Ever notice how all of these sketchballs in various fields appear to be tied together in a variety of ways that you would never, ever, imagine?

Hunter Biden co-owned a firm that was partnering with Kobe Bryant “on a series of academies in China.”

Whether it’s Epstein and Gates, or Podesta and Alefantis, or Zelensky and Stiller, the creepiest people in unrelated fields always seem to find a way to get connected to each other.


Color Revolution in China

The Prometheans are reportedly making a desperate play to bring China back under their control.

The reports coming out of Beijing could rock the world. Global media has no idea what is going on with Xi Jinping at his home. Honestly, at this point those who want the tyrant to remain in power should forget about his third term; it appears that CCP veterans have already crushed his lust for power.

Chinese netizens have stormed Social Media timelines with reports that Beijing is under military seizure. The world, though, has no idea of what’s happening because the city is eventually cut off from the world.

According to News Highland Vision, former Chinese President, Hu Jintao and former Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao had persuaded Song Ping, the former member of the Standing Committee and retaken control of the Central Guard Bureau (CGB).

For those who don’t know, the purpose of CGB is to provide close personnel protection to members of the Politburo Standing Committee and other CCP leaders. The committee is also responsible for the protection of Xi Jinping.

As Hu and Wen retook control of CGB, information was conveyed to Jiang Zeng and the Central Committee members in Beijing via telephone. The original standing committee members abolished Xi’s military authority at that very moment.

Xi returned to Beijing on the evening of 16th September after learning the truth. However, Xi Jinping was detained at the airport and most probably is currently being held under house arrest in Zhongnanhai’s house.

Hu Jintao is the neo-liberal world order’s puppet in China. He was supposed to prepare the transition of the seat of the Empire That Never Ended from Washington DC to Beijing, hence all of those “ghost cities” being constructed. However, the unexpected rise of Xi Jinping and his subsequent anti-corruption campaign put an end to those plans.

The globalist Empire is now in desperate straits due to the success of the Sino-Russian alliance, which is why Ukraine was used to provoke Russia into war with NATO. However, NATO cannot defeat Russia and will inevitably lose any war against both Russia and China. Hence this reported attempt to bring China back under imperial control, or at least render it neutral in the NATO-Russian war.

As with the US-backed anti-Erdogan coup in 2016, I wouldn’t take these early reports of Xi being overthrown and being held under house arrest too seriously. We’ll have to wait and see what is actually happening over there, although we were promised a big event on 9/24/22, so perhaps this is it.

For the record, none of my connections in China believe it is real. My own opinion is best described as “deeply skeptical”.

UPDATE: The primary propagator of the #China coup rumor is now saying that the rumor is not true. She has also said that 3 senior anti-Xi officials were sentenced to death. However, only the sentence for Former Vice Public Security Minister Sun Lijun, 53, has been confirmed, in this case by Bloomberg, and the death sentence was suspended in favor of life imprisonment with no possibility of parole.


Yes, They ARE Trying to Kill You

Karl Denninger doesn’t believe that the satanic global depopulationists actually want to kill anyone.

No, They’re Not Trying To Kill You

The common chestnut among those with a bit too much Reynolds wrapped around their head:

This is part of a depopulation move to kill you all.

IMHO, nope.

Why? Because while those who think they’re your “betters” are indeed desirous of you all getting “out of their way”, such as not being on Martha’s Vineyard if you’re brown and from Venezuela, unless of course you’re already a servant (Want to see this in prime action? Visit Jackson Hole, MV, or any of these other places); if you are suddenly there and “in their face” they want those folks as actual people who expect to be treated on an equal footing about as much as a plantation owner wanted the black folks in his house sleeping in his bed (other than when providing sexual pleasure “on demand”, of course.)

But even so all these people do fully understand that without plenty of roughnecks and “lessers” in the form of something as simple as a car mechanic they’re fucked. Their jet is useless without fuel in size and to get it to their airport it first must be drilled for, extracted, refined and then transported and none of these people will dirty their hands to do any of that. Never mind that effectively zero of them could replace a wheel bearing on their nice expensive car if it required it; without said replacement when it needs to be done the vehicle is a 2-ton brick.

Karl is a genuine American hero. His courageous work on the vaccine front saved many lives and families. He always tells the truth as best he sees it, and I regard his blog as one of the very few must-reads on the Internet.

He is a smart, observant, and rational man. But he is not, to the best of my knowledge, a religious man.

Which, I think, makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for him to connect the events that he analyzes so well today with the pattern of historic manifestations of the same evil that is ascendant today. Because the wicked elite are not rational, their motivations are difficult to comprehend, and their inspirations are inhuman.

But the one thing we do know about them is that they celebrate death and seek to create more of it everywhere they go and in everything they do.

So, yes, with all due respect, they are trying to kill you.


Serbia Calls Out NATO’s Double Standard

It’s fascinating to see the same countries that bombed Serbia in its attempt to maintain its territorial integrity now claiming “territorial integrity” is the reason four pro-Russian provinces can’t be permitted democratic self-determination or to leave Ukraine:

Western countries have failed to explain why they have different points of view on Ukraine and Serbia’s territorial integrity, given that they support Kiev in its fight against Russia, but endorsed Kosovo’s independence, President Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday.

In an address to the UN General Assembly in New York, the Serbian leader stated that his state respects the territorial integrity of all countries, including Ukraine, and that many describe the hostilities between Moscow and Kiev as “the first conflict on European soil since WWII.” He said, however, that the truth about the violation of Serbia’s territorial integrity “is constantly unspoken.”

“We ask for a clear answer to the question I’ve been asking… for years – what is the difference between the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia, which was grossly violated,” Vucic said, referring to the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

According to Vucic, Serbia “has never [set] foot” on anybody’s territory, but this “did not prevent the 19 richest NATO countries from attacking a sovereign country without a decision by the UN Security Council.”

He also said that while NATO pledged to respect the full territorial integrity of Serbia, it did not stop many Western countries from unilaterally recognizing the breakaway province of Kosovo in 2008. NATO occupied Kosovo in 1999, after a 78-day bombing campaign against what was then Yugoslavia. The province declared independence in 2008 with Western support. While the US and most of its allies have recognized it, many other countries, including Russia and China, have not.

NATO are not the good guys here. To the contrary, they are, and have been, the evil imperialists since 1990. The so-called “New World Order” that Bush the Elder announced on September 11, 1990, is the very Empire of Lies that Russia, China, and most of the rest of the world is now fighting.

Hence the demonic inversion that we witness on an almost daily basis these days. But it was there from the beginning.

Ours is a generation to finally see the emergence of promising, exciting new world order which we’ve sought for generations. And we are witness to the first demonstration of this new partnership for peace: a united world response to Iraq’s aggressive ambition.

George Bush, September 19, 1990

And now we know precisely whom had been seeking that “promising, exciting new world order” for generations, and what their real objectives are.


Remember, Hope is a Virtue

While there is an alliance to save the world from the global satanists of the Were-West, I am, personally, more than a little dubious about this particular description of it. But there are most certainly anomalies extant that tend to weaken the mainstream perspective.

“When Donald Trump publicly left office for the optics, that was the signal for the real global take-down operations to begin. None of what has occurred since 2021 January could have occurred with Trump in office. We would have certainly been plunged into a civil war by this point. I think Roe vs Wade would have been all that would have been needed.

“The reason that we had to have a ‘Deep State’ plant in office is because we needed the optics, because we are going to have to right this boat, eventually. Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America today and he has been since January 20th, 2017. Donald Trump began his second term sometime between November the 7th and November the 14th, 2020.

“Donald Trump has never left but he had to leave publicly to allow this operation to occur. He’s going to have to come back publicly to salvage things after we’ve awakened people and accomplished all of the goals we needed to accomplish before we take the conflict overt.

“Joe Biden, by the way is not – I said earlier he’s a Deep State plant. Joe Biden’s job is to Judas-Goat all of the Deep State plants in the US Government and bureaucratic agencies. Joe Biden’s job is to help them think that they’ve won, basically.

“Joe Biden died March 31st 2019. The actor currently playing Joe Biden was installed by the White Hat Q Clearance Alliance in 2020, in such a way that the optics carried forth of the Presidency being stolen from the People of the United States, which is what had to happen. Joe Biden’s job, along with many other plants is to reveal the actors around them and help uproot them. I would say that he’s done a good job so far…

“Folks, I know that a lot of people have said that the war is won – and the war is won, in a sense. But right now, we are going through the mop-up phase and the mop-up phase is a dreadfully tough one, because that’s when they pull out all their dirty tricks. When you’ve cornered an animal, it fights the hardest. When you’ve cornered an animal that has nothing to lose, that’s where they’re at. They’re a cornered animal.

“The heads of the snakes were cut off early on; the Phoenician Families; some of them made deals, stayed alive a little bit longer than the others; some were executed immediately. The command structure has been neutered but the structure, itself has remained intact and we’re allowing that structure to crumble, so we can expose it and that is what we’re going through right now. That’s what we’re living through right now.

We know something is going on beneath the surface, but we really don’t know who and we also don’t know why. As an intellectual exercise, shake off your disappointment at Trump failing to cross the Rubicon and permitting the fraudulent 2020 election to stand, and consider what we know to be facts:

  • The high weirdness in Washington DC with the National Guard after the election.
  • The speed of the collapse of the neo-liberal world order.
  • The relative quiet in the Middle East.
  • The unexpected Supreme Court victories.
  • The strangeness surrounding the details of the Biden inauguration.
  • The Biden body doubles and general weirdness of the Biden hires.
  • The fake quasi-Nazi backdrop of Biden’s recent speech.
  • The disappearance from the public eye of many major figures in banking and in tech.
  • The recent deaths of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. (Yes, I know they’re old.)
  • The Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  • The excessive reaction of the neocons and the Western governments to what essentially amounts to a minor border dispute in Ukraine.
  • The growing intensity surrounding the Taiwan situation.
  • Trump’s endorsement of, and enthusiasm for, the vaxx.

Put together, none of these things prove anything, but they do tend to weaken the conventional narrative. The one thing that sticks out more than anything to me and puzzles me is the vaxx. So, here is a very random and most likely controversial thought – what if the vaxx was utilized to permit the hot shots to target the people of the machine embedded in the population?

That might explain why there were more hot shot lots distributed in Republican states than in Democratic states.

In any event, we’ll know this particular hopium is nonsense if Donald Trump is not arrested and China does not invade Taiwan before the end of March 2023.


Contemplating the Mandela Effect

The Tree of Woe focuses his formidable intellect on the subject of false memories and divergent universes:

According to internet conspiracy theorists, however, the Mandela Effect is not just a real phenomenon — it’s a weapon. These theorists claim that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN is used to manipulate our reality, causing changes in our universe each time it runs. This claim is widely popular on 4Chang’s /x/ and /pol/ boards, but it has also shown up on a number of other sites.

What these conspiracy mavens have failed to offer, however, is a mechanism by which the Large Hadron Collider could possibly change reality. On its face, it sounds absurd. How could a big particle collider change the universe?

CERN releases 300TB of Large Hadron Collider data to the public – KLGadgetGuy
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Let’s Get Colliding Largely
Theorists have nowadays accepted the possibility that energy emissions from Large Hadron Collider at CERN could generate quantum micro-black holes (see Alberghi, Casadio, and Tronconi 2007).

It is possible that these micro-black holes would emit tachyons (see Srivastava 1983).

As tachyons are faster-than-light particles, their worldlines are spacelike rather than timelike. If one assumes that tachyons have an invariant direction of travel, it follows that in certain frames of reference, tachyons travel backwards in time (see Arntzenius 1990).

Therefore, during its operational run in December 2012, LHC might have generated unobserved micro-black holes from which tachyons escaped and traveled backward into the past.

As these tachyons decayed, they could release energy which could interact with other particles in past. Such interactions, though microscopic, could cause “butterfly effects” (see Lorenz 1963) that materialized as retrocausal macroscopic changes in those worldlines associated with the interactions.

Voila. Each time the LHC runs, it changes the worldline. Reality shifts.

Well, Why Hasn’t the Universe Gotten Destroyed?
The possibility that the LHC might change reality every time it runs raises the question of why it hasn’t changed reality destructively. Why hasn’t the universe been blown up?

The answer to this is, of course, “Look around! Maybe you haven’t been paying attention to current events, but we’re getting our asses kicked, pal.”

I jest. The real answer is that changes to the worldline are limited by the Echverria, Klinkhammer, and Thorne (EKT) Effect. The EKT Effect proves that retrocausation cannot lead to paradoxes. Any self-contradictory event sequence will be replaced in reality by a closely related but noncontradictory sequence (see Dobyns 2011).

Therefore, the LHC cannot bring about changes which would result in the LHC not being built. Since the LHC is an incredibly large, expensive, and difficult-to-maintain piece of scientific hardware, worldlines in which WWIII destroyed Europe, or an EMP flare destroyed all electronics on Earth, and so on, are impossible. Subject to that constraint, worldlines could shift in a number of ways.

But Why Do We Remember the Changes?
Demonstrating that there is a theoretical mechanism by which the LHC might change reality does not yet explain the Mandela Effect. After all, the point of the Mandela Effect isn’t that the universe used to be different; it’s that we remember the universe being different.

If the Mandela Effect is real, I very much doubt it is the Large Hadron Collider or scientists that are responsible. I would assume a more supernatural force and a more sinister purpose are behind it, as an escalation of the way in which Christians are already being deceived, misled, and gaslight by perfectly natural means.

Jesus was not a refugee. Racism is not the unforgivable sin. Our ethics and traditions are not Judeochristian. If all of these false beliefs can be instilled by conventional means, how much more dangerous are those that could be installed by unconventional, seemingly-impossible methods?

And while I am skeptical myself, I remind you, one of the first objectives of the con man is to convince the mark that he cannot be deceived.


The TWA 800 Coverup

This “conspiracy theory” has been so obvious for so long that it won’t surprise anyone to learn that US Navy personnel who were on the scene have confirmed that the US Navy shot down the passenger plane:

On the evening of July 17, 1996, as Teele relates, the Carr was trying out new AN/SPY-1 Alpha radar as well as new AN/SPS 49 radar. For this simulated air attack, the target was to be a drone pulled by a military aircraft using a thousand-or-so foot chain. Teele was among the personnel monitoring this activity from within the ship’s combat information center (CIC).

In its November 1997 summary the FBI acknowledged that three submarines — the USS Normandy, the USS Trepang, and the USS Albuquerque — were in the “immediate vicinity of the crash site.” So too, said the FBI, were an Aegis cruiser, and a US Navy P-3 Orion. The P-3, in fact, just happened to be flying about seven thousand feet above TWA 800 when the plane was blown out of the sky.

Teele puts the USS Carr in this group as well. Although he has not said so publicly, Teele strongly believes that the USS Leyte Gulf, another Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser, was involved. With Teele confirming there was a drone in the mix, the U.S. Navy had all the “combatants” needed for a Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) missile test.

In 1996, the Navy was in the process of introducing this enormously complex system. The CEC was created to integrate the information coming from each of the combatant’s sensors — range, bearing, elevation, Doppler updates etc. — and feed the integrated picture back to the individual combatants. In the CEC live-fire tests, which began as early as 1994 in Puerto Rico, drones played the role of “unknown assumed enemy.” The P-3’s role was to relay data among the various units involved. In this way, as Teele explains, one ship could track the assumed enemy, and another ship could fire.

Teele describes the assumed enemy as a “low, slow flier flying toward us.” The tragedy that followed would likely have been averted had not air traffic control held the Paris-bound TWA 800 at 13,700 feet to allow US Air 217 heading north to pass safely overhead. “I believe we jumped the gun,” said Teele. “We had a track on a contact that came out that fit the profile that we were given.” TWA 800 became the “assumed enemy.” Says Teele, “It matched the drill.”

Two missiles were fired. Over his headset, Teele heard the announcement, “Birds away.” A few minutes later, he heard “Splash,” meaning the missiles had hit the target. Soon after that, he heard someone say, “Wo, wo, wo.” And another person added, “Wait a minute. We hit an Airbus.”

In fact, eight years earlier, at the tail end of the Iran-Iraq War, an Aegis cruiser, the USS Vincennes, fired two Standard Missiles at a commercial Iranian Airbus, IR 655. IR 655 had reached 13,500 feet, a final altitude almost identical to TWA 800’s. Capt. Will Rogers III gave the order to fire. Rogers and his crew had mistaken the ascending passenger jet with 290 people on board for a descending Iranian F-14, a fighter plane. Stuff happens.

The stuff that happened on the night of July 17, 1996 outraged Teele’s CO, Captain Wray. “These have got to be the dumbest idiots I’ve ever seen in my life,” Teele remembers Wray as saying. “How do you accidentally fire a missile? You don’t know the color of missiles? One is blue. One is white. Blue mean training. White means live. You’ve got to be stupid to put a white on the rail.” Although his memory as to which ship was responsible is admittedly uncertain, Teele believes it was the Leyte Gulf.

Despite the long-established mandate that neighboring ships rush to the scene of an accident, the Carr turned tail and headed out to sea “at top speed.” Teele’s leading petty officer made it so clear that he was to say nothing of what he saw or heard. He then issued the order, “Pull the RD390 tapes, close all positional log books, including the bridges, tape them and leave them on the DRT table!”

The documents were then taken to a place called the “shred room” where they were destroyed using salt water and a shredder. “We ran to Bermuda where we were not allowed to leave the ship, no phone calls, emails secured, and nothing was to be discussed!” says Teele. “Everyone that was involved was told in CIC, ‘This didn’t happen!’” As far as the major media are concerned, it never did.

Of course, given what we now know about government-related incidents, the more serious question isn’t whether the US Navy shot down TWA 800 or not, but whether the firing of the live missile at the airliner was intentional or accidental.

In the post-vaxx era, argumentum ad incredulitatem is no longer viable. Because now we all know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that U.S. government employees are absolutely capable of doing something like that.


Depopulation Vectors

A Midwestern doctor explains that the Covid vaxxes are far from the first global depopulationist assault on human fertility by the pharma-medical complex, they are merely the most effective:

We are all the prey now.

As there is no good way to go about population control, a lot of very messy approaches have been tried. In the last article I attempted to highlight some of the horrific examples from the past, in order to show there is a clear case precedent for this being implemented on a large scale.

Given that vaccines are unconditionally trusted by most people and are very easy to administer, if a vaccination could produce sterilization or at least reduce fertility from a single injection, it would provide a technological solution to a dilemma the ruling class has faced for over a century. The only possible superior alternative I can think of would be a highly contagious respiratory virus (or “self-spreading vaccine”) that impaired future fertility without otherwise causing too much damage (and to some extent has been observed in men after COVID-19).

As a result, methods of making fertility-impairing vaccines have been repeatedly researched. Each of the candidate vaccines I was able to identify worked in a similar manner: they carried an antigen that was similar to a protein necessary for fertilization or pregnancy, and thus created an autoimmune response that impaired fertility.

There are basically two ways this can be done. The first is to produce the needed antigen and mix it with an immunostimulatory adjuvant. The second is to genetically engineer an infectious organism that has the antigen within it, and as with rheumatic fever, the damage to fertility will occur because the immune system is programmed to fight this pathogen.

In the previous article on the military’s anthrax vaccination program, I discussed a class of bioweapons originally developed by Russia that spliced necessary human tissue onto infectious organisms to create a time-delayed autoimmune bioweapon. One of the curious aspects of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is that it has a high number of similarities with normal human tissue, which I suspect may have been deliberately engineered in the virus to cause severe autoimmunity.

A friend who worked in this field was at the site of the original SARS outbreak in Canada and told me they were relatively certain the original SARS outbreak was an accidental lab leak. As that virus is very easy to modify and is an excellent delivery platform, they said it has been a favorite subject for everyone in the field to mess around with engineering. From the start of this pandemic, they were also positive SARS-CoV-2 was artificial (which was painfully obvious from the gene sequence), but like many others they did not publish their views for fear of retaliation.

Due to the long history of population control measures and the ruling class’s increasing need to develop an effective tool for it, I suspected the COVID vaccines would eventually be found to reduce fertility. After all, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity I could not see the eugenicists would let themselves miss.

Early on Dr. Mike Yeadon recognized an overlap in the spike protein with a protein necessary for maintaining a pregnancy (Syncytin-1) created a clear risk for fertility. At great personal risk, he filed a formal petition to the regulators to protect women of childbearing age in the initial vaccine trials. His concerns were not addressed and subsequent regulatory document leaks from the European FDA revealed Pfizer exempted themselves from testing the fertility risk, something that is typically always required.

Once the vaccine emerged on the market, it was discovered that one of the most common effects was severe disturbances and alterations to women’s menstrual cycles. This side effect was initially denied by every medical authority (it does not occur with other vaccines), but eventually acknowledged and rationalized as being an insignificant manifestation of inflammation (so once again “that means the vaccine is working”).

The depopulationists are considerably more evil than anyone but the most paranoid conspiracy theorist ever imagined. The recent vaxx offensive was the culmination of literally decades of efforts to substantially reduce the number of human beings on the planet; in most cases, the vaccines are observably more detrimental to the human body than the viruses they purport to be preventing.


Was Mar-A-Lago a Trap?

Karl Denninger thinks it might have been:

It has now developed that the Raid at Mar-A-Largo was supported by an affidavit that positively identified both the presence of documents that were retained or taken by Trump in violation of Federal Law and where they were.

The FBI was specifically interested in Trump’s “newer” safe, so presumably that’s where they were told the documents were.

Except…. The safe was empty.

Trump has refused to release the copy of the warrant served on him, which is his right. But let’s take a slanted-eye view of this, which upon learning that very specific information was presented to the Judge immediately came to mind.

Let’s presume Trump believed he had a mole in his organization and he thought he knew who it was. And let’s remember that the DOJ and FBI did screw him with Russiagate, which they knew, it was developed, was bullshit and yet used it to go after him anyway, and even worse, fed it to Congress as Articles of Impeachment. That was an active scam and nobody was prosecuted for it, while if you did the same thing as a false report to them you could and would go to prison for it.

Further, Trump knew the Archivist was sniffing around because they’d contacted him back in February and he turned over a bunch of stuff. Ok.

So let’s put forward the theory that he leaks that he has something particularly juicy, very illegal for him to have retained and its in the safe.

He leaks this to one — and only one — person.

The raid happens.

It’s certainly an intriguing theory. And President Trump is certainly devious enough to have gone along with such a plan. But only time will tell; if the raid is followed up by a world-shocking arrest of him, that would tend to signify a very different situation.

I’m more than a bit dubious myself. What would this accomplish besides unmasking yet another traitor inside Team Trump?


The First Rule of Ticket-Taking

You do NOT talk about the Ticket Masters:

Kelly Clarkson: I’ve had people throw MILLIONS of dollars in my face to do something I didn’t want to do!

Kevin Hart: (makes a face, places index finger over his own lip)

Kelly Clarkson: And… what?

Kevin Hart: (repeats gesture)

Kelly Clarkson: Just… you’ve been offered, oh, they’re in the room!

Kevin Hart: Yeah, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna…

Kelly Clarkson: (fake laughs nervously)

Kevin Hart: Yeah, that was my way of cueing you, like, it’s open time.

Kelly Clarkson: Yeah, you want me to keep talking about…

Kevin Hart: By all means, let’s, we can talk about anything, but, (repeats gesture)

Kelly Clarkson: But don’t do it! Shhh!

Kevin Hart: Yeah, no, of course.

If you have any degree of success, any degree at all, they will come to you with their over-the-top praise, their blandishments, their fancy pants, their lollipops, and their temptations. But even if they offer you all the kingdoms of the world, do not take the ticket.