Believing Their Own Word-Magic

Morgoth observes that the insane retardery of Clown World has now gone from redefining invaders as refugees and Pakistani rapists as English grooming gangs to a very dangerous redefinition of war as not-war:

It is stated quite clearly by a left-leaning, neoliberal outlet that there should be no brakes whatsoever on action taken against Russia because they’re all talk and no punch. Yet, the entire reason we’re in this mess is precisely because Russia invaded Ukraine in the teeth of Western opposition and condemnation. The reality of what is being proposed here is bombing campaigns inside Russia, including Russian cities, using weapons and aircraft supplied directly by Western powers, including personnel.

However, if we just play fast and loose with the definitions and framing, it will lose its bite; we can spin it a bit so the Western public can consume it more handily. It is hardly novel to highlight the degree to which Western journalists and politicians exist within their own bubble; now, they’re convincing themselves, entombing themselves within a narrative, that they can treat Russia however they like.

Niland certainly isn’t a lone voice. Establishment figures such as Boris Johnson have angrily demanded the West give Ukraine everything it needs to stay in the fight; the block was always that Russia is a nuclear power and allied with China. The evolving narrative is that Putin just talks a lot, and he won’t retaliate whatever we do. It is the logic of the drunk driver convincing himself he’s good for another four pints because he had a hearty dinner — it’s convenient bullshit rather than a reflection of reality.

I’m by no means a Putin fanboy; the camp I’m sitting in is the “anti-dying slowly in a cloud of nuclear fallout camp”. Putin is no stranger to weaving bullshit narratives himself. After all, he never even “invaded” Ukraine; he conducted a “special military operation”. The more we in the West convince ourselves, or are told by our betters, that Russia can be attacked with impunity, the more it will be. The more Russia is attacked, the greater the chance of retaliation because the Russian people will demand it.

Yet, astonishingly, Western establishment politicians and journalists are unable to see and understand basic logic in the same way they managed to convince themselves or compartmentalise foreign rape gangs or that a piece of paper doesn’t make a Somalian Irish.

Once you start believing lies in the face of the observable truth, you have no control over when to stop because you no longer have the ability to distinguish truth from falsehood, or reality from your own wishful thinking.

Gearing Up for War

China is rapidly producing and deploying nuclear weapons:

According to the SIPRI report published on Sunday, the US and Russia are by far the largest nuclear powers, possessing nearly 90% of the world’s nuclear weapons. However, China is “expanding its nuclear arsenal faster than any other country,” according to Hans M. Kristensen, associate senior fellow with SIPRI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Program. SIPRI’s findings indicate that Beijing’s nuclear arsenal grew from 410 to 500 warheads between January 2023 and January 2024.

The report concludes that “China could potentially have at least as many intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) as either Russia or the USA by the turn of the decade, although its stockpile of nuclear warheads is still expected to remain much smaller than the stockpiles of either of those two countries.”

China has much greater industrial capacity than either the US or Russia, so its stockpile of ICBMs and nuclear warheads will eventually surpass both. Also, the state of the US military’s nuclear weapons is unknown, but it is unlikely to be any better than the state of its conventional weapons.

This doesn’t mean China is intending to nuke anyone, but it’s clear that they have no intention of again being subject to the sort of treatment they received from Britain, France, the USA, and Japan during their “Century of Humiliation”. Especially since they know perfectly well that the West’s foreign rulers possess absolutely no sense of justice or fair play.

I hear a lot of people say, “Americans have eavesdropped on the German Chancellor Merkel. They have stolen data from around the world, as we learnt from Edward Snowden. Why worry about Huawei when the Americans do exactly the same?” What do you say to this?

Well, [chuckles]. A former head of the Central Intelligence Agency told me it’s a matter of whether we steal everybody’s data or the Chinese steal everybody’s data. And don’t you prefer having the Americans steal your data?

Actually, no. China doesn’t have hundreds of military bases all over the planet. China didn’t financially rape Russia in the 1990s. China isn’t driving the entire West into economic ruin or forcing its puppet regime in Kiev to keep sending Ukrainians into the abbatoir of the Donbass. Fucking Clown World… Every day is always Day Zero and they are always the purest of hearts with the best intentions who never did nothing bad to nobody.


We Got the Look

This is why it’s pointless to “update” one’s look. I don’t know if it’s still true that significantly changing the appearance of one’s site costs a significant amount of the daily traffic, but I figure it’s best not to take any chances.

Frankly, I like our Arkhaven logo better than any of these, even though it was clearly inspired by the 1976-2005 version. Speaking of DC, rumors are buzzing again about it shutting down the editorial staff and being turned into a licensing house. From Fandom Pulse:

We’ve known DC Comics has been in trouble for some time. The company has failed to move the needle with any of its initiatives in recent years, with their “Rebirth” reboot of their lines collapsing faster than any in history, which led to a “Dawn of DC” secondary soft reboot that couldn’t even generate any top books for the Big two publisher. Now, retailers and insider sources are saying troubles are even worse for the company with a failed summer event in Mark Waid’s Absolute Power leading to talk of selling off the comic IPs entirely.

Of course Absolute Power failed. You can’t fix convergence with SJWs anymore than you can cure cancer with more cancer.


The Anonymity of the Innovator

One of the early innovators in the knife-training world contemplates some of his business mistakes, and expresses his exasperation with the youngsters in the field who have no idea that they are standing on his shoulders.

My review/remark caused a lot of guffaws and a few smart ass remarks, among the 20 and 30 year old readers, most of whom were so submerged in modern “dynasty jargon,” up to their fad-beards in mystique, and lost in the web world. They’d never even heard of us older guys from the 1990s and 2000s. I mean, who am I to comment like this on their latest fad-boy genius?

I can identify. While I don’t fault my fellow GamerGaters who still don’t know, and have no reason to know, about my connection to the initial launch of GamerGate, it was a little astonishing to hear die-hard gamers claiming, with a straight face, that I had no connection to gaming or game development at all. But that doesn’t bother me, just as the litany of my various failures by the usual anklebiters doesn’t

That’s not to say that none of my failures bother me. The failure in particular that haunts me the most wasn’t even my fault, perhaps in part because I keep being reminded of it on a regular basis. And virtually no one who wasn’t in a very small and elite circle even remembers anything about it. As a result, no one wants to believe it, or would believe it if it weren’t a matter of historical and public record.

The Latest News From The Gaming World: Sim Fans—Welcome To The Next Level
ARTIST Graphics’ 3GA Chip Feeds The Need For 3D Speed

ARTIST Graphics, a Minneapolis-based hardware manufacturer, has announced a new graphics chip that may transform your work-a-day PC into a high-performance graphics workstation.

Consider the current state of the art: IndyCar Racing. Papyrus’s hot new game creates a very intense environment for simulated racing action. To do so, it pushes current technology to produce 12,000 flat shaded or 2,000 texture-mapped polygons per second. Bur imagine how much richer, how much more intense, a simulation could be if it could process 12 million flat-shaded, or 30,000 texture-mapped polygons per second at a higher screen resolution than standard VGA. While this might sound as far off as Gibsonian cyberspace, ARTIST Graphics and their 36/1 video processing chips may well make such simulations a very real possibility in ‘94.

ARTIST Graphics has been a manufacturer of graphics hardware used primarily for Computer Aided Design since 1982. Their chips and video boards are used widely by CAD professionals for applications that need heavy graphics horsepower. Adapting ARTIST Graphics’ latest high-end graphics technology to the PC games market is largely the result of a conversation that took place in 1992 between Chris Taylor, senior software engineer at Electronic Arts, and Theodore Beale, “trans-dimensional evangelist” at ARTIST Graphics.

“Chris had called to find out about VESA support on some of our cards,” said Beale. “We got to talking games, and I swapped him a graphics board in return for a couple of EA games. After playing with it for a few weeks, he suggested that we add a few features to our next-generation chip that would make it a really killer device for 3D simulators and action games. I went back to our engineers and asked them about adding the features, and Io and behold, the 3GA.”

According to ARTIST, the chip is capable of displaying up to 12 million flat-shadowed, two hundred thousand Gouraud-shaded, or thirty-thousand texture-mapped polygons per second in a game. These numbers approach RISC-based graphic workstation performance. Simulated benchmark tests have yielded 90 million WinMarks on the WinBench 3.11 test at 1280 x 1024 x 8 resolution on a 486/66 PCI bus machine (an average local-bus VGA video card at 640×480 yields 6 million WinMarks). Games could be written to run with the 3GA from within Windows, with the game’s code written to effectively bypass the Windows’ graphics routines. This would allow 3D intensive games to run under Windows without degradation of performance.

The 3GA chip’s 64-bit wide local memory bus supports up to 4 megabytes of VRAM and up to 8 megabytes of DRAM. The memory allows a game to load a huge portion of a game’s graphic data directly onto the card, thereby relieving the computer of a huge burden. Additionally, the 3GA chip has an on-chip VGA architecture which supports standard VGA text and graphics modes, and VESA SVGA modes up to 1024 x 768 resolution at 8 bits per pixel.

“With this kind of technology,” says Fred Savage, director at Origin Systems, “the limitations of the VGA architecture are removed. Anything that allows us to reduce the load on the CPU is going to let us have a much larger scope for our PC-based games.”

ARTIST’ Graphics is currently working on an OEM deal with a major video card manufacturer. For more information, contact ARTIST’ Graphics at (612) 631-7800.

Computer Gaming World, February 2024

One of these days I’ll go into more detail on the panoply of mistakes that were made, by me and others, that opened the door for Nvidea, and also answer some intriguing anomalies, such as why Artist Graphics held the original trademark for the 3D Blaster and how my biggest, most massive mistake until 30 years after the fact.


Time is on Xi’s Side

It’s clear that Xi is fully informed with regards to the US strategy to fight China while it still has some advantages left to it:

Xi Jinping has said that the US tried to provoke the Chinese military into attacking Taiwan but that Beijing did not take the bait, the Financial Times reported on Saturday, citing sources. According to people familiar with the matter cited by the paper, Xi made the remarks during a private meeting with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in April 2023. The Chinese president also reportedly relayed concerns about Washington’s alleged attempts to trick Beijing into invading the self-governed island to his officials.

Beijing considers Taiwan to be sovereign Chinese territory under its One-China policy. The island has been self-governing since 1949 when nationalists fled the mainland with US help after losing the Chinese Civil War to the communists.

Financial Times described Xi’s reported remarks to von der Leyen as the first known time he told a foreign leader that the US was trying to goad Beijing into invading Taiwan. The Chinese president also reportedly explained that a conflict with the US would be detrimental to China and derail its plans for a “great rejuvenation” by 2049.

As I have repeatedly written, China wants a peaceful reunification with Taiwan island on the basis of the Hong Kong model. While there is no formal time limit to Taiwan’s US-backed pseudo-independence, everyone on all sides of the equation knows there is a practical limit, even if no one knows what it is. As the Chinese economy and military power continues to grow, and as the US economy and military power continues to decline, eventually a tipping point will be reached at which the Taiwanese faith in the USA and the USA’s willingness to go to war simultaneously vanish.

That is when China will peacefully take full political control of the island. Once the inevitable becomes the undeniable, any possibility of war over Taiwan will disappear. Unlike Russia, which was unable to resist the bait of a Ukrainian invasion of the Donbass republics and the potential loss of the Crimea and was forced to intervene militarily, Clown World possesses no similarly effective bait for China. It’s worth noting that despite being lured into launching the Special Military Operation, Putin has steadfastly resisted the invitation to attack the USA, the UK, Poland, or any of the European countries despite the relentless provocations by those effective belligerents.

Both Xi and Putin clearly understand that the USA is controlled by satanic foreign forces who value American lives no more highly than its Kiev regime values Ukrainian lives. They also understand that the satanic forces can only degrade and destroy, they can neither build nor maintain a society capable of exerting power on a global or even regional scale. Putin has even said as much about the United States in his June 14th speech at the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs:

As for the United States itself, the ongoing attempts by the liberal-globalist elites ruling there today to spread their ideology worldwide by any means, to maintain their imperial status, their dominance, only further exhaust the country, lead it to degradation, and directly contradict the true interests of the American people. If it weren’t for this dead-end path, aggressive messianism, mixed with a belief in their own chosenness and exceptionalism, international relations would have long been stabilized.

World War III is proving to be more sophisticated, and even more interesting, than either of its predecessors, because two of the central figures on the nationalist side have a not-inconsiderable understanding of the true nature, and the material limitations, of their enemy.


She’s Not Dead After All

Princess Kate of England finally makes a real appearance:

The Princess of Wales has made her first public appearance this year by joining the Royal Family at Trooping the Colour today despite her ongoing cancer treatment.

Kate, who has been receiving chemotherapy for an undisclosed form of cancer since February, travelled in a carriage alongside her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, for the traditional procession through London.

Earlier, the family were seen arriving at Buckingham Palace in a car at 10am, with George sitting between Kate and Prince William, and Charlotte and Louis opposite.

Given the combination of the vaxx, the fake video, the fake Joe Bidens, the fake Hilary, and now the fake Emmanuel Macron, it was hardly unreasonable to be suspicious when a very public figure abruptly disappears from public view for six months. But now it appears that Princess Kate is definitely not pining for the fjords.



The Libraria edition, anyhow. The Library edition would be sold out already too, except for the fact that we published 250 additional copies. So, if you’ve been on the fence or if you’re planning to buy someone one for Christmas, you should probably do it soon before the Library edition is also sold out.

Also, if you want to keep up with Castalia Library’s announcements, news, and production updates, I HIGHLY recommend obtaining a free subscription to the Castalia Library substack. As an added bonus, you’ll receive daily serializations of one of Castalia’s works.


The Rehabilitation of a Pedo

Not only does SFWA resolutely refuse to eject the pedophiles, past and present, convicted and unconvicted, from its midst, but the morally-depraved science fiction community is now even trying to rehabilitate the reputation of confirmed dead lesbian child-abuser Marion Zimmer Bradley, upon whose work the new Star Wars Acolyte is obviously based.

After her death, Marion Zimmer Bradley’s daughter, Moira Greyland accused her not only of aiding and abetting her second husband in child molestation, but in herself molesting their daughter. Since Ms. Greyland made this accusations only after MZB was dead and could no longer defend herself or refute the charges, MZB had no opportunity to go to court and clear her name. Some authors have donated the money earned from sales to Bradley to various child-related charities. Given that she edited Breen’s book, Greek Love, and edited and contributed at least one article to his journal, The International Journal of Greek Love, she had to at least suspected his unhealthy interest in boys. “Greek love” is an old euphemism for male homosexuality, especially the relationship between an older man and a boy or youth. Many who knew her well said they had never seen or suspected anything untoward. However, others believed the accusations. Victor Gollancz, Ltd., the publisher of Bradley’s digital backlist, donated all the profits to the British charity Save the Children. Author Janni Lee Simner donated the money she earned from sales to MZB to the American anti-sexual assault organization Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network. Other writers chose to keep the money they earned…

She was awarded the World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievement in 2000 posthumously.

After her death, she was cremated, and her ashes, appropriately enough were scattered on Glastonbury Tor, in Somerset, England.

Her influence as a writer will last so long as her stories are in print. Her influence as an editor continues to spread, as the writers she mentored are now mentoring a further generations of writers.

Remembering Marion Zimmer Bradley on Her Birthday, SCIFI.RADIO, 3 June 2024

If her influence as a writer continues to bear fruit such as Acolyte, she’ll be completely forgotten, and deservedly so, before the end of the decade. No one reads Darkover anymore and the market for lesbian pedophile space witches isn’t likely to survive Clown World’s collapse.

It’s fascinating to observe how the same freaks who believe and assiduously repeat obviously false information about those of whom they assiduously disapprove will openly deny and attempt to discredit the direct and convincing testimonial evidence of the actual victims of the criminals they are defending.

The dead lesbian pedo Marion Zimmer Bradley has never been disavowed by SFWA, is still recognized as a Hugo and Nebula Award winner, and there are at least two known pedophiles who are honored as SFWA Grand Masters. The real reason the SF community hates me to this day with a white hot passion has nothing to do with Sad Puppies, Rabid Puppies, my open contempt for their diversity pets, or even my ideological views. It’s because I published this book and they know their attempts to rehabilitate their fallen heroes will never, ever succeed.

There is a perfectly valid argument for separating the art from the artist in many cases. The problem, in the specific case of MZB, is that it is not possible to do so when so much of her art was steeped in her particular wickedness and written with the avowed objective of infecting society with it.

UPDATE: From Wikipedia. It will be interesting to see how many of these SF authors join the rehabilitation efforts going forward. And notice that there is no mention of me being one of the authors who has publicly condemned her.

A number of science fiction authors have publicly condemned Bradley. Among the first was John Scalzi, who within a day of the allegations being made public, described the allegations as “horrific”. Hugo Award winner Jim C. Hines wrote that Bradley’s positive effect on her readers and associates “makes the revelations about Marion Zimmer Bradley protecting a known child rapist and molesting her own daughter and others even more tragic.” G Willow Wilson, who along with Bradley is a fellow World Fantasy Award winner, said she was “speechless”. Diana L. Paxson, who collaborated with Bradley on a number of novels and who continued to write novels set in the Avalon Series after Bradley’s death, said that she was “shocked and appalled to read Moira Greyland’s posts about her mother… I never personally observed, nor had any reason to suspect, that (Bradley) was abusing either of her children.”

UPDATE: In response to this post, has memory-holed the article. But the Internet remembers…


A Narrative Fail

What we observe in the aftermath of The Guardian’s most recent hit piece on yours truly is the declining ability of the mainstream media to drive a narrative. Consider the search results on several different search engines:

1. The Guardian
2. Sigma Game comments

1. Sigma Game
2. The Guardian
3. Press Reader Australia
4. Vox Popoli

1. Sigma Game
2. The Guardian
3. Sigma Game comments
4. Press Reader Australia
5. Vox Popoli

1. Sigma Game
2. The Guardian
3. Vox Popoli

Ironically, giving the small subset of Guardian readers that actually read any one story that isn’t a front-page headliner, it is very probable that more people either read about the hit piece on Sigma Game or here on VP than they read the piece itself in the newspaper or on the paper’s site. And the fact that Google is the only search engine where the Guardian appeared first is quite likely due to Sundar Pikachu’s shadowbanning of any site related to me.


You Thought Disney Killed Star Wars

At this point, Devil Mouse executives are going to find themselves facing criminal charges in Florida under Title XLVI, Chapter 872, Section 6. They’re not content with destroying the canon, degrading the characters, and demolishing any modicum of competent storytelling, they’ve now Marion Zimmer Bradleed the Force itself:

This episode was comically bad. It functions as Star Wars answer to the Timeless Child in that it is a major canonical retcon. And given that this is Disney, the retcon will remain in place as part of the lore until Disney collapses and the IPs are auctioned off. Once again because: No. One. At. Disney. Can. Admit. To. Making. A. Mistake.

The episode opens on the Planet of the Space Lesbian Witches. How do I know they are witches because they explicitly state they are witches. The protagonist and antagonist are introduced as a set of young identical twins (girls naturally because there are no men at all on this idyllic world). The Space Lesbians have secret knowledge of the Force. The Force is actually, quite literally, female. The twins have two mothers, one who was their birth mother and the one that knocked her up using the Force. I should point out that the birth mother is from Darth Maul’s race but the twins look like black humans. Indicating their birth mother had no genetic input.

There is a lecture held on the womanly power of the Force. It’s not a “force” at all as that is far too masculine of a concept, it is in fact a thread that sews the cosmos together and it can be tugged upon to accomplish certain… This is all Wicca stuff, if you’ve ever become acquainted with that neopagan Marxist bullshit of a “religion” you’ll recognize the concepts pretty quickly. Space Lesbian Witches are the true and uncorrupted Force users.

There is a constant motif throughout this episode. “The power of one. The power of two. The power of many.”

The corporate cancer of convergence is considerably worse than you ever imagine it’s going to be. It’s reliably worse than you are even capable of imagining. And there is no way back from it, ever.