God, Country, and Family

It’s hard to beat that as a campaign platform:

An exit poll has found Giorgia Meloni is set to win Italy’s elections and become the country’s first female Prime Minister as it braces for its most right-wing government since Mussolini.

Italy lurches to the far-Right in political earthquake: Exit poll finds ‘anti-woke’ Giorgia Meloni is set to win elections and become the country’s first female PM as EU state braces for its most right-wing government since Mussolini.

Giorgia Meloni, 45, who ran on a motto of ‘God, country and family’, will become Italy’s first female PM

An exit poll for state broadcaster RAI said Meloni’s Brothers of Italy, in alliance Matteo Salvini’s League and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party, has won between 41 per cent and 45 per cent of the vote. The figure would be enough to guarantee control of both houses of parliament.

According to the poll, the closest contender, the center-left alliance of former Democratic Party Premier Enrico Letta, apparently garnered as much as 29.5 per cent.

We should find out soon how serious Meloni is, and if she’ll govern like Thatcher or if she’s an Italian Merkel. The two most pressing issues are a) the anti-Russian sanctions and b) the European Union. If she’s legitimate, she’ll rapidly end the former and begin laying the groundwork for a referendum about leaving the latter.

But the electoral trend is clearly in favor of the nations and against the globalist “progress” of the last 50 years.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this is not a good sign that the new Italian government will actually oppose globohomo. But, as always, let’s see what they do rather than overanalyze what they say.

Italian lawmaker Giorgia Meloni, the front-runner to become the country’s next prime minister, is expected to reverse course on Italy’s support for China’s Belt and Road Initiative and strengthen ties with Taiwan if a coalition headed by her party wins the country’s general election today. “Without any doubt, if there is a center-right government, it is sure that Taiwan will be an essential concern for Italy,” Meloni told the Central News Agency in an interview.


Walk it Back, Walk it Back!

Saner minds in the Fake Biden administration are attempting to reprogram the puppet.

Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.

Joe Biden, 2 September 2022

C’mon, look guys, I don’t consider any Trump supporter a threat to the country.

Joe Biden, 3 September 2022


Post-EU Europe

It’s on the way. Beginning with Brexit, the European Union is proceeding along the path of previous European political and monetary unions toward extinction.

Germany’s Chancellor Scholz of the Social Democratic Party proposes an end to EU vetoes, starting in areas of foreign policy and taxation.

This is an open acknowledgement that the globalist vision of the European Union has comprehensively failed. As I mentioned on last night’s Darkstream, the European leaders are going to have to choose between standing by their professed principles and taking off the veil and revealing themselves to be naked authoritarians.

Naturally, I anticipate they will choose the latter, but the problem is that their authority is mostly perceived and it rests entirely upon the very principles that they will be abandoning. Their problem is further complicated by the fact that a) they don’t possess very much in the way of force and b) they are already at war with a superior enemy who could easily arm and supply the nationalist forces that are rising against them.

There is little need for politicians in a post-political world. And an end to the EU vetoes is an absolute guarantee of the end of the European Union in its current form.


Gavin McInnes Arrested

Or, at least, that appears to be the case, pending confirmation:

Former Fox News host Gavin McInnes was apparently arrested on Thursday night after law enforcement gained access to his New York studio while he broadcast his network’s Thursday night live stream.

Shortly after his “Get Off My Lawn” live show began, police officers believed by Censored.tv subscribers to be federal agents gained access to the studio. McInnes, who founded the web network Censored.tv after being canceled on social media, was heard on the live stream having a heated verbal exchange with officers before leaving the studio. McInnes’ stream was left unattended for over an hour before it ended.

McInnes, standing at his desk, told the off camera law enforcement officers, “Yeah. Alright, I’m happy to do that. I’ll get a lawyer, and we will sit down and have a conversation. We’ll schedule a meeting, and I’ll sit down with my lawyer.”

The officer’s response to McInnes was not within range of the microphone, but after he spoke McInnes replied, “I didn’t let you in.”

What appear to be chirping noises made by police radios can be heard in the video, but viewers reported only silence after McInnes left the frame until the stream was taken offline.

Prior to the Thursday night incident, McInnes told viewers of Censored.tv that he had reason to believe he was under some sort of surveillance.

My assumption is that this is probably not connected to anything McInnes said or did, but is related to the recent raid on President Trump’s residence in Florida, and the way in which the FBI is attempting to build a case to arrest the president on grounds related to January 6 and the Proud Boys. If they don’t have anything useful on Trump, they’ll need to be putting pressure on people who might be able to give them something they can use to conjure up an indictment.

Unless, of course, it was this public act of shameless and unequivocally transphobic hate speech that landed him in hot water with the federal thought police.

Brittany Griner is a dude.

Gavin McInnes, 8 August 2022

Needless to say, the media won’t react to this arrest in anything like the manner they would if a CNN or ABC News host was taken into custody live on air. So keep that in mind the next time you hear them yapping about “freedom of the press”.

UPDATE: Or maybe it’s just pathological attention-seeking….


The Cost of Broken Neutrality

An influential Swiss businessman points out to the Swiss that their government’s abandonment of their historica neutrality means that they are responsible, in part, for the enemies on the other side that are killed in the war to which Switzerland is now a party.

In the Tages-Anzeiger I read about the tragic fate of bloody young Russian soldiers who died in the Ukraine war.

The title reads: “These teenagers died for Putin on the battlefield”. We suffer through words and pictures as hopeful eighteen- to twenty-year-old boys perished in the fighting in eastern Ukraine. Or, as a data analysis shows, “who gives his life for the Kremlin ruler”.

Their names are Eduard, Maxim, Boris or Chan-Tsaj and they often come from poor areas. And they leave behind grieving parents, siblings, and sometimes even wives and children. We see how a deceased person is honored, for example, at a school memorial service – namely by a “lectern of the hero”. Or a funeral service with relatives and friends walking behind the coffin, military personnel in goose step and a band playing a funeral march.

It goes to the heart and hurts. That many young soldiers die is the truth. On both sides.

But only part of the truth – only half the truth. Because in view of the fallen Russian teenage soldiers, one should also ask the question: Why are they dead? Someone must have killed them.

And that brings us to the other side of the coin: As in any war, two parties are fighting. The young Russian soldiers were killed by Ukrainian soldiers. They, in turn, are armed by the West, mainly by the US, but also by the EU. Even with the support of neutral Switzerland, which broke Swiss neutrality and is thus a party to the war. It helps that bloody young Russian soldiers have to die. For example Eduard, Maxim, Boris or Chan-Tsaj. Why did Switzerland get involved here?

Needless to say, various pro-war media and government figures just about lost their little minds at Blocher’s observation of the undeniable.

Blocher’s piece was met with an angry response by Swiss media and politicians, who blasted him for not saying “who started the war.” “He doesn’t say a word about the fact that Ukraine was attacked by Russia and is defending itself, that Putin started the war,” the Switzerland Times wrote.

Swiss Watson news outlet called Blocher’s column “bizarre” and accused the former minister of “ignoring Russian war crimes.” According to the outlet, Blocher is currently working on an initiative that would compel Bern to not only refrain from participating in conflicts outside of its territory, but avoid imposing economic sanctions in such cases as well.

MP Philipp Matthias Bregy, the head of the Center party’s parliamentary group, accused Blocher of distorting history, and said the former minister himself told a “half-truth” by “ignoring the aggressor.”

Andrea Caroni, the vice president of the Swiss Liberals, claimed Blocher is playing into the hands of the Kremlin. “Putin does not need a propaganda minister anymore,” he told Swiss newspaper Sonntagszeitung. “Blocher does it for free.”

All of this is just meaningless rhetorical posturing thrown out to obfuscate the correct, and vital, point that Blocher has made. It doesn’t matter who started the war. It doesn’t matter who is winning or who is losing. It doesn’t matter who has, or has not, committed war crimes. It doesn’t matter who was the aggressor. Rightly or wrongly, it cannot be denied that Switzerland chose to take a side, that it is now a party to the war, and therefore, it is responsible – and it will be held responsible by its enemies – for what happens to the people and the military forces of those enemies.

There are no shortage of various aspects of the current situation that can be reasonably argued. Did the war start in 2014 or in 2022? Should the people of Crimea and Donbass be permitted democratic self-determination? Was the Crimean referendum legitimate and fair? Are the Ukranians actually winning the war or are they losing it? Are the Russians justified in launching attacks on what President Putin describes as the “decision centers” of the nations waging war against them? Should the Swiss government prioritize the well-being of the Swiss people or its promises to the EU member-states? All of these things can be debated by reasonable observers.

But what cannot be argued – although I expect it will be, to very little avail, in the future – is that the Swiss government broke its historic neutrality and made the uncharacteristic choice to side with the Ukro-NATO alliance in its war against Russia and its allies.

In doing so, Switzerland has foolishly risked far more than one cold and dark winter without Russian natural gas. It also risks its relationships with the vast majority of nations around the world who have clearly taken the side of Russia despite – or in some cases, because of – US pressure to join the NATO sanctions regime.

This is a world war. It will expand to Asia soon. It may expand to the Middle East and South America as well. Does Switzerland really wish to find itself at war with Brazil, China, India, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, as well as Russia? Do the Swiss people really wish to discover what will happen to their economy when it is sanctioned by all of those nations? Because that is exactly what will happen if they does not hasten to extricate themselves from the foolish foreign policy of their existing government.

At this point, the only intelligent move for the Swiss people is for them to pass a referendum restoring their historic neutrality and absolutely forbidding any future Swiss government from similarly putting the nation at risk of both military assault and economic isolation from the majority of the nations of the world by taking one side against another.


Was Mar-A-Lago a Trap?

Karl Denninger thinks it might have been:

It has now developed that the Raid at Mar-A-Largo was supported by an affidavit that positively identified both the presence of documents that were retained or taken by Trump in violation of Federal Law and where they were.

The FBI was specifically interested in Trump’s “newer” safe, so presumably that’s where they were told the documents were.

Except…. The safe was empty.

Trump has refused to release the copy of the warrant served on him, which is his right. But let’s take a slanted-eye view of this, which upon learning that very specific information was presented to the Judge immediately came to mind.

Let’s presume Trump believed he had a mole in his organization and he thought he knew who it was. And let’s remember that the DOJ and FBI did screw him with Russiagate, which they knew, it was developed, was bullshit and yet used it to go after him anyway, and even worse, fed it to Congress as Articles of Impeachment. That was an active scam and nobody was prosecuted for it, while if you did the same thing as a false report to them you could and would go to prison for it.

Further, Trump knew the Archivist was sniffing around because they’d contacted him back in February and he turned over a bunch of stuff. Ok.

So let’s put forward the theory that he leaks that he has something particularly juicy, very illegal for him to have retained and its in the safe.

He leaks this to one — and only one — person.

The raid happens.

It’s certainly an intriguing theory. And President Trump is certainly devious enough to have gone along with such a plan. But only time will tell; if the raid is followed up by a world-shocking arrest of him, that would tend to signify a very different situation.

I’m more than a bit dubious myself. What would this accomplish besides unmasking yet another traitor inside Team Trump?


The Raid on Mar-A-Lago

President Trump announces a federal raid on his personal home:

These are dark times for our Nation, as my beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents. Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before. After working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate. It is prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the Justice System, and an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don’t want me to run for President in 2024, especially based on recent polls, and who will likewise do anything to stop Republicans and Conservatives in the upcoming Midterm Elections. Such an assault could only take place in broken, Third-World Countries. Sadly, America has now become one of those Countries, corrupt at a level not seen before. They even broke into my safe! What is the difference between this and Watergate, where operatives broke into the Democrat National Committee? Here, in reverse, Democrats broke into the home of the 45th President of the United States.

The political persecution of President Donald J. Trump has been going on for years, with the now fully debunked Russia, Russia, Russia Scam, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and so much more, it just never ends. It is political targeting at the highest level!

Hillary Clinton was allowed to delete and acid wash 33,000 E-mails AFTER they were subpoenaed by Congress. Absolutely nothing has happened to hold her accountable. She even took antique furniture, and other items from the White House.

I stood up to America’s bureaucratic corruption, I restored power to the people, and truly delivered for our Country, like we have never seen before. The establishment hated it. Now, as they watch my endorsed candidates win big victories, and see my dominance in all polls, they are trying to stop me, and the Republican Party, once more. The lawlessness, political persecution, and Witch Hunt must be exposed and stopped.

I will continue to fight for the Great American People!

This is a really bad sign for the continued existence of the United States as a unitary political entity. The primary requirement for the peaceful transition of power is to always permit the previous office-holder effective immunity for his actions in office, however they might be deplored by the office-holder who succeeds him, and to leave him alone.

This federal action is more in line with third-world banana republic tradition, which usually means coups, corruption, and regular government collapses.

And while President Trump was the greatest US President since Andrew Jackson, his courage failed him in the end. Now he’s beginning to learn the price of failing to fight when the situation requires it.

Then again, it was said that “the first arrest will shock the world”….


Shafting the Citizenry

The US government can’t afford to help Americans, because it’s too busy sending their tax money to foreigners. At this point, even the French Revolutionaries are looking on from Hell and saying, “wow, and here we thought Marie Antoinette didn’t care about the people.”

She may have been indifferent to their hunger, but at least she wasn’t literally shipping French bread to Burkina Faso or Equatorial Guinea.

UPDATE: They’re not just evil, they’re also stupid.

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday ratified the entry of Sweden and Finland into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) with a vote of 95 to 1.


Incompetent or Irrelevant?

A commenter at Dominick Cummings substack points out something obvious that the UK media, despite the massive coverage it has dedicated to the Conservative Party’s leadership battle, has not even mentioned:

Implied odds from bookmakers

Liz Truss – 75.8%

Rishi Sunak – 23.8%

Seems to be bearing out exactly as anticipated with Sunak popular among MP’s but quite unpopular among party members due to his high taxation, high spending HMT record plus a slice of members feel some loyalty to Boris.

The real contest was always who made the final two with Rishi. Curiously the MP’s never seemed to realise this?

The smart play for any Tory MP’s was to form a small block and support Rishi up to the penultimate round and then switch support as a block to another candidate in exchange for some future power.

But none of them did anything like that, those supporting Rishi assumed he could win the members vote.

It was the Mordaunt / Truss camps arm wrestle over Kemi Badenoch’s supporters that happened last week, that decided the next PM.

Badenoch to Mordaunt is a weird move from right the centre. The more natural switch was Badenoch to Truss. Mordaunt really needed to pick up some of Sunak’s supporters but the Mordaunt camp, nor the Sunak supporters seemed to figure this out.

The delta was 8 MP’s. So a block of ~10 MP’s could have negotiated quite a lot of power for themselves. If they played this contest correctly. But we just don’t see that kind of decentish competence anywhere in contemporary politics, it’s really weird.

Now Sunak gets to lose to Truss instead of Mordaunt. We could speculate that Truss will probably put Sunak to the sword, whereas Mordaunt would probably have had Rishi in government.

Rishi Sunak is the new David Miliband.

Truss is the new PM.

Alarmingly the Conservative Parliamentary party hasn’t got a single competent politician in it, not one, not one MP who can navigate a simple leadership contest by forming a small block and negotiating power.

Incompetence… or irrelevance? I would argue the latter.

Mordaunt was well ahead of everyone in the one-to-one polls, including Truss, until the media began hammering her for her very questionable flip-flops on trannyism. This is why, despite her support for Brexit, the MPs began leaving her in favor of Truss, despite Truss being a lunatic neocon-controlled Remainer.

But how did that happen? WHY did it happen? Because the globalists needed Truss to win and they control the UK media. Mordaunt was the potential danger, because being a fame-whoring, post-ideological populist, she would almost certainly have reduced Britain’s support for the only globalist program that now matters, the war in Ukraine. Losing Britain meant losing Italy, Spain, France, and probably Germany as well, leaving only the USA, Poland, and the Baltics to fight Russia, China, and the rest of the world.

Sunak is a globalist creature through-and-through, but he was never going to win because he’s Indian, he’s not British.

Modern politicians are incompetent – see Creepy Joe Biden – but more importantly, they are entirely irrelevant. This is not merely a post-ideological age, it is a post-political one.


Boris Johnson to Resign

Another of the many Clown World governments collapses.

Boris Johnson resigns LIVE: PM will QUIT and address the country TODAY after cabinet urged him to ‘go now’ and dozens of Tories fled his sinking government.

The Johnson regime is among the first to fall, but it won’t be the last. And while it’s not because of the UK support of The Empire That Never Ended’s war on the sovereign world, Johnson’s attempt to nail himself to the Ukraine cause certainly didn’t help.

UPDATE: He’s trying to hang on post-resignation until October. What a clown!