Secret Stalker Society

There are no coincidences, crazy or otherwise. As AC surmises, digital cameras are unearthing evidence that individuals are being targeted for relationships in advance of them actually meeting the other individual involved.

In videos shared on TikTok, social media users look through their old photos — only to discover that their future partners, best friends, and roommates can be spotted in the background of the images. Several TikTok clips show people unwittingly crossing paths with their present boyfriend or husband in an old photo.

TikToker Isa reveals how she posed for a casual photo before boarding a plane. Eighteen months later, she unearthed the photograph and realized that her now-boyfriend could be seen in the background of the image.

In another clip, creator Hefzi stumbled upon a live iPhone photo that she took at her freshman orientation. Against the backdrop, her future boyfriend-of-one-year and his family casually walk across the shot.

In another viral video, TikToker Debs uncovered a selfie she took on holiday in Italy years before in which her sister’s future husband can be seen in the background.

It would be very difficult to analyze the statistical probabilities here due to the number of variables involved – after all, there is a small, but real possibility that one would at some point be in the same physical location as another individual one subsequently meets prior to the initial meeting, but based on what we know about the professional stalkerstasi, it is highly unlikely that all of these recorded pre-meeting encounters are organic and occurred solely by chance.

Especially because these “coincidences” only included the encounters that were actually caught on camera. When one considers the very small percentage of one’s daily life that is filmed or photographed, the actual number of “coincidental encounters” that were not caught on camera would necessarily be orders of magnitude higher. AC believes the phenomenon is more widespread than we can possibly imagine.

I think we are going to find out, in many, many cases, there will be many, many people who spent their lives, their most intimate relationships, just being completely betrayed say in and day out, by somebody they never even had the faintest understanding of, even as they had kids, and built their lives together.


Unconfirmed Reports

But absolutely hysterical if true.

Very unconfirmed reports stating that the deputy head of the President of Ukraine, Kyrylo Timoshenko, fled to Israel, taking with him more than 600 million dollars. Take this with caution but could also be why Zelensky signed this restrictions on travel.

Now why would a Ukrainian government official go to Israel?

And I’m not a military expert or anything, but I tend to suspect that this sort of thing doesn’t bode well for the current state of the Ukrainian war effort.

UPDATE: In the meantime, these related reports are confirmed.

Multiple senior Ukrainian officials were relieved of their duties by the country’s government on Tuesday. The ongoing reshuffle was announced by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in his daily video address and affects officials “on different levels, in ministries and other bodies of central and provincial authority, and law enforcement.”

The government has dismissed deputy defense minister Vyacheslav Shapovalov, deputy social policy minister Vitaly Muzychenko, as well as two deputies of the minister of regional development, Vyacheslav Negoda and Ivan Lukerya.

Shapovalov isn’t just the deputy defense minister, he is in charge of logistics for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. If the Ukrats in charge are beginning to take the cheese and run, this tends to imply that they know the Russians are going to launch a large-scale offensive soon.

UPDATE: The reports of Timoshenko’s flight to Israel are now partially confirmed.

Kirill Timoshenko has resigned as deputy head of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s office, after the head of state pledged to shake up the government. The reshuffle, which the president announced in his daily video address on Tuesday morning, will affect officials “on different levels, in ministries and other bodies of central and provincial authority, and law enforcement.” Timoshenko is the most senior official whose removal from office has been confirmed so far.

UPDATE: The helicopter crash on January 18th is looking less and less like an accident.

The three main figures in Ukraine’s interior ministry have been killed in a helicopter crash beside a nursery in an eastern suburb of the capital Kyiv. Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky, 42, died alongside his first deputy minister and state secretary.

UPDATE: Speaking of unconfirmed reports, this one is potentially very big and may explain why the Ukrainian kleptocrats are fleeing the country.

“According to Russian sources, in the next few days, Putin will make an extremely important announcement. Moscow is expected to officially declare the start of a New Patriotic War.”


Schroedinger’s Cornerback

Consider how the “revelation of the method” deception works. It’s a very Gamma technique and it works most effectively on Gammas, Deltas, and women. To utilize it, you admit what you are doing, but you do so in a sarcastic or snarky manner that is intended to leave the audience with the impression that you are denying what you are literally admitting. It’s perceived denial by admission.

In the case of the NFL cornerback who may or may not be alive, there is an additional element of reductio ad absurdum. No one, literally no one, believes that Damar Hamlin has been replaced by a genetic clone of his that was prepared more than two decades ago just in case he died of an adverse reaction to a mandated genetic therapy in front of tens of millions of viewers. What skeptics actually think is that the unfortunate Mr. Hamlin either died or is in very poor health, and he is presently being portrayed in public by a stand-in who is two inches shorter and about 15 pounds lighter, based on a comparison of the video evidence with his measurements at the NFL Combine as well as the fact that “he” resolutely avoids showing his face on camera or in public.

Now, the skeptics may be wrong. Perhaps Damar Hamlin is every bit as alive and healthy as Tiffany Dover, the nurse who we have been assured totally didn’t die after being publicly vaccinated and collapsing unconscious on camera. And if Damar Hamlin shows up and plays for the Buffalo Bills next year, it will be obvious that he did not die on the field or in the hospital that was inexplicably surrounded by federal agents on the night he went into cardiac arrest.

On the other hand, if he tragically dies in a boating accident this offseason after assiduously avoiding the cameras until then, we’ll have a very different sort of confirmation.


/pol/ is Always Right

I don’t know if it would have made any difference whatsoever if someone had noticed this back in the autumn of 2019, assuming that it is accurately dated and is not something created sometime around January 2022, which is the earliest date it was archived. To be honest, I simply can’t imagine this sort of “conspiracy theory from 4chan” having convinced any of the individuals I urged not to get vaxxed to desist from doing so.

But it is evidence that the vaxx was always designed to harm people from the beginning. And it’s worth noting that the objective of the magnitude appears to have been limited, according to the source, which would imply that the vaxx could be just a precursor of a more deadly medical treatment that will be similarly pushed and propagandized.

Anonymous ID:FoT86R5e Thu 05 Sep 2019 00:45:17 No.225498529
9-10 million Americans will be killed during 2020 > 2021 in some kind of major event. Don’t ask me how I know this.

Anonymous ID:FoT86R5e Thu 05 Sep 2019 00:50:37 No.225499031
Do not accept any vaccines that will be released for a deadly virus in the winter of 2020.

Anonymous ID:hS1VZyKV Thu 05 Sep 2019 00:51:13 No.225499094
Where will the virus first appear?

Anonymous ID:FoT86R5e Thu 05 Sep 2019 00:54:45 No.225499413
It will originate from a pharmaceutical company working with military op’s in a west coast state. It will be accurately planted in major cities and It will cause flue like symptoms and may be deadly to elders and babies but the media will report it as deadly for everyone but it’s a hoax, the vaccine will be the real killer packed with copious amounts of toxic metals.

Anonymous ID:FoT86R5e Thu 05 Sep 2019 01:02:56 No.225500111
I do not know any details on the actual genetics of the virus sorry. But I know they have tested it multiple times already but in different “brand” names.

Alternatively, it could be that the source was not aware of the more insidious way in which the vaxx systematically degrades the human immune system over time, and was therefore unaware that the objective is at least an order of magnitude higher.

The one thing that is evident is that the number of people now dying is significantly greater post-vaxx than it was during the so-called pandemic.


Pedos on the Police Force

Someone call Jordan Peterson! The Metropolitan Police need him to explain how any suggestion that the authorities are engaged in systematic child abuse and sex trafficking are just baseless conspiracy theories indicative of psychological imbalances. Again.

An investigation into a suspected paedophile ring within London’s Metropolitan Police force has taken a dark turn, with one of the suspects found dead the day he was due to be charged.

Chief Inspector Richard Watkinson was supposed to present himself at a police station to be charged with conspiracy to distribute or show indecent images of children, making indecent photos of a child, misconduct in public office, and voyeurism the day he was found dead in his home, The Telegraph reports.

“Chief Inspector Watkinson was facing extremely serious and concerning charges, as the result of a painstaking and thorough police investigation,” explained Commander Jon Savell, described as “Head of Profession” at the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards.

“Before this matter came to light, we had no previous information about these allegations or to indicate the officer posed any risk to the public,” Commander Savell claimed.

“He had not faced any other criminal or conduct matters during his Met career. He had been suspended from duty since his arrest,” he said, adding: “Two other men were also arrested during the course of the investigation and have been charged, their matters will now progress through the courts.”

These men, a 63-year-old former Metropolitan Police firearms officer now based in Scotland, named as Jack Addis, and a 62-year-old former Metropolitan Police officer, named as Jeremy Laxton, are due to appear before Westminster Magistrates’ Court on February 9th, which will almost certainly refer their cases on to the Crown Court.

If you consider how many establishment, entertainment, and authority figures have been revealed to be pedos over the last four decades despite the entire weight of the government and judicial system in multiple countries being invoked to sweep it under the rug, the only rational conclusion is that every single rumor and conspiracy theory related to the subject is not only true, but is a conservative estimate.

And isn’t it remarkable how such a high percentage of individuals charged with pedo-related crimes manage to “commit suicide” or be “found dead” before they are forced to testify about their criminal connections?


A Portrait in Projection

The Kiev regime puppet is told to suggest Vladimir Putin is appearing in front of a green screen:

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky claimed that he was not certain if Vladimir Putin actually holds the office of president of Russia, or is even alive. The Kremlin dismissed the remark as an expression of Zelensky’s wishful thinking.

Russia and Putin are “a big problem” for Zelensky, so it’s natural that he “would prefer that neither Russia nor Putin existed,” Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman told journalists on Thursday.

He was reacting to a claim that Zelensky had made earlier in the day during his virtual appearance at the Ukrainian Breakfast, an event hosted on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

“I am not certain that the president of Russia, who makes occasional appearances on TV in front of a chroma key is actually [Putin],” the Ukrainian leader said, using the term for a background replacement technique colloquially known as ‘green screen.’

This amounts to a confession by Zelensky concerning his own virtual appearances. They always project their own actions onto others.


Deceiving the Deceivers

It may not be merely the people of the world who have been betrayed by their leaders. According to this conspiracy theorist, who claims to have had a conversation with a New Zealand elite globalist sixteen months ago, it will not be merely the commoners of Clown World who are sacrificed by the globalists en masse in order to bring about Babel 2.0, the sacrifice will include most of the leading Clown Worlders themselves.

I initially asked what they thought the ‘end game’ was for all this covid stuff. They asked me what I thought it was, with great interest, but I wasn’t close. They basically said this:

A plan was devised many years ago and for many years that is all it was, a plan. They had to wait many years for the technologies available to make the plan viable. And to recruit the appropriate individuals. This is definitely about a new global government being put in place. This new global government is already in place operating for years in complete secrecy, waiting on the sidelines, moving the chess pieces.

The new government required some of the top minds on the planet, almost all of them came on board of their own free will and with a full belief in the cause of a new world government. In their view, they are brute-force saving humanity at all costs. I was told those who refused were dealt with, but in most cases, they would bring the person to the wider group and through discussions, they were convinced and became committed to the cause. Most times, these ‘minds’ were applying for fake jobs and going through psych evals etc as a first step.

This plan is ongoing and the most complex global chain of events ever put into motion. The plan is essentially to turn every citizen of every country, violently against their own government. How they are doing this is pure genius and pure evil. To achieve this plan, my chance encounter asked how would I do it? How would you turn every citizen of every country against their own government? I really have no idea. So they laid out the basics for me:

  • There must be a global engineered ‘sickness’.
  • There must be mass fear, panic and paranoia.
  • Leaders, Scientists and Media must converge on consensus of a treatment.
  • That treatment would be essentially handed to them without them even realising it.
  • Initially, there can only be few ‘sanctioned’ treatments, all other treatments must be deemed ‘dangerous, unsafe and banned’.
  • Leaders, Scientists and Media are manipulated to believe this ‘treatment’ is the only option, the only way to keep you and your family safe. Leaders, Scientists and Media in a sense, give you their word that this treatment is safe and effective.
  • Children were also targeted to inflict maximum pain and anger when it goes bad. I found this part interesting. Our leaders, scientists and media are NOT complicit in this plan or actually part of this plan in any way. NONE of them, not even Fauci. They are mere fodder to these elites, serving a purpose then will be “discarded” or “fed to the angry”! They have been played.
  • The few outliers who question the ‘treatment’ are discredited in a variety of ways and censored. Sanctioned ’treatments’ are biologics/poison that takes 2-3 years to be fully realised.
  • mRNA was the advanced technology they were waiting for.
  • Public messaging ensures people beg for the ‘treatment’ and line up tor it.
  • We could say, the plan is well underway at this point and so far hugely successful. The mRNA uptake has been huge and the people all believe the ‘treatment’ is the only way back to normality.
    I was told it has exceeded their wildest expectations!

WHAT NEXT? This is where the final plan executes.

The tables turn on the vaccine narrative. I was told in time the vaccine will increase infection and increase death. That billions will die, and the people will be enraged and burn their governments to the ground. Their leaders, scientists and media will be torched, hunted and hung in the streets. BOTH sides will burn their governments to the ground. The pro-vax side, completely betrayed and dying will rage, the non-vax side will rage for what their gov allowed to happen.

Once the masses are free of government and all those who ‘betrayed’ them, and they have suffered enough, this is when the new global government will emerge as the great saviour. It will be an “easy sell” I am told.

Now, this would be vastly more convincing if it was dated to September 2019 rather than September 2021. It could be nothing more than a revenge fantasy written by a reasonably-well-informed vaccine skeptic. But regardless, the proposed scenario provides us with a coherent hypothesis that can be falsified, or not, as events proceed. And certainly, it is very credible in that it implements what we already understand as the High Horse policy, which concerns the way evil appears to take particular pleasure in turning on its servants and forcing them to harvest the very wicked fruits for which they originally sowed the seed.

That it sounds rather like late 1980s Christian apocalyptic fiction will make it more credible to some, and less credible to others. Regardless, it is apparent that we are already beginning to see the first signs of a backlash to the vaccines among the vaccinated.


“Private” Companies

The self-appointed defenders of capitalism very much want you to ignore the fact that every single corporation is a government creation. And as such, not only should they not enjoy the Constitutional protections of the rights possessed by individuals who are posterity of the Founders, they should be subject to the same limits that are imposed on the government.

The necessity of this reinterpretation of what is, and what is not, private, is demonstrated by the latest Twitter documents released by Elon Musk.

All social media platforms work with the US government to censor content, Twitter CEO Elon Musk claimed on Tuesday. Documents released by Musk following his purchase of Twitter showed that the platform colluded with the FBI, CIA, Pentagon and other government agencies to suppress information on elections, Ukraine, and Covid-19.

Every social media company is engaged in heavy censorship, with significant involvement of and, at times, explicit direction of the government,” Musk tweeted, adding that “Google frequently makes links disappear, for example.”

Musk was referring to internal Twitter communications published by journalist Matt Taibbi with his approval, which suggested that the platform’s senior executives held regular meetings with members of the FBI and CIA, during which the agencies gave them lists of “hundreds of problem accounts” to suspend in the run-up to the 2020 election.

In addition to Twitter, the government was in contact “with virtually every major tech firm,” Taibbi claimed. “These included Facebook, Microsoft, Verizon, Reddit, even Pinterest.” CIA agents “nearly always” sat in on meetings of these firms with the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force, Taibbi claimed, explaining that although this task force was convened to fight alleged election interference by foreign states, it made “mountains of domestic moderation requests.”

This is a massive series of constitutional and criminal violations. If, as we expect, it goes entirely unpunished, it will serve as further confirmation of the complete illegitimacy of the current U.S. regime.