The Shameless Hypocrisy of Clown World

As always, it is one law for the satanic clowns, another one for everyone else over whom they seek to rule:

The US is looking into how it could punish Georgia over a ‘foreign agents’ bill which was recently passed in the country’s parliament, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a congressional hearing on Wednesday.

Georgia’s Transparency of Foreign Influence Act would require non-profit organizations, media outlets, and individuals which derive more than 20% of their funding from abroad to register as entities “promoting the interests of a foreign power” and disclose their income and sponsors or face fines of up to $9,500.

The legislation ignited weeks of violent protests and clashes across the country, which is an applicant to both the EU and NATO. Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili vetoed the bill on Friday, but the gesture is considered to be largely symbolic, as the Georgian Dream party has a majority in parliament and is expected to overrule it.

“We are looking very hard at what we can do in response to that, and I anticipate we will take actions, the EU is looking at the impact on the accession process for Georgia, so I would anticipate that there will be things to come because of the impact this law may have,” Blinken told US lawmakers in Congress.

Blinken said the US is “very concerned” about the legislation, which he described as “right out of Moscow’s playbook,” and which “clearly counters” the Georgian public’s desire for “EU integration.”

Despite criticism that the legislation could be used to target the political opposition, the bill does not provide for criminal prosecutions, unlike the US’ Foreign Agents Registration Act, which has been in effect since the 1930s.

However, it’s not the hypocrisy that is noteworthy here, as that is a constant state wherever Clown World is concerned, hypocrisy being one of the core virtues of Clown World. What’s noteworthy is the extreme value the clowns place on their ability to provide external funds to their subversive agents acting within a polity. This is their primary vehicle for subversion, which they have utilized since invading India and “opening” Japan; one can even see it in all of the Minnesota politicians from the 1980s to the 2010s who were born, raised, and educated in New York City.

A city, a state, or a nation that prevents foreign agents from engaging in politics is one that can much more easily resist subversion and eventual submission to Clown World. Which, naturally, is why the Georgian law is being attacked by foreign agents in foreign countries like Antony Blinken, despite the fact that the USA has absolutely no right or business interfering with the parliamentary process in the sovereign and democratic state of Georgia.


The Chinese Know

The recent article in Global Times makes it pretty clear that both the Chinese and the Russians are very well aware of who was responsible for the assassination attempt on the Slovak Prime Minister:

The prime minister is known for his ability to reinvent his political career in the face of major setbacks. Last October, Fico and his Smer-SD party won Slovakia’s parliamentary election after campaigning on a pro-Russian and anti-American message, marking the start of his fourth term as Slovakia’s prime minister. He has consistently advocated for peace between Russia and Ukraine, and promised to stop sending weapons to Ukraine, to block Kiev’s potential NATO membership and to oppose sanctions on Russia. When discussing the situation in Ukraine, he emphasized, “We share the same opinion with China on the impossibility of solving the conflict in Ukraine by military means and we support all meaningful peace plans that will not be phantasmagories but will be based on reality.” This stance positioned him outside the European mainstream. He has become the target of criticism by the opposition party and liberal media.

The assassination attempt against Fico sounds the alarm for increasing political violence in Europe. Russian President Vladimir Putin stated, “There can be no justification for this monstrous crime.” The chaos in European politics and society is worthy of serious consideration.

Whereas Ukraine was a proxy battleground between NATO and Russia, it increasingly appears that there will be multiple fronts in the increasingly open war between Clown World and the sovereign nations.


The End of French Colonialism

It makes sense that France’s former colonies no longer seek protection from a nation that has fallen to Clown World and cannot even protect its own borders from mass invasion:

Senegalese Prime Minister Ousmane Sonko has suggested closing French military bases in the country, claiming their long-term presence is incompatible with the West African nation’s desire for complete control over its affairs.

The minister made the remarks at a joint conference with the French left-wing politician Jean-Luc Melenchon in Senegal’s capital, Dakar, on Thursday.

“More than 60 years after our independence… we must question the reasons why the French army for example still benefits from several military bases in our country and the impact of this presence on our national sovereignty and our strategic autonomy,” Sonko said.

France currently has about 350 troops in Senegal after it began downsizing the contingent of 1,200 based there in 2010. Critics have condemned the troops’ presence as a continuation of French dominance over the former colony, despite independence in 1960.

On Thursday, Sonko, a popular former opposition leader who became prime minister after his hand-picked presidential candidate, Bassirou Diomaye Faye, won a landslide in elections in March, said several countries have promised Senegal defense agreements.

“But this does not justify the fact that a third of the Dakar region is now occupied by foreign garrisons,” he said.

It’s really rather remarkable to see the last vestiges of 18th and 19th Century colonialism being dismantled in real time. How anyone can view the collapse of Christendom in Europe having been an advance of any kind, by any definition beyond a clownish inversion, is really beyond me.

Fear is the Soulkiller

For fear of Christian Russia, Warsaw has fallen to Clown World.

Poland’s capital has instructed civil servants not to display crucifixes and other religious symbols at Warsaw City Hall, sparking backlash from conservative groups.

According to the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper, officials will not be permitted to hang crosses or crucifixes on the walls or keep them on their desks. Government employees will still be allowed to wear crosses while at work, however.

The new rules are part of a broader set of regulations aimed at combating various forms of discrimination. Officials have been instructed to use gender-neutral language, address people by their preferred pronouns, and not discriminate against same-sex couples. “Warsaw is the first city in Poland to adopt such a document,” City Hall spokeswoman Monika Beuth said.

It’s now abundantly clear that tolerance and secularism are two of global satanry’s primary weapons against Christian nations. First they demand permission, then they demand respect, and finally they demand submission.


Europe’s Crisis of Legitimacy

The European Union and its member states are already well into the throes of a crisis of legitimacy:

Lenin famously defined communism as Soviet power plus electrification of the whole country. In other words, the ideological project of building communism was supplemented by the technocratic project of electrification, the latter being an important source of legitimacy for the new regime.

The present-day European Union is engaged in its own expansive electrification project – the energy transition – that similarly inhabits ground where ideology meets technocracy and underpins legitimacy.

Yet in the past year or so, something has gone badly wrong, and a backlash against the climate agenda and its technocratic enforcers has been spreading across Europe. The energy crisis – far from catapulting the continent further along the path toward a carbon-neutral future as it should have – has exposed just how elusive the goal is, as Europe has scrambled to sign expensive LNG deals and even restart coal-fired plants. Farmers dissatisfied with EU policies that they regard as devastating to their livelihoods have been grumbling for years, but recently their protests have reached a crescendo, and built up political weight. Right-leaning and far-right parties, meanwhile, are gaining ground by the day. Standards of living are dropping and industry is shutting down or moving elsewhere.

Discontent with suffocating bureaucracy and regulation is widespread. A recent survey among German small and medium-sized companies – has registered a massive shift in sentiment against the EU. This is particularly concerning because the so-called German Mittelstand used to be among the strongest pillars of support for European integration.

What is embroiling Europe is deeper than a political crisis – it is approaching what can be called a crisis of legitimacy for the ruling elite.

The EU is illegitimate by every measure: politically, economically, militarily, and spiritually. It has already failed, completely, and betrayed every single promise that was ever made to the European nations in order to convince them to place their trust in the single European superstate that vowed up and down it never had any intentions of becoming what it was always designed to be.

But the USA is facing an even more serious crisis of legitimacy, as at least the EU’s illegitimate elite is, for the most part, actually made up of Europeans. The illegitimate elite presently in power in the United States is neither American nor culturally Christian; it isn’t even civilized. Which is why it rules so poorly and so recklessly; what works in the interests of a small and subversive tribal group is entirely unsuited for successfully guiding a large nation, let alone an entire civilization.

The disaster that has been David Tepper’s ownership of the Carolina Panthers is more than a little illustrative in this regard. What works beautifully when the deck is stacked in your favor simply will not work when you’re forced to compete on an equal playing field, and the experience and habits you developed in the easier situation actually tend to work against you once you no longer possess any structural advantages.

The great Israeli general Moshe Dayan once said that the secret of the IDF’s stunning historic military success was that it fought Arabs. If there is one lesson of the post-WWII period, it is that the secret of the stunning Jewish political and economic success in the USA is that they were competing with Anglo-Saxon Protestants. And that is quite clearly not adequate preparation for competing with the Chinese, the Russians, and the Persians on the global stage.

The political entities of the USA and the EU are both going to collapse, almost certainly within the next ten years, because no political structure, and no society, can survive an incompetent and illegitimate elite.


A Sacrifice to the Clown Gods

Now that the Ukrainians are running out of men, Clown World puppet in France has apparently been ordered to offer up 20,000 more bodies to the charnel house in Ukraine.

France is ready to face whatever developments unfold internationally and is prepared for the “toughest engagements” to protect itself, the chief of staff of the French Army, Gen. Pierre Schill, said in an interview published on Tuesday.

In recent weeks, French President Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly refused to rule out Western troops being sent to Ukraine at some point to help Kiev in its fight against Moscow, which he described as an “adversary” of Paris.

France’s forces are “ready,” Schill told Le Monde, stressing that “whatever the developments in the international situation, the French can be convinced: their soldiers will respond.” Schill said France has “international responsibilities” and is linked by defense agreements to “states exposed to major threats,” and must therefore have its forces trained and interoperable with allied armies.

The general said that France currently has the capacity to commit a division of around 20,000 men within 30 days and has the means to command an army corps of up to 60,000 which includes allied divisions.

At the same time, the government of France is actively harassing, investigating, and even arresting hundreds of its healthiest and finest young nationalists, the very sort of young men who would make for its most effective soldiers, precisely none of whom are ever going to lift one single finger in defense of the corrupt Clown World regime that is persecuting them. The entire post-1968 program of that regime, like the post-1965 regime of the United States, has effectively destroyed the military capabilities and international significance of France, which is why even fifth-rate African powers are now successfully expelling the last remnants of the French colonial influence of the last two centuries.

The only thing the French Army is ready for in Ukraine is comprehensive defeat to a degree that will make Napoleon’s deadly winter retreat from Moscow look like a stroll after a picnic in the springtime.

NATO in general, and France in particular, doesn’t have the manpower, the strategists, the tactical training, the experience, the airpower, the anti-air, the artillery, or the manufacturing capabilities to seriously contest a war with Russia alone, let alone the full global power of the Sino-Russian alliance that dwarfs the NATO alliance’s capabilities in everything except aircraft carriers, satellite technology, and possibly nuclear submarines.

Simplicius rather amusingly demonstrates that Macron’s grasp of the power imbalance between France and Russia doesn’t even rise to the level of a retarded neoclown with zero knowledge of military history.

Macron showed his dangerous hubris by reciting the trope about Russia being a middling gas station with nukes:

“Putin has a discourse of fear. It should not be intimidated, we don’t have in front of us a great power. Russia is an average power with a nuclear weapon, but whose GDP is much lower than that of Europeans, lower than that of Germany, of France.”

Of course, leave it to a Rothschild banker to not understand how PPP index works for trade surplus countries.

The Russians have made it clear that any French forces sent to Ukraine will be “a priority target”.

According to information coming to the Russian SVR, a contingent to be sent to Ukraine is already being prepared. Initially, it will include around 2,000 troops.” The Russian intelligence chief further said the French military “fears that such a large military unit cannot be transferred and stationed in Ukraine unnoticed. It will thus become a legitimate priority target for attacks by the Russian armed forces. This means that it will suffer the fate of all the French who have ever come to the Russian world with a sword.

What presently passes for our current Clown World elite is not particularly dangerous because they are satanic sociopaths with no regard for human life and a fanatic devotion to inversive evil; in this they are no different than the previous generations of their wicked predecessors. What makes them so dangerous is that, unlike their predecessors, who had to be wary and cunning in order to survive and execute their objectives, these silver spoon satanists have never known anything but easy lives of hedonism and high status. As a result, they are relatively stupid, poorly educated, and genuinely believe their own nonsensical rhetoric.


Why the Taurus is Off the Table

Simplicius explains why the UK providing its Storm Shadow missile to Ukraine doesn’t pose the same danger to the UK that providing its Taurus missile would to Germany:

The majority of people, by the way, don’t actually understand the real reason behind Germany’s trepidation at sending the Taurus. It’s not that Germany is somehow more afraid to get involved, considering the fact they’re already the top aid provider besides the U.S.

It has more to do with the fact that, unlike the Storm Shadows, limited to under 250km for the export versions given Ukraine, the Taurus comes stock at well over 500km range, and is reportedly secretly capable of carrying nuclear warheads—a fact the Bundestag indirectly confirmed by declining to answer the question recently, stating it was ‘top secret information’.

That means the Taurus presents a totally different type of strategic threat if used against Russia. From the Russian standpoint, if a Taurus were to be launched into Russian territory, Russia would have no choice but to treat it as a potential nuclear first strike attack from NATO, given that Moscow is less than 500km from Ukrainian territory and there is no way to determine if the missile is nuclear-armed during its inbound flight. This opens up an entirely different can of worms, which would doctrinally give Russian armed forces the allowance to potentially respond to Germany in almost any escalatory measure, up to and including preventative nuclear launch on Berlin.

Germany knows this, which is why the Taurus is off the table.

The bizarre thing about the European leaders blathering in their helpless ineptitude about what they will and will not permit Russia to accomplish is the way in which they apparently fail to grasp that they have absolutely no say with regards to what Russia will do or will not do.

For all their blustering, for all their threats, for all their posturing, there is nothing, literally nothing, that all of the European countries combined can do about Odessa, or Kiev, or even Warsaw, for that matter. And they know this, which is why the only weapons that will be permitted to Ukraine are those that cannot even credibly threaten Russia, and the primary European objective is not winning an unwinnable war, but rather “to send Russia a signal of resolve and long-term commitment.”

I’m sure that signal will impress the field marshals of the Red Army about as much as it impresses us. It doesn’t say they are strong. It just says they are stupid and that the retardery of Clown World is relentless.


An Army of Cheerleaders

The French military, perhaps intentionally, says the quiet part out loud, presumably because, unlike the French politicians, the French generals know better than to get involved in another land war with Russia, as Simplicius notes.

It’s come to light that according to sources from the French Marianne paper, Macron’s entire recent mental manqué resulted from a secret series of ‘assessments’ by the French military that not only provided an absolutely disastrous picture of the actual realities on the ground in Ukraine, but in no uncertain terms even concluded quite frankly that: “Ukraine cannot win this war militarily.”

But if the secret military report was damning to the AFU, it was even more damning to the uxorious petit caporal’s Grande Armée itself. You have to read it twice to believe it—excusing the infelicities of machine autotranslation. Yes, that’s the French military calling itself an army of cheerleaders in the face of the Russian army. “Who is this guy kidding, sending us to Ukraine?” they seem to protest.

Planning, imagined in Kiev and in the Western staffs has proved “disastrous”. “The planners thought that as soon as the first lines of defense of Russians would have taken place, the whole of the front would collapse […] These preliminary phases of the fundamental have been made without consideration of the moral forces of the enemy in defensive: that is to say, the will of the Russian soldier to cling to the ground,” notes the report referring to “the failure of the planning” of the western camp.

That’s called “underestimation”.

And riddle me why, exactly, did the West underestimate Russia so wantonly? Oh, that’s right—because all their projections and estimations were based on totally erroneously cooked data. When you have the SBU reporting 20 shot down Russian planes per week, and 500,000 Russian casualties—or whatever the absurdity is up to now—then, I’m sorry to say, that’s going to very unfavorably skew your expectations and mission planning.

The Clown World concept of war is as cartoonish as it is childish. It’s warplanning by women and Gamma males who have never even been punched in the face, and it’s supported by decades of evidence that is totally irrelevant to the matter at hand. Neither sending unmotivated draftees to die to no purpose in an Asian jungle nor carpet-bombing defenseless armor in the desert are adequate preparation for full-scale industrial warfare against a near-peer military.

This is the fundamental challenge faced by The Empire of Lies. Once you start lying, it’s not only very hard to stop, but it becomes almost impossible going forward to be able to distinguish between reality and the false web that you’ve woven from your systematic lies. And once you start making decisions based on your own falsehoods, you’re doomed to eventual failure.

Remember the core principle of convergence. Convergence prevents an institution from being able to perform its core purpose. Both the French and US militaries, being converged, are now entirely incapable of either fighting a real war or defending their nations. They are aptly described as “an army of cheerleaders” because rhetorical posturing, political blustering, and public cheerleading in the face of certain military defeat is all they can accomplish now.

And don’t think this observation has somehow escaped the military strategists of Russia, China, and Iran.


Waging War without an Army

The UK, France, and Germany are all playing a very dangerous game by seeing how far they can provoke Russia with their direct involvement in NATO’s war on Russia without seeing their own territories targeted by Russian forces.

The discussions between German officers, including a top Air Force commander, about aiding Kiev in a potential attack on the Crimean Bridge are genuine, a German Defense Ministry spokeswoman told the national public broadcaster, ARD, on Saturday.

The leak was published on Friday by RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan, who said she’d received it from Russian security officials. The journalist initially released a Russian-language transcript of the conversation and then posted the source audio file in German on social media. 

The 38-minute audio dated February 19 contained a conversation between four officers of the German air force (Luftwaffe), including its commander, Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz. The military were discussing the operational and targeting details of Taurus long-range missiles that Germany was considering sending to Kiev. 

The entire transcript is here and it is pretty obviously real. As Simplicius notes, it also exposes a lot of information about direct US and UK involvement in combat taking place in Ukraine.

These combined revelations paint a stark picture of NATO’s true involvement in the war—but, alas, it is one that we have already long suspected. Particularly, readers of my blog will have long known about the deep involvement from my consistent coverage on the topic, like when I posted videos of AFU servicemen openly describing Polish and other soldiers operating their own equipment, like AH Krabs, etc. It’s just telling that this is coming out in the open now, which further emblemizes the current period as one of culmination, and perhaps termination phase for Ukraine.

Ultimately, though, it shows the utter disarray that NATO and the West are in. It’s clear that there is huge disagreement and perhaps even outright revolt—what else could possibly cause Scholz to come out to countermand, and outright expose, his allies in this way?

The key summarizing takeaways are the following:

  • The West is absolutely desperate to staunch Ukraine’s impending collapse and have doubled down on taking out the Kerch Bridge as their final ‘holy grail’ of salvation
  • The West is in disarray, with secret infighting, backbiting, double-crossing, or outright revolt amongst the ranks due to terminal fear of uncontrollable escalation
  • The combination of the above is a decisive confirmation that the Ukrainian military is getting down to its dregs and could be on its final legs

The last most important point that’s come to light amid all this recent controversy is the further illumination of the deep role that the CIA has played in Ukraine from the beginning.

Bundeswehr Wiretap Bombshell, SIMPLICIUS, 2 March 2024

All of this posturing appears to be an attempt to put pressure on Russia to return to the negotiating table, or face what the French are describing as a “strategic dilemma”. But there is no strategic dilemma for Russia, for as Putin, Lavrov, and other Russian leaders have repeatedly made clear, they are at war with NATO and Clown World, not Ukraine, and therefore they are not even remotely concerned about the secret aspect of the war they are observably winning going public.

This is precisely why Russia still has not committed the greater part of its regular army to the Special Military Operation, and why it still does not regard the two-year-conflict as a full-blown war or made any use of its air superiority. It has been prepared, from the very start, to face the full power of NATO and defeat it. Putting a French or US tripwire force in Ukraine is not going to dissuade Russia or even make it think twice about proceeding with its military objectives there; the decision to go to full-scale war with NATO, if necessary, was made two years ago.

The only thing all the posturing and public defiance of Europe’s leaders – who are merely puppets with strings being pulled out of Washington – can possibly accomplish is to get their nations invaded and occupied by the Russians again. Russia has previously taken Berlin, Paris, and Warsaw, and the only thing really preventing them from doing so again is a complete lack of interest in occupying those nations.

So, it would be very highly preferable if the Scholzs and Johnsons and Macrons of the world would stop giving them a good reason to just go ahead and do it.