Protecting the Filthbloods

Laws are being passed to prevent discrimination against the genetically altered formerly human:

No longer sci-fi speculation, the transhuman revolution is real; it’s here; it’s unfolding in real time. Man’s transformation into machine – or at least something not entirely human — will accelerate rapidly in the coming decades.

The next milestone on the road to transhuman techno-hell is a most unorthodox piece of legislation in Chile – which, along with Argentina, is the global corporate technocracy’s beachhead on the South American continent. The new law “bans discrimination against mutants and genetically altered people“:

“Law No. 21.422 prohibits labor discrimination against mutations or alterations of genetic material, and in turn ‘prohibits demanding any certificate or test to verify that the worker does not have such alterations or mutations in his human genome.’”

Ultimately, whether the intent of the bill is to normalize and legalize genetically engineered human chimeras as “human,” or to disincentive employers from snooping into actual natural humans’ genetic makeup as a precondition for employment, or for some other purpose, remains unclear.

Given the recent track record of human rights abuses by Western governments admittedly captured by the World Economic Forum, the safe bet is on the first, more sinister objective.

Actually, this is probably not about transhumanism, as it is more likely that it is a response to growing awareness of the deleterious effects of the gene therapies that are the mRNA-based not-vaccines. Because once it becomes clear that the vaxxed are much more likely to keel over and die, or become very expensive medical liabilities, no corporation is going to want to be on the hook for their insurance bills.


Stupid People Doing Stupid Things

You can’t always anticipate them. You simply can’t. From the Market Ticker comments:

Wife went to Walgreens for a short shopping run. As she walked by the Pharmacy an older guy guy was arguing with the Eugenici…err ..Pharmacist about wanting another booster as he didn’t feel well. The Pharmacist was teliing him he already had the 2 initial shots as well as 2 boosters and more weren’t approved yet so try some OTC cold remedies in the mean time.

You can’t expect to reliably prevent stupid people from doing stupid things that will break the system because you are totally incapable of imagining – much less anticipating – the full extent of their stupidity.


Safe and Effective Abortions

Vaccinated women no longer require coathangers or vacuums to prevent childbirth:

Out of 27 women that were accidentally pregnant during the vacc program. Outcome: 23 spontaneous abortions. 2 premature with neonatal death. 1 spontaneous abortion with neonatal death. 1 living baby

Pfizer doc 5.3.6 page 12

“Safe and effective”

Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis

Twitter has this tweet marked “misleading”. How, one wonders, can an accurate quote from an original source reasonably be categorized as misleading? The numbers are the numbers, are they not? It appears the word “misleading” has been redefined as “contrary to the current Narrative”. See also, “debunked”.


Good Thing He Doesn’t Fly Planes for a Living

The forced vaccination of airline pilots hasn’t caused any crashes of passenger airliners yet, but on April 9th, an American Airlines plane flying into Dallas was just six minutes away from crashing when its vaccinated pilot had a heart attack:

“My name is Bob Snow. I am an American Airlines Captain and have been a Captain for a number of years. My total service with the company is over 31 years. On Nov. 7, I was mandated to receive a vaccine. Quite literally, I was told if I did not receive the vaccination, I would be fired. This order was from our director of flight. So, under duress, I received the vaccine.

“Now just a few days ago, after landing in Dallas, six minutes after we landed, I passed out. I coded. I required three shocks. I had to be intubated. I’m now in ICU in Dallas. This is what the vaccine has done for me. I will probably never fly again, based upon the criteria the FAA establishes for pilots. I was hoping to teach my daughter to fly; she wants to be a pilot. Now that will probably never happen, all courtesy of the vaccine. This is unacceptable, and I’m one of the victims.

“You can see that this is an actual result of the vaccine for some of us. Mandatory, no questions asked, get the shot, or you’re fired. This is not the American way.”

Perhaps the most tragic thing is that when Captain Snow sues American Airlines, he will probably be informed that it was his choice to be vaccinated and that no one actually forced him to submit to genetic therapy. Therefore, the consequences are all on him.

He was merely coerced, threatened, browbeaten, and ordered to submit to it.

Remember this – REMEMBER THIS – the next time someone is attempting to “force” you into something. Evil always seeks your deceived consent.


The Vaxx was Our Vietnam

Except the vaxxes killed considerably more young Americans than Vietnam did.

More than 61,000 Millennials and record numbers of Gen-Xers died in 2021 alone, after the Covid vaccines hailed as miracles were rolled out, leaving an unprecedented wake of mortality in the last quarter of the year. The Millennial generation, aged about 25 to 40, experienced a staggering 84% increase in excess mortality in the fall of 2021…

These deaths, which amounted to more than the number of deaths from the entire Vietnam War compressed into a single year, occurred in tandem with spikes in vaccine and booster shots that were mandated in August 2021. 

Safe? Not so much. Effective? That raises two questions: for whom and for what?

But at least all those dead Millennials and Gen-Xers have the consolation of knowing they died keeping democracy safe for Grandma. Or something like that.


Mailvox: It Was Their Choice (German Edition)

We know the Narrative has shifted, since governments and corporations are now attempting to escape responsibility for the very gene therapies they mandated for their citizens and employees:

Was recently privy to some internal discussion at a large, German software company which indicated that employees filing for additional medical reimbursement for vaxx-related injuries are being told that it was their personal choice to be vaxxed or not. 

This flies in the face of the policy of said company which had it’s own private mandate in the US division.  Employee identification badges which also serve as office entry passes for electronic locks were disabled until they provided vaxx documentation in an internally developed software application.  Until the documentation was posted into the app, access was denied.  There was discussion of allowing religious or medical exemptions, but deadlines were shifted and there was never a final, final date enforced for the exemption to be put in place.  

All of this is in light of the recent notification that the vaccine “policy” (it’s a mandate) is only “suspended” currently.  It hasn’t been eliminated or revoked… it’s only suspended.  

In other words, this corporation still has a mandate, but it’s going to try to pretend it never existed in the first place. Even if the courts are entirely corrupt, that’s a bold move, Cotton. We’ll see how that works out for them.


It Was Your Own Choice

After nearly two years of harsh lockdowns and vaccine mandates, Australia’s Prime Minister declares that if you suffered any adverse effects from the vaccines they forced on you, it’s your fault. After all, you didn’t have to work, or go to school, or go to the supermarket.

“We’re all responsible for our own health. When it comes to informed consent and giving consent to whatever procedure or treatment that you may have, or I may have, then I’m ultimately responsible for whatever people may do in their health treatment to me. And there has been the opportunity for people to visit their GP, to have that consultation, the government has provided that and funded that. And the informed consent process provides the decision to the individual. That’s the sort of country we live in. People make their own decisions about their own health and their own bodies.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

You fucked up. You trusted them.

What part of “the Official Story is always wrong” is hard to understand? What part of “never, ever, trust the Narrative” is difficult to grasp? What part of “modern science is less reliable than a coin toss” is beyond your intellectual capacities?

If the government-media complex tells you X, about the only thing you can be certain of is that Not-X is much more likely to be true.

Never forget that you are dealing with spiritual wickedness that glories in deception and despair. They will tell you that you have no choice, then blame you for making the very choice they made you feel you didn’t have. It’s the coercion that is the clue.


Solving the Recurrence Riddle

One of the consequences of the vaxx that has been observed by many people is the way in which cancer patients in remission have been seeing their cancers come back, and coming back at an alarmingly aggressive rate after being vaxxed with the mRNA technology. Neon Revolt brings to our attention a scientific study that may explain why this is happening.

The Covid vaccines nuke the body’s ability to destroy cancer cells. Give it 5-10 years. Everyone who took the jab will be growing tumors. I’m not even joking or being hyperbolic. THE VAXX NUKES the body’s ability to destroy cancer calls.

The report spends two pages describing the chemical pathways through which apoptosis is induced in the body. Apoptosis, for those who don’t know, is cell death. It’s how the body recognizes, regulates, and kills mutated (read: cancer) cells, before they get out of control.

Tumors and cancer are what happens when those regulatory and immune systems are overwhelmed.

The Jab disregulates a ton of these chemical pathways, effectively neutering the body’s ability to fight any kind of cancer.

You’re going to see people dropping dead from this within the decade. THAT is the implication of this report.

This is precisely the insidious, slow-acting, but reliably lethal sort of approach that I anticipated from the depopulationists. They needed something that would reduce the population over time, but would not do so too quickly or catastrophically, lest it spark violent resistance that would be directed at them. Also, the more plausible deniability for the vaxx, the less likely it would be for the responsible parties to be held liable for their actions.

So, rather than triggering cancer, inhibiting the human body’s ability to resist the cancer cells that eventually pop up in most people over time is a method that would fit the depopulationist’s requirements. Neither the study nor the logic are conclusive proof that this is what has happened, but it does present an increasingly coherent picture of the depopulationist program.


Vaccine Regrets

I doubt a single Pureblood will be surprised to learn that the Filthbloods are already beginning to regret their decisions to get vaxxed:

Today is my one year “regretiversary” of the vaccine that ruined my life. So to celebrate the fact it hasn’t killed me (yet), here’s a thread attempting to summarize the rollercoaster ride this last year has been… On April 13, 2021 I received Moderna #2 after believing the BS we were told by the gov and media, all my friends/family were fine after their shots, docs recommended it, if I wanted to work/travel I’d have to get it. I thought it was the ticket to get back to normal. I was wrong.

The side effects came on hard and heavy the same day, so for the causation doesn’t equal correlation crowd that tries to discredit adverse reactions, enough. And no, it wasn’t covid. I never had the virus. Previous years were healthy and I backtested negative. It was the vax 100%.

I experienced a host of side effects that can’t even fit in a single post because so many symptoms popped up almost instantly and have evolved for the worse over the last year.

I went to the ER where I was gaslit and dismissed. Same with my PCP, and rheumatology, who canceled after waiting months to be seen, saying, “we don’t treat vaccine adverse reactions.” I reported them for patient abandonment, but the state regulatory board sided with the docs.

It wasn’t until five months after the shot until I saw immunology and nine months until neurology, who admitted they see vaccine injured patients regularly and began testing. Our symptoms mimic that of long covid, which has now been backed by science.

Cardiology started me on beta blockers, which created a half dozen new side effects, immunology put me on cromolyn sodium, which hasn’t helped, and neuro tried to get IVIG, but insurance denied approval for the $50k treatment. 30 appts later, traditional medicine has failed.

Which leads to the fact the injured are desperate for research that we’re not getting. The CDC, FDA, and NIH know that vaccine injuries exist, but are doing everything in their power to make sure you don’t. Pfizer tried hiding nine pages of adverse reactions from the public for 75 years until a judge forced them to release the data. They say “trust the science,” but…

At the root of all this evil lies Big Pharma, which is making a fortune on these vaccines, spends $4.5 billion annually on media advertising to control the narrative, pays off whichever party is in power to make sure you’re told what they want you to hear. Then there’s the big tech censorship. Social media “fact checkers” have ties to the pharma industry so people like me, who are people just like you, are labeled as “misinformation” if you end up drawing the inevitable short straw and suffer an adverse reaction then speak out.

Fortunately, this hasn’t been the typical experience for most of the vaccinated, although there are far too many in the 16-59 age group who are unable regret their decision because they are now dead from various forms of vaxx-induced heart failure. And while it’s neither polite nor appropriate to remind these victims – and yes, despite their stupidity they are absolutely victims – that they were warned, it will be necessary to remind them of that the next time the Narrative demands their submission to it.