Clown World Law

The economic tide is rapidly going out and it is exposing the utterly false foundations of the Enlightenment-based societies in the process. Switzerland was once known throughout the world for its serious dedication to law, order, and direct democracy. Now, only a few months after throwing away centuries of historic neutrality on behalf of the losing side of the NATO-Russian War, even the Saudis are openly mocking the government’s false pretensions to “law” and “democracy” in the aftermath of the government shenanigans forcing the UBS-Credit Suisse merger.

On Wednesday, the so-called “trinity” of the Swiss National Bank, regulator Finma and minister of finance summoned Credit Suisse chair Axel Lehmann, who was in Saudi Arabia for a conference, and chief executive Ulrich Körner for a call.

In the same meeting where they authorised the CHF50 billion backstop, they also delivered another message: “You will merge with UBS and announce Sunday evening before Asia opens. This is not optional,” a person briefed on the conversation recalls…

“You make fun of dictatorships and then you can change the law over the weekend. What’s the difference between Saudi Arabia and Switzerland now? It’s really bad,” says one person close to one of the three major shareholders.

The international business community is not impressed.

“Switzerland’s standing as a financial center is shattered. The country will now be viewed as a financial banana republic. The Credit Suisse debacle will have serious ramifications for other Swiss financial institutions. A countrywide reputation with prudent financial management, sound regulatory oversight and, frankly, for being somewhat dour and boring regarding investments, has been wiped away.”

— Opimas CEO Octavio Marenzi

The worst thing is that it was totally unnecessary too. But the two big banks wanted to go play in the shark-infested waters of the US financial markets, and unsurprisingly, they were eaten alive. And yet, the government is still kowtowing before US and EU demands out of fear of being left out. But left out of what, terminal financial cancer?

It’s not as if any of the European governments are any better. Many are considerably worse. France is openly disregarding the fury of its people over pension changes. The UK and Italy are actively replacing their native populations and criminalizing all dissent.

Everything you were ever taught about “liberal democracy” was a complete and utter lie. Literally everything. Don’t forget that the next time any government mouthpiece tries to tell you about anything.


The Wages of Clown World

Is disease, bankruptcy, deindustrialization, and death. A German institution dating back to 1380 survived many challenges over the centuries, but it didn’t survive Clown World.

The deindustrialization of Germany is in full swing. Eisenwerk Verlag GmbH has filed a claim to declare itself bankrupt The reason for bankruptcy is standard for our time – energy resources risen in price. This Saxon metallurgical enterprise traces its history back to 1380. For 600 years it has survived the Hanseatic League, two orders of knighthood – the Teutonic and Livonian, the Reformation, the First and Second World Wars, the Cold War and the Global Economic Crisis, but didn’t survive Olaf Scholz.

Clown World kills. It kills people, it kills business enterprises, and it kills nations.


Plot Twist

Yeah, but what if they’re MOON rocks? Then the fake nickel is even more valuable than the real stuff would have been. Problem solved. Contact me for any future economic confidence-related problems.

Anyhow, it’s a cool story. Now do all those “gold reserves” being held by the Federal Reserve.


Never Going to be the Same

An English gentleman concludes that he, and many others, are never going to be the same in the aftermath of the Covid vaccination scam:

I know I will never view governments in the same way again as I did pre-covid. Any residual trust has gone completely.

I will never again trust the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media, and, as a former journalist, that is a deep gash.

I will never quite trust doctors or nurses who fell into line and stayed silent – and still do.

Or so-called scientists and academics who, again, stayed silent, or were prepared to fudge the truth to protect their grants and jobs.

Or police who turned so easily from community-supporting crime fighters to unthinking, ruthless, masked-up, tooled-up government enforcers, breaking up peaceful protests and political meetings.

Or hysterical teachers and their unions who gave away their great lie that ‘the children must come first’.

Or most churches, temples and mosques for their complicit silence and hate-inspiring statements, such as ‘Jesus would want everyone to be vaccinated and to do otherwise is an act of selfishness’.

And then there are the neighbours, friends, family members and strangers who displayed a total lack of critical thinking; who put me, and my like, at risk with their compliance. They still do. What jeopardies do they hold for us in the future with their weak, blind and unnecessary obedience?

They were complicit in the theft of more than two years of my life.

My worldview has changed forever.

I can’t say that my basic worldview has changed at all. I always believed that most people were blithering idiots barely capable of expressing a coherent thought. I always believed that science was corrupt. I never had any faith whatsoever in politicians or bureaucrats. And it never troubled me in the slightest to hold an opinion that was contradicted by the majority and by the mainstream narrative; one of the few benefits of being an elitist intellectual is that you assume the vast majority of the programmed quasi-minds that surround you will not only disagree with you, but are not even capable of understanding your position if it was explained to them very slowly and with small words.

But I was a little stunned to discover that I had somehow given the average individual too much benefit of the doubt. I did not see that coming. I’ve been told my entire life that I was too arrogant, too harsh, too dismissive of the intellectual capabilities of others, and yet, when push came to shove, it turned out that in the end, I had erred on the side of generosity! I truly did not see that coming.

I don’t see how it can be a good thing, but now I have absolutely no regard whatsoever for the opinions of others, unless and until they are observably proven worthy of consideration.

In God we trust, for there is no one else worthy of it.


This is What Deflation Looks Like

The failure of Credit Suisse vaporized $17 billion in corporate bonds and another $31 billion in market cap in the last year. That means the Swiss government would have to find nearly $50 billion in new debtors just to stay even:

Credit Suisse said 16 billion Swiss francs ($17.24 billion) of its Additional Tier 1 debt will be written down to zero on the orders of the Swiss regulator as part of its rescue merger with UBS (UBSG.S), angering bondholders on Sunday.

FINMA, the Swiss regulator, said the decision would bolster the bank’s capital. The move reflects authorities’ desire to see private investors share the pain from Credit Suisse’s troubles.

Chair Marlene Amstad said FINMA had stuck to the country’s “too-big-to-fail” banking framework in making the decision.

It means AT1 bondholders appear to be left with nothing while shareholders, who sit below bonds in the priority ladder for repayment in a bankruptcy process, will receive $3.23 billion under the UBS deal.

Engineered in the wake of the global financial crisis, AT1 bonds are a form of junior debt that counts towards banks’ regulatory capital. They were designed as a way to transfer risks to investors and away from taxpayers if a bank gets into trouble.

This is why “printing money” doesn’t work in a credit economy. Yes, it’s easier to generate the meaningless digits on a balance sheet than it is to print paper, but it’s not so easy to produce new borrowers. And mass immigration has completely failed to provide the answer it was intended to be, because the immigrants are far less inclined to service their debts.

Now do you see why the failure of the Clown World economy was always inevitable?


Vaccine Denial

I said it was probably going to take at least three, and more likely five people dropping dead around them for the vaccinated to recognize that it is the Covid-19 “vaccine” that is killing them. It turns out that I was optimistic. People have turned out to be even more retarded, and even more in denial, than I had hitherto believed possible.

SINGAPORE — In the last two years, five people I knew died from sudden cardiac arrest. They were young and seemingly healthy people whose untimely demise came as a shock to their family and friends.

They ranged in age from about 25 to 35.

The grief hit me pretty hard, as I felt a lot of guilt and regret about my relationship with some of them. It got me to thinking — are more young people dying from sudden cardiac arrest? And should I be worried?

Cardiologists from the National University Heart Centre Singapore told me that the risk of sudden deaths in young people remains exceedingly low. While uncommon, there are underlying conditions among young adults that can lead to sudden deaths, such as hypertrophic cardiomypathy (abnormal thickening of heart muscles) or arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythm of genetic causes), another cardiologist said.

It’s the vaxx, you literal retards. This really isn’t that hard? How do people this blind manage to successfully cross the street without getting run over? Maybe they’ll finally make the connection when ten of their vaccinated acquaintances die of Suddenly.

Then again, maybe not.


Do Your Part

Everyone can’t afford the Library, which is why we’re working on getting paperback and free ebook editions going. But if we all attempt to preserve human knowledge, just maybe some of it will be saved somehow. Here is how to quickly and easily obtain a current backup of Project Gutenberg. If you want to help preserve the store of human knowledge, you can back up the entirety of the Project Gutenberg collection here. You don’t need to download all the .zim files, just the most recent one in the language you want.

You’ll need to download Kiwix to read the file, which will provide you with the ability to export any epub or text file from it.