Nothing But a Psyop

The psychological operation of Covid-19 is confirmed by leaks of the British Health Secretary’s tweets.

Of course, the British media is doing their best to trivialize the Whatsapp leaks by focusing on the intra-Tory drama.

A spokesman for Mr Hancock said: ‘There’s nothing new in these messages, and absolutely no public interest in publishing them given the independent inquiry has them all. It’s highly intrusive, completely inappropriate and has all been discussed endlessly before.’

Everything, from the reported deaths to the lockdowns and the mandated vaccines, was based on nothing more than pure government-generated fear. What is left to be determined is what the real objective of the psyop was and what the long-term effects of the vaxx on the human population is going to be.


The Wages of Empire

London is not only ruled by a Punjabi and a Pakistani, the former capital city of the English is now literally owned by Indians:

Indians Now Own More Real Estate in London Than the English

More real estate in London is owned by Indian proprietors than by the native English population, a new study has revealed.

According to the London-based property developer Barratt London, English property owners are the second-biggest group in their own capital, sandwiched between Pakistani proprietors below and Indian property owners at the top.

Empire is a slow-growing cancer on a nation. Having seen what has become of the English empire and what global empire has done to America, do you really believe that China, much less Russia, harbors similar ambitions of global domination?

The multipolarity that Clown World’s two great enemies both presently profess is not a sham or a ruse. To the contrary, it is a conscious rejection of imperial ambitions due to wise and intelligent leadership understanding the long-term cost to future generations of ruling over foreign peoples for the benefit of the current generation.

The wages of empire are foreign ownership and occupation.


Suicide UK

Just in case you weren’t absolutely certain that the so-called leaders of the United Kingdom are hell-bent on destroying the English nation.

Boris Johnson urges UK to offer ALL its fighter jets and tanks to Ukraine: Ex-PM says the ‘best use’ for military kit is battling Russia after Zelensky issues plea in emotional speech to MPs and peers.

In a statement after the speech, Mr Johnson said: ‘It is time to give the Ukrainians the extra equipment they need to defeat Putin and to restore peace to Ukraine. That means longer range missiles and artillery. It means more tanks. It means planes. We have more than 100 Typhoon jets. We have more than 100 Challenger 2 tanks. 

‘The best single use for any of these items is to deploy them now for the protection of the Ukrainians – not least because that is how we guarantee our own long-term security.

‘Today’s investment in helping Ukraine will avert instability and chaos for years to come. By helping Ukraine to push back Putin, we can make our world safer – and above all, save an innocent country from destruction.’

This is what happens when you allow foreigners to invade your nation en masse. Once they take over, they promptly begin ruling in their own interests, no matter how badly it harms the nation. Churchill would have had Johnson hung for treason.

Why stop with all the jets and tanks? Why not just send the entire British Army and Royal Navy to die in Ukraine? It’s not as if they’re going to make any difference whatsoever with regards to the inevitable outcome.

It’s really starting to look like either a) there is something in Ukraine that Clown World is absolutely desperate to protect, or b) Clown World is actively seeking to strip the West of all its defenses.


Pedos on the Police Force

Someone call Jordan Peterson! The Metropolitan Police need him to explain how any suggestion that the authorities are engaged in systematic child abuse and sex trafficking are just baseless conspiracy theories indicative of psychological imbalances. Again.

An investigation into a suspected paedophile ring within London’s Metropolitan Police force has taken a dark turn, with one of the suspects found dead the day he was due to be charged.

Chief Inspector Richard Watkinson was supposed to present himself at a police station to be charged with conspiracy to distribute or show indecent images of children, making indecent photos of a child, misconduct in public office, and voyeurism the day he was found dead in his home, The Telegraph reports.

“Chief Inspector Watkinson was facing extremely serious and concerning charges, as the result of a painstaking and thorough police investigation,” explained Commander Jon Savell, described as “Head of Profession” at the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards.

“Before this matter came to light, we had no previous information about these allegations or to indicate the officer posed any risk to the public,” Commander Savell claimed.

“He had not faced any other criminal or conduct matters during his Met career. He had been suspended from duty since his arrest,” he said, adding: “Two other men were also arrested during the course of the investigation and have been charged, their matters will now progress through the courts.”

These men, a 63-year-old former Metropolitan Police firearms officer now based in Scotland, named as Jack Addis, and a 62-year-old former Metropolitan Police officer, named as Jeremy Laxton, are due to appear before Westminster Magistrates’ Court on February 9th, which will almost certainly refer their cases on to the Crown Court.

If you consider how many establishment, entertainment, and authority figures have been revealed to be pedos over the last four decades despite the entire weight of the government and judicial system in multiple countries being invoked to sweep it under the rug, the only rational conclusion is that every single rumor and conspiracy theory related to the subject is not only true, but is a conservative estimate.

And isn’t it remarkable how such a high percentage of individuals charged with pedo-related crimes manage to “commit suicide” or be “found dead” before they are forced to testify about their criminal connections?


Boris is Back for Britain

I expect the return of Boris Johnson to the British premiership is going to go worse than putting the corpse of Queen Elizabeth II back on the throne.

Tory MPs are waiting for news this morning after leadership rivals Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak held three-hour talks late last night over a possible power-sharing pact. The pair met at 8pm last night, where Mr Johnson argued that if he re-entered No10 with Mr Sunak in a senior role it would avoid a divisive battle.

But Mr Sunak’s campaign received a major boost this morning when prominent Brexiteer Steve Baker gave his support to the former Chancellor and warned Tory MPs against putting Mr Johnson back in Downing Street. The Northern Ireland minister, who backed Liz Truss over Mr Sunak in this summer’s leadership contest, claimed a Boris comeback would be a ‘guaranteed disaster’.

Sadly for the Tories, about the only thing capable of going worse for them than Boris’s return would be the foreign corruption of the Indian dwarf Fishy Rishy. So naturally, it makes sense that they’ll offer a two-for-one in a futile attempt to delay the inevitable General Election that will drive them from power.

At this point, the best hope for Britain may be an unsuccessful war against the Sino-Russian alliance.

UPDATE: No deal. The Empire wants unvarnished foreign rule, not Le Cirque du Boris 2.0.

Rishi Sunak officially launches bid to be PM after three-hour peace talks between him and Boris end ‘with NO deal’


Deep State UK’s Auto-Coup

The Deep State is hurling one wicked servant after another from the high horse because all of them are increasingly stupid and dangerous to the Deep State’s survival:

Make no mistake about one thing – Truss’s departure was nothing short of a Deep State coup. As manifestly unqualified, stupid, ill-informed, and incompetent as she clearly was, the fact remains that the reason why first Kwarteng and then Truss were YEETED so quickly, is because the Deep State bureaucracy that rules over Whitehall and Westminster, wanted them both gone.

Why? It’s not like either of them were any real threat to the system, after all. Truss and Kwarteng are both committed globalists who believe fervently in this ridiculous “rules-based international order” that the neoclowns and neolibs keep banging on about. They are not merely friendly to the Deep State – they ARE the Deep State.

In my view, the answer lies in the sheer incompetence of the British political class at the moment, which the Deep State increasingly understands to be a severe threat to its own survival.

Truss and people like her – Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, Keir Starmer, the whole lot of them – are all cut from the same cloth. Not ONE of them has any good ideas. Not ONE has the first clue how to run an actual economy, because every single one of these people is stupid, uneducated, unqualified, and incompetent – all at the same time.

Such incompetence and fecklessness is tolerable and permissible when times are good, and all you need is some dumb schmuck who can spout good lines and look good on camera – Tony Blair, for example. There is no threat to the Deep State’s survival in such a situation.

However, when inflation is running at 10.1% officially – and in reality is closer to 25% for the average person – and when ordinary people are muttering rebelliously about protesting in the streets, refusing to pay their energy bills, and shutting down businesses… then that is an entirely different story.

At that point, the survival of the Deep State becomes a real problem. And when the Deep State gets desperate, it does things which, to any sane outsider, look genuinely crazy – but which make sense to the Deep Statists at the time.

Just as one can only tell so many lies until one becomes incapable of even recognizing the truth, a society can only reject so many realities before it becomes unable to function.


Human Handgrenade Confirmed

The British Prime Minister is more than living up to her billing:

Liz Truss is less popular with the public than any of her immediate Tory predecessors ever were, new figures reveal today. The Prime Minister has an approval rating of -51, the lowest of any modern premier at this stage of their term in office.

Two thirds (67 per cent) of Brits told Ipsos they were dissatisfied with her performance, up 38 points in a month. And just 16 per cent were satisfied, a fall of 11 points as the public discover more about her.

Her net score is worse than the lowest scores ever achieved by Boris Johnson (-46), Theresa May (-44), David Cameron (-38) and Tony Blair (-44).

It equals Gordon Brown’s unpopularity in July 2008 during the financial crisis (-51), whilst John Major (-59) and Margaret Thatcher (-56) both slipped lower during their own economic crises in the 1980s and 1990s.

However, no PM has reached this low so quickly in their tenure.

Dominick Cummings certainly called this one correctly. It should be fascinating to see if Keir Starmer is as interested in “standing up to Putin” as Boris Johnson and Liz Truss were, and if Labour is going to be more amenable to letting Scotland end the union of the two kingdoms.


What Comes Next

Pepe Escobar observes that the British Intelligence service IM6 appears to have some idea what is being decided in Moscow:

The Brits had warned Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the General Staff that the Russians would be launching a “warning strike” this Monday.

What happened was no “warning strike,” but a massive offensive of over 100 cruise missiles launched “from the air, sea and land,” as Putin noted, against Ukrainian “energy, military command and communications facilities.”

MI6 also noted “the next step” will be the complete destruction of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. That’s not a “next step:” it’s already happening. Power supply is completely gone in five regions, including Lviv and Kharkov, and there are serious interruptions in other five, including Kiev.

Over 60 percent of Ukrainian power grids are already knocked out. Over 75 percent of internet traffic is gone. Elon Musk’s Starlink netcentric warfare has been “disconnected” by the Ministry of Defense.

Shock’n Awe will likely progress in three stages.

First: Overload of the Ukrainian air defense system (already on).

Second: Plunging Ukraine into the Dark Ages (already in progress).

Third: Destruction of all major military installations (the next wave).

We shall wait and see how events proceed before placing any confidence in the predictions. But they were certainly correct about the “warning strike” on Monday. And we now know that the air defenses in Ukraine are completely unable to offer a significant defense against Russian air strikes, even when warned they are coming.