Mailvox: More Funerals

A reader writes from New Brunswick:

In our town of about 2000 people there have been 10 deaths in the last three months. My wife asked the local priest about it, he said that normally the deaths were one every two months or so. Apparently there have been 10 funerals since July. My wife asked the priest about it and he said there were younger, healthier people than normal dying, and he was concerned, but he hadn’t made the connection to the vaccines yet.

Eventually, and probably sooner rather than later, even the average midwit who has been fully vaccinated is going to make the connection. It will be interesting to see what their reaction will be, but we can be confident that whatever it is, it will be driven by fear.


Mailvox: Dying Suddenly

An electrician reports that an alarmingly high number of the members of his union are dying, more than 4x the annual average.

Reading what you posted about a pilot dying in flight and many other coincidences brought to mind the seemingly high number of general & corporate aviation crashes recently.

Anecdotally, my electricians local union typically sees eight members pass per year; that average has held for the last 14 years. In 2020, four members passed. So far, in 2021, 33 members have passed, one additional age 63, since a business agent of the local told me this:

“So here’s some more info about what we talked about. As of the end of September we have lost 32 members. Only 4 were in their 70s and appear to have died of natural causes or self-inflicted abuse. All 4 were allegedly not-vaxxed. 2 members in their 60s passed, both apparently were vaxxed, 1 died of cancer, the other of a heart attack, but had 2 previous heart attacks. The remaining 26 were allegedly all vaxxed at a union sponsored event. All 26 were still working & between 31 & 68 years old. 13 died within 10-12 days of a vax. For the ones I got an answer, the deaths were heart attacks or strokes. About 8, the balance, said they didn’t know. Many “died suddenly”. A term I am hearing a lot. The remaining 13 died at various times after vax but 9 of the obits say “died suddenly” or “died unexpectedly”

“The families of 4 of the men, men we both know, demanded autopsies after being refused by a hospital. These 4 hired private autopsies and I’m told massive blood clotting was found in various organs. 2 reports stated “I have never seen these type of conditions/injuries”.

The agent further told me that they are all in shock and don’t know what to do. They’re frozen.

Remember, it’s safe and effective. Highly safe and effective. Except when it kills people. Then, perhaps not so much.

UPDATE: He’s not the only one seeing others have “died suddenly” for no reason at all.

So our friend called us all distraught knowing we wouldn´t judge her as her father was told by his GP that he should get the Pfizer shot, as “heart issues only seem to effect young people”. Well, you can guess what happened next… At least he is now exempt from his second shot.


Mailvox: Lockdown II Staff Shortage

An Italian explains that the vaxx restrictions are having a serious effect on Italy’s production capabilities despite the population’s general willingness to ignore the rules:

So I live to the North of Italy and went down Monday night to visit a factory to do some work with them. The hotel was in a small village and didn´t care about the Covid restrictions and told me to remove my mask when I went in. Due to this I ate an expensive meal at their restaurant even though I wasn´t hungry.

Get to the factory. Show my test etc. Temperature test etc… annoying but no big deal. Then we speak to the manager. On the 15th of October it will be law that you need to have the Vaxx or get tested by a doctor twice a week or you need to go on leave without pay. This factory, like most in Europe now is completely sold out until May next year and did not even stop production over summer. But, over 30% of the staff are unvaccinated and apparently refuse to get one.

They are literally going to be f—– unless they break the law and risk gigantic fines, or hire a doctor to “coof” test the 30% two days a week.

Something is going to give. And it’s not going to be the unvaccinated. We know of an entire hospital ward in our area that has shut down due to an inability to find enough vaccinated health care workers.


Mailvox: Vaxx Zombies

There are an increasing number of reports, as well as some dire traffic statistics, that appear to indicate that the range of adverse vaxx effects may be broader, and more consequential, than anyone presently understands:

My family lives in Minnesota. The other day my Dad went out for a walk with one of his old coworkers from 3M, they went to battle creek park. As my Dad waited for his colleague, he sat on a bench facing a slow street. He said he noticed a truck with a bike on the back, in the middle of the street angled as if it was going to try to park on the side of the road. The young white driver, about 30, was slouched over the center console and would not get up. During the course of 15 minutes my dad watched him in a daze, making small movements trying to get up. His friend arrives shortly and my dad points this out to him.

Dad and friend agree to call 911, they arrive, they talk to the guy, the guy passes all the intoxication tests, befuddling my dad. Anyway, long story short, the cop let’s him drive away and several moments later my dad hears an incredibly loud metallic bang.

They turn and see the driver drove straight into a tree totalling the vehicle.

Hearing this, I thought, vaccine poisoning. Witnessing increasingly terrible drivers, accidents happening out of the blue to previously healthy individuals, I think we are going to see more of this type of stuff happen.

I don’t know exactly how this “vaxx zombie” phenomenon could be triggered by the vaxx, but I suppose anything that creates thrombosis, strokes, and blood clots in the brain must be capable of impairing human behavior in a variety of ways. I haven’t noticed anything like this myself, but then, it’s hard for me to distinguish between normal everyday MPAI and genuine physical impairment.


Mailvox: Vaccine or Get Out

I can’t confirm the accuracy of this, but I received an email that contained the following information:

Cadets at USAFA will be forced to receive the covid vaccine Monday morning (8/30) or be dismissed from the Academy.

If it’s legitimate, I assume that similar steps are being taken at West Point and the Naval Academy. We already know of one former midshipman who recently left Annapolis due to the constant pressure to get vaccinated, so whether this particular assertion is accurate or not, the campaign to indoctrinate and vaccinate the officers of tomorrow is real.

We can’t know how many cadets will elect to abandon their careers, but we can be certain that this will be an absolute disaster for US military capabilities. It should be kept in mind, however, that this isn’t necessarily the awful thing many people would have thought it was before the US government declared patriots and white people to be among its most pressing threats.


Mailvox: Told You So

An Australian living in Europe doesn’t take much satisfaction from his family belatedly coming around on the danger posed by the fake vaccines:

I live in Europe. My parents and siblings are in Australia. They have been calling me up a lot now trying to convince me to get the clot shot. I had a heated exchange with them yesterday about how the risk reward ratio is totally off skew, and I am never getting an mRNA, and almost certainly never getting a standard jab like AZ, until there is 3 to 4 years of data.

Now this morning, barely 15hrs later, I get a message from my mother that one of their friend´s kids who is 40 dropped dead for no apparent reason just after taking the Pfizer clot shot. Leaving three kids behind, and because no signature no jab, they´re not going to get any help from the government. My mother actually said that she now understands my “vaccine hesitancy”.

I don´t wish this upon anyone, and I am not saying “I told you so”, I am just stressing to them the importance of not believing the god damned news and Govt and to “do your own research”.

Whether one bothers to say “I told you so” or not, the fact is that pretty much everyone who rejected the insane, experimental fake vaccines did, in fact, tell them so. And it’s important to remind them of that, and to remind them that they repeatedly put pressure on you to do the very thing that they finally understand is dangerous. This is not to score imaginary points or rub their noses in their having been wrong, but rather, to convince them to stop adding to the social pressure on people to harm their own health.

As more and more people die or otherwise suffer from adverse effects, this is increasingly going to become an issue requiring resolution between friends and family members. And remember, if it’s a point of contention, then they were among the fortunate.

It’s probably too much to expect them to learn anything from their failure to think, though.

Imagine how Vox feels. He’s been telling us for years that you can’t change people’s minds with dialectic. And yet, here we are, complaining that our dialectic isn’t working. I include myself in this because I did the same thing today.

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Mailvox: The Street 100 Years On

I’ve been reading the old pulp masters lately, and I just came across a story that definitely needs wider dissemination. It’s “The Street” by H.P. Lovecraft. It’s not a well-known story, and most of the people who know it consider it a ‘racist’ story and ignore it as much as possible. If your readers aren’t familiar with it, it’s a pretty obvious corollary to your edict to ‘sink the damn ships.’ It’s about a single street in an (obviously American) community which starts off beautiful, and slowly becomes citified with ‘swarthy’ infiltrators who turn the beautiful community into a shithole. It ends with the destruction of the community that thwarts a plot to destroy America.

There are plenty of direct parallels in the story to what is going on now; Lovecraft was a prophet. It’s only a four-page story, but it packs a lot in there. And it was written in 1919. Wikipedia hates it, and even a Lovecraft Encyclopedia decries it as ‘manifestly racist.’ I can’t think of a better recommendation than that.

There be those who say that things and places have souls, and there be those who say they have not; I dare not say, myself, but I will tell of The Street.

Men of strength and honour fashioned that Street; good, valiant men of our blood who had come from the Blessed Isles across the sea. At first it was but a path trodden by bearers of water from the woodland spring to the cluster of houses by the beach. Then, as more men came to the growing cluster of houses and looked about for places to dwell, they built cabins along the north side; cabins of stout oaken logs with masonry on the side toward the forest, for many Indians lurked there with fire-arrows. And in a few years more, men built cabins on the south side of The Street.

Up and down The Street walked grave men in conical hats, who most of the time carried muskets or fowling pieces. And there were also their bonneted wives and sober children. In the evening these men with their wives and children would sit about gigantic hearths and read and speak. Very simple were the things of which they read and spoke, yet things which gave them courage and goodness and helped them by day to subdue the forest and till the fields. And the children would listen, and learn of the laws and deeds of old, and of that dear England which they had never seen, or could not remember.

There was war, and thereafter no more Indians troubled The Street. The men, busy with labour, waxed prosperous and as happy as they knew how to be. And the children grew up comfortably, and more families came from the Mother Land to dwell on The Street. And the children’s children, and the newcomers’ children, grew up. The town was now a city, and one by one the cabins gave place to houses; simple, beautiful houses of brick and wood, with stone steps and iron railings and fanlights over the doors. No flimsy creations were these houses, for they were made to serve many a generation. Within there were carven mantels and graceful stairs, and sensible, pleasing furniture, china, and silver, brought from the Mother Land.

So The Street drank in the dreams of a young people, and rejoiced as its dwellers became more graceful and happy. Where once had been only strength and honour, taste and learning now abode as well. Books and paintings and music came to the houses, and the young men went to the university which rose above the plain to the north. In the place of conical hats and muskets there were three-cornered hats and small-swords, and lace and snowy periwigs. And there were cobblestones over which clattered many a blooded horse and rumbled many a gilded coach; and brick sidewalks with horse blocks and hitching-posts.

There were in that Street many trees; elms and oaks and maples of dignity; so that in the summer the scene was all soft verdure and twittering bird-song. And behind the houses were walled rose-gardens with hedged paths and sundials, where at evening the moon and stars would shine bewitchingly while fragrant blossoms glistened with dew.

So The Street dreamed on, past wars, calamities, and changes. Once most of the young men went away, and some never came back. That was when they furled the Old Flag and put up a new Banner of Stripes and Stars. But though men talked of great changes, The Street felt them not; for its folk were still the same, speaking of the old familiar things in the old familiar accents. And the trees still sheltered singing birds, and at evening the moon and stars looked down upon dewy blossoms in the walled rose-gardens.

In time there were no more swords, three-cornered hats, or periwigs in The Street. How strange seemed the denizens with their walking-sticks, tall beavers, and cropped heads! New sounds came from the distance—first strange puffings and shrieks from the river a mile away, and then, many years later, strange puffings and shrieks and rumblings from other directions. The air was not quite so pure as before, but the spirit of the place had not changed. The blood and soul of the people were as the blood and soul of their ancestors who had fashioned The Street. Nor did the spirit change when they tore open the earth to lay down strange pipes, or when they set up tall posts bearing weird wires. There was so much ancient lore in that Street, that the past could not easily be forgotten.

Then came days of evil, when many who had known The Street of old knew it no more; and many knew it, who had not known it before. And those who came were never as those who went away; for their accents were coarse and strident, and their mien and faces unpleasing. Their thoughts, too, fought with the wise, just spirit of The Street, so that The street pined silently as its houses fell into decay, and its trees died one by one, and its rose-gardens grew rank with weeds and waste. But it felt a stir of pride one day when again marched forth young men, some of whom never came back. These young men were clad in blue.

With the years worse fortune came to The Street. Its trees were all gone now, and its rose-gardens were displaced by the backs of cheap, ugly new buildings on parallel streets. Yet the houses remained, despite the ravages of the years and the storms and worms, for they had been made to serve many a generation. New kinds of faces appeared in The Street; swarthy, sinister faces with furtive eyes and odd features, whose owners spoke unfamiliar words and placed signs in known and unknown characters upon most of the musty houses. Push-carts crowded the gutters. A sordid, undefinable stench settled over the place, and the ancient spirit slept.

Great excitement once came to The Street. War and revolution were raging across the seas; a dynasty had collapsed, and its degenerate subjects were flocking with dubious intent to the Western Land. Many of these took lodgings in the battered houses that had once known the songs of birds and the scent of roses. Then the Western Land itself awoke, and joined the Mother Land in her titanic struggle for civilisation. Over the cities once more floated the Old Flag, companioned by the New Flag and by a plainer yet glorious Tri-colour. But not many flags floated over The Street, for therein brooded only fear and hatred and ignorance. Again young men went forth, but not quite as did the young men of those other days. Something was lacking. And the sons of those young men of other days, who did indeed go forth in olive-drab with the true spirit of their ancestors, went from distant places and knew not The Street and its ancient spirit.

Over the seas there was a great victory, and in triumph most of the young men returned. Those who had lacked something lacked it no longer, yet did fear and hatred and ignorance still brood over The Street; for many had stayed behind, and many strangers had come from distant places to the ancient houses. And the young men who had returned dwelt there no longer. Swarthy and sinister were most of the strangers, yet among them one might find a few faces like those who fashioned The Street and moulded its spirit. Like and yet unlike, for there was in the eyes of all a weird, unhealthy glitter as of greed, ambition, vindictiveness, or misguided zeal. Unrest and treason were abroad amongst an evil few who plotted to strike the Western Land its death-blow, that they might mount to power over its ruins; even as assassins had mounted in that unhappy, frozen land from whence most of them had come. And the heart of that plotting was in The Street, whose crumbling houses teemed with alien makers of discord and echoed with the plans and speeches of those who yearned for the appointed day of blood, flame, and crime.

Of the various odd assemblages in The Street, the law said much but could prove little. With great diligence did men of hidden badges linger and listen about such places as Petrovitch’s Bakery, the squalid Rifkin School of Modern Economics, the Circle Social Club, and the Liberty Café. There congregated sinister men in great numbers, yet always was their speech guarded or in a foreign tongue. And still the old houses stood, with their forgotten lore of nobler, departed centuries; of sturdy colonial tenants and dewy rose-gardens in the moonlight. Sometimes a lone poet or traveller would come to view them, and would try to picture them in their vanished glory; yet of such travellers and poets there were not many.

The rumour now spread widely that these houses contained the leaders of a vast band of terrorists, who on a designated day were to launch an orgy of slaughter for the extermination of America and of all the fine old traditions which The Street had loved. Handbills and papers fluttered about filthy gutters; handbills and papers printed in many tongues and in many characters, yet all bearing messages of crime and rebellion. In these writings the people were urged to tear down the laws and virtues that our fathers had exalted; to stamp out the soul of the old America—the soul that was bequeathed through a thousand and a half years of Anglo-Saxon freedom, justice, and moderation. It was said that the swart men who dwelt in The Street and congregated in its rotting edifices were the brains of a hideous revolution; that at their word of command many millions of brainless, besotted beasts would stretch forth their noisome talons from the slums of a thousand cities, burning, slaying, and destroying till the land of our fathers should be no more. All this was said and repeated, and many looked forward in dread to the fourth day of July, about which the strange writings hinted much; yet could nothing be found to place the guilt. None could tell just whose arrest might cut off the damnable plotting at its source. Many times came bands of blue-coated police to search the shaky houses, though at last they ceased to come; for they too had grown tired of law and order, and had abandoned all the city to its fate. Then men in olive-drab came, bearing muskets; till it seemed as if in its sad sleep The Street must have some haunting dreams of those other days, when musket-bearing men in conical hats walked along it from the woodland spring to the cluster of houses by the beach. Yet could no act be performed to check the impending cataclysm; for the swart, sinister men were old in cunning.

So The Street slept uneasily on, till one night there gathered in Petrovitch’s Bakery and the Rifkin School of Modern Economics, and the Circle Social Club, and Liberty Café, and in other places as well, vast hordes of men whose eyes were big with horrible triumph and expectation. Over hidden wires strange messages travelled, and much was said of still stranger messages yet to travel; but most of this was not guessed till afterward, when the Western Land was safe from the peril. The men in olive-drab could not tell what was happening, or what they ought to do; for the swart, sinister men were skilled in subtlety and concealment.

And yet the men in olive-drab will always remember that night, and will speak of The Street as they tell of it to their grandchildren; for many of them were sent there toward morning on a mission unlike that which they had expected. It was known that this nest of anarchy was old, and that the houses were tottering from the ravages of the years and the storms and the worms; yet was the happening of that summer night a surprise because of its very queer uniformity. It was, indeed, an exceedingly singular happening; though after all a simple one. For without warning, in one of the small hours beyond midnight, all the ravages of the years and the storms and the worms came to a tremendous climax; and after the crash there was nothing left standing in The Street save two ancient chimneys and part of a stout brick wall. Nor did anything that had been alive come alive from the ruins.

A poet and a traveller, who came with the mighty crowd that sought the scene, tell odd stories. The poet says that all through the hours before dawn he beheld sordid ruins but indistinctly in the glare of the arc-lights; that there loomed above the wreckage another picture wherein he could descry moonlight and fair houses and elms and oaks and maples of dignity. And the traveller declares that instead of the place’s wonted stench there lingered a delicate fragrance as of roses in full bloom. But are not the dreams of poets and the tales of travellers notoriously false?
There be those who say that things and places have souls, and there be those who say they have not; I dare not say, myself, but I have told you of The Street.

THE STREET, H.P. Lovecraft, 1919

It’s just fiction, you might say. And fiction laden with racism, xenophobia, groundless fear, white supremacy, and anti-semitism at that. And yet, it cannot be denied that more than 100 years ago, HP Lovecraft correctly, even prophetically, anticipated the days of evil as well as the wicked likes of Jennifer Rubin, the fake conservative pharisatanist who publicly celebrated the news of the first decline in the white population of the United States since 1790.

a more diverse, more inclusive society. this is fabulous news. now we need to prevent minority White rule.

Jennifer Rubin, August 12, 2021

Only instead of a single street, it is the existence of the American nation that is being threatened by the sinister men who worship a strange and evil god.

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Mailvox: vaccine seizures

I own a home care company in [redacted]. Our clients pay us privately. Most of our clients are between the ages of 70 years old – 95 years old. 

We are seeing some adverse effects in older clients with the not-vax. 

Today we had a client go from part time care to full time care. She is now having seizures and they coincidentally started happening after 24 hours within the second dose.

Coincidentally… except it’s not a coincidence. It’s an adverse effect.

Mailvox: miscarriages skyrocket

The vaxx is definitely affecting fertility:

My wife is a longtime nurse. High-risk maternity. She says that, since the vaxx, miscarriages have skyrocketed; “off the charts”, she says.

And her union, apparently, is trying to mandate the jab. If they do, she’s going to walk away. The degree to which this shit has been insinuated into the medical and legal communities here is just staggering. 

It’s a world gone mad.

They wouldn’t be pushing their fake vaccines so hard if they weren’t horrifically bad for you. Don’t even hesitate to walk away from your job or cut ties with family members rather than submit to it. It may sound like hyperbole, but it’s genuinely possible that the continued existence of the human race literally depends on those who refuse to submit to the wickedness.

There’s pretty clear evidence that the spike protein expressed from vaccines is caused from toxicity in a small subset of patients. The question is how big is that subset and how bad and broad are those toxicities? The honest truth is we don’t know and furthermore there is a lot of signs that that information is being withheld from us… I have colleagues in the government who were aware and were months before the toxicity was disclosed that the toxicity was an issue… They are finding that the CDC is grossly underreporting these key adverse events… My senior colleagues at the FDA have known that this was the case for months… we have multiple signs that the CDC is editing this data in support of this noble lie.

– Dr. Robert Malone

Mailvox: firing physicians

The evil powers-that-be are putting the pressure on medical workers in the United States now:

I work at [well-known university]. I received notifcation today that I will be terminated [before October] if I fail to provide documentation of vaccination against COVID-19. I’m a physician in my residency with 11 months remaining before graduation. 

I completed an internship in general surgery at [another university]. I can technically apply for a medical license in the US, but I will not be board certified in my specialty if I am terminated before completing residency. I have significant debt from medical school, as well as a wife and 2 children. Not being board certified is sure to hinder my employment prospects in the future.

I am healthy without medical issues and am in my early 30’s. I don’t want to take the vaccine under these circumstances, especially not an mRNA vaccine. 

I feel I am at an inflection point in my life and my career because of this issue. My wife is also unvaccinated and not interested in receiving any vaccination at this time. The issue would be easier without any student loan debt, but I have grown accustomed to the lifestyle my relatively modest income provides. 

I wanted to make you aware of the current situation on the ground, as it has officially reached 4th and long with less than 2 minutes to go for me. I pray I can stay true to my convictions and remain unvaccinated. 

First, no one said life was going to be easy. This is an important test; I don’t know a lot of medical workers, but those I know have already decided to quit rather than get vaccinated. If enough of them hold to their course, the wicked will be forced to choose between backing down and being held responsible for destroying the medical system.

Obviously people who are evil enough to harm tens of millions of people won’t hesitate to destroy the system, but being publicly seen to do so for no good reason might be a step too far for them, especially in the powderkeg of the current United States.

Anyhow, it’s an easy choice. If you are forced to choose between your career and your health, the latter is more important. Especially now that both the logic and the evidence fall soundly on the side of refusing the fake vaccinations. It may help to remember that Christians have been, and in time will be, presented with choices that are even more stark, although a choice that for the true Christian, is even easier.

This is just a prelude of hard decisions to come, which is the price Americans have no choice but to pay for abandoning the faith of their fathers and permitting their government to be taken over by foreigners and devil-worshippers.

UPDATE: heard from another medical professional. Covid cases are on the rise in their area, but ALL of the infected are vaccinated. Not some, not most, all of them.

UPDATE: Reuters reports that three-quarters of the Covid cases in Singapore involve vaccinated people.

UPDATE: 84 percent of the new cases of COVID in Israel are vaccinated individuals.

These reports could be an early sign of ADE, Antibody-Dependent Enhanced breakthrough infections. This would potentially be really bad, as it implies CASE NIGHTMARE KITTY is still on the table. That’s the scenario, based on several failed experiments with mRNA vaccines on animals, in which the variants wipe out everyone vaccinated against the original strain.