Never Going to be the Same

An English gentleman concludes that he, and many others, are never going to be the same in the aftermath of the Covid vaccination scam:

I know I will never view governments in the same way again as I did pre-covid. Any residual trust has gone completely.

I will never again trust the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media, and, as a former journalist, that is a deep gash.

I will never quite trust doctors or nurses who fell into line and stayed silent – and still do.

Or so-called scientists and academics who, again, stayed silent, or were prepared to fudge the truth to protect their grants and jobs.

Or police who turned so easily from community-supporting crime fighters to unthinking, ruthless, masked-up, tooled-up government enforcers, breaking up peaceful protests and political meetings.

Or hysterical teachers and their unions who gave away their great lie that ‘the children must come first’.

Or most churches, temples and mosques for their complicit silence and hate-inspiring statements, such as ‘Jesus would want everyone to be vaccinated and to do otherwise is an act of selfishness’.

And then there are the neighbours, friends, family members and strangers who displayed a total lack of critical thinking; who put me, and my like, at risk with their compliance. They still do. What jeopardies do they hold for us in the future with their weak, blind and unnecessary obedience?

They were complicit in the theft of more than two years of my life.

My worldview has changed forever.

I can’t say that my basic worldview has changed at all. I always believed that most people were blithering idiots barely capable of expressing a coherent thought. I always believed that science was corrupt. I never had any faith whatsoever in politicians or bureaucrats. And it never troubled me in the slightest to hold an opinion that was contradicted by the majority and by the mainstream narrative; one of the few benefits of being an elitist intellectual is that you assume the vast majority of the programmed quasi-minds that surround you will not only disagree with you, but are not even capable of understanding your position if it was explained to them very slowly and with small words.

But I was a little stunned to discover that I had somehow given the average individual too much benefit of the doubt. I did not see that coming. I’ve been told my entire life that I was too arrogant, too harsh, too dismissive of the intellectual capabilities of others, and yet, when push came to shove, it turned out that in the end, I had erred on the side of generosity! I truly did not see that coming.

I don’t see how it can be a good thing, but now I have absolutely no regard whatsoever for the opinions of others, unless and until they are observably proven worthy of consideration.

In God we trust, for there is no one else worthy of it.


Vaccine Denial

I said it was probably going to take at least three, and more likely five people dropping dead around them for the vaccinated to recognize that it is the Covid-19 “vaccine” that is killing them. It turns out that I was optimistic. People have turned out to be even more retarded, and even more in denial, than I had hitherto believed possible.

SINGAPORE — In the last two years, five people I knew died from sudden cardiac arrest. They were young and seemingly healthy people whose untimely demise came as a shock to their family and friends.

They ranged in age from about 25 to 35.

The grief hit me pretty hard, as I felt a lot of guilt and regret about my relationship with some of them. It got me to thinking — are more young people dying from sudden cardiac arrest? And should I be worried?

Cardiologists from the National University Heart Centre Singapore told me that the risk of sudden deaths in young people remains exceedingly low. While uncommon, there are underlying conditions among young adults that can lead to sudden deaths, such as hypertrophic cardiomypathy (abnormal thickening of heart muscles) or arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythm of genetic causes), another cardiologist said.

It’s the vaxx, you literal retards. This really isn’t that hard? How do people this blind manage to successfully cross the street without getting run over? Maybe they’ll finally make the connection when ten of their vaccinated acquaintances die of Suddenly.

Then again, maybe not.


Nothing But a Psyop

The psychological operation of Covid-19 is confirmed by leaks of the British Health Secretary’s tweets.

Of course, the British media is doing their best to trivialize the Whatsapp leaks by focusing on the intra-Tory drama.

A spokesman for Mr Hancock said: ‘There’s nothing new in these messages, and absolutely no public interest in publishing them given the independent inquiry has them all. It’s highly intrusive, completely inappropriate and has all been discussed endlessly before.’

Everything, from the reported deaths to the lockdowns and the mandated vaccines, was based on nothing more than pure government-generated fear. What is left to be determined is what the real objective of the psyop was and what the long-term effects of the vaxx on the human population is going to be.


“Outright Dangerous”

We’ve been told to trust the science. Well, the science is now telling us that the Covid-19 vaccines have caused more deaths than Covid-19 itself did.

COVID-19 vaccines – An Australian Review was published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature on Sept 21, 2022.

Here’s the two sentences from the paper that everyone should read:

  • A worldwide Bayesian causal Impact analysis suggests that COVID-19 gene therapy (mRNA vaccine) causes more COVID-19 cases per million and more non-Covid deaths per million than are associated with COVID-19 [43].
  • An abundance of studies has shown that the mRNA vaccines are neither safe nor effective, but outright dangerous.

The most important question about the vaxx now is not whether it was safe or not, or whether it was more dangerous than the disease or not, but whether its adverse effects are going to prove worse over time or not.

If the repeated confirmations of past conspiracy theories about the vaxx is any guide, science will eventually confirm that the spike proteins persist in the body and cause more damage over time rather than wearing off over time. But that is the pessimistic case. The fact of the existence of the boosters is cause for optimism that the vaxx will wear off and permit the immune systems of the vaxxed to begin repairing themselves.


Stillborn in Singapore

The fertility-reduction effects of the vaxx are starting to appear in the Asian statistics now:

The Asian city-state of Singapore is small, wealthy, regimented, and very good at collecting and publishing data. Last week, it released full-year 2022 data on deaths, live births, and stillbirths. Here’s the chart on stillbirths. Official Singaporean government data, nothing less or more.

73 stillbirths in 2019.

78 in 2020.

78 in 2021.

133 in 2022.

Looks like about a 70 percent jump annual, after three years in which the figures remained essentially flat. The reality is even worse.

Singapore puts out these reports each quarter. In the first quarter of 2022, it reported only 13 stillbirths, compared to 18 in 2021. Thus, in April through December 2022, stillbirths doubled to 120 – from 60 during the same period a year before. This increase in stillbirths from April through December did NOT occur because of a rise in births. In fact, the opposite is true.

Births in Singapore fell 10 percent in the final three quarters of 2022, a marked shift from the January-March period, when they rose about 1 percent (due entirely to increases in January and Feburary). The decline has not eased, either; births fell 15 percent in December.

In other words, stillbirths doubled from April to December even as live births fell, reversing the early 2022 pattern.

We always knew it was going to be bad. Now the question is how much worse it is going to get. Are the effects gradually going to wear off, or are they going to get stronger as the vaxxed body continues to produce spike proteins?

My expectation is the latter, and we’ll have confirmation of that as governments start hiding their population and health statistics in a futile attempt to prevent the vaxxed from realizing what has been done to them and their children. I say “futile” because, sooner or later, the reality is going to become obvious to even the most thoroughly brainwashed individuals.


Just Admit it Already

I was extremely skeptical that Damar Hamlin was alive and well from the moment of “his” appearance at the AFC divisional playoff game in Buffalo, in which “he” appeared to be too short and too slight to be the real Damar Hamlin. Now the smoking gun appears to have been found, which is Hamlin’s Pittsburgh tattoo that commemorates his collegiate career at Pitt.

The tattoo quite clearly isn’t there on the “Damar Hamlin” who appeared at the Super Bowl. I also suspect that the shades were being worn by the individual attending the Super Bowl because there is something observably different about the shape of his eyes. And while the blasphemous jacket both attracted attention and covered Hamlin’s arm tattoos, it appears someone forgot about the neck tattoo.

It’s not the first time. The media announced that Hamlin got a new hand tattoo in February, before the Super Bowl, after “conspiracy theorists” noticed that the individual who attended the AFC playoff game between the Bills and the Bengals on January 22, 2023 was missing the hand tattoos previously observed on the hand of Damar Hamlin.


When Rhetoric Becomes Reality

Homeschool or die was supposed to be rhetoric, not dialectic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday updated its schedule of recommended immunizations to include COVID-19 shots and boosters for children, adolescents and adults.

The schedule was recommended by the agency’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, then approved by the CDC and other health care organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The CDC can issue guidance, but does not have the authority to mandate vaccines for schools or work settings. Such mandates can only be put in place by the states.

Fortunately, most states will not mandate the vaxx for schoolchildren. But those that do will see depopulation.


The King’s Justice

It’s just a rumor. For the time being.

People known to me for decades are living as ex-pat Americans in Thailand. Two of them are outstanding, though now ‘retired’ into a different life, investigators. One worked for over 30 years as a US Naval officer, the last 15 of which were involved in criminal fraud cases. The other was an investigator for the Washington State Patrol, again, Criminal investigations.

Both are in resident in Bangkok these last few years. My ex-Navy friend is a serious linguist, concentrating on 7 Asian languages. That’s how I know him.

Rumors: They have revealed to me that several, different, sources, are reporting to them, that ‘something’, a really big ‘something’, is disturbing the Bangkok ‘underworld’. My guys have contact with it through a couple of martial arts dojos. Both are hearing the same rumors, ‘disturbance in the force’ kind of rumors.

The rumor to NOT listen to says that ‘assassins’ are being ‘recruited’ out of very deep holes in the martial arts world.

It could just be wishful thinking, of course. On the other hand, people have historically looked to their kings for justice, which may be one reason why Clown World professes to love democracy. And I have no doubt that the King of Thailand is absolutely furious about what happened to his daughter.

They held the king in awe, because they saw that he had wisdom from God to administer justice.

The monsters responsible for the vaxx will be held accountable, in this world or the next.


Ben Shapiro Backtracks

The narrative has definitely shifted. Now the public champions of the vaxx are trying to claim that they weren’t really pushing the vaxx on anyone. They just “broadly recommended” it because people lied to them. They were really the good guys all along!

No one, and I mean NO ONE, should ever listen to these deceitful morons ever again. The harm they have done is literally incalculable, but it is material and it is significant. If anyone deserves to experience cases of Suddenly, it is these outspoken vaxx pushers.

Even if they were terrified of Covid and decided to get vaxxed themselves, they never had to say one single word about it or utilize their influence on others for evil. And yet they did, and they did so repeatedly, and they did so with open contempt for those who were speaking the truth and were correct all along.

If Ben Shapiro ever hosted a single vaxx skeptic on his show and permitted them to raise any of the obvious doubts about the vaxx, I am unaware of it. At least Scott Adams openly entertained and discussed the vaxx skeptic case, although, much to his regret, he ultimately rejected it for unique personal reasons.