Scott Adams is a Sore Loser

It’s hardly a surprise that Scott Adams is “taking the L” ungraciously. He still can’t admit that those who chose to remain unvaccinated did so on the basis of accurately assessing the available information and reaching the correct logical conclusion. This is grade-A Gamma secret kinging.

Scott Adams@ScottAdamsSays
I bow to your data-free analysis. You win.

His Twitter followers aren’t buying it. As they shouldn’t.

  • On data… early on, we had to look at mechanisms and examples – because of no data. Mechanism… Vit D, immune support. Examples: past mRNA woes. Now we have data but don’t know what to trust.
  • We had lots of data Scott. We knew the ‘vaccine’ was in clinical trials till 2023. We knew covid deaths included any cause with 28 days. We knew covid was only impacting sick or old. We knew ‘face coverings’ useless. You had access to the above too. What went wrong?
  • Gut instincts & experience are never to be relied upon, only ‘science’ provided by people who have a financial stake in that ‘science’ or a political motivation to control people.
  • Absence of safety data is self-sufficient reason not to take risk. It’s logical to evaluate risk before you take it. Then you had many different ways to find out why risk not worth to take.
  • Answering this question doesn’t require accurate data on the safety of the vaccine vs catching COVID. Experts who said “yes” told me they weren’t motivated by saving lives or telling the truth, & could be ignored. Then I was unsurprised to learn they mostly lied elsewhere.
  • I worked with PCR. I understood the science behind it. When the gov/Pharma/MSM all supported PCR at high cycles, ignoring solid, factual science…where were your analytics? We knew the data, the science, & analyzed what was happening, coming to the conclusion the PCR was invalid.
  • I think I can give everyone some indicators. When the same people pushing CRT, wars, & drag shows to little children say get vaccinated, it is a clue. When the fed gov exempts themselves from something, it is a clue. When there is 24/7 propaganda, the opposite is most likely true.
  • How did you analyze mRNA? When the gov changed the definition for “vaccine” they ignored all the science. How did you analyze those two things together? My analysis of previous science & experience in science allowed me to come to the conclusion that the Covid shots would be bad.
  • There was a lot of data analysis to use. We weren’t lucky. We used solid, factual, science based truths to come to logical conclusions. Our analysis was good. Hopefully, you’ll take a longer look at your own basis of analysis and find what went wrong.
  • They came up with a “vaccine” in 6 months for a Corona virus-something we never have had before. Then they started forcing people to take it(2 flags).The same govt & “science” that want us to eat bugs and get rid of our gas stoves (3 flags). They also masked little kids-4 flags
  • Lack of data is a MAJOR piece of data… I still cannot believe that it wasn’t mandatory to see the clinical trial data before roll out to expedite peer review and to prove transparency…
  • A healthy distrust of government and big pharma was all the early analysis that was needed. I am willing to wait for data to analyze, absent data the default position should be no for the average person. People with comorbidities had to gamble with more risk.
  • There is an ample sample size of government lies to assume fraud by default.
  • It’s not just looking at data. Making smart decisions also includes analysis of circumstances, motivations, facts and sources. I.e., critical thinking. This was an easy one.
  • The problem is, when data was given you dismissed it as bad data repeatedly…
  • What good did your data analysis get you? Believe it or not Scott, there are others out there who understand game theory. You’re not the only one. If the data you input into your analysis is dogshit, the results you get are dogshit. You used dogshit data and got dogshit.
  • Hardly data free analysis. Zelenko, Malone, McCullough,Gold,Kory,Wolf,FLCCC, and many many more. Out there for nearly 3 years
  • There was plenty of data both past and present. The fact that you still can’t see it and think we were all just lucky shows that you have learned nothing. Your opinions should never be trusted again. You simply lack the brain power to be taken seriously.

My own thought process on the subject of the Covid-19 vaccines was very simple, straightforward, and proved to be reliable. I observed that the people most actively involved in pushing the vaxx propaganda were outspoken global depopulationists. Therefore, I concluded that the vaxx was not intended to save lives and thereby increase the global population, it was intended to reduce the global population, most likely through adverse effects on human fertility.

And everything else, from the relentless government propaganda campaigns to the scientific information revealed by Karl Denninger and the inexplicable demonization of cheap, effective, and widespread substances like Vitamin D, zinc, and Ivermectin, collectively did nothing more than confirm the correctness of my initial conclusion.


No, Harry, No!

Prince Harry has left readers wincing with his account of applying Elizabeth Arden cream used by his late mother to his frostbitten penis in 2011. The moment appears in his explosive memoir Spare, with a clip from the audiobook narrated by the Duke of Sussex himself making the rounds on social media, where horrified readers have called it a ‘Freudian nightmare.’ In the passage, Harry recalls that his late mother Princess Diana used to apply the cream to her lips, and says the smell of the product made him feel like his mother ‘was right there in the room’ before he applied the cream to his penis.

We’ve officially reached the point where satanic humiliation ritual may be the most optimistic explanation for Harry Markle’s behavior. Who ghostwrote this for him, Jordan Peterson?


Amazon Doubles Down

It appears that Amazon Studios has decided that the fundamental problem underlying the comprehensive failure of Dem Rangz o’ Powah was an insufficiency of strong woman power storytelling.

The Lord Of The Rings fans got a glimpse of what to expect with the upcoming second season of the prequel series The Rings Of Power on Wednesday. Amazon Studios announced that the next season will feature a striking all-female directing team, according to Deadline. Among the women helming the season will be Charlotte Brändström, who previously directed two episodes of the fantasy show’s debut season.

Hamri, who hails from Morocco, got her start directing music videos for Mariah Carey, Destiny’s Child and Prince, among others, before directing the Sanaa Lathan film Something New in 2006. She later directed The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 and Just Wright, but she has mostly worked in television in recent years, including producing and directing for another Amazon fantasy series, The Wheel Of Time.

Hooper has worked in British television for decades, though she recently scored high-profile directing gigs on episodes of The Sandman and The Witcher.

After all, who better to visually interpret the vision of a white male Oxford don than a bunch of women who have failed, failed, and failed again? You just know the great debate in the writer’s room is if it’s enough to hint that Galadrial just might be attracted to another woman or if they should throw caution to the winds, shave her head, and have her form a lifelong romantic attachment to a female orc.

I expect that the great majority of Tolkien fans who successfully ignored the first season will ignore the second one even harder.


Dancing with Demons

Scott Adams is foolishly flirting with the supernatural by practicing magick. Unless he turns to Jesus Christ, this won’t end well.

Here’s weird story I promise is true: Yesterday I had an almost hallucinogenic experience of communicating with the creators of the Simulation. I spoke with “them” out loud for about thirty minutes and could feel a presence. But I was skeptical. I offered “them” a challenge…

I asked “them” to prove I was in a Simulation by solving a problem I had experienced for months: my knees were continually sore from exercise. So… I asked the creators of the Simulation to make my knee pain go away, and to do so instantly. That would be the test. My knees hurt when I asked. And then…

My knee pain disappeared. Instantly. And there is zero pain today as well. I don’t know what it means. I only know it happened. If it sometimes seems as if I am authoring reality right in front of you, you might not be wrong. But the placebo effect is also an explanation.

Scott Adams, 28 November 2022

This is why rational materialism is so dangerous. It permits the curious rational materialist to believe his little dabbles into the esoteric are innocent and entirely harmless, when in reality they are a steeper and much faster pathway to the same destination to which the broad and easy path leads.

He wasn’t communicating with the creators of the Simulation, he was communicating with the viral pathogens of the Simulation, which is a secular philosopher’s variant on my God as Game Designer metaphor. But just as an NPC can affect game world results, such as the healing of a player-character, the viral pathogens of the Simulation can respond to an individual’s requests and even choose to grant them.

What it means is that Scott Adams is practicing magick, he just doesn’t realize it yet. He’s in a very low, desperate, and vulnerable state of mind, and, as is their wont, the demons are preying on that.

Set aside the Bible for the nonce. Have none of these “great intellectuals” ever even heard of Faust?


Trust Not in Ticket-Takers

Elon Musk bows down before the one he serves.

Elon Musk didn’t let the responsibilities of becoming CEO at a third major company curb his Halloween spirit this year. Fresh off of a $44 billion deal to buy Twitter, Musk showed up on a red carpet in New York City in what appeared to be a “Devil’s Champion” costume alongside his mother, Maye Musk. Musk on Monday evening attended model Heidi Klum’s Halloween bash on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. AbracadabraNYC, a New York store that features the costume online, shows a list price of $7,500 for the “armored” red and black outfit.

Now, for the love of all that is Good, Beautiful, and True, can we PLEASE stop waxing enthusiastic for every wicked creature who happens to show signs that his commitment to evil might be slightly less than 100 percent? How many times do we have to go through the same old stupid routine?

This isn’t that hard. Evil is not good. And because evil has rival factions, not everything that opposes one evil faction is good.


Gammas are Never Wrong

Scott Adams illustrates the principle beautifully:

The biggest illusion of 2022 is that if your marriage doesn’t work it is because you picked the wrong person.

It doesn’t matter who you pick. Marriage is a pre-Internet, pre-equality system that no longer fits the modern world.

I don’t have a better idea.

The one thing, the only thing, that Scott Adams knows is that no matter what happens, it’s not his fault. The Gamma lives a life entirely free of self-accountability, which is why he is entirely incapable of learning from his not-mistakes.


Boris is Back for Britain

I expect the return of Boris Johnson to the British premiership is going to go worse than putting the corpse of Queen Elizabeth II back on the throne.

Tory MPs are waiting for news this morning after leadership rivals Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak held three-hour talks late last night over a possible power-sharing pact. The pair met at 8pm last night, where Mr Johnson argued that if he re-entered No10 with Mr Sunak in a senior role it would avoid a divisive battle.

But Mr Sunak’s campaign received a major boost this morning when prominent Brexiteer Steve Baker gave his support to the former Chancellor and warned Tory MPs against putting Mr Johnson back in Downing Street. The Northern Ireland minister, who backed Liz Truss over Mr Sunak in this summer’s leadership contest, claimed a Boris comeback would be a ‘guaranteed disaster’.

Sadly for the Tories, about the only thing capable of going worse for them than Boris’s return would be the foreign corruption of the Indian dwarf Fishy Rishy. So naturally, it makes sense that they’ll offer a two-for-one in a futile attempt to delay the inevitable General Election that will drive them from power.

At this point, the best hope for Britain may be an unsuccessful war against the Sino-Russian alliance.

UPDATE: No deal. The Empire wants unvarnished foreign rule, not Le Cirque du Boris 2.0.

Rishi Sunak officially launches bid to be PM after three-hour peace talks between him and Boris end ‘with NO deal’


Literally Retarded

You know, these retarded left-wing “news” sites really need to decide if they’re in the business of actually trying to report anything even remotely factual or just devote themselves to straight-up short-bus Orange Man Bad-level defamation.

The Rebel’s Run collapse stands as a cautionary tale for conservatives who dream of seeing their ideas turned into films, and comes as right-wing media outlets increasingly dabble in motion pictures. Commentator Ben Shapiro’s company has a streaming website that offers movies with a conservative tinge, including a thriller about a school shooting and a western starring “canceled” actress Gina Carano. Earlier this year, Breitbart News distributed a Hunter Biden biopic. But Rebel’s Run collapse stands as a cautionary tale for conservatives showing that the jump to movies isn’t a risk-free endeavor.

There was reason to think Beale and his fans could realize their dream of going from comic books to cinema, if only through sheer fanaticism. His devoted followers call him the “Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil,” and describe themselves as his “minions.” Beale’s supporters, who frequently complain about supposed progressive “social justice warrior” influence creeping into fields like video games and science fiction, had already funded a handful of comic book issues and stirred up a controversy at science fiction’s premiere awards….

As Ohana’s promotional materials put it, according to prosecutors, the firm offered “banking [to] the unbankable.” On Nov. 5, 2020, Beale transferred the $1 million to Ohana to be held in escrow in advance of future film funding.

It’s a pity this didn’t run in the Swiss media, or Will Sommer would quickly find himself being dragged into a police station to face an interrogation. I never had any access to, nor did I transfer, “the $1 million” to anyone, nor have I ever had any contact whatsoever with James Wolfgramm, Ohana, or any of its employees, associates, or principals.

This literally retarded article firmly cements my policy of never talking to the media. Because even if you do, they either pay no attention to the information that doesn’t fit their narrative or they are simply too stupid to grasp what you’re telling them.

As for our future plans, we’re already breaking new ground in the field of animation. And while you wait for us to demonstrate our progress there, you can read the 68 episodes of Rebel and her compadres at Arktoons.


Improving on Tolkien

The Amazon Abomination tries, and succeeds, to improve upon the late, great grandmaster of high fantasy. Needless to say, it doesn’t go well.

They are trying to improve Tolkien.

They are not succeeding.

Mithril now has an origin story. According to Celebrimbor, there is a legend of an Elf warrior fighting a Balrog for a tree in which one of the Silmarils is lodged. The fight was so titanic (and cliché) that it forced the power of the Silmaril through the tree’s roots, into the ground and created the Mithril.

No. It didn’t. Mithril’s origin story is that the Dwarves found it and dug it up.

Here is a brutally quick history of the Silmarils.

Feanor created three jewels of literally unsurpassed beauty, within them was the light of the two trees of Valinor. Manwë’s wife made the jewels sacred so that no one evil or mortal could touch them without withering and dying. Morgoth coveted them so much, that he killed the Trees in order to steal them. Then he took them to his fortress of Angband. Their light burned him but he couldn’t part with them, so Morgoth put the Silmarils in a crown that he wore upon his head.

Feanor and his sons made a terrible vow to recover them. Their clan committed untold crimes against the rest of the Elves to fulfill this vow. Great wars, Kinslayings, and misery were the result.

Beren stole a Silmaril, and gave it to his wife Luthien, when she died again (don’t ask) it passed to their son Dior. When the sons of Feanor killed him it fell into Dior’s daughter, Elwing’s hands. She flew with it to her husband and they sailed with it to Valinor to beg the aid of the Valar.

When Morgoth fell after the War of Wrath, the remaining two Silmarils were taken by Eanwë, the herald of Manwë. The last two sons of Feanor snuck into the Valar camp and stole them. Eanwë caught them but apparently decided to let the holy jewels pass judgment on them and gave one to each of the brothers.

They were so tainted by the crimes they had committed in the pursuit of these jewels that they were horribly burned and withered by the Silmarils. Maedhros threw himself and his Silmaril into a fiery pit. Maglor cast his into the sea and apparently spent the rest of his immortal life singing songs of lamentation.

So, of the three Silmarils, one of them is now the North Star, one of them got chucked into a volcano and the third was pitched into the sea. None of them was ever, at any time in a god damned tree, ever. Their locations were always accounted for in the legendarium.

As for Mithril, this is blatant idiocy. The Silmarils never worked that way.

Mithril is just a precious metal. Now it is super rare and worth ten times its weight in gold, but it ends there. It’s not magical and never was.

Well, at least they’re trying to tell a story of some sort. Even if it is an incoherent one that is completely inconsistent with canon.


Please Don’t Hit Us

The Eu declares it is not at war with Russia:

The European Union is not at war with Russia, but it will continue to support Ukraine in its fight against Moscow, EU foreign policy spokesman Peter Stano said on Wednesday. The statement came hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization of troops.

Speaking at a press conference, Stano was asked whether the EU is in a state of war with Russia, given that earlier Vladimir Putin had claimed that Russia is facing “the entire Western military machine” in Ukraine. The foreign policy spokesman replied in the negative.

“Of course we are not in war with Russia. We are supporting Ukraine’s legitimate, justified fight to defend its people and its territory,” he said, adding that Kiev is protecting not only itself, but also European democratic values.

And then promptly turned around and announced new sanctions – that will totally work this time – in response to Russia announcing it is willing to respect democratic self-determination in four former Ukrainian provinces.

The EU has agreed to slap new sanctions on Russia “as soon as possible” over plans to hold referendums in the Donbass republics and Russian-controlled regions in Ukraine on whether to unite with Russia, the bloc’s foreign policy chief said on Wednesday.

Apparently “European democractic values” mean “anti-democratic values”. But this preemptive refusal to accept the will of the Novorussian people isn’t a surprise, given the way the EU also refused to recognize the will of the Catalonian people.

Unfortunately for the EU, unlike tango, it only takes one to war.