The Unaccountable Executive

The buck stops with her, but she refuses to take responsibility for her failures.

During a portion of an interview with ABC News that was aired on Monday’s broadcast of “World News Tonight,” Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle stated that the assassination attempt on 2024 Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump “should have never happened” and “The buck stops with me,” but she does plan to stay in her position.

Cheatle said, “This is an event that should have never happened.”

ABC News Chief Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas then asked, “Who is most responsible for this happening?”

Cheatle responded, “What I would say is, the Secret Service is responsible for the protection of the former President.”

Thomas followed up, “So, the buck stops with you?”

Cheatle answered, “The buck stops with me, I am the Director of the Secret Service. It was unacceptable, and it’s something that shouldn’t happen again.”

Thomas then said, “The president and homeland security secretary said today they had 100% confidence in you, but there are some members of Congress calling on you to resign.”

Cheatle responded, “I appreciate the secretary’s comments, and we’re going to continue to be transparent and communicate with people.”

Thomas then asked, “Do you plan to stay on, absolutely?”

Cheatle answered, “I do plan to stay on.”

What’s fascinating to me is the way men know how women are highly reluctant to take responsibility for anything in their personal lives, and yet usually somehow fail to anticipate that women will tend to exhibit precisely the same behavior in their professional lives. That’s the reason for all those meetings, after all, to occlude and spread out the perceived responsibility for any corporate decision, no matter how trivial.

If we all agree it’s a good idea, then no one needs to be held accountable when it fails.

Even if the attempted assassination wasn’t a green flag – and at a minimum, it was a green flag – there is no way that Director Cheatle was ever going to resign her office despite her agency’s egregious and comprehensive failure. Unfortunately, the feminization of the boardroom is such that men no longer expect to be accountable for their executive failures either.

The buck never stops with anyone anymore.


26 Minutes

That’s how long the police and the Secret Service had to find the gunman after a police officer reported “a suspicious man on a roof near the rally”:

“Channel 11’s Nicole Ford confirmed that Beaver County’s ESU team had eight members at the rally, including snipers and spotters. According to Ford’s sources, one of them noticed a suspicious man on a roof near the rally at 5:45 p.m., called it in and took a picture of the person,” states the report.

The station later confirmed the image to be that of the would-be assassin.

Another law enforcement officer saw Crooks on the ground and called in the report with a picture prior to 5:45pm, according to the report.

The grounds were checked for the suspect but he could not be found.

Around 26 minutes after the second picture was taken, Crooks fired at Trump from the roof of the American Glass Research building.

They certainly weren’t looking very hard, were they…

UPDATE: Wait, what? The calls are coming from inside the house!

A local police counter-sniper team was stationed inside the building where attempted assassin Thomas Crooks climbed on the roof and fired on Donald Trump, law enforcement sources told The Post. The building — the AGR International Inc. factory in Butler, Pennsylvania — was being used by local police as a “watch post” for snipers to scan for threats as the former president spoke onstage only 130 yards away, according to sources. Cops were inside, but not on the roof during the shooting, sources said.


Aware of the Risks

The Secret Service had identified the rooftop from which the would-be assassin fired as “a potential vulnerability” before the event.

The rooftop where a gunman shot at former President Donald Trump during a campaign rally was identified by the Secret Service as a potential vulnerability in the days before the event, two sources familiar with the agency’s operations told NBC News. The building, owned by a glass research company, is adjacent to the Butler Farm Show, an outdoor venue in Butler, Pennsylvania. The Secret Service was aware of the risks associated with it, the sources said.

“Someone should have been on the roof or securing the building so no one could get on the roof,” said one of the sources, a former senior Secret Service agent who was familiar with the planning. Understanding how the gunman got onto the roof — despite those concerns — is a central question for investigators scrutinizing how a lone attacker managed to shoot at Trump during Saturday’s campaign event.

The Secret Service worked with local law enforcement to maintain event security, including sniper teams poised on rooftops to identify and eliminate threats, Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. But no officers were posted on the building used by the would-be assassin, outside the event’s security perimeter but only about 148 yards from the stage — within range of a semiautomatic rifle like the one the gunman was carrying.

The Secret Service had designated that rooftop as being under the jurisdiction of local law enforcement, a common practice in securing outdoor rallies, Guglielmi said. Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger said his office maintains an Emergency Services Unit team, which deployed four sniper teams and four “quick response teams” at the rally. But he said the Secret Service agents were in charge of security outside the venue.

“They had meetings in the week prior. The Secret Service ran the show. They were the ones who designated who did what,” Goldinger said. “In the command hierarchy, they were top, they were No. 1.”

Goldinger said the commander of the Emergency Services Unit told him it was not responsible for securing areas outside the venue.

Question: if the Secret Service was not responsible for securing areas outside the venue, then why didn’t the police sniper fire sooner, as soon as he saw the would-be assassin on the rooftop that was a known vulnerability for which the police were responsible? Why would he require, or wait for, any permission from the Secret Service to take the shot?


Green Flag Confirmed

Netanyahu and the Israeli government knew all about the planned Hamas attacks, but permitted them to take place without warning the Israeli public or permitting the IDF to stop them:

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) warned in mid-September that Hamas was planning to invade the country and capture more than 200 hostages, Israel’s Kan broadcaster reported on Monday.

Three weeks before Hamas fighters attacked Israel on October 7, the IDF’s intelligence directorate compiled a report stating that the Palestinian militants were training for a large-scale invasion of the Jewish state, Kan has claimed, citing anonymous security sources. The document allegedly warned that dozens of Hamas commandos would take part in the raid, which would be aimed at bringing between 200 and 250 hostages back to Gaza.

Several thousand Hamas fighters carried out the actual October 7 assault, killing around 1,200 people and taking roughly 250 hostages back to Gaza.

According to Kan’s sources, Hamas members had been spotted practicing attacks on mock IDF outposts, rehearsing how to capture military and civilian hostages, and training how to handle the captives once they were detained in Gaza. The document reportedly made its way to senior officials in the IDF’s Gaza Division, but was “completely ignored,” Kan stated.

Kan is not the first source to claim that Israel was forewarned about the October 7 attack. Within days of the assault, Egyptian intelligence officials said that they had repeatedly warned the Israeli government that Hamas was planning “something big” in the days leading up to October 7, but that these warnings were ignored in West Jerusalem.

As to why Netanyahu allowed the attacks to take place, we can only speculate. But Occam’s Razor strongly suggests that the Hamas attacks were permitted in order to give the Israeli government an excuse to whip up support for ethnically cleansing Gaza of the resident Palestinians.

Which raises some fascinating historical questions. After all, if the Israeli government was willing to sacrifice thousands of lives in exchange for Gaza, how many lives were the Zionists of the 1930s and 1940s willing to sacrifice in order to be granted a claim to Palestine?


She Pines for the Fjords

I think it’s perfectly obvious that Princess Kate isn’t deceased, and hasn’t either succumbed to Suddenly or been sacrificed to Satan in a desperate ritual to help Clown World hold onto its power. Clearly, the poor princess is merely pining for the fjords.

The Princess of Wales will probably “not appear in public for the rest of the year,” and is being “surrounded” by her birth family as she continues a course of preventive chemotherapy having been diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, royal sources and friends of Kate Middleton and Prince William have told The Daily Beast.

After all, it’s already May. Who would reasonably expect a woman who has hitherto been exceptionally hard-working and appeared at hundreds of public events, up to and including the birth of her children, to show her face in public over an eight-month period when she isn’t a public figure at all, being only a senior British Royal. Besides, you can’t tell me that such a realistic and life-like official painting could have been painted if the princess hadn’t been alive, well, and sitting for the artist.

And, of course, it would be totally absurd to suggest that her blood might have been used in the painting of that beautiful work of art commemorating the reign of King Charles III.


There’s More Than One Way

You already know not to take any tickets offered. But also, apparently, don’t put on the medallion:

And note, that was before his recent arrest on drug and gun charges. Your weaknesses will be exploited, which is why I am always on my guard against slender, pretty, blonde Norwegian women who are inexplicably interested in economics, epic fantasy, and the intrinsic flaws in the theory of evolution by natural selection.

Obviously, Nick isn’t a Douglas Adams reader. It’s a hot potato… don’t pick it up!


Nothing They Can Do

It’s such a shame that no one can do anything about Sean Combs beating the hell out of a young woman, despite the fact that there is clear video evidence of the assault.

LA District Attorney George Gascón says he is not able to prosecute Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs over the 2016 assault on Cassie Ventura caught on video because it happened too long ago. The Los Angeles district attorney’s office has announced that they cannot prosecute Sean “Diddy” Combs over a video showing him assaulting Cassie Ventura at a California hotel.

“The conduct would have occurred beyond the timeline where a crime of assault can be prosecuted,” implicating the statute of limitations in an Instagram post on Friday. California’s statute of limitations is one year for simple assault and three years for felony assault.

The footage, initially obtained by CNN, depicts the rapper in March 2016 grabbing Ventura, his then-girlfriend, by the neck, throwing her to the floor, and kicking her multiple times.

And yet, for some reason, he’s not being deplatformed, demonetized, or subjected to media hit pieces, and none of the corporations with which he works are refusing to work with him. Immunity to criminal prosecution is just one of the benefits of taking the ticket… until the Black Rider decides you’re no longer of sufficient use to him, of course.

I suspect the release of the video is a warning that Mr. Combs’s time is running out.

And in case you ever asked that very stupid question: “why doesn’t someone call the police?” this should answer your question. Because neither the police nor the justice system are allowed to touch the ticket-takers without permission.

UPDATE: No worries, justice is served, and we are assured that Mr. Combs is better now. In fact, we are even told that after going to rehab, he “continues to seek both therapy and spiritual work.”


Unlocking Antarctica

Somehow, I doubt the coming conflict over Antarctica is actually about the oil that was supposedly just discovered there.

Deep beneath the harsh wasteland of the Antarctic shelf lies a prize hundreds of millions of years in the making. For more than 150 years, wars have been fought for access to oil, the thick, black ooze that the world has come to rely on. Despite the growth of renewable energy in recent years, almost all of the world’s energy, 84% as of 2020, runs on fossil fuels, including oil and gas.

And with the Russian discovery of an estimated 511billion barrels of oil and gas in the Antarctic, the race for Black Gold is on once again, as nations across the world claiming they alone own the land above the fossil fuel reserve, even though a historic treaty prevents anyone from accessing it.

But experts have warned that Russia and China should not be trusted and that the West ought to make preparations to prevent them from getting their hands on it. Russia’s discovery underneath the Antarctic is already starting to spook the West, with the issue being brought up at a Select Committee this week.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that there is something important being concealed from the world down in Antarctica, though whether it is aliens, secret Nazi space bases, or the ice wall around the edge of the Flat Earth, I wouldn’t even begin to hazard an opinion. But whatever it is, it’s big enough that the Narrative needed to suddenly announce the existence of a massive oil discovery in order to explain the incipient conflict over it.

World War III is certainly turning out to be considerably more intriguing than I’d ever imagined.


Hey, New Friend!

The Euro-American surveillance state is why it’s a good idea to keep all your would-be new best buddies out of your life:

I almost walk straight into this guy, short, about my age, standing directly outside my door. he has heavy American accent, he explains he is on the way to nearby tax adviser and comes up with pretence to speak to me, we talk about America, and then suddenly we have all of these common interests: fitness running etc. can he have my phone number, maybe he and his girlfriend can go hiking with me and my girlfriend.

So like idiot, I give him number, don’t think much about it. In retrospect the whole incident reminds of a few press stories I’ve read about how the SEK confirm addresses before raiding houses: casual encounters, often they claim they have the wrong address, etc.

I’m non-committal about the hiking double date idea, and for a week nothing. then he keeps ‘randomly’ running into me, also in weird places. It is small village, I have never seen him before and suddenly he’s everywhere. At the bank where I’m withdrawing money, he’s there, at the local recycling centre where I’m throwing away papers, he’s there. He texts me but I ignore. After the like third encounter where I maintain polite but non-committal attitude he disappears and I never see him or his weird van ever again.

When you run into these surveillance agents, always take their picture. Their reaction will reliably confirm your suspicions. And then post the pictures on Twitter or whatever; manpower is finite and one individual is probably being used to stalk dozens of individuals over the course of a year. The fact that they’re using Americans to spy on Germans in Germany tends to indicate that Clown World has fewer operatives than they would like us to believe.

This is one of the many reasons that I have absolutely zero desire for any new friends. Although I have to admit, it would be amusing to see some rando popping up around town attempting to claim that he shares my interests.

“I, too, enjoy sitting alone in the dark listening to Brahms while calculating maximal fixation rates! Give me your phone number and perhaps we can get together and go hiking!”