On the Nonexistence of Equality

As I have pointed out again and again, equality is a complete myth. It flat out does not exist, and has never existed, in any capacity whatsoever. And once more, those who purport to believe in the myth underline my observations.

UFC President Dana White should be held accountable for slapping his wife.

Okay, fair enough. It’s not the biggest deal in the world, but domestic abuse should not go unpunished, particularly in the case of public figures caught physically attacking other individuals in public.

White, who is UFC president, was captured on video slapping his wife during a New Year’s Eve party on vacation in Mexico. TMZ released a clip of the incident Monday, and it shows White’s wife, Anne White, slapping him across the face and Dana quickly responding by slapping his wife in the face.

Wait, what? The guy was attacked by his wife, he defended himself by responding in kind without escalating the situation, and therefore he “should be held accountable”. For what, precisely? And shouldn’t Anne White be held accountable for initiating the use of violence as well as her physical abuse of her husband?

The only reasonable conclusion one can reach here is that a) equality is nonexistent and b) the sports media is completely retarded.


What Christian Men Should Know

A retired and repentant Master of Game provides a list of what he believes Christian men should know about women:

Assume that you will never change her

Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies. The heart of her husband safely trusts her; So he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evil all the days of her life. —Proverbs 31:10-12

It’s a fatal temptation for a man to look at a woman, especially a young one, as a tabula rasa, a blank slate for him to mold into his perfect, traditional wife who bakes cookies and croissants all day. Such a man sees all her flaws and thinks that, with time, he can eradicate them one by one as if using a laser beam. Or he sees her annoying personality traits and thinks that he can dampen them with a sort of punishment-reward stratagem. This is delusion. Who she is is who she is, and if she does change, it will be entirely dependent on her own will and its cooperation with God to serve the good. Any immediate change you do see in her, without much in the way of effort, should be viewed with suspicion.

Do you know how hard it is to change a single behavior, personality trait, or quirk? For example, I have the bad habit of taking the Lord’s name in vain by saying the word “Jeez” as an exclamation. For a couple of months, I have tried mightily to stop using this term, but I have not yet been successful. I have a bad habit of eating past 8pm. I’m grumpy in the mornings. I’m overly sensitive to noise and odors. I prefer socializing only in the evening. I have innumerable preferences that a potential wife may not like and will try to change, but chances are she will fail until I’m enlightened by God to work harder at correction not for my sake but for the sake of the marriage.

Through God’s grace, I’ve been able to step away from sinful behaviors, but the little things that are entrenched into my personality, and which do not pose an immediate risk to my salvation, have remained. This is also the case with women. Do not assume you will change her. Do not assume you can even get her to grow her hair an inch longer than it already is. Do not assume she will change at all. Of course a woman will do many things to please her man, such as to lose a few pounds or dress differently, and she may be motivated to improve for you in a way that she didn’t while single, but don’t expect immediate, permanent change.

Women are capable of deceiving men

An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, But she who causes shame is like rottenness in his bones.
—Proverbs 12:4

The more secular a woman is, the more likely she will set out to deceive a man without ever believing she is being deceptive. How this plays out is that everything will seem to be going well with her while in a romantic relationship, and then one day you are blindsided by her shocking behavior. I wrote books on women, thought I knew them better than myself, but was still badly deceived by them, because as a man, we are not given natural tools to spot every female deception under the sun. There are thousands—perhaps millions of men—who came home one day and stumbled upon a horrible discovery that changed their lives forever. In heartache, they concluded that they never really knew their significant other at all.

It’s possible for a woman to pretend to be someone she is not, sometimes for many years and certainly for the short amount of time needed to put forth a favorable impression and cement a man’s affections during courtship. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Depending on how skilled she is, the lie may be something as minor as a political opinion she’s hiding to not displease you or as serious as living an entirely different lifestyle behind your back. The man who is lusting after a woman will not be able to see through the deception, but a chaste man whose eyes and ears are not tainted by lust should be able to see through any false façade by picking up on inconsistencies in behavior while continually self-checking whether she is “too good to be true.”

At the risk of getting philosophical, I believe that women themselves don’t know when they’re being deceptive or not. Their behavior is subconsciously driven to maximize the rewards received from a man with whom they want to be in a relationship. On the other hand, it is unlikely that a woman is consciously deceiving you if she is open about confessing all her flaws and problems.

Read the whole thing. Roosh definitely knows what he’s talking about, and it well behooves the less experienced man to listen to what he has to say on the subject. Ironically, it’s often the men who are least experienced and least successful with women who are most certain that they understand everything they need to know about the opposite sex.

This is not, in fact, true. The truth is that women are every bit as fallen, every bit as inclined toward evil, as men. It’s only that the way in which their fallen nature expresses itself is different in many ways than the way the fallen nature of man does that oftentimes leads men – even good Christian men – to believe that women are morally superior to men.

Number (9), in particular, is useful.


A Masterpiece of Progress

The Woke Critic explains that we’ve all got it wrong, that THE RINGS OF POWER are actually better than THE LORD OF THE RINGS, and that it is a defining moment in the history of the world.

Every generation there comes along a work of cinema or television that transcends the medium. It is no longer a movie or TV show: it is a work of art. A masterpiece. A production so profound that you wonder if it should be displayed in the galleries at the Louvre.

That magnificent day has arrived, ladies and gentlemen.

Amazon’s The Rings of Power is not only a television gift from the gods, it is better than the original cinematic The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Peter Jackson, step aside, and welcome the true heir to the Lord of the Rings throne.

Here’s why The Rings of Power is a masterpiece.

The cinemascape of the Peter Jackson trilogy was littered with strong, white males. Frodo and Sam, the ringbearers, entrusted with destroying the one ring ahead of a female, even though they were three feet tall. Aragorn, the king everyone had been waiting for, when a Queen would have sufficed. Gandalf, the magical old white male, in eternal battle with… other magical old white males. The Rings of Power has brought Middle Earth into the 21st Century. No longer is this a world of men. Indeed, it is a world of women. All the main characters have estrogen in abundance.

Take Galadriel, for instance, a side character in the trilogy. Now she is the driving force through the whole saga. Strong, independent, and utterly brilliant. Where men err, she is right. Always right. Every idea, every solution works. Men who do not follow her lead… lead themselves to the grave. She can cut through oceans like an ocean liner, climb mountains like Sly Stallone and dunk more shots than Michael Jordan.

Frodo and Sam. No. Now we have Nori Brandyfoot and Poppy Proudfellow. All the same characteristics, quirks and mannerisms as the iconic duo, but now completely female. Why have male characters when we can have female characters? This is 2022, after all. It is much more progressive to have two women in such roles. Like Galadrial, they are never wrong and never weak. A true inspiration for humankind.

Bronwyn, another female character brutally ignored by the men in the village. Not for long, however. When all the males laugh at her expense, she is the one who has the last laugh. She quickly shows them that she was right about the orcs all along and assumes the leadership role. Another inspiring moment for everyone watching.

Fear not, dear viewer. There are white male characters. Such as this one. He arrives on the screen in a burning scrapheap and his prospects do not improve much from there. He screams gibberish at young ladies and looks like he just walked out a homeless shelter. A true lesson in progression.

White males, your time is up. This not a world of men. It is a world of women.

The Rings of Power is not just a television production, but a message to the world that racism is over. Future generations will look back and say this was the defining moment where everything changed.

It’s hard to argue with that. Impossible, really. Sadly, it appears that most of us are missing this masterpiece of progress, as I took a pair of polls, on both SocialGalactic and Gab, in order to see how many people in the greater community are watching this triump of post-racist consciousness. Now, given that I am arguably one of the top-five living epic fantasy writers – which isn’t that impressive given how few novelists are capable of writing epic-length works – one would expect that my readers would be far more inclined to watch The Rings of Power than the norm. This is especially true given that we have a strong Tolkien contingent that obsessively reads the published notes, visits Hobbit museums, and subscribes to the Forge of Tolkien.

  • SG: 237 did not watch, 6 watched, in part or in full
  • GAB: 1,339 did not watch, 35 watched in part, 37 watched both episodes.

This is pretty astonishing for a very high fantasy-friendly crowd. Yes, the polls are unscientific and self-reported, but even so, the numbers are less than one-quarter of what I would have assumed. And it tends to support the Samba.tv numbers that indicate the public rejection of the production is going to be a catastrophe for Amazon Studios. I would not be at all surprised if the second season is cancelled, or if it isn’t, a complete reboot is ordered for Season Three.


Whatever Happened to Equality?

It was always nonsense. But the purely mythical nature of “equality” has become inescapably obvious under the rule of Clownworld

There has been a huge backlash in Scotland after the SNP appointment a man as the country’s first period dignity officer. Jason Grant was handed the post for the Tay region of Scotland, with his duties set to include promoting access to free sanitary products following the introduction of the Period Products Act. The Act came into force in Scotland on Monday, and puts into law that tampons and sanitary towels must be made available by councils and education providers to anyone who need them. The Bill was initially brought forward by Labour health spokeswoman Monica Lennon and passed in November 2020, and is intended to eliminate period poverty and help households under financial strain.

I look forward to learning how the Clownworld governments will manage to lose The War on Period Poverty. And what does poverty even mean in a world where people own nothing and eat bugs?


Rationalizing Creatures

Spacebunny makes an observation:

Women and gamma males are the ultimate rationalizing creatures. Instead of attempting to improve themselves and make themselves more attractive, they double down on what makes them unpleasant and repellent, attempting to drag others down to their level. Nothing is ever their fault. As the saying goes, if no one likes and wants to be around you, it’s probably not everyone else with the problem….. Most will never learn and will die alone and bitter because of their choices.


One of the most important lessons required for graduation to full adulthood is understanding and accepting the concept that other parties are autonomous. We see functional children – which is to say women and gammas, among others – repeatedly failing to grasp that they have zero control and very limited influence over the decisions and actions of other people.

Look at all the neocons, who thought they could a) expand NATO eastward and b) invade and occupy foreign countries without experiencing any negative consequences. Now the entire world that is not already occupied by the US military is stacked against them as a direct result of their foolish and short-sighted actions.

Look at the Europeans leaders, who stupidly thought they could sanction Russia without Russia refusing to sell their nations the fertilizer, food, natural gas, and oil that they require.

Excessive rationalization is what happens when people don’t get punched in the face enough to understand that for every human action, there will eventually be an opposing reaction. If you believe you are untouchable, for any reason, then you are still a functional child.


The Matter is Settled

Scientist and Social Justician Titania McGrath not only explodes the myth of “biology”, but also answers the question that has plagued scientists and intellectuals for centuries.

Anyone who asks the question “what is a woman?” is thereby revealing that they have the intelligence of your average garden slug. This is why we shouldn’t trust these so-called “archaeologists” who claim to be able to determine whether those ancient skeletons they’ve uncovered are “male” or “female”. This is pure pseudo-science. Next they’ll be telling us they can work out their pronouns by measuring the femurs.

Let me settle this matter once and for all. A woman is anyone who says she is a woman. A woman is a feeling, a shimmering nimbus of possibility, an echo of distant dreams reverberating gingerly through a winter’s gloaming. She is a mewling constellation, a bagful of semi-felched pixies, the enchanted stardust that pirouettes luminously on the spindle of time.

This is logical and inevitable, in that science was defined as “anything that scientists do” more than a decade ago. Forget politics and self-determination, self-identification is now the ultimate scientific determinative.


Mailvox: Inevitable is Inevitable

From a publishing colleague. A female publishing colleague.

When I first read that you said that you thought women should never have been given the vote, I thought you were crazy. But…I am beginning to lean in the direction of thinking you may be right.

When push comes to shove, and when they realize that the situation is genuinely either/or, most women are going to choose indoor plumbing, Western civilization, and a sufficient daily calorie intake over feminism, equality, diversity, and inclusivity. The only problem is too many of them may not realize the necessity of the choice before it is too late.

As usual, Vox’s First Law applies: any sufficiently advanced intelligence is indistinguishable from insanity.


Why Women Shouldn’t Lead

The Premier of Estonia demonstrates, with her fascinating example of how to view geopolitics from the perspective of a junior high school girl’s approach to boys. That’ll show that him!

UPDATE: Exhibit 2 on the subject.

Finland has officially announced its intention of joining the NATO military alliance. During a cabinet meeting on Sunday, President Sauli Niinistö and ministers “agreed that Finland would apply for membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO),” a government statement read.

Finnish accession to the US-led bloc would require the unanimous approval of the existing 30 member states, including Turkey, which has suggested it could veto the move. A report on Finland’s planned membership will be submitted to the national parliament once it’s endorsed at a government plenary session, the statement went on to say.

Our decision is historic. The most important thing is the safety of Finland and our citizens. The decision strengthens security and cooperation between the Nordic countries,” Prime Minister Sanna Marin said.

Nothing like committing yourself to war with Russia on someone else’s say-so to strengthen your security. This also demonstrates that there is no contradiction between evil and stupidity; for this sort of thing, large quantities of both are required.


Globohomo Fears the Tradwife

Satan’s little servitors are worried about the declining appeal of one of their greatest weapons, feminism:


Mention the word “tradwife” and you might imagine the 1950s archetype: A “traditional wife” in a dress and an apron, smiling at her husband and three kids while presenting a gleaming beef roast at the dinner table, pleased as ever in her domestic domain.

How TikTok and a Gen Z aesthetic are selling a lifestyle used to justify misogyny and white supremacy in America

For a swath of right-wing American men, that image is part of a fantasy of how things “used to be,” in the good ol’ days before antifa and Black Lives Matter and feminist YouTubers ruined everything. The tradwife symbolizes stability — at least for those who imagine social change as an attack on their identity and being. It is the “submissive and breedable” meme, made unironic by chauvinism. It is, ultimately, a hatred of women going their own way.

Which made it all the more surprising when Mariel Cooksey began noticing the Gen Z women and girls actively repping the tradwife aesthetic and lifestyle online. Cooksey, a researcher at the Institute for Research on Male Supremacy, decided to study why and how this rhetoric spreads, and found that teen girls are being attracted to the movement thanks to an evolution in how tradwife ideas are marketed and presented.

They ruin. We build. They cohabit in sterility. We marry and multiply. They die off in the present. We show up for the future.

They lose. We win.

Reject feminism and show up for the future.


The College Mating Crisis

Of course, if you read Alpha Game back in the day, you know I warned everyone about this 12 years ago.

Fewer men than women are attending college, which is leading to a “mating crisis,” the New York University professor Scott Galloway told CNN on Saturday.

Women made up 59.5% of college students at the end of the 2020-21 school year, an all-time high, The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month, citing US Department of Education data. That’s in comparison to 40.5% of men enrolled in college.

Data from the National Center for Education Statistics found that in 1970, men made up close to 59% of those enrolled in college, compared to about 41% of women who were enrolled.

Additionally, The Journal reported that in the next few years the education gap will widen so that for every one man who earns a college degree, two women will earn one.

Because women are hypergamous, elevating their status in any way tends to reduce the pool of potential husbands they are willing to marry. While a man who is a wealthy CEO with a PhD from an elite university won’t hesitate to marry an uneducated yoga teacher or aerobics instructor if she is pretty enough, even a jobless woman from an inferior public university will tend to turn up her nose at dating a man who dropped out of high school, even if he owns his own software company or chain of repair shops.

That’s one of the reasons why female education is relentlessly pushed by the media and the Hellmouth, as it is a population control measure. It’s also incredibly dysgenic, as it assures that as many as half the population’s most intelligent women never have children.

In fact, mass higher education for women may be the most societally destructive policy besides open immigration. I suspect it is even worse than female suffrage. And what is the point of higher education when it takes academics 12 years to notice what is not only obvious, but mathematically inevitable.