You Can’t Stop the Smart Boy

I put up a solid meme from SG on Gab, along with a comment.

This meme should make the stupidity of the oft-heard midwit aphorism clear to even the most myopic midwit mind.

Of course, a Smart Boy couldn’t resist the temptation to prove that he’s a midwit.

@voxday that aphorism is true. Its misapplication does not invalidate it, merely demonstrates the intellectual incompetence of the user.

Of course, the aphorism is not true. It may or may not be true, because sometimes correlation equals causation, and other times it does not. A correct form of the aphorism would be: correlation does not necessarily equal causation.

But where is the fun in that sort of actual precision that doesn’t permit the Smart Boy to incorrectly correct others? The irony of the misapplication is that correlation is usually the first step toward proving causation. As a general rule, resorting to tautology in order to refute something that someone hasn’t said is highly indicative of a gamma behavior pattern.


Jordan Peterson Bravely Runs Away

Better hide the meth, Jordan Peterson is feeling the heat again and bravely decided to give up his Twitter habit:

Initially, Peterson stuck to his guns, firing back at ‘panderers’, and insisting that the decision to feature a plus-size woman on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit was ‘a conscious and cynical manipulation by the oh-so virtuous politically correct’.

In another tweet he added: ‘It’s a conscious progressive attempt to manipulate and retool the notion of beauty, reliant on the idiot philosophy that such preferences are learned and properly changed by those who know better.’

However, after he continued to be bombarded with what he described as a ‘vicious flood of insults’, Peterson called it quits, announcing that he was ‘departing’ Twitter, while branding the social media platform ‘intrinsically and dangerously insane’.

‘The endless flood of vicious insult is really not something that can be experienced anywhere else,’ he wrote. ‘I like to follow the people I know but I think the incentive structure of the platform makes it intrinsically and dangerously insane.’

He continued: ‘So I told my staff to change my password, to keep me from temptation, and am departing once again.

‘If I have something to say I’ll write an article or make a video. If the issue is not important enough to justify that then perhaps it would be best to just let it go.’

If you ever want to know how a Gamma is going to handle something, just ask yourself What Would Jordan Do?

Not that getting off Facebook and Twitter and Linked-In is a bad idea in and of itself, but the only thing worse than rage-quitting is fear-quitting.

UPDATE: Social media isn’t for everyone, particularly not for those desperate for approval.

JORDAN PETERSON: The endless flood of vicious insult is really not something that can be experienced anywhere else. I like to follow the people I know but I think the incentive structure of the platform makes it intrinsically and dangerously insane.

MIKE CERNOVICH: Twitter is spectacular. I’ve made new friends, witnessed and participated in history, and learned as much as one would walking library stacks. You’re desperate for approval, this makes it impossible for you to not internalize (or at least ignore) the hate any public figure gets.


On the Correction of Others

Dear Smart Boys,

Stop correcting people who aren’t requesting criticism, comments, or correction. Literally no one appreciates unsolicited correction, even on the off-chance that it is entirely, 100-percent, correct, which it usually isn’t. As a general rule, if they want editorial, they’ll ask for it. If they haven’t, they didn’t.

Sometimes people are just wrong, and that’s okay. In fact, that’s to be expected. Remember MPAI and file them away as people to ignore in the future. You’re not the Truth Police.

If you ever wondered why people don’t like you, this is why.

It’s really not that hard to allow stupid people to say stupid things, or to permit smart people to say strange and confusing things that you don’t understand, without interference.

UPDATE: To precisely no one’s surprise, least of all mine, the Gabtards didn’t hesitate to demonstrate their literal retardery.

You literally just did what you said you didn’t want other people to do.

Since apparently it is necessary to spell out the obvious, because MPAI, I will note that a general expression of one’s opinion about comportment is not criticism, commentary, or correction concerning any particular individual, and therefore is clearly not part of the set of irritating behaviors I am addressing.


Mailvox: Gammas Never Get It

I can always tell when an email about the SSH is from a “recovering gamma”. Strangely enough, I never seem to hear from any gamma who simply accepts the reality of his behavioral patterns and identifies as a gamma. Anyhow, see if you can spot the fundamental problems in what he describes as his attempt to summarize the concepts “briefly for myself and others.”

I am a recovering gamma currently being purified by becoming a delta. I’m trying to summarize the SSH in one-sentence per role to aid my own understanding.

A gamma is not an alpha because he lacks the necessary abilities to top any hierarchy.

A gamma is not a beta because he doesn’t admire anyone more highly than himself.

A gamma is not a delta because he lacks the humility to realize he is a beginner (a person who lacks abilities), and that a beginner must begin at the beginning of any hierarchy.

A gamma is not an omega because he has enough social abilities to not be rejected as a total outsider.

A gamma is not a sigma because he lacks the necessary abilities to exist independent of any hierarchy, whereas a sigma has enough abilities to not need most hierarchies (except when they are useful to him, in which case he is able to benefit from them by integrating himself into them as needed)

A gamma is therefore defined by the very fact that he is not any other role in the functional hierarchy (delta/beta/alpha or sigma), and refuses to recognize that he must reshape himself into one of those roles and submit to their requirements.

It appears he still has some ways to go, as this would-be-summary is mostly the conventional gamma kerfluffery that seeks to elude the ineluctable: a gamma male is any man or boy whose behavior fits within the parameters of the behavioral pattern described as gamma. And it’s a bit ironic, in that this very attempt to summarize – which is little more than an attempt to redefine and impose the gamma’s self-perceptions on that which has already been defined externally – is very much in keeping with typical gamma behavior.

A gamma is never, ever, going to possess alpha behavioral patterns. Never going to happen. He can, of course, be a situational alpha in a hierarchy of gammas, or in one comprised of mixed gammas and omegas, but his behavioral pattern and his habitual thought processes will remain the same. The “summary” is clearly false, however, because it fails to recognize the fractal nature of the SSH.

As for bravos, forget admiration. Every natural gamma instinct inclines him to contradict the bravo impulse; indeed, the bravo’s primary role is probably cracking down and riding herd on gammas so his alpha doesn’t have to do so.

The omega summary is adequate.

The delta summary omits the key components of competence and the desire for respect. The biggest single observable difference between the delta and the gamma is that if you assign a task to a delta, he’ll get it done with a minimum of fuss. If you assign a task to a gamma, he’ll start telling you why he can’t do it, how it should be done, why it would be better for him to do something else, how he plans to go about doing it, and why you should really just do it yourself; the one thing you can be certain he won’t do is stop talking about it in lieu of actually getting it done.

The sigma summary omits the important element that sigmas are often perceived as, and mistaken for, alphas by others. This is why the gamma pretension to sigmahood is so risible, because even on their best days, no one ever confuses the guys from Revenge of the Nerds for Conan, James Bond, or Hannibal Lector.

But the key point is to recognize that the gamma is not defined by what he is not, but rather, by how others observe him to behave. If you win every argument, if you’re pretty sure that you’re the most clever person in the room, if you think you’ve got a roguish charm, and you believe it is the intensity of a man’s affections that is the prime determinant of whether he deserve their object or not, then you’re probably a gamma.


At Least His Feelings Are Safe

A tragi-comedy in three acts.

SPACEBUNNY: Women instinctively hate and avoid gammas – these are all examples of gamma behaviour and are not genuine nice guys. The genuine nice guy might not always get the girl, but he almost always eventually gets a girl, settles down, gets married and has a family. These guys will never have any of that.

MGTOW: I just went MGTOW instead and stop caring about what women consider a nice guy or not. Actually I stopped caring what women consider full stop, my bank account and emotional health has never been better.

VD: And you have also rendered yourself entirely irrelevant to human society until you die alone and forgotten. Congratulations. A hedonistic, coke-addled musician who can’t figure out how to put on a condom is literally more useful to the world than you are, and will contribute more to the future than you ever will. But at least you won’t get your feelings hurt again, and that’s what’s important.

The reality is that the whole Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) act is little more than gamma posturing. Omegas who have no choice but to go their own way due to social rejection don’t make such a major production of it and are usually quite willing to admit that they are lonely and would prefer that things were otherwise. And most MGTOW will drop the act in a heartbeat if a woman happens to smile at them or say something nice to them, at least until they inevitably say something that causes the smile to vanish from her face and inspires her to flee as quickly as social etiquette permits.

Lifelong loneliness is not a reasonable price to pay for avoiding the occasional rejection by women. And there is no point in pretending you are not lonely, because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be constantly posting on social media telling strangers how you don’t care what women think about you. And doubling down on the very weirdness that both men and women find off-putting is not something that will increase either your emotional health or your odds of social success.

If your life sucks, then change it. What have you got to lose?


The Tribe of Gamma

They simply can’t help themselves. This was one comment thread sparked by one of my posts on Gab. Notice how the gamma adroitly made himself the subject while striking a superior pose and proactively defending himself without even touching upon the actual subject.

Stop crying about how “they’re trying to divide us,” Boomers. They ALREADY divided the USA in 1965 with the Naturalization Act. Now nearly half of all US citizens are not Americans in any meaningful sense of the word. There is no united “we” anymore. So find your tribe and defend it. Because everyone else already is.

My tribe is nerds who have above average IQ and who are curious and who enjoying sharing what they’ve learned. My tribe has different colors. Nerd chicks are most welcome. We don’t care how pretty you are or how much money you have. The funny thing is most people don’t wanna join this tribe. They don’t feel comfortable among us. People tend to mingle with people of their same IQ level.

Yes, I know your tribe. And I, like many people, cannot stand your annoying, posturing, self-overrated little tribe. If you’d all simply focus on the actual learning rather than on constantly trying to share what you think you’ve learned with people who have never shown a scintilla of interest in it, the rest of us might not dislike your tribe so much.

Yeah, well, nerds have more fun. And that‘s cuz we’re not carrying around too much baggage of self-consciousness. Speaking of self-consciousness, you sound kinda angry. Or are you just hangry and need a snack?

But you don’t have more fun. You’re all desperately posturing and showing off your knowledge of useless trivia non-stop in the futile hope that one day, a woman will let you talk at her without turning away from you in disgust.

UPDATE: It just gets more amusing and tragic than you would have imagined.

We found things that are more interesting than sex. Ironically, we’re good in bed and that’s cuz we like to read instruction manuals.


The Gamma Postures

If you want to see a prime example of Gamma posturing, look no further than Curt Doolittle’s amusingly inept response to my reference to the mathematical impossibility of evolution by natural selection accounting for the observed genetic variance of modern species. He was responding to my initial post on Gab, which linked back to my recent post on the discovery that Charles Darwin plagiarized Patrick Matthew’s earlier work. Note the way in which his behavior is textbook gamma.

You probably know that evolution is a mathematically impossible fraud. But what you may not know is that Darwin was a plagiarist and a fraudulent anti-Christian psyop from the very beginning.

This was Mr. Doolittle’s response:

@voxday VOX: You aren’t intellectually capable of making that statement, and for those of us who are, it’s one of the dumbest possible statements one could make.

So quite the contrary, evolution is mathematically deterministic because the first principle of the universe is equivalent to the term ‘evolve’.

In fact, the interesting thing about life on earth is that it occurred so quickly in the history of the universe, since it takes so much time to evolve the elements necessary, by generations of stars’ life cycles. And extinction events caused rapid evolution by creating punctuated equilibriums. One of which is ‘humans’ over the past three million years.

No more of your lies.

You’re flat-out wrong, Curt. And I’m a lot smarter than you are, so you really should think twice before trying to “correct” your intellectual superiors.

You haven’t done the math. You clearly haven’t even UNDERSTOOD the math, or the problems it presents to those who believe that evolution by natural selection is capable of accounting for the observed genetic variance in modern species, including homo sapiens sapiens.

Your proposed excuse of “extinction events” is not only obvious, it’s also not viable due to the known near-extinction events and their effects on the genetic variance of affected species such as the cheetah.

You simply don’t possess the knowledge required to even begin discussing the matter, you haven’t done the required work, and it is obvious to anyone who has. Posturing and making snarky comments – your usual modus operandi – isn’t going to suffice here.

By all means, feel free to show us the math that works. Hypothesize as many extinction events and punctuated equilibriums as you like and show us precisely how many are required. You won’t be the first to try and fail, and you won’t be the last.

@voxday There is zero chance you’re smarter than I am. Zero chance you’ve done the math. And an absolute certainty you’re quoting a Yale professor of theology who also claimed he’d done the math. And both of you proving that the function of Abrahamism is to teach adherence to lie so that they can engage in social construction of falsehoods, in order to collectively obtain false confidence is by false pretense of sexual, social, political, economic, military, status, explaining their evasion (or failure) of evolutionary adaptation, precisely because they lack that status by demonstrable means other than social construction of falsehoods.

The female means of lying by undermining truth and social construction of falsehoods: Judaism > Christianity > Islam … Marxism > Neo-Marxism > Postmodernism > PC-Woke.

Same tactics (female undermining of truth) same strategy (social construction of a falsehood that attempts to deny evolutionary superiority) and same result (Dark Age of Ignorance and Superstition).

That’s the truth of why you lie, the history of why you lie, and the technique by which you lie, and the evolutionary origin of how and why you lie, in the female means of anti-social behavior, economic, political, cultural, civilizational warfare, because the female is weaker, and must seduce with false promises (lie) and undermine with disinformation (lie) by fomenting insurrection (war) because of her (your) weakness.

Period. End of Story. So, Accusation Submitted. Argument Presented. Judgment Presented. Conviction Issued. The only question is the sentencing and the punishment for your crimes against humanity.

And yet, I am observably smarter than you are. I have done the math. I am not quoting anyone, let alone “a Yale professor of theology”. Your “absolute certainty” is not only 100 percent false, it is easily proven to be false since the evidence has been public for years.

I’ve publicly debated JF Gariepy about this. The original work has been posted on my blog since 2019. The only one lying here is you, as everyone can easily confirm.

But congratulations on proving my statement that you don’t do the work, you don’t possess the relevant information, and that your modus operandi is nothing more than snark and posturing.

Transcript of 2019 debate

Math behind the mathematical impossibility argument


He Can Shoot Any Booster

If you watched the Darkstream, then you know what this is all about. By request:

You know that any vaxx is capable of boosting
Scotty got it right and he’s capable of proving
He can be what he wants to be
Shoot a one shoot a two then he boosts a three
Whatever kind, he’ll max the vaxx
And if he gets it wrong he walks it back
Amphiboly proves he could never be a loser
That’s why he can shoot any booster


So About That, Scott….

I wonder if Vox Day is an economist or more of a writer of science fiction? Yeah, he’s an artist…. Two people who are trained economists would probably analyze things similarly, meaning they would do it correctly. They would know what to compare and what not to compare, but an artist, an artist is just going to be like, I’m pretty sure I’m totally right.

– Scott Adams
Darkstream 804


Scott Adams Melts Down

Scott Adams goes full Gamma and it is glorious.

Compare my actual Covid prediction record (the best in the nation): with the interpretation below and spot the cognitive dissonance tells.

It’s weirdly fascinating to see how easily people hallucinate entirely different lives for me.

Not only does his “actual Covid prediction record” not come anywhere close to Karl Denninger’s, but he was actually dumb enough to get injected with a substance that was already known to be unsafe and ineffective at both times he submitted to the vaccine regime. According to AC and others who watch his streams, he’s psychologically breaking down over the cognitive dissonance of a) needing to believe that he is a Very Smart Boy and b) knowing that he was dumb enough to voluntarily take the killshot when tens of millions of Americans were smart enough to avoid following the health care recommendations of global depopulationists.

This vulgar, eye-twitching rant in response to a viewer telling him that he should simply admit that he was wrong tells you everything you need to know about the man’s mental state.

Scott Adams is freaking out. The eye blinking in the video is the tell. Here is one decent probability, in the range of possibilities in the probability matrix of what is going on with him. Scott has some inflammatory issues, mostly producing nerve dysfunction, and those things are impacting his ability to draw and do the things he wants to do, according to some accounts. It is a shame, and people should feel bad about that, as little is as irritating as the spirit having the drive and the body breaking down and holding it back. I think the jab increases the probabilities of those issues getting worse, and he may have begun to feel as if some of his symptoms might have been getting worse. Probably just enough that he began to worry the jab was a mistake, which produced his initial ambivalent, quasi-walk-back on it. People however pounced on him, as he was a convenient outlet for their rage at all the other people knowingly lying to them, and because he has a very defensive reflex, he began fighting. Now he is getting frustrated, because his health may be fucked, which means his life may be fucked, it may be getting worse and he is suffering mentally and physically, and on the other side are people who he feels in conflict with, who will “win” if his body begins failing – and in his head they want to win.

On last night’s Darkstream 803, I went through and examined Adams’s Pandemic Prediction Audit, in which the self-appointed “best predictor of the pandemic, at least among public figures” attempted to fold, spindle, and mutilate his past statements in order to make them less obviously wrong to the casual observer. Here is a brief summary of my point-by-point review of his nominal predictions.


Not exactly much of a prediction, and ultimately irrelevant, but we’ll give it to him. 1/1.


Adams called out Fauci for lying when he said masks would NOT help the general public. Masks didn’t stop or even slow down the spread of Covid. This was one of the few times when Fauci was actually telling the truth and the fact that Fauci later lied and supported face-masking doesn’t make Scott’s prediction “that masks probably work” correct. He was flat-out wrong. 1/2.


Adams predicted we would not see “leadership” as a variable that caused one country or state to do better than any other in terms of controlling Covid death rates. Whether one compares New York to Florida or the USA to Sweden, that was completely wrong. 1/3.


This wasn’t really a prediction, but because Adams did not toe the official line and endorse the media narrative that merely discussing the possibility of the virus being engineered was conspiracy theory, we’ll give him half a point. 1.5/4.


He predicted Project Warp speed would NOT succeed in creating a vaccine in time. He was not only wrong, he was foolish enough to take one of the vaccines that was created twice. And to say that he “never trusted Big Pharma” when he is literally trusting it with his life and his health is simply bizarre and potentially indicative of cognitive vaccine damage. 1.5/5.


Adams attempted to have it both ways with HCQ. But he was open to it, and it wasn’t the gamechanger that Ivermectin turned out to be. So, another half-point. 2/6.


Ivermectin has turned out to be as effective as advertised despite the entire media-medical complex attempting to turn public opinion against it, and vastly more effective than the vaccines. A comparable government effort based on Ivermectin rather than the fraudulent vaccines would have crushed the pandemic, instead, pharmacies, doctors, and hospitals have been actively preventing patients from being treated with it. Adams was flat-out wrong. 2/7.


Adams doesn’t entirey reject “the hypothesis that big Pharma can control the entire world’s medical opinions on HCQ and Ivermectin by buying off a handful of experts in America” but then turns around and says some politician would have exposed it if there was. But his prediction – and his choice to get vaccinated twice – make it clear that he didn’t believe in or predict the actual Big Pharma conspiracy or the level of control of the global media it demonstrated over the last two years. 2/8.


Adams incorrectly stated we didn’t know enough — and couldn’t know enough in time — about the confirmed risks or benefits of the vaccines. He got vaccinated in order to travel, then vacillated on the booster shot before finally rejecting it. He was obviously wrong. 2/9.


I’ll present this in its entirety, because it is a beautiful example of the Secret King at his most triumphant in complete defeat. He was totally wrong, and yet, still insists that he was phenomenonically correct inside his skull. 2/10

I colorfully tweeted after my vaccinations in the summer of 2021 that for the vaccinated, the pandemic was over, but not so much for the unvaccinated. That tweet was based on my personal feelings which I often proclaim to have no basis in fact. I include this example for completeness, but it wasn’t a prediction. It was a psychological phenomenon inside my skull. You don’t need to fact-check it. And for me, it’s still true, subjectively speaking.


He predicted that lockdowns would save substantial lives and that only 5,000 people would die. 2/11.


I predicted the “rogue doctors” were not credible and notes that “most of the rogues have been banned by social media for spreading obvious false information”. By rights, he should get minus two points for this, because the rogue doctors’ various predictions about the vaccines have been generally correct and because he’s dumb enough to assume that social media is a reasonable arbiter of false information. But we’ll just count it as one prediction. 2/12.


He has never favored mandates. Which is good. But this is also not a prediction. 2/12.


He correctly notes that everyone knew the lockdowns would be hard on people. Not a prediction. 2/12.


He did advise people to get fit, lose weight, and take Vitamin D. Not exactly a prediction, but since Vitamin D supplementation has turned out to be so important in helping people fight off Covid and other diseases, we’ll be generous and give him a full point. 3/13.


He never made any prediction about quarantines beginning or ending. Not a prediction. 3/13.


He claims to have predicted Twitter and YouTube would not ban him for “violating the narrative” on vaccination safety. He didn’t ever violate the narrative, and he clearly doesn’t understand what the vaccine narrative or “false information” are. 3/14.


He expected the vaccine side effects were overreported by VAERS. He’s wrong. 3/15.


He thinks the massive global propaganda we have all endured is “a diversion tactic so we stop looking at fake news and social media as the cause of our problems.” This is wrong, stupid, and ignorant. But it’s not a prediction. 3/15

AUDIT TOTAL: 3 of 15

Not a very impressive performance by Mr. Adams, especially when compared to the likes of Karl Denninger, who has been very, very good with his predictions ever since observing that 80 percent of the passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship never came down with Covid in early 2020.