Unrestricted War on Russia

It appears the rulers of the Imperial USA have come to understand the Chinese principles of Unrestricted Warfare, or as the Russian Foreign Minister calls it, Total War.

The confrontation between Western nations and Russia amounts to “total war,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday during a meeting with the heads of Russian regions. Russian society and major political forces support the government’s decision to face this challenge, he added.

Western nations “are doubling, tripling, and quadrupling their efforts to deter our nation. They use a wide array of tools, from unilateral economic sanctions to totally deceitful propaganda in the global media,” Lavrov said, noting that “low-level Russophobia, which to our deepest regret is promoted by a number of governments, has risen to unprecedented levels.”

“The West has declared total war against us, against the entire Russian world. Nobody even hides this fact now,” Lavrov stated.

Lavrov also noted that the crisis has exposed the true nature of the promises given to Russia 30 years ago, after the collapse of the USSR. “We now see the value of all the talk about universal values and the need to turn Europe into a common home from the Atlantic to the Pacific.” No one should have illusions about the attitude of the US and its allies towards Russia, he added.

I’ve repeatedly pointed out that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is not merely about Ukraine’s designs on Crimea and the Donbass, or Russia’s designs on Ukraine, anymore than Nazi Germany’s conflict with Czechoslovakia was merely about the Sudentenland. The globalist imperials have been preying on Russia since 1991, and attempting to undermine its government since Putin unexpectedly took power in 2000. Putin and his generals clearly recognize that Ukraine is not the core problem, it is merely the most immediate manifestation of the problem.

Dmitry Trenin, a member of Russia’s Foreign and Defense Policy Council, clearly understands the scale and import of the situation:

The challenge Russia is facing has no equivalents in our history. It’s not just that we have neither allies nor even potential partners left in the West. Frequent comparisons with the Cold War of the mid and late 20th century are inaccurate and rather disorienting. In terms of globalization and new technology, the modern form of confrontation is not only of a larger scale than the previous one, it is also much more intense. Ultimately, the main field of the ongoing battle is located inside the country.

The asymmetry between the opponents is huge, particularly the imbalance between the forces and capabilities available to them. Based on this, the US and its allies have set much more radical goals than the relatively conservative containment and deterrence strategies used toward the Soviet Union. They are in fact striving to exclude Russia from world politics as an independent factor, and to completely destroy the Russian economy.

The success of this strategy would allow the US-led West to finally resolve the “Russia question” and create favorable prospects for victory in the confrontation with China.

Such an attitude on the part of the adversary does not imply room for any serious dialogue, since there is practically no prospect of a compromise, primarily between the United States and Russia, based on a balance of interests. The new dynamic of Russian-Western relations involves a dramatic severance of all ties, and increased Western pressure on Russia (the state, society, economy, science and technology, culture, and so on) on all fronts. This is no longer a source of discord between the opponents of the Cold War period, who then became (unequal) partners. It looks more like the drawing of a clearer dividing line between them, with the West refusing to accept even the perfunctory neutrality of individual countries.

China, India, Iran, and most of the unaligned nations now recognize both the evil nature of the corrupted West and its hostile intentions toward them as well, which is why they are also preparing for war against it. Note: I do not subscribe to what I consider to be the absurdly stupid idea that China is intending to invade the USA; the various numbers listed in the leaked transcript are simply not “too extensive” for an invasion of Taiwan and the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu  islands.

Leaked audio that appears to have originated from a meeting of China’s top war generals [a regional government authority – VD] reveals elaborate plans for a land invasion in the near future, waged by the People’s Liberation Army and augmented with cyber warfare, orbital space weapons and the activation of CCP civilians currently embedded in corporations and governments around the world.

China’s war leader [provincial committee member] makes strong reference to the psychological operations that will be waged by their government to control the population as they wage war against the West:

First, we need to strengthen the protection in political field. Look at the recent several regional wars, especially the Russian-Ukrainian conflict war situation. If you look at the big picture, the United States and the West will try everything to slander us, smear us, in an attempt to confuse right and wrong, to shake our will to win a just and decisive battle. We must give full play to public opinion, legal struggle, psychological war and militia teams to strengthen the guidance of public opinion and psychological protection, and cohesion of patriotic support for the positive energy of the military front.

The fact that the author of the linked article doesn’t even understand that the meeting is of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee for Guangdong Province, not the Chinese military leadership, and that he clearly hasn’t fully read or understood the nature of the transcript, which clearly shows the regional authorities attempting to determine how to go about handling their various supporting roles when the invasion happens, doesn’t take away from the way in which the transcript – which Chinese experts have told me appears to either be genuine or a very convincing and detailed fake – indicates Chinese preparations for a major military effort that will soon open WWIII’s second front by bringing it into direct conflict with the US government and military.


Checkmate, Putin

The Russian military has no response for the US military’s stunning and brave transwarrior slay queens:

The U.S. Air Force is hosting Drag Queen Story Time at Ramstein Air Base Library in Germany.

“We’re celebrating Pride Month at the Ramstein Library with Drag Queen Storytime! Join us with special guest reader Stacey Teed! Be sure to wear your brightest and most colorful outfits!,” says the Facebook event announcement, which was posted by the Ramstein & Vogelweh Air Force Libraries page.

This suddenly puts all those insane stories from Roman history about Nero and other imperial freaks into perspective, doesn’t it? What future reader would ever believe that in a time of war, when its ally is being badly defeated and when its opponent has demonstrated unstoppable hypersonic weapons technology, the US military’s response was to provide pedophiles dressed as women access to the children on its military bases?


Crossing More Red Lines

Now that crossing Russia’s red lines has led to war, the Fake Biden administration is Hell-bent on crossing China’s.

US President Joe Biden indicated on Monday that Washington is willing to use military force to defend Taiwan if necessary. Speaking at a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, in Tokyo, he explained that the US sees the idea of China “going in” with its troops as unacceptable.

When asked if the US would become directly involved in a conflict between China and Taiwan, including through the use of military force, Biden said “Yes,” adding that “it’s a commitment we made.” The US leader has previously said Washington respects the ‘One China’ policy, by which it recognizes that there is only one China led by Beijing.

Biden, however, maintained that China has no “jurisdiction to go in and use force to take over Taiwan.” The idea that the island nation “can be taken by force is just not appropriate. It will dislocate the whole region,” the US president added.

This isn’t really a surprise. The catastrophic failure of the neo-liberal world order pretty much ensured WWIII sooner or later, as there was no way the rulers of the Imperial USA were going to gracefully relinquish their global power and influence. The various Color Revolutions, both successful and failed, made it clear that they would choose the hard option.


A Failure of Deterrence

Dominick Cummings explains

When Pearl Harbor happened, Washington was in shock. Unprovoked attack!

What had really happened?

America had tightened economic warfare against Japan including shutting down oil. Then it suddenly confiscated Japanese assets held in America. Japan won’t do anything, said the high status Washington insiders, because rationally they know attacking America will be fatal.

But in Japan they reasoned differently: America has clearly decided to destroy our regime so we should attack and try to change the balance of forces.

Washington’s ‘insanity’/‘irrationality’ was Tokyo’s rational calculation.

Why is this relevant?

America has many virtues but its ruling class does not have a long culture of imperial success and it has not developed a ruling class that generates leaders good at judgements about other regimes. Britain had people like Lord Cromer ruling the Egyptians — a very smart, cold, calculating cynical aristocrat with empire in his blood, a sort much better suited to imperial politics than the output of American graduate schools who dominate Washington and repeatedly, naively misjudge other countries. We’ll bring democracy to Afghanistan… We’ll stop corruption in Afghanistan… We’ll bring LGBTQ+++ to Afghanistan… Argh we gotta flee Afghanistan…

Even very smart and able Americans such as Dean Acheson were not good at assessing other regimes. Imperial politics is not the same as democratic politics. Also notice that when Tyler Cowen interviewed Brennan, a former CIA director, and asked about the Tetlock project, by now known in outline to many in politics, Brennan didn’t even know what it was — a very telling detail. If the CIA director doesn’t know about the most interesting project to counter intelligence failures, what else doesn’t he know?!

In the Cold War we saw Washington make repeated errors. The Vietcong are about to fold, they said, year after year. Turned out the Vietcong defined their priorities and rationality differently. America had to retreat.

Just last year we could see how bad the trillion dollar network of DoD and intelligence agencies were on Afghanistan and the Taliban. America had to retreat.

And now Washington’s high status insiders are confidently declaring what it would be ‘rational’ and ‘crazy’ for Putin to do.

Given their complete inability to correctly anticipate what Putin – or pretty much any of their other enemies – was going to do previously, what are the odds that they have gotten it right this time? More importantly, most of the people making decisions about the use of US military force have no loyalty to nor concern for the American people or their national interests, so they’re much more willing to take risks than actual Americans would.


China Prepares for Sanctions

It’s pretty obvious why the Chinese are expecting sanctions to be imposed in the next year or three.

China’s Communist Party will block promotions for senior cadres whose spouses or children hold significant assets abroad, people familiar with the matter said, as Beijing seeks to insulate its top officials from the types of sanctions now being directed at Russia.

WWIII is already underway. The fact that it is primarily unrestricted rather than military doesn’t change the fact that it is observably underway.

Plan accordingly.


The Idiocy of Expansion

Even neutral parties grasp that joining NATO is a foolish action by Finland and Sweden:

NATO membership won’t make Finland and Sweden more secure, but would likely see them fighting somebody else’s wars and hosting American bases, Dr. Jan Oberg, director of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research, has told RT.

“It’s a disastrous decision,” Oberg said on Sunday, following an official declaration by the Finnish government that it is planning to join the US-led military bloc. Hours later, a similar announcement was made by the ruling party in Sweden. The two Nordic nations stayed out of NATO during the Cold War, but their governments said Russia’s military operation in Ukraine has become a game-changer.

Finland and Sweden have failed to carry out “long-term consequence analysis,” he added. “Nobody seems to ask whether NATO is the right thing to join. After all these years since 1945, NATO has proven that it’s not able to deliver what taxpayers are paying for, namely stability, peace and security… and then Finland and Sweden say: ‘We’ll join this failed organization,’” he remarked.

One has to be almost completely ignorant of military history to conclude that joining a military alliance makes war LESS likely. The history of war is literally the history of military alliances, from the Delian League and the Latin League to the League of Cambrai and the Triple Entente. Only neutral nations such as Spain, Switzerland, and Ireland managed to stay out of WWII, which is why it is absolutely counterproductive for formerly neutral nations such as Switzerland to impose sanctions on Russia and totally insane for formerly neutral nations such as Finland and Sweden to voluntarily sign up as co-belligerents to engage in a war against both Russia and China.

Because that’s what they’re signing up for, even if they don’t realize it yet.

UPDATE: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Russia appears to have started moving nuclear-capable missiles to Finland’s border just a day after the country announced it will bid to join NATO. Video posted on Russian social media today shows trucks carrying Iskander ballistic missiles – which can be tipped with nuclear warheads – moving through the country, reportedly on a highway to Vyborg, on the Finnish border. ‘As soon as the president of Finland said they were joining NATO, a whole division of Iskanders, seven of them… is moving towards Vyborg,’ the video’s narrator says.

UPDATE: Sweden boards the geopolitical short bus.

Sweden has said it will join Finland in bidding for membership of NATO, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine prompted an ‘historic’ shift away from decades of neutrality. Magdalena Andersson, the Swedish prime minister, announced the move on Monday – just a day after Finnish counterpart Sanna Marin tabled her own bid. Andersson said the move was being made in conjunction with Helsinki and marks ‘a historic change in our country’s security policy’ which has relied on a pledge of neutrality to deter attacks since the Napoleonic era.


The Consumer Costs of War

Karl Denninger points out a few uncomfortable realities about the US military interventions in Europe:

Folks, understand one thing about the US getting involved in an actual shooting war with anyone.

You immediately will have no semi-conductor anything, zero lithium batteries for anything at all from electric cars to cellphones, 75% or better of the pharmaceuticals in common use will disappear instantly, finding tires will be nearly impossible, automotive and machine parts, specifically wear parts such as bearings will all become unobtanium and more. Even something as simple as a circuit breaker for your house will not be able to be sourced. ALL of the large transformers used to distribute electrical power in the United States, never mind nearly all of the switchgear, are made overseas in whole or part and thus if they fail, whether due to natural or man-made cause they cannot be replaced in such an event either. Within a few months spares for critical parts that are considered wear items and thus must be replaced on a schedule will run out in our energy generation and distribution system and failures will begin to occur with impact from local areas to entire regions.

Your local gas station and supermarket cash register (never mind most modern refrigerators, HVAC systems and similar) all have chips in them that are only made overseas; there is no replacement available made in the United States. Your much-vaunted heat pump that is so “green” has a defrost control board in it without which it will not function — if you bypass it (which you can in some cases) once the temperatures get below about 40 degrees outside the unit will fail or be destroyed without it, and there won’t be a replacement available at any cost. Even the contactor (relay) in that outdoor unit has no US supply and without it the unit doesn’t work. Your gas furnace has an ignitor and control board without which you have no heat, they do fail and, again, there is no US supply. We did this to ourselves with our decades-long stupidity offshoring everything and by doing so made it possible for any nation that can sink even a single container ship to break the United States economy and perhaps even a few million people’s survival within minutes.

Commercial shipping will go to zero basically immediately as anything that floats and is big is easy to sink and without insurance, which nobody will write, nobody will ship anything because someone is going to eat the entire cost if the ship ends up on the bottom of the ocean and there is nobody in their right mind who will take that risk.

This isn’t just a theoretical prediction. Car dealers and auto repair shops are already seeing these issues in the automotive industry at the consumer level.


Why Washington Wants WWIII

It’s not just the neocons and their Russian revenge fetish. It’s also because the leading globalists in the USA, along with their funding masters in Big Pharma, have been caught red-handed doing some extremely bad things in Ukraine.

The provisional results of evidence being collected about the work of U.S. bioweapons in Ukraine are simply astonishing. These are the main takeaways.

1. U.S. bioweapon ideologues comprise the leadership of the Democratic Party. By linking with non-governmental biotechnology organizations, using the investment funds of the Clintons, Rockefellers, Soros and Biden, they profited from additional campaign financing – all duly concealed. In parallel, they assembled the legislative basis for financing the bioweapons program directly from the federal budget.
2. COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers Pfizer and Moderna, as well as Merck and Gilead – of Donald “known unknowns” fame, and affiliated with the Pentagon – were directly involved.
3. U.S. specialists tested new drugs in the Ukraine biolabs in circumvention of international safety standards. According to Kirillov, acting this way “Western companies seriously reduce the costs of research programs and gain significant competitive advantages.”
4. According to Kirillov, “along with U.S. pharmaceutical companies and Pentagon contractors, Ukrainian government agencies are involved in military biotechnology activities, whose main tasks are to conceal illegal activities, conduct field and clinical trials and provide the necessary biomaterial.”
5. The Pentagon, Kirillov pointed out, expanded its research potential not only in terms of producing biological weapons, but also gathering information on antibiotic resistance and the presence of antibodies to certain diseases among the population in specific regions. The testing ground in Ukraine was practically outside the control of the so-called “international community”.

These findings, amply documented, suggest a vast “legitimized” bioweapon racket reaching the highest levels of the American body politic. There’s no doubt the Russians plan to thoroughly unmask it for the benefit of world public opinion, starting with a War Crimes Tribunal to be set up this summer, most probably in Donetsk.

An ongoing U.S. bioweapons program in Ukraine was one of the Top Three reasons that led to the launch of Operation Z, side by side with preventing an imminent NATO-managed blitzkrieg against Donbass and Kiev’s desire to re-start a nuclear weapons program.

The Russians cannot back down, not with NATO now threatening to expand to the Russo-Finnish border. The Europeans could back down, but they are occupied satrapies with political classes controlled by Washington, and their popular attempts to revolt against that control have been suppressed. And the USA will not back down as long as the guilty parties possess the levers of power in Washington.

WWIII is not inevitable, but it is increasingly likely now due to the conflicting interests of those who possess the ability to start it. The X factor is China; only China has the power to break Washington’s hold over Europe now. (Theoretically, the American people could as well, but they won’t, because they are too fat, stupid, and oblivious to recognize either their own national interests or the danger to themselves.) The problem here is that it is in China’s interest to wait and let the Imperial USA commit itself to war with Russia before opening a second global front.

And the Russians clearly know this. They don’t want to fight WWIII, but they absolutely will if that’s the price of protecting their nation, as demonstrated by the recent warning by Defence committee deputy chair Aleksey Zhuravlyov.

He claimed Finland is being provoked into joining NATO by the US and Britain.

‘The Finns have nothing to share with us. They receive more than 90 per cent gas, timber and much more from us. ‘Who needs fighting first of all? The Finns? They are not afraid that Russia is attacking them. ‘Of course, sooner or later the Americans will force them to do so. Just as they forced Ukraine to do it, they are trying to force Poland and Romania. And, as practice shows, they succeed.

‘It is impossible to say that Finland will join NATO and behave towards us as before – this will not happen. The Americans will incite them to provocations.

‘We endure for a long time. But this cannot go on forever.’

Reflecting a view among hardliners around Vladimir Putin he said: ‘The United States will do everything possible to make World War III happen. Just not on their territory. They will try not to lead to nuclear strikes, but they will try to draw the whole of Europe into a conflict with Russia, inflame the situation in Asia, [and] set fire to as many countries as possible.’

At some point, Russia is going to stop issuing warnings and will actually take action against the responsible parties instead of the proxies. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is successfully characterizing these very serious warnings as “wild threats” that are being hurled about for no reason at all, so the US and European publics consider them to be on the cartoonish level of Baghdad Bob babbling about “the mother of all battles”.


UKRAINE Shuts Off Europe’s Gas

Ukraine is proving to be a less-than-trustworthy ally for the European nations:

Ukraine’s operator OGTSU announced it would halt further deliveries starting May 11, due to the presence of “Russian occupiers.”

Gas Transit Services of Ukraine (OGTSU) declared force majeure on Tuesday, saying that it was impossible to continue the transit of gas through a connection point and compressor station located in the Lugansk area. As OGTSU personnel “cannot carry out operational and technological control” over the Sokhranovka connector point and Novopskov compressor station, the company cannot continue to fulfill its contract obligations, it said.

Gas from this connection will not be accepted into the transit system of Ukraine starting at 7 am on Wednesday, OGTSU said. Sokhrankovka accounts for almost a third of the Russian gas that transits through Ukraine to Europe – up to 32.6 million cubic meters per day – according to the operators.

This would appear to indicate either a) an increasing level of desperation on the part of the Ukrainians, or b) the determination of the neocons to trigger a hot war between Russia and the USA. Cutting off the supply of gas to Europe is supposed to one of Russia’s trump cards, so Ukraine preemptively playing it – if only in part – is surprising.

Sure, it’s only a third of the supply so far. But if the desired results aren’t achieved, it’s obvious that the percentage will rise.


Countdown to WWIII

Fake President Biden signs a bipartisan lend-lease act that historical precedent suggests is likely to precede a hot war with the Sino-Russian alliance within one year.

Washington sought to portray a united front against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Monday as President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan measure to reboot the World War II-era “lend-lease” program, which helped defeat Nazi Germany, to bolster Kyiv and Eastern European allies.

The signing comes as the U.S. Congress is poised to unleash billions more to fight the war against Russia — with Democrats preparing $40 billion in military and humanitarian aid, larger than the $33 billion package Biden has requested.

From Infogalactic:

The Lend-Lease policy, formally titled An Act to Promote the Defense of the United States, (Pub.L. 77–11, H.R. 1776, 55 Stat. 31, enacted March 11, 1941)[1] was an American program to defeat Germany, Japan and Italy by distributing food, oil, and materiel between 1941 and August 1945.

Less than eight months later, the USA was formally at war with Japan and Germany.

UPDATE: According to the U.S. Director of National Intelligence, Russia is now engaged in military conflict “with Ukraine and the West”.

Notably, while the EU and US have been rocked by soaring inflation and record gas prices, the White House has until now insisted that Americans will not experience food shortages. Haines’ statement marks the first time that a US official has acknowledged that this may be a reality. Haines also referred to the situation in Ukraine as Russia’s “military conflict with Ukraine and the West,” an apparent acknowledgment of the US’ role as a participant. In the eyes of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the West is already “essentially going to war with Russia through a proxy” due to its sharing of arms and intelligence with Kiev.

The neocons finally get their war. It’s not the war they ideally wanted, but hey, when you’re shopping with someone else’s credit card, you have to buy whatever is available while it still works.