The Great Replacement is Real

Clown World isn’t just replacing white people with diversity. In New York, they’re replacing cops and teachers with migrants.

In a city engulfed in crime, Mayor Eric Adams has decided to cut the police force by 6000 officers. The result is NY police officers will be cut by 1/5, or 13.5%, by postponing the next 5 Academy classes, bringing officers below 30,000, down from 36,000. These are the numbers we saw in the 80s and 90s. This is being done to house and feed anonymous, unvetted illegal aliens from around the world.

Progressive Democrat Mayor Eric Adams announced a $110.5 billion budget, saying cuts across all agencies were necessary. The city spent $1.45 billion in fiscal 2023 on the migrant crisis. They spent nearly $11 billion is expected to be spent in 2024 and 2025.

“For months, we have warned New Yorkers about the challenging fiscal situation our city faces,” Adams said. “To balance the budget as the law requires, every city agency dug into their own budget to find savings, with minimal disruption to services, reports DNYUZ. “And while we pulled it off this time, make no mistake: Migrant costs are going up, tax revenue growth is slowing, and COVID stimulus funding is drying up.”

Fortunately, as we have repeatedly been assured, immigration is good for the economy, so those tax revenues should go up as rapidly as the budget deficit falls once those migrants start doing all the jobs that New Yorkers won’t do, like police the city and teach the schoolkids.

It is a bit ironic, however, that even most of the critics of the largest migration in human history can’t bring themselves to admit that the legality of the migration is totally irrelevant to its consequences. Neither the American Indians nor the Palestinians are much concerned these days with whether the European migration of the 18th century or the Jewish migration of the 20th century was legal or not. It seems unlikely that the beleaguered descendants of today’s Americans will be much impressed by their grandparents defending themselves by pointing out that at least they protested the illegal invaders.

The evils of immigration are first a matter of quantity, and second a matter of quality. The legality or illegality is totally irrelevant.


They Just Want a Better Life

That is exactly as violent and dyscivilized as it was in the places they left:

A violent riot erupted on the streets of the Hague last night, as ‘migrants’ attacked cops with bricks and torched police cars. Dozens of rioters were filmed surrounding the Opera conference hall along Fruitweg in the Netherlands, as multiple police vans drove to the scene.

Another clip also showed the aftermath. The building had several smashed windows and parked vehicles were on fire, with the street left looking like a warzone.

A fight broke out between two groups of Eritreans. ‘It got seriously out of hand,’ The Hague Municipality spokesman Robin Middel said last night. Middel said a group loyal to Eritrea’s government was holding a meeting when the venue was attacked by Eritreans who oppose the African nation’s government.

The fighting is the latest outbreak of violence at Eritrean events in Europe.

Dozens of people, including at least 26 police officers, were injured during unrest surrounding an Eritrean cultural festival in the southwestern German city of Stuttgart in September 2023. A fight the same month between Eritrean government supporters and opponents in Tel Aviv led to violent street confrontations among African asylum-seekers and migrants. Months earlier, a clash at an Eritrean festival in the western German city of Giessen left 22 police officers injured.

Apparently the Dutch, the Israeli, and the German Dirt is all lacking in Magic. But at least we know that all those Eritreans are good for those economies, right?

Eritrean Economy-Enhancement in Action

The Dirt is not Magic. And immigration is not good for the economy. Immigration, as should be entirely obvious by now, is war on the native people.


Seeing the Real Paris

And doing it the hard way.

The Japanese are going to need another new word, this time to describe one’s feelings when one isn’t merely disappointed by the fact that Paris has devolved into a filthy post-civilized state, but is also grieved at the murder of a member of one’s tour group.

A tourist has been stabbed to death while a British man is reportedly among two others badly injured after a knifeman screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ launched a frenzied attack in central Paris tonight.

The suspect, identified as Armand R., attacked any passersby he saw while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ – Arabic for God is the Greatest – near the Eiffel Tower at around 10pm, reports say.

The attacker had already been sentenced to ‘four years in prison’ in 2016 for planning another attack, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin revealed.

Clown World is going to collapse. There is absolutely no chance this is a stable society. It’s not going to take much more before even the Euroboomer Left, which worships diversity and hates racism more than the Devil himself, find themselves yearning for some nice historical Germanic law and order and begging St. Breivik to pray for them.


Not So Fast, Skater Boy

The UK police are apparently much less inclined to excuse the outrageous killing of a hockey player by another player than the global media is:

ITEM 1: NHL player Adam Johnson died on live TV after Matt Petgrave slashed his throat with his skate. Petgrave has a history of bad behavior in the EIHL, including racking up the most penalty minutes and getting booted out of games. The media quickly has declared it a total accident, but many viewers and expert hockey players are not convinced.

ITEM 2: A man has been arrested for the manslaughter of Nottingham Panthers player Adam Johnson after his tragic death last month. The 29-year-old American ice hockey star was reportedly killed after a skate slashed his throat in a collision during a match against Sheffield Steelers on October 28, causing a fatal neck injury.

Like pretty much every other man who grew up in Minnesota in the 1960s-1980s, I played ice hockey from a very young age. I played for eight years, and if it hadn’t been for a) early morning ice times, b) pretty girls on the ski slopes, and c) indoor winter tennis, I almost certainly would have played varsity in high school. I still consider the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament to be the third-best televised sporting event after a) NFL Redzone and b) March Madness, although I haven’t been a particular fan of any team since the Minnesota Fighting Saints shut down after the 1977 season and the Minnesota North Stars moved to Dallas in 1993.

And as a former hockey player, I have absolutely no problem saying that the kick that killed Adam Johnson was 100 percent intentional. I never, ever, saw anything that even came close to resembling what Petgrave did in all my years of playing and watching hockey. I don’t believe the African player was trying to kill Johnson, but he was clearly attempting to harm the other player when he struck him with his skate, so if that’s not manslaughter, then nothing is. There is no way the incident was merely “an accident”.


The Scorpion’s Lament

In which a US-resident Jew on /pol/ contemplates the self-defeating consequences of his elders’ long-term plans to “destroy the white race”, turn America into “an idea nation” and “a melting pot”, and “transform Europe into a multicultural mode”, and concludes that perhaps the results were not, in the end, desirable.

Have you ever played a video game where the Al just sat there and did nothing while you took it apart methodically?

We “won” in a game that nobody else was playing because they did not think anyone would be stupid enough to do so. Our” victory”? We killed our host, the survivors will hate us, they will eat us because we look white, the muslims will exterminate us the moment our goy slaves become too weak to protect us. not to mention we are giving the muslims nuclear weapons by giving them France and England.

Our daughters misceginate or are whores, my favorite niece married a “jewish” black who was 20 years older than her. She lived in a mixed-race neighborhood, her house was the only one that did not look like trash because she tried, ended up divorced with a half-black kid. Breaks my heart.

Brother is incel, can’t find a wife because all women are whores, almost all the men in the extended family are ruined, either marrying roasties or failing to marry at all. And why? Because the weapons we set on the goy cattle also affected us.

So yay, we “won” by default because nobody else was dumb enough to try for a game of lets destroy civilization, our victory is such that our host species is going extinct due to our actions, and the only two paths forwards are:

  1. whites finally wake up and kill us all
  2. whites finally die out and the blacks eat us for being white

Great victory.

Some on /pol/ have suggested that this lament is too self-aware to be genuine, but in the light of current events in the Middle East, I see no reason to assume that the average individual of modest intelligence, of any race or ethnicity, who would prefer to live in some reasonable approximation of civilized European culture, cannot observe that the consequences of the Kalergi Plan, or the Lerner-Spectre Plan, or the Celler Plan, all of which amount to exactly the same thing, have been utterly disastrous for everyone, including the descendants of those who originally conceived those evil plans and enacted them.

From a historical point of view, this shouldn’t be a surprise. In six thousand years of recorded history, there have only been a limited number of great civilizations, which collectively make up a very small percentage of the total number of peoples and societies across world history. And the preferences, customs, traditions, and laws of most societies are observably not capable of creating or sustaining any form of civilization, let alone one that approaches the heights of Western European civilization circa 1800 – 1950.

Everyone likes the idea of being in charge, in theory. Everyone likes the idea of his tribe being on top, and in possession of the reins of power. The problem is that not everyone is capable of successfully being in charge. This is why it is so important to be careful what you wish for. Because you just might get it.

In addition to the time to civilization requirement that has been previously pointed out here on this blog, there is also a dyscivilizational values problem. No civilization that comes to be dominated by individuals from a society with dyscivilizational values can sustain itself in a functional manner over time. The more that Western Civilization is influenced by non-Christian, non-European people from societies that never successfully established their own civilizations and with values that contradict the historical values of Western civilization, the more likely it is that the resulting societal structure will not transition into a post-Western civilization with post-Western values as expected, but rather, collapse entirely into a post-civilized state.

Atheists such as Richard Dawkins have already discovered that post-Christian society is worse for atheists than Christian society ever was. Both internal and external foes of the West will almost certainly come to the same conclusion in time.

There is an older version of the Russian tale of the scorpion and the frog. In the Persian tale, which dates back to 1487, the scorpion is riding the back of a turtle. Unlike the frog, the turtle survives the scorpion’s sting due to its hard shell, tells the scorpion that it is wicked, and drowns it in order to prevent the scorpion from harming anyone else.

So, this naturally tends to raise the question, which civilized societies are frogs and which are turtles?


Vibrancy in the UK

The English are beginning to learn that their former subjects didn’t really take to the English way of doing things after all.

Almost 90 retail leaders, including the bosses of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Boots and WH Smith, have written to the government demanding action on rising retail crime, in which violent criminals are “emptying stores”.

The retailers, who also include the bosses of Aldi, Primark and Superdrug, call for the creation of a new UK-wide aggravated offence of assaulting or abusing a retail worker – as already exists in Scotland – which would carry tougher sentences and require police to record all incidents of retail crime and allow the allocation of more resources.

“The police consistently tell us that a lack of data about these offences means they have no visibility about the nature or scale of the issue,” the letter says.

The 88 retail bosses have asked for a meeting with the home secretary, Suella Braverman, to discuss the issue after a meeting with the minister for crime, Chris Philp, led to the promise to develop an action plan.

The call comes after retailers, including the Co-op and John Lewis, highlighted what they said was a worsening issue. A survey of members of the British Retail Consortium (BRC), which represents all the major chains, found levels of shoplifting in 10 of the biggest cities had risen by an average of 27% this year.

Meanwhile, the police’s own data for one major retailer shows that forces failed to respond to 73% of serious retail crimes that were reported, while 44% of retailers in the BRC’s annual crime survey rated the police response as “poor” or “very poor”.

Apparently the English dirt isn’t magic either. Of course, all of the “retail leaders” complaining about immigrant crime are still funding advertising that relentlessly pushes Africans into every single ad on British television. To judge by the advertising, and by the advertising for the shows, you’d think that BBC stood for the Botswana Broadcasting Corporation.

However, speaking of British television advertising, I was excited to spot family number 15 for the man who appears to be the primary black actor available for hire as a family man this last week. That makes 12 white wives and 3 black ones for him so far.


5x Risk

We’re repeatedly informed that blacks are at risk of being killed by police every year in the USA. And, in fact, 112 blacks are killed by police on an annual basis.

What we’re less often told is that 500 whites are killed by blacks every year. Which means that 4.5 times more white people are murdered by blacks than black people are killed by police.

Perhaps a White Lives Matter movement is needed.

However, one should keep in mind that since there are 5x more whites than blacks in the USA, since more black men are killed by police than black women, and since more white women are murdered by blacks than white men, and since young people are far more often killed than old people, the relative risk profiles vary dramatically depending upon sex, and perhaps even more importantly, age.

At the end of the day, despite all of the political tensions and the online heat, the USA is actually less violent today than it has been in the past. Of course, that doesn’t mean this isn’t the calm before the storm.