The Gatekeeper Makes His Move

In a move that will surprise precisely no one who has been paying any attention at all: Ron DeSantis has finally gone anti-Trump, just in time to announce that he’s running for President:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has finally taken the gloves off and launched a blistering attack on his former mentor, former President Donald Trump.

In an exclusive wide-ranging interview with me airing on Fox Nation’s “Piers Morgan Uncensored” on Thursday, he said “stay tuned” about his widely expected announcement that he’s running for president and declared: “I have what it takes to be president and I can beat [President] Biden.”

But it’s what he said about Trump that will ignite a firestorm in the Republican Party.

It was clear that the governor has had enough of Trump’s constant baiting and felt ready to take him on in what could end up being a ferocious battle for the White House.

And in a series of jabs at likely his biggest rival for the Republican nomination, DeSantis slammed Trump over his character failings, chaotic leadership style, and for his handling of the COVID pandemic — especially in keeping controversial health chief Dr. Anthony Fauci in his post helping to run the White House coronavirus task force.

Trump was an excellent president despite his massive failures. DeSantis has been a very good governor for Florida. But whereas Trump appears to have been defeated by an Establishment that hates him as much as it hates the American people, DeSantis is a creature of the Establishment disguised as an independent player.

One Can’t Call Them Traitors

The neocons never had any loyalty to America or to the Republican Party in the first place.

Never Trumper Bill Kristol called on Republican voters to support Democrat politicians “for a while,” and said he would support a 2024 presidential ticket led by Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Kristol over the weekend addressed a crowd of disillusioned Republicans about the need to get rid of “Trump Republicans” from the party.

“It turns out that once you let the toothpaste out of the tube, so to speak, demagoguery and bigotry and all that, some people like it. It’s hard to get it back,” Kristol said. “You can’t just give them a lecture.”

Kristol’s remarks came during the Principles First Summit held at the Conrad Hotel in Washington, DC. The summit featured prominent Never Trumpets and “was implicitly constructed as a counterweight,” to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held the same weekend, Politico reported.

Anyone who takes neocons like Bill Kristol or Ben Shapiro seriously, let alone at face value, is literally retarded. I mean, one has to be seriously stupid to believe one single word that comes out of any neocon’s mouth. Bill Kristol’s father, Irving, even coined the ridiculous term to be sure that they distinguished themselves from conservatives, despite the fact that they already had a perfectly useful term to describe them, namely, Trotskyites.


Know Your E-Whores

The Republican establishment is working with the DeSantis campaign to create a fake groundswell of popular support for the Florida governor by putting together what is described as “a network of conservative social media influencers”:

According to five Republicans familiar with the discussions, the governor’s top lieutenants have quietly recruited a network of conservative social media influencers as part of a broader attempt to circumvent the mainstream press and appeal directly to GOP primary voters nationwide.

And who are, according to the three Republicans who received the initial pitch, among the ranks in DeSantis’ digital army?

Jack Murphy, a podcast host and self-described “alpha-male giga chad” involved in a quasi-professional cuckolding porn scandal. John Cardillo, a former Newsmax TV host and unregistered arms dealer who allegedly stiffed the Ukrainian government for $200,000 worth of body armor plates. Christian Walker, Herschel Walker’s right-wing influencer son who helped tank his father’s Senate campaign. David Reaboi, a Hungary-loving and Qatar-hating bodybuilder with longstanding ties to John Bolton. And Caleb Hull, an ex-Trump digital strategist who has said some very, very racist things.

This is the DeSantis A-team, and they’re fighting a battle for a presidential campaign that hasn’t even started yet—with plenty of DeSantis face time, dinners, and photo ops.

Of course, this “secret Twitter army” is about as far right as Mitt Romney. But keep these names, and the names of the usual suspects, in mind when you start hearing them talk up the establishment’s choice as “the real deal” and the only choice to defeat Biden in 2024. Because all of it – and them – are fake and gay.


Clown World Conservatives

It kind of makes you start wondering about space and dinosaurs, doesn’t it? The Big Bear was right again, as Steven Crowder comes out of the closet.

Steven Crowder admits to “bisexual phase” and fears it will come back, also fears having children. He cites these fears as potential marital problems. This just after slandering Ye and Nick Fuentes as “gay for Hitler”

And isn’t it a surprise that this two-year-old revelation goes viral right after Crowder’s very public spat with Ben Shapiro and the Daily Wire?

Once more, we observe that the so-called, self-styled conservatives assigned to play the roles of thought leaders for the Right are little more than puppets and parrots. They’re quite literally fake and gay, just like the rest of Clown World.


What Happens When You Take the Ticket

Andrew Torba, a man who has rejected a ticket or two in his day, explains what happens when you sell your soul to Conservative Inc.

What happens when you sell your soul to Conservative Inc?

Let’s look at what happens when someone signs on the dotted line with a Conservative Inc company like The Daily Wire. Jordan Peterson did just that several months ago. The first videos Peterson released after joining The Daily Wire chastised Muslims and Christians with criticism and scolding. Noticeably he provided none of the same complaints and scolding to people of the Jewish faith. Instead, he is now making trips to Israel, crying on stage, praising them, and doing glowing interviews with Benjamin Netanyahu. This is what it looks like to sell your soul for money and become a dancing clown for Ben Shapiro and Israel.

Last fall, Ye came under scrutiny from the media for expressing similar concerns to Crowder with certain music industry contracts that were equally exploitative. Ye was then promptly banned from social media, bank accounts, and much more for criticizing the group of people behind these contracts.

As it turns out, the same group of people are behind Steven Crowder’s exploitative term sheet offer from The Daily Wire. So, it appears Ye indeed had a point about exploitative contracts from Jewish media moguls. These are the facts, and the gatekeepers at Conservative Inc don’t want you to discuss these uncomfortable truths. It’s not Christians running these companies and making these deals. Ye told you who is running them, and they destroyed him for it.

When Ye’s friend Candace Owens, who works for The Daily Wire, went to bat to defend him, Ben Shapiro quickly put her in her place to stop it. Signing on the dotted line with The Daily Wire means you are forbidden from discussing topics that make Ben Shapiro uncomfortable. Topics that are essential to breaking down the problems in our society and that are culturally, spiritually, and politically relevant. Taking the deal with the Devil means you must shut your mouth about these topics and must leave your friends and principles hanging under the bus.

I’ve had my differences with Torba in the past. Our falling out – at a time when he had written the original foreword to SJWS ALWAYS DOUBLE DOWN – was real, serious, and substantive. We’ve since sorted out those differences, and one thing we definitely now have in common is that neither of us has any interest whatsoever in cooperation with Conservative Inc.

And I can confirm that he definitely knows what he’s talking about here. He’s been offered the world on a platter, just like Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Candace Owens, Milo Yiannopoulos, William F. Buckley, and others before, and he had the integrity to turn it down because he quite rightly values his immortal soul more than the filthy and fake digital debt they are offering for it.

Last summer, I said that to be a leader or influencer on the right, you need to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and be a Christian. I said in no uncertain terms that people like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson have no place in any serious right-wing movement and resistance to the Regime unless they become Christians. I got a lot of flack for this from the media and many people on the right, but I stand by it, and now you see why.

He’s absolutely right. I don’t pay serious attention to any commentator who is not a Christian anymore, because non-Christians in the West have literally no ability to understand the nature of the global geopolitical conflict or the reason for the decline and coming collapse of the United States. And failing to understand either of those things, their analyses are always incorrect and usually irrelevant.


Clown World Claims Brazil

As was the case with Donald Trump, Bolsonaro’s courage failed him at the Rubicon:

The outgoing president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has affirmed that “nothing justifies” violent plans such as the one that allegedly foresaw an attack in the area of the Brasilia airport and has disassociated himself from the mobilizations organized in recent days in front of Armed Forces installations to demand a military uprising.

He has also disassociated himself from the camps that demand in his name the annulment of the results of the last elections and the intervention of the Armed Forces. In this sense, he said that these are spontaneous rallies and that he has “withdrawn” from any kind of protest of this type.

What a strange thing to say, given the way in which violence has been deemed appropriate and necessary by everyone from the Pope and the Founding Fathers to the Zionists, the Greatest Generation, and the invaders of Grenada, Iraq, and Afghanistan, to say nothing of those who are funding violence, and increasingly, engaging in violence, on behalf of Ukraine. These cuckservative leaders were happy enough to order their militaries into action against foreign nations that have never done anything to their people, but shirked at actually using them to defend the people against their actual enemies.

“I tried to find a solution inside our constitution but I didn’t have enough support.”

And that is why conservatives will never save anyone or anything. Despite all their brave rhetoric, they’re cowards at heart. All evil has to do to defeat a conservative is tell him that resistance is illegal.


The Rehabilitation of Ben Shapiro

Now that it is too late for the millions of conservative vaxx victims who were vaccinated with the active encouragement of Ben Shapiro, the conservative media is attempting to position him as one of the good guys worthy of trust again.

Ben Shapiro has long been a strong advocate for the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, believing that taking them was a socially responsible measure that might save someone’s grandma and even slow or prevent the spread of the virus. On Tuesday, Shapiro stated that, like many others, he had been deceived about the efficacy of the vaccines, particularly with regard to their ability to prevent viral transmission.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” Shapiro stated, “It is now perfectly clear that we were lied to. And we were lied to at a very high level and from very, very early on by both the vaccine companies, in terms of the ability of the vaccine to prevent transmission, and … by our politicians who apparently knew better.”

Shapiro’s admission and sense of betrayal comes, in part, after Pfizer executive Janine Small stated on Oct. 10 that the company did not know if the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine it had developed with BioNTech would prevent viral transmission before the drug went on the market.

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In addition to being enraged by Small’s admission, Shapiro took issue with the possibility that the Biden administration knew as much over a year ago, but had nevertheless stood by its original narrative. “It turns out the Biden White House knew this and promoted the lie anyway,” said Shapiro. “This is truly amazing stuff.”

On Aug. 2, 2021, he claimed, “Getting vaxxed essentially protects you from the virus. Remaining unvaxxed makes you vulnerable. Make your choice.”

On Sep. 2, 2021, he suggested that the “only people … [who are] worried, unfortunately, are people who are vaxxed and shouldn’t be worried; the unvaxxed are generally unworried, which is why they are unvaxxed.”

In February, he boasted, “Double-vaxxed. My wife is triple. My parents are triple.”

Knowing what he knows now, Shapiro, who is double-vaccinated, said he is not sure whether he would have taken the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, but said, “maybe not.”

AC isn’t fooled by the attempted post-vaxx rehabilitation. Nor should anyone else be fooled.

So he is one of us again, and now we can follow him again, MAGA-Bros. Because he won’t be wrong about the next thing he will be wrong about. I love how none of these sites mention Vox Day, or this site, or any of the thousands of other people who were entirely right in telling people not to take the shot. Since they got the last thing right, and Shapiro got it entirely wrong, wouldn’t it make sense to not listen to Shapiro anymore, and listen, instead, to the people who got the last thing right?

Never, ever, pay any attention to The Manufactured Ones. Even when they belatedly say things that are true, they only do so in order to be able to mislead you again when their masters wish you to be led astray. No former vaxxine cheerleader who has turned against the vaxx should be trusted, for much the same reason that no converted liberal should be permitted to assume a position of leadership in a political or religious organization.


A Clown, Dancing

Gavin McInnes belatedly comes clean about his oh-so-funny arrest hoax:

Gavin McInnes, the Proud Boys and Vice founder accused by detractors of being a right-wing, racist extremist, has resurfaced nearly two weeks after faking an on-air arrest by federal authorities in the middle of his live podcast to answer the pile of hate mail he’s received from fans since his stunt.

As we previously reported, McInnes appeared to be removed from his Bronx studio in the middle of his live Get Off My Lawn podcast on August 25, shortly after he began to address one or more seemingly uninvited, off-camera guests. McInnes then engaged in some cringe-inducing play acting about setting up a meeting between his lawyer and the unseen visitors. Within days, it was exposed as a hoax, with LAMag reporting exclusively that McInnes had been spotted trotting about the south of France.

On Tuesday, McInnes returned to his podcast where, first of all, he confirmed that France had indeed been among his family’s destinations since ditching the show to dupe his supporters… McInnes admitted that while casual devotees of his show were split on whatever it was he was trying to do, his true cultural offspring really hated it.

“So, as far as who liked this event, this project, and who didn’t, I’d say the viewers were about 50-50,” McInnes estimated. “But with Proud Boys it was like 80 percent, ‘Fuck Gavin McInnes.’”

I think McInnes’s reported numbers are about as credible as Amazon’s reported numbers for Dem Rangz o’ Power. I don’t see how anyone could possibly like the so-called event; it was always a lose-lose proposition.

But don’t forget what McInnes admitted, because it’s true of many, if not most, of political commentators. “I am a clown dancing for your entertainment!”


Grifters, Grifters Everywhere

Was talking to [REDACTED] Bear at the festival and he said most conservatives are doing it, but Gavin is the one who was caught. Apparently Tim Pool pulled the same stunt, but years ago, and while he was “being detained” the YouTube livestream was left on for hours and holds some kind of record for the amount of money collected from superchats in one stream.

Just to be clear, the police do not simply respond blindly to calls as if they have no idea that they have ever been there before. Most public figures at genuine risk of being SWATted have already alerted the local police to the possibility, their address is already known to the police and flagged accordingly, and any attempt at SWATting will result in a telephone call, or at most, a visit from a squad car to confirm that everything is all right rather than an emergency response.

Anyone who gets SWATted multiple times is almost certainly faking it.


UPDATE: Apparently Mr. McInnes is on work release from his secret FBI prison.