience – I’m pretty sure most readers will be on the side of what I think are supposed to be the bad guys – but I could be wrong about the comic on the basis of nothing more than the description and the first episode. Regardless, we’re not here to play comics police, so we’re very pleased to see more independents giving the platform a go.

Also, if you bought CHUCK DIXON’S CONAN #1: The Siege of the Black Citadel prior to us including the ebook download link in your receipt, it has been emailed out to you. The paperbacks have been ordered from the printer and should be shipping out from the fulfillment center the week of the 27th.


Weekend Arktoons

CLASSIC BIBLE TALES Episode 87: Den of Thieves

BOB Episode 119: Swing

FRIDAY FISH FUNNIES Episode 10: Wall Flower

THE SWORD OF GOD Episode 49: They Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire

RIOT TOWN, USA Episode 5: identity crisis

FLYING SPARKS Episode 62: Worth the Pain

A MIND PROGRAMMED Episode 15: Homo Posthomo

CHATEAU GRIEF Episode 213: Cut A Rug (R)

THE WISE OF HEART Episode 13: An Unauthorized Disclosure

VEGFOLK FABLES Episode 204: The Final Challenge

INVASION ’55 Episode 35: No Escape

PAPER DOLL VERONIKA Episode 51: Slip into the Pit

DON & CARL – THE DAGGER OF DEMONS Episode 4: Airport


DON & CARL – THE DAGGER OF DEMONS Episode 6: The Medicine

FULL OF EYES Episode 27: Blessed from His Place


Arkhaven is pleased to welcome NEURAL NETWORK NOVELLAS, which is a new illustrated text series featuring AI-created art, to Arktoons today. Check it out!