Mailvox: Dyscivilizationation

Lest you thought I was kidding, or exaggerating, about indoor plumbing being one of the aspects of Western Civilization that is at risk in post-American America, I received this email from a reader yesterday.

Looks like you were right re: “As I have repeatedly warned you, we’ll be fortunate if we emerge on the other end of this civilizational catastrophe with interior plumbing.”

Gov Tate Reeves on the Jackson Mississippi water crisis this past Monday:

“Jackson’s main water treatment facility has been operating with zero redundancies,” and that damage to the main pump had left the city operating far weaker backup pumps….The city cannot produce enough water to fight fires, to reliably flush toilets, and to meet other critical needs”

Well that was quick.

One of the reasons I don’t provide time estimates anymore is because it has proved nearly impossible to correctly nail down the timing of future events. Even the 2008 crisis took six years to show up after I first saw it on the horizon. But my predictions are usually quite reliable with regards to the nature of the events themselves, because historical trends are reliable and the foundational assumptions of those who changed the demographic makeup of the United States were absolutely and utterly wrong.

The end result of diversity, inclusion, and equality is inevitably going to be everyone except the well-connected elite living in third world squalor, because diversity is totally incapable of maintaining, let alone constructing, functional systems with running water. See: every third world country.

If you import third world populations, your society will eventually become third world, because infrastructure collapse. This is the process henceforth to be known as dyscivilizationation.


Mailvox: Projection

Gotten a little obvious who u take money from – KC

I don’t take money from anyone, even when it’s offered. Not everyone is a whore, and if you think everyone is, you’re projecting.

Not only did I refuse to accept an appearance fee when I appeared on CGNT, I refused to even accept any reimbursement for my travel costs.

The opinions I express here and on the Darkstream are mine. No one else’s.


Mailvox: Enjoy the Silence

Big Tech is so corrupted and converged that even the less-converged companies are in on the deplatforming game.

Today I noticed that Brave Search severely down-ranks Using the search term “infogalactic”, appears as the fifteenth result, on the second page of results.

I checked other major search engines using the same search term. Google seems to have completely removed from its search. Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yandex all return as the first result, as they should.

According to this post by a Brave employee, 92% of Brave Search results are from their own crawler.

Brave Search isn’t even out of beta and it’s corrupted.

What’s more, the current version of Brave Browser (V1.39.122 released June 10th, 2022) doesn’t allow setting default search to anything other than a short, approved list (that excludes Yandex) despite documentation describing otherwise.

It’s not a big surprise. Brandon Eich is a good man, but he’s a techno-idealist who has never understood the necessity to secure his flanks and police his ranks. A pure meritocracy may sound nice, but since they are effectively defenseless against infiltration and convergence, the concept is intrinsically counterproductive. Once just one capable SJW gets inside, it’s only a matter of time before “merit” is redefined and the meritocracy ceases to exist.

Infogalactic support actually used to be built into Brave. Typing “:i” would automatically search Infogalactic. But once that was removed, it was pretty clear that Brave was eventually going to get converged. It probably won’t be more than two years before there is a serious attempt to eject him from the company he founded, presumably for committing one of the new satanic sins such as transphobia or pedophobia.


Mailvox: An Insider’s Take

A friend who correctly called fake news on Jack Maxey of the false Hunter Biden laptop leak also offered me his take on Elon Musk and his recent actions, including the acquisition of Twitter.

Musk is a premier mechanism by which a certain faction of USG routes around the scleroticism of fedgov.

Most obviously with SpaceX contra United Launch Alliance, but also Tesla to counter Chinese electrotech dominance, Boring Company for post-drone swarm underground warfare, Neuralink for 1) controlling said drone swarms 2) AGI via human brain activity cloning.

His entire portfolio of companies is dual use for military purposes. Twitter is the public infowar arena for the Deep State.

Now Musk and by extension this faction own it.

Difficult to tell if this faction is friendly, neutral or hostile. They appear to me to be at the least not obviously friendly. This will be a public, reasonably sensitive test as to whether they are useful, depending on how they handle banned anti-prog accounts and ongoing anti-prog (note the distinction from rightist) speech.

Considering that Ivan Throne has already managed to get himself banned from the New and Improved Twitter (Musk edition), I am confident that all of Musk’s blatherings about FREE SPEECH are nothing more than empty rhetoric and advertising to bring all the basic conservatives and their gatekeepers back into the conservative sheepfold.

As far as I’m concerned, literally nothing has changed.

Furthermore, I note that the Enlightenment value of consequence-free freedoms of speech and expression is neither a Christian moral value nor a societal virtue. Societal virtue is determined by qualititative measures, not quantitative ones.

A society or an institution that permits everything is better described as licentious, not free, while a society or an institution that bans blasphemy, obscenity, and vulgarity is fundamentally different than one that bans the existence of opinions about historical events, sexual behaviors, and certain nations.

Musk’s faction is almost certainly more libertarian and licentious than the social justice faction, but it’s entirely possible that, given his predilection for dabbling with women enamored of spiritual darkness, that it is even more deeply wicked.


Mailvox: It Was Their Choice (German Edition)

We know the Narrative has shifted, since governments and corporations are now attempting to escape responsibility for the very gene therapies they mandated for their citizens and employees:

Was recently privy to some internal discussion at a large, German software company which indicated that employees filing for additional medical reimbursement for vaxx-related injuries are being told that it was their personal choice to be vaxxed or not. 

This flies in the face of the policy of said company which had it’s own private mandate in the US division.  Employee identification badges which also serve as office entry passes for electronic locks were disabled until they provided vaxx documentation in an internally developed software application.  Until the documentation was posted into the app, access was denied.  There was discussion of allowing religious or medical exemptions, but deadlines were shifted and there was never a final, final date enforced for the exemption to be put in place.  

All of this is in light of the recent notification that the vaccine “policy” (it’s a mandate) is only “suspended” currently.  It hasn’t been eliminated or revoked… it’s only suspended.  

In other words, this corporation still has a mandate, but it’s going to try to pretend it never existed in the first place. Even if the courts are entirely corrupt, that’s a bold move, Cotton. We’ll see how that works out for them.


Mailvox: Gammas Never Get It

I can always tell when an email about the SSH is from a “recovering gamma”. Strangely enough, I never seem to hear from any gamma who simply accepts the reality of his behavioral patterns and identifies as a gamma. Anyhow, see if you can spot the fundamental problems in what he describes as his attempt to summarize the concepts “briefly for myself and others.”

I am a recovering gamma currently being purified by becoming a delta. I’m trying to summarize the SSH in one-sentence per role to aid my own understanding.

A gamma is not an alpha because he lacks the necessary abilities to top any hierarchy.

A gamma is not a beta because he doesn’t admire anyone more highly than himself.

A gamma is not a delta because he lacks the humility to realize he is a beginner (a person who lacks abilities), and that a beginner must begin at the beginning of any hierarchy.

A gamma is not an omega because he has enough social abilities to not be rejected as a total outsider.

A gamma is not a sigma because he lacks the necessary abilities to exist independent of any hierarchy, whereas a sigma has enough abilities to not need most hierarchies (except when they are useful to him, in which case he is able to benefit from them by integrating himself into them as needed)

A gamma is therefore defined by the very fact that he is not any other role in the functional hierarchy (delta/beta/alpha or sigma), and refuses to recognize that he must reshape himself into one of those roles and submit to their requirements.

It appears he still has some ways to go, as this would-be-summary is mostly the conventional gamma kerfluffery that seeks to elude the ineluctable: a gamma male is any man or boy whose behavior fits within the parameters of the behavioral pattern described as gamma. And it’s a bit ironic, in that this very attempt to summarize – which is little more than an attempt to redefine and impose the gamma’s self-perceptions on that which has already been defined externally – is very much in keeping with typical gamma behavior.

A gamma is never, ever, going to possess alpha behavioral patterns. Never going to happen. He can, of course, be a situational alpha in a hierarchy of gammas, or in one comprised of mixed gammas and omegas, but his behavioral pattern and his habitual thought processes will remain the same. The “summary” is clearly false, however, because it fails to recognize the fractal nature of the SSH.

As for bravos, forget admiration. Every natural gamma instinct inclines him to contradict the bravo impulse; indeed, the bravo’s primary role is probably cracking down and riding herd on gammas so his alpha doesn’t have to do so.

The omega summary is adequate.

The delta summary omits the key components of competence and the desire for respect. The biggest single observable difference between the delta and the gamma is that if you assign a task to a delta, he’ll get it done with a minimum of fuss. If you assign a task to a gamma, he’ll start telling you why he can’t do it, how it should be done, why it would be better for him to do something else, how he plans to go about doing it, and why you should really just do it yourself; the one thing you can be certain he won’t do is stop talking about it in lieu of actually getting it done.

The sigma summary omits the important element that sigmas are often perceived as, and mistaken for, alphas by others. This is why the gamma pretension to sigmahood is so risible, because even on their best days, no one ever confuses the guys from Revenge of the Nerds for Conan, James Bond, or Hannibal Lector.

But the key point is to recognize that the gamma is not defined by what he is not, but rather, by how others observe him to behave. If you win every argument, if you’re pretty sure that you’re the most clever person in the room, if you think you’ve got a roguish charm, and you believe it is the intensity of a man’s affections that is the prime determinant of whether he deserve their object or not, then you’re probably a gamma.


Mailvox: Woman Trouble

One reader takes objection to my observations of the obvious options available to the various MGTOW:

You really need to open your eyes more. I was married for 28 years to a “Christian woman” until she decided leaving and taking as much of my stuff as she could was a better option.

Your rants against MGTOW really need to investigate further, though I won’t hold my breath waiting for that.

You won the relationship (etc.) lottery, as you have admitted in the past. Many of us did not. Modern women are not like my grandmother who was committed to my grandfather even after his death.

Am I supposed to pursue a woman to build a family with (my ex-wife was infertile) at 59? I have already been removed from the gene pool, if that matters. Yeah, I should have known better when marrying, that she would not be faithful for the long run, but that is only easy to see now, and things have gotten much worse.

You do tend to ignore things that go against your beliefs, but I wish I had the silver spoon you had. I got the brains (likely not as high in IQ as you, but high enough), but I never had the support myself. I still do what I can, but not much I can do now. Though I guess I should just be smothered by a pillow in your eyes since I was born 2 years before a magical boundary!

You write some well thought out stuff, but then you also write lots of idiocy. You got the faithful trophy wife. I would have been satisfied with just the faithful part!

The reader’s point is obvious and absurd. He completely ignores the fact that I specifically address “risk”, “failure”, and “casualties”.

MGTOW is retarded, self-destructive, and evil, not unlike feminism.

The idea that one should not fight a war to defend the continuation of civilized society because there is a statistically significant chance that some soldiers will be wounded and killed is astonishingly stupid. The reader should be aware that he is allowing the understandable emotions of his having been a casualty in the intersexual wars to color his ability to reason about the subject correctly.

Another reader writes about the fading of a long-term non-marital relationship.

I’m hoping you can give me some relationship advice. I tried finding some stuff on the old Alpha Game Plan website but couldn’t find anything helpful. Today, my girlfriend of 8 years told me that she feels like the spark is gone from our relationship, that we’re not that close anymore, and that she’s not as attracted to me as she used to be. She said that there isn’t someone else, so at least that’s something.

What should I do? I feel floored by what she told me and I don’t want to do something that nukes our relationship rather than saves it.

The reader should break up with his girlfriend and focus on improving himself in order to become someone that another woman can be attracted to. If a woman isn’t attracted to a man, then the relationship is already dead, because female attraction to a man is an effective proxy for female commitment to her relationship with him. As counterintuitive as the advice may sound, breaking up probably his best chance to eventually get her back in the event he still wishes to do so down the post-improvement road.

More importantly, if she was actually the one, he would have married her 6 or 7 years ago. Ergo, he is best-advised to simply break it off and move on in light of her admission.


An Answer to a Stupid Question

From a recent Darkstream, a response to a man wondering how to go about approaching a woman in whom he is interested.

How should I approach a desk girl at the gym?

Directly. Don’t try to be particularly smooth or anything. What I would do is just ask her if she has a boyfriend. That’s the first thing. If she says yes, then she actually has one or she is not interested in you. Either way, no problem. And if she says no, then ask “would you like to go out to dinner on Friday?” It’s really not that hard.

All the stuff about how girls are different today, it’s so much harder, we can’t do that. You know, the same sort of guys were all saying that 30 years ago too. “It’s so different, it’s so hard.” It’s not hard. And it’s not difficult. Men have been dealing with the same issue since forever, and all it is is fear of rejection. All the ideas about how “oh, this can’t be done, or that can’t be done, or it’s not like that now.” That’s all nonsense.

Yes, there are some differences in terms of how texting has its own rules and so forth. But it’s still the same thing. And all of the little tactical stuff is like two percent of it. All the cute lines and the various things – I mean, the thing that’s so stupid about it is that if a girl is attracted to you, she’s not going to care what you say! The point is that you indicated interest. So you did your part. That’s the male part. That’s the male role: indicate interest. And then the girl decides (snaps fingers) very, very quickly, whether she’s interested or not.

All you’re trying to do with all the different tactics and all the different this, that, and the other thing is attempting to convert a “maybe” into a “yes”. But frankly, the more that you work at it, and the more that you think about it and obsess about it, the more likely you are to convert a “yes” into a “no”.

F says “I tend to overthink really.” No kidding. Every low-status male overthinks. If you tend to overthink, then you are low-status, or average at best. As a former high-status male, I can tell you right now that I spent zero time thinking about that sort of thing. The high-status male has no fear of rejection. He goes, hmm, there are seven pretty girls here. Those are the three that I like best. Of those three, that one looks like a handful. That one looks like she’s probably out of my league. Number three, she’s the one to talk to. Then he goes up to her and says, “hey what’s up?” That’s literally all it takes to get the ball rolling.

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Mailvox: Canadian Boots

A boots-on-the-ground report from Canada:

I tried to withdraw $20 000 in cash from my bank today. They would only give me half, due to their “reserves being very low”. They were out of $100 dollar bills, gave me $50’s instead. They said the next cash shipment to them was on the 23rd. Later in the day they called me and said the next cash shipment wouldn’t be until March 2nd. I bank at RBC, the biggest bank in Canada. My boss ran into the same thing at TD, another big Canadian bank. The bank staff was very nervous. I was calm and polite since I’m well prepared, but they looked like they had been yelled at a lot in the last couple days since the government started locking down accounts of people who donated to the Freedom Convoy.

The bank run is real.

Power to the people.

The more serious problem the Canadian government has caused for itself is the extreme lack of confidence it has now instilled in the entire banking system. Now, in addition to not receiving any interest on their deposits, even Canadians who are not involved with the Freedom Convoy are learning that they can’t even rely upon the banks as a safe store of their wealth.

Since its role as a store of wealth is the primary purpose of money, this means that the legitimacy of the Canadian monetary system is being actively undermined by the converged Canadian government. Which means that the legitimacy of the Canadian government will also soon be questioned by those who don’t even support the convoy.


The Tribe of Gamma

They simply can’t help themselves. This was one comment thread sparked by one of my posts on Gab. Notice how the gamma adroitly made himself the subject while striking a superior pose and proactively defending himself without even touching upon the actual subject.

Stop crying about how “they’re trying to divide us,” Boomers. They ALREADY divided the USA in 1965 with the Naturalization Act. Now nearly half of all US citizens are not Americans in any meaningful sense of the word. There is no united “we” anymore. So find your tribe and defend it. Because everyone else already is.

My tribe is nerds who have above average IQ and who are curious and who enjoying sharing what they’ve learned. My tribe has different colors. Nerd chicks are most welcome. We don’t care how pretty you are or how much money you have. The funny thing is most people don’t wanna join this tribe. They don’t feel comfortable among us. People tend to mingle with people of their same IQ level.

Yes, I know your tribe. And I, like many people, cannot stand your annoying, posturing, self-overrated little tribe. If you’d all simply focus on the actual learning rather than on constantly trying to share what you think you’ve learned with people who have never shown a scintilla of interest in it, the rest of us might not dislike your tribe so much.

Yeah, well, nerds have more fun. And that‘s cuz we’re not carrying around too much baggage of self-consciousness. Speaking of self-consciousness, you sound kinda angry. Or are you just hangry and need a snack?

But you don’t have more fun. You’re all desperately posturing and showing off your knowledge of useless trivia non-stop in the futile hope that one day, a woman will let you talk at her without turning away from you in disgust.

UPDATE: It just gets more amusing and tragic than you would have imagined.

We found things that are more interesting than sex. Ironically, we’re good in bed and that’s cuz we like to read instruction manuals.