Should We Cancel Chuck Dixon

I am reliably informed that he is associated with some deeply unsavory characters. Also – you’ll never guess – antisemitic! These are very serious charges.

Dane, a YouTuber who runs the channel ActualFandom, recently appeared to defame Chuck Dixon as an anti-Semite as the Rippaverse is about to release Dixon’s upcoming Alphacore book.

On X, the YouTuber wrote, “If you’re someone who values the wellbeing of comics communities I implore you to read. Rippaverse Comics will soon publish a comic by a former industry pro, creator of Bane & Time Drake – Chuck Dixon. It gets disturbing from there.”

In the tweet, Dane takes issue with Chuck Dixon’s creation of the comic series Alt Hero Q for Vox Day’s Arkhaven Comics. In an image he shared as part of his tweet he writes, “He’s also worked with a publisher called Arkhaven, on a comic called ALT-HERO:Q. As in QANON. The first arc is titled ‘WHERE WE GO ONE’, which refers to the Q conspiracist mantra of ‘WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL’, often shortened on social media as ‘WWG1WGA’.

He then goes on to provide summaries of the first couple of issues of the book. From there he states, “For those unfamiliar with the IRL QAnon, it is a belief that a vast conspiracy of Hollywood elite and every politician who isn’t explicitly pro-Trump, is engaged in acts involving children ranging from an updated take on anti-Semitic ‘blood libel’ narratives, to pedophilia and Satanic sacrifice.”

Let me get this straight. Because The Legend wrote a comic about an evil elite that engages in child sex trafficking, he is antisemitic.

Now, isn’t that an open and public admission that a certain group of people are engaged in child sex trafficking and Satanic sacrifice? Especially given the fact that the comic doesn’t mention or imply anything about Satanic sacrifice.

Anyhow, this is just an attempt to get Chuck kicked off Eric July’s projects, which isn’t going to happen. What’s amusing about this is that if Dane is worked up about AH:Q, he’s going to stroke out on the spot if he ever reads The Legend’s Levon Cade novels…


“We Will Lose” – Zelensky

In fairness, he’s not lying:

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has pegged his nation’s continued fight against Russia to sustained US military assistance, according to US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. “There was a single sentence that summed it all up, and I am quoting him verbatim. Mr. Zelensky said: ‘If we don’t get the aid, we will lose the war,’” the lawmaker told journalists after meeting Zelensky on Capitol Hill on Thursday.

Of course, NATO’s Ukrainian puppet is leaving out the small matter of how if Ukraine does get the aid, it will still lose the war.

Since the Spanish Empire ruled the waves, the rule has always been that the side which can manufacture more of the primary war material, be it wooden ships, iron tanks, or AI-controlled drones, will win the war.


The Ustasi is Real

Sarah Hoyt describes a successful attempt to infiltrate her communications two years ago:

I have found out recently that when my phone got spoofed, and my email hacked, back in April of 2021, it was part of an effort that involved a lot of people on our side getting that happening to them at the same time. The email was then used to send insulting emails to those people they thought were monetary supporters. At the same time, the emails were rifled for “incriminating” messages, used to bring legal charges against these people, or to discredit them with the community at large.

It did a number on my mind for various reasons. Note I’m not saying who was behind the hacking because I don’t know. But the fact that legal charges were brought in some cases makes you think… well, you know, the Stasi is real even though it goes under other names.

For the record, the attempted hack was curtailed earlier (and there are now measures in place), by pure luck. I happened to be up really late for me, through being too tired to go to bed. (It’s a thing.)

Also for the record, the shenanigans attempted didn’t land, because their ideas of who I am appear to be pure leftist projection. While I have monetary backers — Hi, y’all — for this blog, they’re not political monetary backers, and they don’t send me emails encouraging messages or slants. In other words, there is no journolist on the right, and there is no equivalent of Soros directing our efforts.

Most of what my email contains are actual personal things. Messages from friends and family. Kids and cats pictures. The occasional editor email, though now that I’m not doing comics, not even that. Links to blogs that hope I’ll link them, or links a friend found interesting. Discussions of how a book did with a friend.

So most of the insulting, (highly racist slurs, btw) emails were sent to friends telling me how much their book had made, and one to my comics editor. None of them “landed” because the reaction were immediate texts saying “Sarah, you’ve been hacked.” First, because I don’t use that language, and second because the messages made no sense since these weren’t political backers but friends. (Even the comics editor became that.) And because it was curtailed early, there was no time for fake emails advising violence, or fake posts on facebook to be made.

The other thing I found out at the same time, through incidental comments in a chat, is that the next attempt was to tap into people’s internet to capture the stream. Doing that on ours is bizarre, but yes, we do have proof that was actually done to us just before we left Colorado. The only reply to that is “Dudes, wait and get it when I post it on the blog or publish it.” Because there is nothing, literally, in either my email or my internet signal that couldn’t be made public tomorrow because most of it is. Oh, some of my correspondents would hate to have their emails made public because they are in the political closet, but they’re not political operators. They’re professors or scientists or members of the Armed Forces (not high up.) Knowing they associate with me at all might bring questions, but then again most of them use pseudonyms, and the emails themselves are blameless. “Hey, have you read this?” and “Look at the cute face my cat made” comprise 99% of it, the rest being maybe more personal and less political than that.

However, the fact that so much effort was made made me queasy. Particularly because I know some of the other people to whom this was done, and they’re much bigger. My claim to “bigness” is posting over at instapundit, (which is yuge) but other than that, I’m medium-small and I’m just a science fiction writer with a nasty politics problem.

While it would have been useful for us to hear about this two years ago, it’s still good that Mrs. Hoyt is going public with the surveillance state’s attempt to interfere with her relations with her readers and supporters. It would also be useful to know how many other public figures were targeted and how successful those efforts were in their attempts to sabotage them.

In the meantime, it’s vital to always remain aware of the constant attempt of these bad actors to infiltrate every organization and every group of people that aren’t completely submitted to the Narrative. The lidless eye is always on you, which is a simple fact of human existence that you should accept with equanimity and utilize to inspire you to do more and do better.

None of this is new. Epictetus made it clear nearly 2,000 years ago.

Yet God hath placed by the side of each a man’s own Guardian Spirit, who is charged to watch over him—a Guardian who sleeps not nor is deceived…. So when you have shut the doors and made a darkness within, remember never to say that you are alone; for you are not alone, but God is within, and your Guardian Spirit, and what light do they need to behold what you do?

Man’s surveillance state is but a poor, twisted, and fallen version of God’s. And we know which one holds the real power.


Delingpole Has His Doubts

About the legitimacy of Russell Brand in the aftermath of his apparent cancellation:

Brand employs language not to so much to communicate as to beglamour. Like a cut-price Jimmy Savile – reputedly he was a wizard and his catchphrase ‘Now then, now then’ was calculated to throw listeners off their temporal balance – he is an enchanter weaving a spell. The message he strives to get across is “yes I know I’m a shifty sleazebag but you can’t help loving me because I’m a cheeky chappy, you can tell from my accent that I’m a man of the people, yet I’m also above average bright because listen to all my long words and how quickly I join them together in sentences which sound like they make sense.”

Lots of people fell for this – and continue to fall for this – for words indeed work as powerful spells for those who know how to use them. But mainly people fell for it because they were told to fall for it: by the telly; by that loveable Jonathan Woss; by chat shows; by Hollywood; by the organisers of the 2012 Olympics ceremony; by the publishers who put out My Booky-Wook; and, most recently, by all those allegedly Awake fans of Brand’s podcast who’ve been protesting for the last two or three years “No, it’s OK, you don’t understand, he really has changed, he’s one of us now.” Or, if you prefer, “But I LOVE him, Dad.”

This is how the Narrative prevails. It wears you down with its relentlessness and its ubiquity. We can sometimes appreciate this with hindsight – the way, for example, it’s now impossible to watch old footage of Jimmy Savile without wondering whatever we saw in this obvious creep. What we forget is that at the time it was almost impossible not to think Jimmy Savile was a good thing. He had been endorsed and promoted by so many sources – the charidees, the royals, Top of the Pops, his dear old Mum… – that our natural instinct to be utterly repelled by him was bludgeoned into quietude. It was like the Asch conformity test. You couldn’t help giving the wrong answer even when you knew it wasn’t the right one…

This is why there is such division, even among the Awake, about Russell Brand. What it comes down to, essentially, is whether or not you believe he’s an Illuminati foot soldier who has sold his soul to the devil and serves no other cause than the Luciferian agenda of the occult predator class.

If you don’t, if you think all that occult/Masonic/Babylonian Mystery School stuff is a bit too bonkers to accept, then you’ll find it easy to make earthbound excuses for his behaviour. If, on the other hand, you know that it’s all real, that when, in the course of a supposedly self-exculpatory video Brand forms his fingers into the shape of the Number of the Beast it’s not because he’s got arthritis, then you’ll wonder why anyone could be so deluded as to fall for the oldest trick in the book.

And a hand gesture is never just a hand gesture. Personally, I couldn’t care less about a celebrity who may or may not be, but probably isn’t, on our side. Unless he’s openly proclaiming Jesus Christ, defending the three pillars of Western civilization, and publicly denouncing every aspect of Clown World, including its master, I consider it safe to assume that he’s been assigned to a new role as the latest gatekeeper and celebrity icon for the naive Christian Right, which unfortunately sometimes seems to comprise most of it.


The Artillery Dilemma

It’s obvious to any rational observer that NATO is losing the war in Ukraine, and is losing it badly. And by badly, I mean in terms that exceed Arabs vs IDF and are beginning to approach British regulars vs Zulus. But it was always perfectly clear to everyone who understood the nature of modern land war that the US military never had any chance whatsoever of winning either a direct or a proxy war against the Russians in Ukraine.

Just as the coming naval war with China will depend almost entirely upon shipbuilding capacity to replace the ships on both sides that are inevitably sunk, the war in Ukraine depends upon the production of artillery shells. Consider the following four points.

  1. Artillery is the king of the battlefield again, accounting for 85 percent of the casualties in Ukraine.
  2. One 155mm round made in the USA by USA contractors costs 5,500 dollars, while a 152mm round made in Russia costs 600 dollars.
  3. One 152mm made in North Korea probably costs less than 60 dollars. The Russians just bought 10 million of them, and due to their oil production, can afford to buy as many shells as the North Koreans can make.
  4. Outsourcing ammunition production to China is not exactly an option these days.

Quod erat demonstrandum. Apparently this new shell-supply arrangement is very upsetting to the South Koreans. Or rather, to their puppet masters in the US who are speaking through them. Only the USA is permitted to have allies, right?

SEOUL, Sept 19 (Reuters) – South Korea summoned Russia’s ambassador to warn Moscow against any military cooperation with North Korea on Tuesday after last week’s summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Vladimir Putin raised concerns about a possible arms deal. First Vice Foreign Minister Chang Ho-jin summoned Russia’s ambassador in Seoul to urge “Russia to immediately halt any moves to expand military cooperation with North Korea and to abide by (UN) Security Council Resolutions,” South Korea’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

No doubt the Russians will be duly chastened and refrain from further military cooperation with the North Koreans. In the meantime, and in not-unrelated news, Poland is out of the Ukrainian arms business.

“Poland will no longer arm Ukraine to focus on its own defense,” Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced just hours after Warsaw summoned Ukraine’s ambassador related to a fresh war of words and spat over blocked grain, according to the AFP. Warsaw has throughout more than a year-and-a-half of the Ukraine-Russia war been Kiev’s staunchest and most outspoken supporter.