The World We Lost

Whereas the Boomers are openly gleeful to have denied the younger generations the world they knew, it grieves Generation X that we were unable to preserve it.

When Spacebunny and I bought our first house, I consciously sought one that was on a dead end culdesac backed up on a park, with the idea that the children we hoped to have would be able to run around and play there with the pack of neighborhood kids one day.

But, as Spacebunny correctly pointed out, it was already too late for that. Even by the end of the 1990s, suburban kids really didn’t do that anymore, for a variety of reasons.


Disappointment, Guaranteed

The naive optimism of the clueless cultural observer would be hilarious if it weren’t so tediously and predictably inobservant:

After the disastrous launch of their Gemini AI, which insisted that George Washington was actually Black and couldn’t decide whether Musk’s tweets or Hitler was worse, Google’s response was timid and weak. This was just a bug! A problem with QA! It absolutely, positively wasn’t a reflection of corrupted culture at Google, which now appeared to put ideology over accuracy. Really, really!

Anyone watching that shit show would be right to wonder whether one of America’s great technology companies had fallen completely into the hands of the new theocracy. I certainly did.

But now comes evidence that Google perhaps isn’t totally lost, even if an internal war over its origin principles is very much raging. One pitting the mission of organizing the world’s information and making it useful against the newspeak Trust & Safety goal of controlling narratives and countering malinformation (i.e. inconvenient truths).

This played out in stereotype as 28 Googlers occupied the CEO of Google Cloud’s office for 10 hours this week, defaced property, and prevented other Googlers from doing their work. Because Google provides cloud services to Israel, said the occupiers. And thus The Current Thing demanded it be stopped by whatever means possible.

But then the most amazing thing happened. There was no drawn-out investigation. No saccharine statements about employee’s rights to occupy offices, preventing work from happening, or advance their political agenda at work. Nope. They were just fired. Immediately. All 28 of them.

The firings aren’t the result of Google suddenly realizing that it is a business that shouldn’t permit its employees to prioritize politics and ideology over doing their jobs. Nor do they represent a belated rejection of what the author calls “the new theocracy”. It’s simply what happens when those lower in the ranks of the corporate ahrimanocracy offend those who are higher in its ranks.

Remember, evil revels in its own hypocrisy. The more subjective the standard, the more complete its control.


The Literal Thought Police

Clown World’s thought police are getting increasingly heavy-handed in England:

I’ve been visited 4 times in 3 days by Cheshire Police. Asking for a Voluntary interview about something I’ve tweeted. Including a couple of women police officers knocking at 9.30pm last night when my kids were in bed. I’ve given them my solicitors information and number. He then called to arrange an interview. No answer, so he left a voice message for the Sergeant who’d visited on the 1st occasion. The last two women didn’t know there had been 3 visits in 3 days, apparently! Either it’s a shambles or an attempt to intimidate me and my family. Welcome to North Korea.

Remember, hypocrisy is always a virtue in the inversion that is Clown World. The servants of Clown World genuinely believe they are upholding freedom as they oppress you, believe they are defending basic human rights as they threaten violent force to silence speech, and believe they are defending people while they murder innocent civilians.

And the more trivial the thought crime, the more popular the opinion expressed, the more overt the attempts to intimidate.

But don’t think that they’ll be mustered in your defense when you are openly slandered, libeled, defamed, and insulted, even when you have an iron-clad case against those who have clearly violated the law more egregiously than the thought criminals they are pursuing. Then, it’s suddenly “well, no actual harm done” and “freedom of speech” and “freedom of the press” and every other subjective excuse they think will somehow conceal the obvious fact of their shameless hypocrisy and double standard.

Which is why it is best, if you are at all active on social media or even a minor public figure, to stick relentlessly to telling the truth, using rhetoric that is soundly based in proper dialectic, and preferably, utilizes terms that are defined as positive by the Clown Worlders themselves. This doesn’t mean that they won’t try to prosecute you for directly quoting someone stating an uncomfortable truth, but it does significantly complicate their ability to do so successfully.

Rolling Stone journalist Amanda Robb once complained in an article that she interviewed me for three hours without me ever giving her anything “useful”. What she was looking for was a kill-quote and I knew it. Her problem was that I expressed my opinions very clearly, without hiding anything, but in an entirely non-pejorative manner, with no vulgarities, obscenities, or emotionally-charged terms that have been defined as offensive. Of course, her confession confirming her intentions is why I no longer give interviews to anyone with any associations with the mainstream media.

That’s why, 11 years later, they’re still using the same half-sentence quote taken completely out of context to try to discredit and deplatform me. They just don’t have anything else; they have to invent totally false positions I’ve never, ever, held or expressed just to take a shot even though there are 27,000 blog posts, 512 columns, and 15 books to comb through if they need material. Here is the entire quote, which you will note never appears in its entirety on Wikipedia or anywhere else beside this blog, because it shows that I was not only responding to an series of outrageous lies and accusations made, completely unprovoked, by Jemisin, but that my response to her absurd and dishonest “call for reconciliation” in Australia was not only reasonable, but prescient.

Jemisin has it wrong; it is not that I, and others, do not view her as human, (although genetic science presently suggests that we are not equally homo sapiens sapiens), it is that we simply do not view her as being fully civilized for the obvious historical reason that she is not.

She is lying about the laws in Texas and Florida too. The laws are not there to let whites ” just shoot people like me, without consequence, as long as they feel threatened by my presence”, those self-defense laws have been put in place to let whites defend their lives and their property from people, like her, who are half-savages engaged in attacking them.

Being an educated, but ignorant half-savage, with little more understanding of what it took to build a new literature by “a bunch of beardy old middle-class middle-American guys” than an illiterate Igbotu tribesman has of how to build a jet engine, Jemisin clearly does not understand that her dishonest call for “reconciliation” and even more diversity within SF/F is tantamount to a call for its decline into irrelevance. Nor do the back-patting Samuel Johnsons wiping their eyes and congratulating her for her ever-so-touching speech understand that.

There can be no reconciliation between the observant and the delusional.

I have never retracted, apologized, or backed down from what I said, why it’s still all right there on the blog for everyone to see, and why they had to give her no less than three successive Best Novel Hugo Awards in order to elevate her imaginary standing in the science fiction world to distract attention from the observable truth about one of their leading poster diversities.

Eleven years later, events have proven my assessment was absolutely correct. Thanks to the convergence of the various industries involved, Jemisin got the “even more diversity within SF/F” for which she was calling and SF/F is now observably in marked decline in every single format, from comics to film. And it never ceases to be amusing how the midwits in the media showed themselves to be incapable of understanding the science in the genetic science reference, although word must have eventually gotten around because they all suddenly dropped that one about six years ago.

In any event, never give them the ammo with which to shoot you. Force them to manufacture it without ever stepping back one inch from that which is true and True. For we will continue to observe while they continue to delude themselves, and there will never be any reconciliation until the day Reality comes for them and shatters their delusions.

Oi! We ‘eard you been thinking some criminal thoughts!


Ejected by the Beast

You can declare yourself to be a Yellow-Winged Dragonkin. You can threaten your fellow employees with violence and blackballing. You can be incapable of distinguishing between the mythical Hydra and the legendary Medusa. You can be confused about your sex. You can invert your sexual orientation. You can contribute absolutely nothing to the corporate bottom line. You can work for years on a project that will never, ever have any hope of eventually reaching the market and keep your job at Google.

But there is one line no Googler can cross and hope to remain employed.

On Wednesday, the Alphabet subsidiary rushed to fire 28 employees who were part of Tuesday sit-in protests against the company’s provision of artificial intelligence and cloud services to the State of Israel. The protests were organized by a group called No Tech for Apartheid, which had declared Tuesday a “day of action” at Google. At issue: Google’s Project Nimbus — a $1.2 billion cloud and AI contract with Israel — and the Israeli Defense Forces’ use of Google Photos in Gaza, “which has led to the arrest, imprisonment, and torture of thousands of Palestinians with little to no evidence,” the group said. “It’s clear that the Israeli military will use any technology available to them for genocidal means.”

It’s always useful to understand Clown World’s priorities. Convergence is just another word for clownocracy.


We are the Literal Resistance

Most of us are considerably further toward whatever one wants to call the anti-Clown World position than in years and decades past. Call it Christian Nationalism, call it America First, call it what you will, we are more staunchly and strongly what we are than we were before. We have been intellectually, philosophically, and spiritually inoculated against the spirit of global satanry that cloaks itself in neo-liberal secularist ideology. But the same is not true of the greater part of the developing and undeveloped world:

What’s happening globally is quite simple—peoples whose culture and folkways have never had so much as a whiff of materialism, individualism, and liberty are coming in contact with 100% proof, high-test, late-stage liberalism, and they are getting piledriven by it like a welterweight Funko Pop collector by Dan Severn in his prime. Not only is it not a fair fight, it’s grotesque and cruel, like kicking a puppy. These people are defenseless. Liberalism seems to have especially buck-broken societies with universalist religions, even tribal societies like Afghanistan, which 20 years ago averaged 7.5 children per woman but which would hit zero births within about two centuries at the current rate of decline. Some religions like Hinduism, particularly those denominations which are more traditionalist and clannish, have fared better, despite that Indian TFR has been suppressed by government campaigns since the 1970s, and despite that 37% of Indian women of childbearing age are sterilized.

Whites, specifically northwestern Europeans, have also fared better. America, despite the cratering fertility of its minorities, would achieve zero births in about 300 years given current trends, mostly on the strength of its white population’s relatively stable TFR, centuries after many third world countries would reach zero births. However, whites have fared better for very different reasons than Hindus.

Like Mithridates himself, we have been exposed to the poison of liberalism for a long time, and have built up a tolerance to it. We, particularly Germanic and Celtic descended Europeans, have undergone a ruthless selection process. For decades, even centuries now, we have been under extreme Darwinian conditions that have excluded from the breeding pool those individuals who engage in race-mixing, homosexuality, careerism, materialism, and sense-gratification. Whites today have passed through a crucible that is still going, in fact, reaching a fever pitch—this is part of why you have seen the rise of a genuine illiberal movement in the alt right. And our descendants will be fitter and less liberal still than us. Our ethnic competitors are going up in a puff of smoke.

We are strong. Our children are stronger still. Our grandchildren will be crusaders and inquisitors, whose ruthlessness in service to God and Jesus Christ will be the stuff of myths and legends for centuries to come.

Be the rock on which Clown World breaks. Because one day, the avalanche of justice will bury it beneath a mountain.


The Death Spiral of the Big Two

And the concomitant rise of Arkhaven Comics. The 2023 numbers are in and they look absolutely disastrous for both DC Comics and Marvel Comics alike, as Fandom Pulse reports:

A new report shows DC Comics is in massive trouble, with a 25% annual sales drop as the comic industry continues its death spiral.

Sales figures have been confirmed to be in a state of decline, again in a ComicsBeat expose on the industry. Brian Hibbs released an annual report from Bookscan, highlighting sales in the industry to regular bookstores. While we still don’t have the accurate numbers for comic shops, this gives a bellwether as to where the industry is going. In this expose, Hibbs writes that Marvel and DC Comics represent less than 10% of comic book sales, a shockingly low number for what many call the Big 2.

However, it gets worse for DC Comics, as he writes, “DC had a pretty bad year, with their lowest sales since 2004 – down 25% from 2022 in the bookstore market – even with their highest ever number of titles in the total list. In 2023 they had only 14 titles in the Top 750; in 2013, ten years ago, they had 130. That is a huge and troubling drop – but maybe laying off nearly your entire sales and marketing team is not a great strategy for growth? If someone had been been making a concerted effort to dismantle DC Comics, they couldn’t have been more surgical – luckily, DC still has talented execs like Marie Javins, Jim Lee, Annie de Pies and the rest of the staff who have thwarted those plans. And from what we’re hearing, 2024 will see some more moves to reverse this concerning trend.”

Amazingly, ComicsBeat writers can still spin this as “and that’s a good thing” as many mainstream articles try to mitigate the destruction of entertainment industries like comics at the hands of the woke. These are the same executives who initially led DC Comics into this mess. A new relaunch of a universe—as he’s alluding to with the Absolute DC line—might give a short-term boost but isn’t going to fix the comic industry problems.

DC Comics is on a death spiral, and unless they make wholesale changes to prioritize story and less identity politics virtue signaling at the hands of creators like Tom King or Tom Taylor, we can expect this sales decline will continue.

The sales declines at Marvel and DC going to continue because the very same individuals who have taken what was already a converged situation and gave it turbo cancer are still in control at both companies. This situation is, as Fandom Pulse correctly noted, a death spiral, because as with all fully converged companies, the Big Two have completely lost the ability to serve their traditional market, which is to say they can no longer entertain young men with illustrated picture books.

IDW is almost certainly going to auger in as well. It lost $5 million last year thanks to a 26 percent collapse in revenues. Meanwhile, independents such as Arkhaven, Razorfist, Ethan van Sciver, and Eric July have repeatedly proven their ability to raise more than $250k to develop a single title, and have reliably provided better storylines, characters, and art than the mainstream publishers. The demand is there, it simply isn’t being met by the traditional publishers.

Yesterday, Razorfist released the trailer for GHOST OF THE BADLANDS, his new Western comic that is now being published by Arkhaven Comics. The Monochrome Hardcover and the Monochrome Paperback editions are now available on the Arkhaven store in oversized European bandes dessines-style formats, and the two color editions will be available there from May 17th. Later in the year, there will be a deluxe leather edition as well.

In other Arkhaven-related news, both ALT-HERO: Q volume 1 and MIDNIGHT’S WAR volume 1 are now complete and published in the system. We’re making some final touches before sending out the Gold Logo editions to the backers, and the retail versions will be available on the Arkhaven store before the end of the month. AH:Q backers should note that due to the format’s lack of popularity, we will NOT be producing six separate small Gold Logo issues; the 37 Gold Logo Edition backers will instead receive their choice of a standard Gold Logo paperback omnibus or the variant cover Gold Logo paperback omnibus.

Both AH:Q and MW will be released as large-format 10.88 x 8″ omnibuses, as we find this format to be preferable to the 10 x 7″ format previously utilized for the Alt-Hero and Chuck Dixon’s Avalon omnibuses.

The standard Gold Logo omnibus cover.

The process may be taking much longer than any of us may like, but slow and steady is how Arkhaven will gradually, inevitably, and inexorably outlast and outcompete our much larger predecessors in the comics industry. Project Asteroid has landed, but its ramifications and reverberations are only beginning to be felt.


Terminal Stage

The Ukrainian opposition is speaking out against what the foreign Clown World regime has done to its people ever since it gained independence:

One of the most important reasons why states collapse is the degradation of their elites. Historians argue that the Roman Empire fell not so much from the onslaught of barbarians, but rather that it rotted away from the inside. If we take our own history, roughly the same thing happened with ancient Kiev. For centuries, Kiev was the capital of the Russian early feudal state, but lost its significance as a result of civil strife caused by the princely elite.

Political clown President Zelensky has irreparably damaged the foundations of Ukraine’s statehood and may very well end up being the country’s last president. Every Ukrainian president, having received power from the hands of the people, tried to sell it, and each time was more and more successful. At the moment, Ukraine has already been sold in a global political auction, and when it is finally used up, will be thrown into a landfill.

Does this suggest that the people of Ukraine are flawed? No, it suggests that a flawed elite has formed which cannot and does not want to govern the people.

Today, Western propagandists work to convince Ukrainians that they will not succeed without their own statehood, but in reality this statehood was sold to international corporations a long time ago. In its present form, such statehood does not correspond to the national interests of Ukrainians. Today, Ukraine’s elite has not only sold the interests of the country, but sold its people into becoming cannon fodder for other, more powerful countries’ geopolitical ambitions.

The process of the country’s collapse has already begun, and is at the terminal stage.

The same thing has happened to Americans too, but most of them don’t realize it yet. The main reason no foreign elite should ever be permitted anywhere near the center of national power and influence, regardless of the system of government, is because they will inevitably utilize it against the interests of the the nation itself.

This is why we see the same process playing out again and again regardless of whether the national government is organized in the form of a monarchy, an aristocracy, or a democracy. The nominal form of the governmental structure doesn’t actually matter very much when the interests of the elite are fundamentally at odds with the interests of the people.


The Answer is “No”

It’s mildly amusing how the global media keeps trying to push the “conference on peace” that will be missing the only party whose opinion matters if peace is going to be obtained. But China isn’t having any of it, if you understand Chinese diplomacy-speak:

AFP: Yesterday German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President Xi Jinping discussed the high-level conference on peace to be hosted by Switzerland in June, which will not be attended by Russia. Chancellor Scholz noted that China’s word carries weight in Russia. Can you elaborate on China’s expectation for the high-level conference in Switzerland? Is China urging Russia to attend the conference?

Lin Jian: During his meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz yesterday, President Xi Jinping said China encourages and supports all efforts that are conducive to the peaceful resolution of the crisis, and supports the holding in due course of an international peace conference that is recognized by both Russia and Ukraine and ensures the equal participation of all parties and fair discussions on all peace plans. China will maintain close communication with all parties concerned, including Germany, on this matter. China believes that ultimately, any conflict will have to be resolved through diplomatic channels and political negotiation. On Ukraine, the only way out is to go back to the negotiation table. We’ve learned that the relevant conference is still under preparation and a lot of work remains to be done. China is ready to maintain communication with relevant parties. 

In other words, China will not support a one-sided conference being hosted by a non-neutral party, but it will support one that is genuinely neutral and acceptable to the two primary belligerents. If Switzerland still wants to play a role in peacemaking in the future, it has no choice but to stop taking sides and refrain from sanctioning anyone for anything.

This really isn’t that hard. Because it’s perfectly clear that none of the major powers are going to accept self-serving word games and contorted rationalizations as a substitute for genuine neutrality.


The Unholy Trinity of Evils

The Tree of Woe contemplates the three observable types of evils at work in the world today, and how the transformation from one form to another has distinct consequences for the situations in which we find ourselves today.

According to the Traditionalists, the culture war between tradition and modernity is actually an occult war between the forces of cosmos and the forces of chaos. This occult war has been ongoing since ancient or Biblical times and throughout that time, the forces of chaos have been the cause of every ideology and influence that disintegrates, subverts, and degrades traditional society. Those forces have worked indirectly, to subtly influence human hearts and minds in ways that lead them to degeneration. The forces of chaos had, until the early 20th century, worked primarily to negate tradition, but that project of anti-tradition was effectively completed by the mid-20th century. Thereafter, the forces of chaos began to focus on the creation of a counter-tradition, openly predicated on a debased, infrahuman, and inverted spirituality. The ultimate goal of this counter-tradition, the Traditionalists believed, would be to establish a global totalitarian empire and church that parodies and inverts the true empire and true church of Tradition.

But what establishing a global totalitarian empire isn’t the final objective of the spiritual enemy? What if the objective is actually far more diabolical?

Professor Bruce Charlton, on his blog Charlton Teaching, has written extensively about the nature of evil. According to Charlton, there are three types of evil. Luciferic, Ahrimanic, and Sorathic…

Luciferic evil is named for, and symbolized by, Lucifer’s rejection of God’s sovereignty: “I will not serve.” It represents the first stage of evil, in its anti-authoritarian, individualist, and rebellious aspect which seeks to overthrow cosmos (natural order) to maximize freedom of action. Luciferian evil is often attractive, in the lustful blood-and-song manner of ancient pagan heroes, pirates, and rebels. Charlton argues that Luciferic evil dominated the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s as well as certain aspects of the Libertarian movement…

Per Charlton: The Ahrimanic evil is more modern; it is the despair-inducing, soul-destroying, utterly-demotivating Iron Cage of totalitarian bureaucracy – where all is a single system and all Men are merely cogs to serve it. This is the evil of late Soviet communism, of The Borg, of the overpromoted-middle-manager, Head Girl Type (e.g. the-3-Ms – Merkel, May, Macron) that increasingly runs large organizations, corporations and Western nations.

If Lucifer seeks pleasure, Ahriman seeks control. Note that this is not necessarily the same thing as seeking power. Those who serve Ahriman may seek to be in control themselves, but more often their goal may simply be that everything be under control. Hierarchy is of Ahriman, because even those who are far from the top have no objection to it. Even an Ahrimanist who has the ability to control things personally will generally defer these personal decisions to a system or algorithm, personal responsibility being unpleasantly risky. A near-perfect example of Ahrimanic man is the 2020s birdemicist, happy to submit to house arrest, universal surveillance and censorship, and forced medical procedures — rather than take a chance of catching the flu. “Non serviam” is Lucifer’s motto, not Ahriman’s; if Ahrimanism were condensed into a two-word motto, it would be, “Safety first” — or, if more than two words are needed, “None are safe until all are safe.

If Luciferic evil is motivated by short-termist pleasure; while Ahrimanic evil is motivated by God-denial, spiritual blindness and reductionism towards a meaningless world of mechanical procedures; then the Sorathic impulse is driven by negative impulses – primarily fear, resentment and hatred.

Sorathic evil will therefore tend to destroy both the lustful pleasures of Luciferic evil, and the complex functional bureaucracies of Ahrimanic evil. Sorath’s ultimate goal is that nothing at all exist, including Sorath himself.

Read the whole thing there. It’s extremely perceptive, and it’s a model I use in my own attempt to understand the way in which the world operates, because there is an observable distinction between the various factions of the wicked that are not only at war with God and His Creation, but with one another as well.

The model may also account for what we have observed as the “Black Rider model”, since neither an Ahrimanic nor a Sorathic evil has any regard whatsoever for a Luciferic figure, no matter how useful or wicked it may be, and would not hesitate to dispose of it once it ceased to be useful.