Vaccine Denial

I said it was probably going to take at least three, and more likely five people dropping dead around them for the vaccinated to recognize that it is the Covid-19 “vaccine” that is killing them. It turns out that I was optimistic. People have turned out to be even more retarded, and even more in denial, than I had hitherto believed possible.

SINGAPORE — In the last two years, five people I knew died from sudden cardiac arrest. They were young and seemingly healthy people whose untimely demise came as a shock to their family and friends.

They ranged in age from about 25 to 35.

The grief hit me pretty hard, as I felt a lot of guilt and regret about my relationship with some of them. It got me to thinking — are more young people dying from sudden cardiac arrest? And should I be worried?

Cardiologists from the National University Heart Centre Singapore told me that the risk of sudden deaths in young people remains exceedingly low. While uncommon, there are underlying conditions among young adults that can lead to sudden deaths, such as hypertrophic cardiomypathy (abnormal thickening of heart muscles) or arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythm of genetic causes), another cardiologist said.

It’s the vaxx, you literal retards. This really isn’t that hard? How do people this blind manage to successfully cross the street without getting run over? Maybe they’ll finally make the connection when ten of their vaccinated acquaintances die of Suddenly.

Then again, maybe not.


1918 Finally Ended

Eugyppius suggests an interesting hypothesis about the disappearance of the remnants of the Spanish Flu and the advent of a new seasonal flu virus based on Corona

The flu is gone. This is not an illusion. It’s not down to the wilful or mistaken misdiagnosis of Corona or anything like that. Most countries have long-standing influenza surveillance programs, entire offices of people whose job it is to find and track the flu. These programs are still running, and influenza tests are still widely administered across the world. Despite all of this searching, nobody can find anything but a few outliers. As a seasonal phenomenon in the northern and southern hemispheres, influenza has disappeared….

A lot of basic matters are poorly understood in the field of virology, and one of them is why waves of infection seem to spontaneously collapse, rather than continuing indefinitely until all susceptible have been taken ill. One reason seems to be that some viruses interfere with other viruses, such that the rise of one compels the decline of another. Plainly, not all pathogens are at odds with each other. Co-infections are common among the overlapping deep-winter viruses. Some viruses, however, definitely seem to exclude others, at least some of the time and in certain places. Influenza and Corona are two of these mutually exclusive viruses. Since it has killed the flu, Corona can operate both in the vacant flu season and in its own natively preferred dark winter months.

Some months ago, I suggested that Corona’s victory over influenza could well represent a permanent change in the order of respiratory viruses – a revolution, perhaps a very rare one. The only conceivable historical precedent would be the Spanish Flu of 1918. While we have historical reports of influenza-like illness going back centuries, we don’t have any sequenced viruses predating the second wave of this great 1918 pandemic. Before 1918, we can’t be sure that seasonal flu-like illnesses were caused by influenza viruses at all. For all we know, coronaviruses were the dominant scourge prior to 1918, and their centuries-long reign was interrupted by the anomalous and highly destructive avian influenza that entered humans in that year. Perhaps the ensuing century of influenza was an unstable equilibrium, an anomaly, and Corona has restored a prior, more ordinary world.

All that’s speculation, but we do know that the ensuing seasonal flus for decades afterwards were descended, directly or indirectly, from that first 1918 strain. What happened in 1918 was certainly a viral revolution, on the order of the upset Corona achieved in 2019. Much of virology, as a field, grew up in the shadow of 1918, as an attempt to understand the pandemic of that year and the obviously related seasonal infections to which it gave birth.

I thought the reports of the flu vanishing were total nonsense, nothing more than a propagandistic attempt to report flu cases as cases of Covid-19. But if it’s true that the seasonal flu as we’ve known it for the past 100 years didn’t even exist before the Spanish Flu, then it’s conceivable that the coronavirus of 2019 has simply replaced it as the seasonal flu virus.

In which case, the flu vaccines are even more worthless than before, and worse, those vaccinated against Covid-19, whose immune systems have been trained to permit variants of the coronavirus to enter and wreak havoc without meeting much resistance, will likely face regular periodic episodes of new flu without enjoying the benefit of the usual reduction in severity.


Trust the Science

Now this is science I am entirely willing to trust: coffee is very, very good for you:

The massive database contains the health records on half a million Britons, who are regularly quizzed on their lifestyle habits. Participants, who were aged 40 to 69, completed questionnaires on how many cups they drank per day and whether they opted for instant, ground or decaffeinated.

The findings, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, show 44 per cent drank instant, 18 per cent ground and 15 per cent decaf. Just over a fifth did not drink coffee.

Over the course of the 13-year study, nearly 28,000 participants died. Some 43,000 developed cardiovascular disease and 30,000 were diagnosed with arrhythmia — an irregular heartbeat.

All types of coffee were linked with a reduction in early death from all causes, with two to three cups per day linked with the lowest risk. Those drinking that much ground coffee were 27 per cent less likely to die early than non-coffee drinkers. Meanwhile, decaf fans had a 14 per cent reduced risk and instant was linked with a 11 per cent drop. And all those who drank coffee had a reduced risk of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

The good news is that since the amount of coffee drunk was self-reported, the ideal number of “two to three cups per day” is actually at least four cups, and could easily be five. Because no one, in the entire history of drinking coffee, has ever accurately reported how much coffee they really drank.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to fire up another espresso… for my health, you understand.


They Want You Fat, Then Dead

There’s literally no other conclusion one can possibly reach, given the behavior of the techno-medico-media complex. Apparently it’s much more profitable to slowly kill the unproductive over time than it is to sell things to them.

For ten years on these pages I’ve talked about getting the carbs and machine-processed oils out of your diet. For eight of those last ten years this was perfectly ok with the various censors — Google, to be specific.

When Covid started up I pointed out that by the data if you were a fat-ass you were wildly more-likely to die. Not a little more likely, much more likely. 2, 3, 5, ten times more-likely, depending on how much of a fat-ass you were. The worse it was, the worse the outcomes. That doesn’t mean you would definitely die because probability doesn’t work like that, at least until probability is 1.0.

I also have been pointing out for those same ten years that you don’t need fancy tests or money. All you need is to stand naked against a wall and look down. If you have a gut you’re metabolically compromised. If you can’t see your genitals you’re severely compromised.

Not “sometimes”, not “maybe”, every time.

Well, post Covid’s emergence I was basically forced to move all of my articles on low-carb eating off the “advertising is shown” side of the site, because it was suddenly considered “medical misinformation”, despite it being perfectly fine for ten years to discuss such topics. It isn’t “misinformation” at all, but to argue against, even with scientific data behind your opinion anything other than the “one true way”, as defined by the government and big tech in collusion, suddenly became verboten. This is one of the earlier articles, incidentally, which surprisingly wasn’t flagged.

You can go here, if you wish, which is the “cheat” to get the archives of all the stuff moved over. Some of it has rolled off but not all, for example the marked-exempt Demolishing The Lies On Low-Carb Eating post.

Now I want you to pay attention to this, which just recently published and thus far Youtube hasn’t forced it offline. They probably will. It documents medical studies that proved the use of insulin as a treatment for Type II diabetes doesn’t decrease all-cause mortality; that is, it does nothing to keep you from being dead.

In fact it slightly but statistically increases your odds of being dead!

That’s right — your doctor eventually prescribes something that increases your odds of being dead.

Yet this is what basically every medical scold sells you if you’re overweight and show up with high blood glucose: You have an irreversible condition, you can manage it with drugs which will progressively stop working over time, exercise will help but again the damage is irreversible and, in the end, you’re fucked.


Get lean. Keep your blood clean. Don’t enter the Kill Machine.


Medical Science is Faked

Around 70 percent of all medical science trials are faked.

As he described in a webinar last week, Ian Roberts, professor of epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, began to have doubts about the honest reporting of trials after a colleague asked if he knew that his systematic review showing the mannitol halved death from head injury was based on trials that had never happened. He didn’t, but he set about investigating the trials and confirmed that they hadn’t ever happened. They all had a lead author who purported to come from an institution that didn’t exist and who killed himself a few years later. The trials were all published in prestigious neurosurgery journals and had multiple co-authors. None of the co-authors had contributed patients to the trials, and some didn’t know that they were co-authors until after the trials were published. When Roberts contacted one of the journals the editor responded that “I wouldn’t trust the data.” Why, Roberts wondered, did he publish the trial? None of the trials have been retracted.

Later Roberts, who headed one of the Cochrane groups, did a systematic review of colloids versus crystalloids only to discover again that many of the trials that were included in the review could not be trusted…

Mol, like Roberts, has conducted systematic reviews only to realise that most of the trials included either were zombie trials that were fatally flawed or were untrustworthy. What, he asked, is the scale of the problem? Although retractions are increasing, only about 0.04% of biomedical studies have been retracted, suggesting the problem is small. But the anaesthetist John Carlisle analysed 526 trials submitted to Anaesthesia and found that 73 (14%) had false data, and 43 (8%) he categorised as zombie. When he was able to examine individual patient data in 153 studies, 67 (44%) had untrustworthy data and 40 (26%) were zombie trials.

So much for the “studies show” rhetoric. Karl Denninger is, as you might expect, taking a calm and measured approach to the news.

Our government has run a scam shop for the last couple of decades. Everyone seems to consider this is just a “cost of doing business” and that somehow, this is a monetary thing mostly or even only. No its not — not even in the main. Oh sure, you get screwed out of thousands per-person every year in the medical field through their monopolistic and other price-fixing practices, all of which under 15 USC Chapter 1 are felonies, but the monetary harm to your wallet is trivial in comparison to years of life lost or even your immediate disability or death.

Should we consider all medical advice and “studies” to be frauds until proved otherwise?


We should have decades ago.

The convergence of science and medicine is rending both completely unfit for purpose and unable to perform their primary functions.


Late May As Well Be Never

The CDC tacitly admits that vaccinations are irrelevant with regards to Covid.

The CDC’s COVID-19 prevention guidance will no longer differentiate by whether people are up-to-date on their vaccinations. Testing to screen for COVID-19 will no longer be recommended in most places for people who do not have COVID symptoms.

In other words: Jabbed or not does not matter. Never did, by the way, as Birx has admitted she knew before the jabbing started. She lied, the CDC lied, Brandon lied and Trump lied. They all lied. This was not an error it was intentional false claims that were made stating that “if you got jabbed you were a dead-end to the virus.” They all knew that was bullshit yet it was the entire premise behind both the urging and attempted mandates.

Testing people who are not ill is stupid. The definition of disease requires a disorder or malfunction of some kind in the body. If you’re not, you’re not. To be challenged your immune system must be infected; its obvious that something that does not assault you can’t lead to an immune response, so by definition if your immune system prevents you from getting actively ill you still got assaulted.

Furthermore, this is hard proof that had we done nothing we’d be in the same place here and now. If we had not mandated anything, two years hence we’d be….. right here. How do we know this? Because that’s what has happened every other time; 1918, when we had no jabs and tried to mandate masks which did nothing to cut off the virus, in the 1890s with what we are reasonably sure was OC43’s emergence, another coronavirus, myriad flu infections and strains in the 100 years since and more.

Unfortunately, the adverse effects of the CDC-mandated vaxx, including Suddenly, stillbirths, and infertility, will continue to afflict everyone who go themselves vaxxed for nothing. For those unfortunates, the CDC’s admission that the vaccine cannot prevent Covid is simply too late.

On a related topic, the CDC appears to have quietly erased its false claim that the mRNA and the spike protein do not last long in the body. The area highlighted in red was recently vanished.


Unlucky 13

Thirteen triple-vaxxed Canadian doctors have died of Suddenly.

I’ve now tracked 13 Canadian doctors “sudden deaths” (thank you to everyone who contributed info). This is the most complete data set I’ve seen anywhere by far.

Three doctors died while exercising (two swimming, one running), two of them were very high level athletes. Three doctors died “in their sleep” unexpectedly.

Two doctors also had aggressive cancer that had arisen within the past year.

All of them were at least triple vaccinated due to illegal vaccine mandates.

Remember: these are YOUNG healthy individuals who are always first in line to get jabbed. Vast majority of doctors will get their 4th and 5th jabs this summer and fall.

That’s at least a one in 7,500 chance of dying of Suddenly. Nothing to worry about, right?


The Nurses Know

That’s why they’re not getting vaccinated, even at the price of losing their jobs:

Minnesota State Representative Erik Mortensen recently conducted a Town Hall meeting in his district due to the number of healthcare workers who were contacting him about COVID-19 vaccine mandates, where most of them were about to lose their jobs for refusing to receive a COVID-19 shot.

He also heard a lot of things from these nurses that were not being repeated in the corporate media, so the Town Hall meeting was recorded and published on AlphaNews recently.

Some of these nurses reported that they have been in their field for over 20 years, were treated as heroes last year as frontline workers in COVID wards, but were now being ridiculed and ostracized for not wanting to take a COVID-19 vaccine.

One of the reasons they do not want to take the shots is because they have seen first hand how these shots have killed and injured people, including family members.

One nurse explained how the media is actually lying by stating that most of the healthcare workers are now fully vaccinated for COVID-19. She said this wasn’t true, and that she knew of departments that were only about 20% vaccinated, and that ER workers had an especially low percentage of workers who were fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

“Why aren’t people asking the nurses why they don’t want to take the shots?” she asked.

She said she ran an ER department, and that it was tragic that they were seeing so many heart attacks and strokes, and that it is obvious that they are related to the COVID-19 shots.

At this point, you’d have to be literally retarded to get vaccinated, or get a booster to stay vaccinated, or even to permit anyone to get anywhere near you with a needle unless it’s absolutely necessary.

How to Beat Covid

A small nursing home in Spain kept 100 percent of its elderly – with a mean age of 85 – alive despite all of them having been confirmed to have caught Covid.

Early start of treatment, regardless of the severity of patient symptoms.

  • Antihistamines every 12 h: dexchlorpheniramine 2 mg, cetirizine 10 mg or loratadine 10 mg.
  • Azithromycin 500 mg orally every 24 h for 3 days if there is rapid improvement, and for 6 days if the duration of symptoms is prolonged.
  • If pain or fever, acetaminophen 650 mg/6–8 h.
  • Nasal washing and gargling with sodium bicarbonate water (half a glass of warm water with half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate).

Read the whole thing there. Which, incidentally, proves that the vaxxes were never necessary at all.

Meanwhile, in Norway, they’re over it altogether.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Norway’s prime minister, Erna Solberg, stated that the country will reopen the country on Saturday, ending Covid restrictions on businesses and social interactions. The decision to remove the strict Covid measures comes 561 days after they were first introduced to reduce the spread of the virus, with Norwegian health authorities also giving the green light for other restrictions, such as those on sports venues and travel to end in the coming weeks.

The Narrative, she changes.

Who Wants to be the President

Karl Denninger explains to the Republican governors how the first one to adopt an comprehensive Ivermectin + Zinc + Vitamin C protocol and conclusively defeat the coronavirus, the vaccines, and the lockdowns can also defeat Donald Trump for the 2024 Presidential nomination.

For anyone suspected you dispense to them five doses of Ivermectin to be taken every day if they are obese or otherwise morbid, and every second day if not along with one dose per every two days for everyone in the household, calibrated by their weight. Everyone in the household also gets ten days of a 1,000mg Vitamin C tablet and ten days of 30mg of Zinc, both dietary supplements. The exception is anyone on a blood thinner; you simply ask and, if they are, they don’t get the drug (but do get the supplements.)

The State buys the drug in bulk, from India if you have to (fly a charter over there to pick it up; **** the Feds) and dispenses it.


Read the linked article. This is is not just about treatment; it is also about cutting off forward transmission of the virus. It will not work every time but it doesn’t have to work every time — just often enough to suppress Rt below 1.0 and the virus dies out.

The risk of someone having a serious adverse event from this is 1 in 600,000. If Florida has ten percent of their population that gets infected (or suspected to be) or is in a household with someone who is over the next three months (improbably high, but let’s go with it) that would be a cost of about $5 million. For Alabama it would cost about a million. That’s it.

Who’s got the stones to do this?

Whoever does it first and collapses their Covid-19 case, hospitalization and death rate is President in 2024.

It’s not even remotely difficult and massively less expensive than even a single week of lockdown. So why isn’t every single Republican governor implementing this plan? After all, it’s been around since December 2020.