Melting the mic

It’s more than a little amusing that the SJWs in comics who hate the Alt-Right so much don’t even have the courage to actually address the real Alt-Right in their attacks on it. They prefer to go after the likes of Ethan van Sciver and Diversity & Comics and call relative moderates like them “Alt-Right” because they are so afraid of us that they don’t even dare to directly engage.

Dusty Good@DangerDusty
News flash for the Alt-Right comix trolls. The industry/hobby/craft doesn’t want or need you. You’re not welcome here. The cosplay girls won’t fuck you, the pros absolutely hate you, your fellow fans despise you. Go ahead and continue to circle jerk each other on KS.

Dusty Good@DangerDusty
Oh we raised $300,000 on KS! We’re legit! Nobody worth a shit cares. Even the KKK has financial backing … in fact I bet that’s the driving force behind the crowd funding!

Dusty Good@DangerDusty
Love making the Alt-Right trolls dance. They can’t help themselves; they’re idiots. They don’t realize that the more they respond, the more they retweet and tag, the bigger my reach grows. @EthanVanSciver and @DiversityAndCmx goons are the best PR free can buy!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Dusty Good@DangerDusty
Looks like Audio Henchmen is coming back full time. They may fire me from the site. But I still own the rights to my podcast and I’ve got a contract. Who wants to hear me melt a mic against the Alt-Right comic fans?

Dusty Good @DangerDusty
A podcast for all those folks in CYBERland feeling FROGgy and anyone who likes to hear me flap my JAWs about all you rule BREAKERS. BEWARE. The ALT-RIGHT need not apply. We plan on practicing freedom of speech to its fullest extent.

These sad little gamma males have absolutely no idea what is going to hit them soon. The bigger his reach grows? He has all of 440 followers on Twitter. And while I’m pleased that Cyberfrog and Jawbreakers have managed to replicate Alt★Hero’s crowdfunding success, and in doing so, prove that it was not a fluke, that is literally the first and smallest step that Arkhaven has taken in our combined arms offensive on the SJW-held territory of the comics industry.

We know the pros at Marvel and DC hate us. We don’t care. We don’t want the fat cosplay girls, we have real models. We know the SJW comics media won’t cover us. We don’t need the coverage. We know SJWs in the mainstream media will write hit pieces about us. We don’t talk to them. We know Disney and Warner Bros won’t work with us. We don’t want to work with them. We’re not here to join an SJW-infested industry that is dying by more than 10 percent every year, we’re here to replace it with something new, better, and more entertaining.

Two weeks ago I signed an agreement with a movie producer. We’ve since had a number of meetings with various organizations and I can state with some confidence that we will be skipping the whole “option” phase and go directly to making the movies and/or television shows ourselves in partnership with people who know what they are doing. Some of these scenarios involve crowdfunding and backer participation, others do not. We are also discussing the creation of a major new comics imprint with one or two partners and are in the process of completing Chuck Dixon’s Avalon #1, after which we will launch our comic store campaign with the assistance of the VFM and the Dark Legion.

There is more, of course, but that will do for now. And now, for the punchline. To absolutely no one’s surprise, it took all of one week for Brave Sir Dusty to bravely sacrifice his principles, take his nuts off the chopping block, and beg for his job back.

Dusty Good@DangerDusty
I’m better than this and bigger than this, so I apologise to @EthanVanSciver  and @DiversityAndCmx  for my childish and unprofessional comments and any shade that was thrown on @ComicCrusaders  because of my social media posts.

Dusty Good@Dusty Good
I have requested my previous position back with @ComicCrusaders and if accepted will make sure that an incident like this never happens again.

I told you it was inevitable

Haaretz is displeased by Israel’s Alt-Right government.

Trump’s Embassy Move Intensifies America’s Immoral Support for Israel’s Alt-right Government.

Opening the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem escalates decades of America coddling Israel’s occupation, unopposed by a quisling Palestinian leadership and world powers who barely whisper their condemnation.

Do you still doubt?

“Fueling the Alt Right”

Intellectual Dark Web member Dave Rubin fails to understand WHY the Alt-Right is inevitable:

NYC’s Hunter College has coursework in “the abolition of whiteness.” Stanford the “abolishing whiteness as a cultural identity.” Classes at Grinnell & UW-Madison confront “the problem of whiteness.” St. John’s College takes on the “depravity of whiteness”

Dave Rubin @RubinReport
Classes like these are fueling the Alt Right, not conversations with mathematicians like @EricRWeinstein, biologists like @BretWeinstein, neuroscientists like @SamHarrisOrg, believers like @benshapiro and non-believers like @michaelshermer…

It’s somewhat amusing to watch both the SJWs and the Official Fake Opposition staunchly failing Sun Tzu 101. They love to talk about the Alt Right, and yet they put all their effort into stubbornly refusing to even begin to understand what it is and why it is steadily growing in popularity, power, and influence around the world.

The truth is that both the SJW classes and the absurd falsities put forth by the Weinsteins, the Harrises, the Shapiros, and the Shermers of the world are fueling our growth. Because we speak the uncomfortable truths, the unspeakable truths, the impermissible truths and the undeniable truths about the many failures of the neo-liberal world order they are trying to defend.

Every single time they speak, they utter falsehoods. Sometimes knowingly, sometimes not. But they do so every single time. And we can prove it. Every single time.

Alt-Right is inevitable

You may recall that I predicted Europe’s strong shift to the Right, which is still in the very early stages.

Far-right views are now mainstream in Europe, is the stark warning coming from a leading historian.

Polish officials recently blamed Jewish people for their ‘own destruction’ while the Hungarian Prime Minster declared Europeans should not ‘mix’ with Africans. The Croatian president on a trip to Argentina came under fire from a Holocaust survivors charity for thanking the country for taking in ‘notorious’ pro-Nazi criminals.

Ton Junes, who works with the Human and Social Studies Foundation in Bulgaria, says the events all show a worrying trend for a rise in far-right views.

‘There is something broader going on in the region which has produced a patriotic, nativist, conservative discourse through which far-right ideas managed to become mainstream,’ the expert explained.

Ever since WWII, such views were taboo in Europe, confined to the far-right fringes. Today they are openly expressed by mainstream political leaders in parts of Central and Eastern Europe, part of a populist surge in the face of globalization and mass migration.

The media is still babbling about this political transformation as if it is a bad thing and preventable somehow. In truth, it is neither. In truth, it is the process by which Europe will save itself from the plans of those who are seeking to destroy the West by eliminating both Christianity and the European nations from the satanists who have hated the former and envied the latter for centuries.

No problem, Sam

Sam Harris never thinks anything through:

“Alt-right: You can’t keep blaming us for our ancestors crimes against other people
Also Alt-right: We are just as responsible for our ancestors accomplishments as they are

You can’t have it both ways.”

Absolutely. Stop blaming us for our ancestors’ crimes against other people. We are not responsible for our ancestors’ accomplishments, only for our own accomplishments and our own crimes.

Now will you stop? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Of Left and Right

At its core, the left-right divide all comes down to the most basic principles.

Left = Plato. Anti-Christian. Anti-family. Imperialist.
Right = Aristotle. Christian. Pro-family. Nationalist.

This heuristic will allow you to quickly and easily categorize any ideology correctly and cut your way through even the most determined fog of nebulous redefinitions attempting to ideologically mischaracterize a person, a party, or a movement.

Anyone who is against Christianity is necessarily against the West, also known as Christendom. Remember that the concept of ideology is, in itself, an intrinsically Western concept.

UPDATE: based on my personal observations, you could reasonably add a fifth element to the heuristic.

Left = Redefinitions, complications, explanations, interpretations, penumbras, emanations, and appeals to authority, credentials, and the sacred spirit of Science.
Right = Truth

Mailvox: 8 questions for the Alt-Right

Sargon of Akkad, a youtuber, recently made a video asking eight questions of the Alt-Right, and this caused me to wonder what you would consider the correct answers to be.

1: Are Jews Oppressing White people?

No. This is an exaggeration. Some elite Jews are suppressing non-Jews, for example, a very small number of Jews in elite university admissions offices are suppressing Asians and whites in the U.S. university system while aiding blacks, Hispanics, and other foreigners.

2. Should Interracial Couples be forced to separate?

No. People deserve to experience the consequences of their decisions and actions.

3. Should the government prevent citizens from leaving the country to preserve the race?

No. But it should not feel any responsibility to protect them, provide for them, or help them return when their hosts turn on them either.

4. Should the state control education?

No. It has done an abysmal job by every measure.

5. Should the state control the media?


6. Should the State control the economy?

No. But it should control which parties are permitted, and are not permitted, to participate in the national economy. And it should always act to ensure that the nation benefits at the expense of foreign parties when those parties wish to participate.

7. Do the decisions of individual white people matter to the alt right’s goals?

No. Not even a little bit.

8. Should women have a role in public life? (or should they be home makers?)

The question is a false dichotomy. Being a homemaker is the most important role a woman can have in public life. They should be rewarded, encouraged and celebrated for doing so.

Of course, all these questions are loaded and amount to little more than a feeble attempt to discredit and disqualify the Alt Right. More importantly, they are irrelevant. The tactics and the strategies are not the objective; how you get there does not matter if the most important thing is to get there. We presently live in a lotus-eating society of freeloaders, which is why our society is going to collapse. And it should come as no surprise that the lotus-eating freeloaders are indignant at the observation that they are going to have to stop eating lotuses and freeloading if they wish to continue eating at all.

This is what winning looks like

A readers sends an example of Generation Zyklon upsetting a guidance counselor. It appears to be an actual, first-hand account from an SJW school counselor and his terrifying encounters with the fed-up, disaffected and angry white kids who never got to experience the economic prosperity nor the ethnically homogeneous homelands that their Baby Boomer, and, to a lesser extent, Gen X predecessors enjoyed.

I work as a counselor at a school where there’s a lot of 4chan-esque right wing boys who are coming up. The previous generation a year or two ago wasn’t too bad, but this generation coming up now is much more right wing.

My question is, how the fuck do I deal with this shit? How am I supposed to honestly give council to a kid with a pepe shirt on. How do I talk to these kids who literally come to me and rant about affirmative action? 2 years ago these types barely existed and now they are everywhere, not only men but women too. They literally cannot control their right wing beliefs, they talk about it constantly, everywhere. They can’t have a discussion about fucking math without bringing up how women hate math and science and that is why they are unsuccessful. They can’t talk about english classes without talking about colleges are wiping away white authors because of cultural marxism. A kid came to me and ranted that his history classes ‘blamed white people too much’ for tragedies in the past and that made him uncomfortable.

I know my job is that people can come to me with whatever possible problems they want, no matter how controversial. But this is getting fucking out of hand. How do I do this?

I don’t expect you to do anything, Mr. Guidance Counselor. I expect you to continue to be irrelevant and outdated. But in the meantime, you might direct those promising young students to the 16 Points of the Alt Right, because the Alt-Right is an inevitable consequence of the 1965 Naturalization Act.

Still not tired.

The Fake Right exposed again

Even The Weekly Standard and The Nation have figured out that the Fake Right doesn’t actually have anything to do with genuine right-wing ideology:

Writer Donna Minkowitz describes a secret meeting organized by alt-right figure Richard Spencer that she crashed in mid-November at an organic winery in Maryland. Upon arrival, Minkowitz writes that she was surprised to find that the discussion centered not only on the usual brown-shirt Jew-hating you might expect from neo-Nazis, but also on what she says is a “new emphasis on economic issues” that she found “seductive.”

Why seductive? Because the white supremacists’ views on economic issues sound a lot like, well, like views espoused by the Nation and Democratic party progressives. In what could pass for Bernie Sanders campaign literature, she quotes Spencer saying “I support national health care” and railing against “the trillions spent in insane wars.” Minkowitz also quotes Spencer blasting the GOP tax plan as “stupid .  .  . Reaganite nostalgia” and supporting a universal basic income. Another speaker decried that everything is seemingly becoming “corporatized and capitalized.” Wait—is this a white supremacist conference or a New York Times editorial board meeting?

She quotes another speaker exclaiming that “2018 is going to be the year of leftists joining the white-nationalist movement!”

As I’ve pointed out before, “white nationalism” is not nationalism, it is actually anti-nationalist imperialism. And just like every other previous pan-ethnic attempt, from Hitler’s pan-Germanism to Nasser’s pan-Arabism and Henry Sylvester Williams’s pan-Africanism, Richard Spencer’s left-wing, imperial pan-Caucasianism will go absolutely nowhere and will continue to fail to appeal to nearly all white people.

Imperial pan-ethnicism is nothing new. Pan-Africanism has been around since 1900 and yet the various African nations and tribes remain entirely distinct. Pan-Arabism was a little more successful, as the United Arab Emirates is still around and the United Arab Republic of Iraq, Syria, and Egypt lasted three whole years from 1958 to 1961.

Nations persist for a reason. Multinational empires fall for the same reason. And the manifold evils of the European Union are just a few of the many reasons that imperial pan-ethnic empires always fail, usually sooner rather than later.

The Alt-Right is inevitable because the waves of history are now strongly trending towards nationalism. The Fake Right will be an empty shell within four years; the only reason it even survives now is because it is a useful bogeyman for the mainstream media in the mode of David Duke and the Westboro Baptist Church.

He’s getting there

Kurt Schlichter illustrates Point 12 of the 16 Points:

The liberal elite and their toadies screech, “If you don’t give us a critical Senate seat while we tread water on dealing with Dem icons like Al “Get Around To Resigning Someday Wink Wink” Franken and Bob “Brotherhood of the Traveling Pervs” Menendez, you totally support pedophiles!” Except we don’t support pedophiles – when’s the last time we gave one a primetime standing O? We just don’t think shaky claims from 40 years ago that include admitted fraud being pushed by our enemies morally mandates our ritual senatorial suicide.

The liberal elite and their toadies screech, “You’re racist because you don’t want to give away American citizenship to anyone who can manage to avoid being caught wading across the Rio Grande!” Except we love immigrants who respect our laws and come here legally and want to be Americans. We just don’t want to keep paying, in money and in blood, for uninvited freeloaders who want to turn our country into the same kind of Third World dump these illegals crawled out of.

The liberal elite and their toadies screech, “Because you NRA people won’t disarm, you have the blood of children on your hands!” every time some militant atheist, BLM jerk, or angry Obama fan goes on a killing spree at a gun free zone. Except we don’t have blood on our hands. We’re the ones who carry guns to protect people, or send off family members to do so – not a lot of cops or infantrymen come out of Beverly Hills and Georgetown. We just don’t think that we are morally obligated to make it easier for criminals to murder us in order to please a bunch of snooty libs who don’t like us having a last ditch veto over their goal of Venezuelaizing America.

Wokeness to elite lies is now central to who conservatives are, and the True Conservatives™ are furious that we’ve stopped caring. They hate that the primary principle of conservatism is no longer losing like well-behaved little wusses – that was their only real talent and if we don’t intend to lose anymore, we don’t need that crew of smarmy losers anymore. The 2016 primary was a battle between the Jeb!-loving “Oh noes, we needs to get the approval of the people who hate us” clique, and the “Oh, I got your approval right here” contingent that elected Donald Trump. That whole trying to please the people who will always hate us thing? That’s not a conservative thing anymore, except for a few suck-ups like Ben Sasse and other the tiresome members of Team Sanctimony.

They fuss, “We’re better than that!” and now we just laugh.

“Yeah, I think we’ll stop trying to please you and do what’s in our interests instead. Why the sad face? You mad, bro?”

Here’s the bottom line.








Kurt almost, but not quite, there Here is where he goes off the rails: we love immigrants who respect our laws and come here legally and want to be Americans. It’s the hapless old Dems are the Real Racists/It’s not the Immigration, it’s the Illegality routine.

Immigrants may want to be Americans born abroad, but they can’t be and they will never be. And more importantly, after having been invaded by four generations of 80 million+ immigrants who have literally degraded the culture, the society, the economy, and the average intelligence, Americans neither love nor want any more.