Forget the Autism

There is substantial statistical evidence suggesting – suggesting, mind you, not proving – that sufficient vaccines can make you trans and gay:

Here are the odds ratio between the fully vaccinated/fully unvaccinated. Odds ratios >2 are traditionally associated with causality:

Sexual orientation: 4.78

Gender identity: 4.81

Gender dysphoria: 5.54

These effects are huge and consistent.

Also, the odds ratios for partially vaccinated are in line with the fully vaccinated: in general, the greater the number of vaccines someone has, the more likely they are to have a trait that differs from traditional norms. So the vaccines themselves are the elephant in the room here and the driver of the response, not environment, upbringing, social pressure, etc.

Now, I already lean pretty heavily anti-vax, which is why refusing the Covid not-vaxx didn’t even rise to the level of having to think about it for one second. But these results should make even the most mindless pro-vax parent think twice about signing up little Bobby or Jenny for the endless series of foreign substances presently being pushed on the parents of young children. Especially in the aftermath of the global vaxx debacle.

At the very least, more genuine scientific research is required, and no amount of fake ethical special pleading about how it is immoral to have an unvaccinated control group will suffice to avoid it.

UPDATE: Additional information on the subject from a doctor who is very concerned about the adverse effects of standard childhood vaccines.

A curious embargo exists on testing vaccines for safety. As a result, the basic trials we would expect to have been done to assess whether the CDC’s vaccine schedule is safe have never been publicly conducted. Moreover, no independent researcher has ever been given access to the large databases that could easily demonstrate if vaccines were indeed “safe” or “effective.”


Remember This

From SG: I lost a friend yesterday. Presumed heart attack. 46 years old. Two children ages 5 and 3.

It’s vital to remember these excess deaths in the aftermath of the Vaxx 1.0 – 1.6. Each and every one. They must be remembered because the next health crisis will push the vaccines even more harshly, and the consequences for not getting Vaxx 2.0 will be even more severe.

But they will not be as costly as submitting to it will be.


“You Are the Winners”

Scott Adams finally and unambiguously concludes that even the fanciest analytics are trumped by a heuristic based on instinctive distrust.

“The anti-vaxxers are clearly the winners at this point, and I think it will stay that way. And I don’t want to put any shade on that whatsoever. They came out the best. They have the winning position. The unvaccinated have an advantage. Because they feel better. The thing they’re not worrying about is what I have to worry about. I wonder if that vaccination five years from now.

“Because really, I think the antivaxxers were just really distrustful of big companies and big government. That’s never wrong! It’s never wrong to distrust government. It’s never wrong to distrust big companies. So if you just took the position let’s just distrust everything the government did, well, you won!

“You won, you won completely – I did not end up in the right place. Agreed? You would all agree with that, right? I did not end up in the right place. The right place would be natural immunity, no vaccination. You should take that as a victory, and I should take defeat. We could agree on that, right? That my position is now the weakest, and your position has gone from the weakest to the strongest, and we can just say that’s true. The people who didn’t get vaxxed are absolutely in the winning position.

“You win. You win! You are the winners. You are the winners. Let me say that part with no ambiguity. You won. You won. All of my fancy analytics got me to a bad place. All of your heuristics – don’t trust these guys, it’s obvious – totally worked.”
– Scott Adams

It doesn’t really feel like winning, to be honest. But give Scott credit, as unlike most vaccinated individuals, he is willing to come out publicly and declare that he made the wrong decision, explain that the various bases for that decision were unreliable, and admit that he will have to live the rest of his life under the shadow of the possible adverse effects of that decision.

This is very important, not for the satisfaction of his critics, but for Scott himself, because now he knows he has to embark upon an early-detection regime for cancer and be careful to avoid activities that will elevate his heart rate to now-dangerous levels. And it’s also important for his fellow vaccinated, because perhaps failing this test will give them the wherewithal to pass the next one.

Because the next one is definitely coming, sooner or later.

The fundamental failure in Scott’s syllogism was the assumption that lay beneath his logic. He assumed, incorrectly, that scientistry and scientage could be trusted. This is quite common in those who fail to distinguish between the three aspects of science and don’t understand that scientistry is not only not scientody, but these days, does not necessarily have any connection to scientody at all. And given the massive twin crises of reproducibility and corruption in scientistry, the fact is that the anti-vaxx position was always the strongest position all along, even from a secular materialist perspective.

The heuristic was even more clear, and even more obvious, for the Christian. Never, ever, trust the wicked. Not offering tickets, not riding a black horse, not wearing a white coat.


The Black Rider Has No Favorites

To him, you can never be more than a tool of momentary utility. Serve him if you are foolish enough to do so. Perhaps you think the earthly rewards are worth riding with the Black Rider. But sooner or later, when you are no longer necessary, you will be thrown from his high horse.

The wicked always think they will be immune to their own wickedness. They are seldom correct.

Marco Troper, who was in his second semester at the university, died Tuesday, his grandmother Esther Wojcicki posted on social media. Troper, a math major, was the son of former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, who stepped down from her role last year after 25 years with Google, which owns the video streaming service.

“Tragedy hit my family yesterday,” Esther Wojcicki wrote online. “My beloved grandson Marco Troper, age 19 passed away yesterday. Our family is devastated beyond comprehension. Marco was the most kind, loving, smart, fun and beautiful human being.” The grandmother told the Palo Alto Daily Post and SFGate that Troper’s death may have been as a result of a drug overdose. The family is waiting on a toxicology report that could take a month.

When reached via email Friday, UC Berkeley spokesperson Janet Gilmore confirmed the university had a “student death earlier this week.” Gilmore said a student residing at the Clark Kerr Campus was found unresponsive on Tuesday around 4:23 p.m. Berkeley firefighters attempted lifesaving measures but the student was pronounced dead.

UC Berkeley freshman, son of former YouTube CEO, found dead in dorm, 18 February 2024

I have zero sympathy for these wicked people. They participated and helped make possible the very tragedy that is now affecting them as well as all their victims. They knowingly pushed lethal poisons on hundreds of millions of people and actively censored everyone who attempted to warn people not to take it or provided a safer and more effective alternative. I suspect the young man died the same way my youngest brother did, by taking a stimulant that increased his heart rate to a level that was too high for his vaxx-damaged heart to bear.

Cocaine use is associated with a large abrupt and transient increase in the risk of acute myocardial infarction in patients who are otherwise at relatively low risk.

It’s no secret that cocaine significantly increases the heart rate. The reason we’re seeing more overdoses that are blamed on fentanyl now isn’t because the drug is so much stronger, or because drug dealers have somehow lost the ability to correctly cut cocaine in order to avoid reducing their customer base, but because so many young people’s hearts have been damaged by the vaxx. It’s the same reason so many super-fit soccer players are dying of suddenly; certain drugs and certain sports both significantly increase the heart rate to a point that a heart damaged by myocarditis cannot continue to function.

The mean heart rate for a semi-professional soccer player is 172 while professional soccer players regularly record peak heart rates north of 190. Cocaine use causes the heart rate to momentarily spike in excess of 180, which is why both soccer players and cocaine users have been disproportionately represented among the victims of the mRNA covid vaccines.


Post-Vaxx Cancer Relapse

An oncologist calls for the immediate banning of all mRNA vaccines due to the way in which it appears to be triggering post-booster cancer relapse in those who have been vaxxed and boosted:

At the end of last year I reported that I was seeing melanoma patients who had been stable for years relapse after their first booster (their third injection). I was told it was merely a coincidence and to keep quiet about it, but it became impossible to do so. The number of my patients affected has been rising ever since. I saw two more cases of cancer relapse post booster vaccination in my patients just this last week.

Other oncologists have contacted me from all over the world including from Australia and the US. The consensus is that it is no longer confined to melanoma but that increased incidence of lymphomas, leukaemias and kidney cancers is being seen after booster injections. Additionally my colorectal cancer colleagues report an epidemic of explosive cancers (those presenting with multiple metastatic spread in the liver and elsewhere). All these cancers are occurring (with very few exceptions) in patients who have been forced to have a Covid booster whether they were keen or not, for many so they could travel.

So why are these cancers occurring? T cell suppression was my first likely explanation given that immunotherapy is so effective in these cancers. However we must also now consider DNA plasmid and SV40 integration in promoting cancer development, a feature made even more concerning by reports that mRNA spike protein binds p53 and other cancer suppressor genes. It is very clear and very frightening that these vaccines have several elements to cause a perfect storm in cancer development in those patients lucky enough to have avoided heart attacks, clots, strokes, autoimmune diseases and other common adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines.

To advise booster vaccines, as is the current case, is no more and no less than medical incompetence; to continue to do so with the above information is medical negligence which can carry a custodial sentence. No ifs or buts any longer. All mRNA vaccines must be halted and banned now.

Angus Dalgleish

Professor of Oncology

St George’s Hospital Medical School, London

The science says that the vaxx is causing cancer survivors to relapse. So why aren’t the government and the media trusting the science now?

If you’ve been vaxxed as a cancer survivor, it is VERY important to get checked out at your earliest possible opportunity. Don’t wait, don’t put anything off, and don’t miss any scheduled checkups.


Adverse Effects in Switzerland

An insurance company reveals the consequences of Switzerland’s vaxx campaign:

According to Helsana, a major Swiss health insurance company, since 2016 the number of patients receiving cancer treatments has decreased. However, something changed in 2021 and 2022.

In 2021, Helsana’s data shows there was a dramatic increase of 73% compared to 2020 in the number of patients receiving cancer treatments. And the high number of cancer patients continued in 2022 with an increase of 74% compared to 2020. Switzerland began its mass covid vaccination campaign on 23 December 2020.

  • 2017: 33,339 heart attacks, 27,584 strokes and 116,603 cases of cancer.
  • 2022: 170,000 heart attacks, 124,515 strokes and 460,771 cases of cancer.

So, that’s a 410 percent increase in heart attacks, 351 percent increase in strokes, and 295 percent increase in cancer. All of which are directly attributable to the Covid vaccines.

Never, ever, trust the science or the experts. It will literally kill you.


That Doggone Diabetes

An English Premier League game was stopped after the captain of one of the teams collapsed:

The Premier League game between Bournemouth and Luton was abandoned after Luton captain Tom Lockyer collapsed during the second half. The players were taken off the pitch by referee Simon Hooper and after a lengthy delay, the Bournemouth staff doctor confirmed that Lockyer was ‘alert and responsive.’

Lockyer, who collapsed in the play-off final earlier this year, dropped to the floor in an off the ball incident in the 62nd minute of the game between Bournemouth and Luton. Luton manager Rob Edwards immediately ran onto the pitch as the players surrounded Lockyer before the paramedics stretchered him off after treating him on the pitch for over ten minutes.

Half an hour after the incident, the game was officially called off.

Luton captain Tom Lockyer ‘alert and responsive’ after collapsing against Bournemouth, 16 December 2023

To put this in an American context, it’s comparable to the Bills-Bengals MNF game that was cancelled, if Josh Allen had collapsed instead of Damar Hamlin.


Those Darn Kebabs

More than a thousand people a week than average are dying in Britain in 2023. The experts blame “unhealthy lifestyles”.

Hundreds more middle-aged Brits are dying every month than expected, with experts blaming unhealthy lifestyles and the NHS crisis for the surge in excess deaths. An extra 28,000 deaths, or more than 1,000 a week, were logged across the UK in the first six months of the year, according to fresh analysis of official figures.

The spike in mortality is especially stark among people aged 50 to 64, with 15 per cent more dying than usual. Most of these deaths were caused by largely preventable illnesses, including heart disease, liver damage and diabetes.

Data from the Office for National Statistics shows 353,047 fatalities were recorded between January and June this year. This is 28,024, or 8.6 per cent, more than the 325,023 expected over that period.

Of course, what the experts don’t tell the media is that they have quietly redefined “unhealthy lifestyle” as “getting vaxxed”.


People are Still Dying and They are Still Lying

You may recall that I wrote, before the vaccines even began to be administered en masse, that the one thing its advocates would not be able to deny would be the body count. But that does not mean they are not going to try.

Heart attacks among young people in England are on the rise, MailOnline analysis shows. Cases in some younger age groups have almost doubled over the last decade, with rates in under-40s as whole rising by a quarter.

Our revelation comes after the death of 29-year-old mother Lauren Page Smith, who was discovered lying on her bathroom floor with her two-year-old daughter clinging to her chest just hours after paramedics had given her the all-clear.

Experts say the rise, which has become increasingly obvious in the wake of Covid, is down to a multitude of factors, including rising obesity rates in the young. Over half of under 35s are now overweight or obese.

Being too fat is a major contributor to heart attacks, as critical arteries get clogged over time.

Fears that Covid vaccines may have fuelled the increase are way off the mark, top cardiologists have said.  Heart attack admissions were broadly increasing across most adult age groups, including the young, before the pandemic took off. 

Why ARE so many young people suffering heart attacks? DAILY MAIL 1 December 2023

Sooner or later, there will be a well-deserved reckoning for the great evil that these men and women have committed in the name of science and public health. They’re not going to be able to hide their crimes against the naive, credulous, and innocent public forever. Not when the mainstream media is already being forced to publicly address the obvious questions, however deceitfully.

UPDATE: Literally no one is buying it.

  • Those with a memory will point out to a document that was published by the CDC in 2020 that listed HEART ATTACK and DEATH as a list of possible side effects of taking the product that we all know has caused this issue.
  • Started with that footballer not long after they were pushing the jabs for travel. The media have a lot to answer for. Athletes seem the badly affected especially.
  • Even when faced with evidence people still try to deny the real reason. Wake up.
  • Omg it is so infuriating reading this when they know damn well what the reason is as does any sane person.
  • They are really insulting our intelligence. “Feed the public lies and let them lap it up”. Do not believe anything anymore because 99% of it is lies.


The Dangers of the Moment

Even U.S. Senators are now publicly testifying to the existence of “an elite group of people” who are attempting to take “total control” by using global events like the pandemic through methods like the Covid vaccines:

MARIA BARTIROMO: It’s just extraordinary to me that, you know, the government was working with social media to amplify the lies and suppress truth, and has been doing so repeatedly. Why can’t the American people know that there were side effects to the vaccine?

SENATOR RON JOHNSON (R-WI): This is all pre-planned by an elite group of people. That’s what I’m talking about. Event 201 occurred in late 2019, prior to the rest of us knowing about this pandemic. This is very concerning in terms of what has happened, what is happening, what continues to be planned for our loss of freedom. Again, it needs to be exposed, but unfortunately, there are very few people, even in Congress, who are willing to take a look at this. They all pushed the vaccine. They don’t want to be made aware of the fact the vaccines might have caused injuries, might have caused deaths. So many people simply don’t want to admit they were wrong and they’re going to makes sure to do everything they can to ensure they’re not proven wrong.

We’re up against a very powerful group of people here, Maria. We need the truth to be exposed, we need more Americans to listen to the truth, to be exposed to the truth, to pull their heads out of the sand, quite honestly, to open up their eyes and understand what is happening to this country. We are going down a very dangerous path, but it is a path that is being laid out and planned by an elite group of people that want to take total control over our lives. And that’s what they’re doing, bit by bit. They do it by massively increasing government spending, increasing the size of government, these amendments that are coming up that are going to be voted on in 2024, the WHO, are frightening and they really risk taking away all of our sovereignty. People have to awaken to the dangers of the moment.

The evidence is not only out there, it is literally right in front of everyone. It’s not 1950 in America anymore and the Dark is literally rising. This isn’t a situation that one can hope to avoid by sitting on the fence or by averting one’s eyes.