It’s All Fake

And, of course, gay. Karl Denninger contemplates the possibility that social media is a mirage:

Twitter claims that “less than 5% of the users on their system are bots/spam/fake.” Ok, that’s testable. It’s also very material to the value of the company. Indeed its the entire reason someone buys advertising on these sites and thus forms the basis of the entire firm’s value; if the entire site is full of bots and not people then the value of said “advertising” and thus the company’s value is zero.

So Musk asked (in public, natch) for the evidence that the “less than 5% bot” claim was true.

Twitter’s CEO refused to provide said evidence, claiming that it would require disclosing “non-public” information.

Well, once you have an agreement to acquire something you get to look. It’s no different than a house; if you think there might be something wrong with the foundation you can have it inspected. Your purchase contract allows you to perform diligence to your satisfaction and further, if the seller is aware of a material falsehood that is part of the representations made he’s required to disclose it.

As someone who has sold a company anything you represent as true is certainly fair game for the buyer to ask to see in evidence and that absolutely includes anything you publicly claimed to be true under penalty of perjury in a 10Q or 10K.

The argument that its “non-public” information that is used to prove this is crap; the entire purpose of the NDA that you sign when you enter into such a transaction and perform your diligence is that you get to look under the Kimono to your satisfaction.

So…. what’s really going on here?

Never mind this report — that basically half of Biden’s “follows” are fake. Worse, 70% of Musk’s are too according to that article.

Would you mind explaining to me how “less than 5% of the accounts are bots” when half of the President of the United States’ accounts and 70% of Elon Musk’s are, by audit, fake?

More to the point: What percentage of “people” (“Daily Average Users” and “Monthly Average Users”) allegedly on these social media sites are actually….. people?

Is there any actual value in these “social media” firms at all or are they all ENRON on steroids?

I know it’s all fraudulent, because I’ve been able to see the difference between a) a blog post, b) a Twitter tweet with 33k followers, c) a Facebook post, d) a Gab post with 30k followers, and e) a Darkstream comment for years. The only two that ever moves the needle much were (a) and (e), with a distinct advantage to (a).

Mike Cernovich told me, several years ago, that he had reached similar conclusions, and his Twitter following dwarfed mine.


You Can’t Fight the Market

Even mighty Amazon has finally been forced to submit to the inexorable forces of the market:

Amazon quietly updated its help documentation to state that Kindle devices will start supporting EPUB files.

There’s a catch, though. “Beginning in late 2022, Send to Kindle applications will support EPUB (.EPUB) format,” says the document. This means you’ll be able to send EPUB files to your Kindle via Amazon’s handy Send to Kindle system, which essentially lets you upload documents to your Kindle by emailing them to your Kindle email address. It’s unclear, however, whether Kindles will natively support EPUB files, allowing you to purchase ebooks from Amazon’s library in the EPUB format directly.

This is a big deal for everyone who owns a Kindle and isn’t completely reliant on Amazon’s library. Until now, you had to manually convert EPUB files into MOBI (or another format) to load them onto your Kindle, and this often brought additional issues as the conversion wasn’t always perfect.

Also, the news is notable for the sheer fact that Amazon avoided supporting the otherwise widely supported EPUB format for nearly 15 years (EPUB is an open standard that originally launched in September 2007).

Additionally, Amazon’s document says that – also in late 2022 – its Send to Kindle system will stop supporting MOBI files (ironically, MOBI was Amazon’s long-preferred standard, and the company has its own version of MOBI called AZW).

It certainly took them long enough to accept the inevitable. But it’s a very powerful lesson in learning not to fight the market. It is said that the heart wants what it wants, regardless of what logic dictates, and the same is true of the market. The sooner any entrepreneur or business accepts this reality, the less likely it is to make unnecessary and unforced errors.


Mailvox: An Insider’s Take

A friend who correctly called fake news on Jack Maxey of the false Hunter Biden laptop leak also offered me his take on Elon Musk and his recent actions, including the acquisition of Twitter.

Musk is a premier mechanism by which a certain faction of USG routes around the scleroticism of fedgov.

Most obviously with SpaceX contra United Launch Alliance, but also Tesla to counter Chinese electrotech dominance, Boring Company for post-drone swarm underground warfare, Neuralink for 1) controlling said drone swarms 2) AGI via human brain activity cloning.

His entire portfolio of companies is dual use for military purposes. Twitter is the public infowar arena for the Deep State.

Now Musk and by extension this faction own it.

Difficult to tell if this faction is friendly, neutral or hostile. They appear to me to be at the least not obviously friendly. This will be a public, reasonably sensitive test as to whether they are useful, depending on how they handle banned anti-prog accounts and ongoing anti-prog (note the distinction from rightist) speech.

Considering that Ivan Throne has already managed to get himself banned from the New and Improved Twitter (Musk edition), I am confident that all of Musk’s blatherings about FREE SPEECH are nothing more than empty rhetoric and advertising to bring all the basic conservatives and their gatekeepers back into the conservative sheepfold.

As far as I’m concerned, literally nothing has changed.

Furthermore, I note that the Enlightenment value of consequence-free freedoms of speech and expression is neither a Christian moral value nor a societal virtue. Societal virtue is determined by qualititative measures, not quantitative ones.

A society or an institution that permits everything is better described as licentious, not free, while a society or an institution that bans blasphemy, obscenity, and vulgarity is fundamentally different than one that bans the existence of opinions about historical events, sexual behaviors, and certain nations.

Musk’s faction is almost certainly more libertarian and licentious than the social justice faction, but it’s entirely possible that, given his predilection for dabbling with women enamored of spiritual darkness, that it is even more deeply wicked.


The Funding Challenge

Karl Denninger reminds us that what appears to be a financial battle of rival capitalists is, in fact, absolutely nothing of the sort:

I do not believe for a second that, should Elon succeed, he will publish who decided what and on what basis; not algorithmically nor on a personal basis along with naming each and every person with a finger on the button. That data, by the way, I’m very certain Twitter has stored in their systems since every firm and organization that touches anything related to a customer always has an audit trail on it so you can fix errors — legitimate errors. In addition said audit trail is necessary for accountability because rogue employees do exist and its not at all uncommon to have to find out who did a given thing and take care of said person’s insolence.

Plenty of people point to Section 230 in this regard, but that’s not really the issue at all. Section 230 only addresses liability, not activity. I warned back when it was debated (and I was an Internet CEO at the time, thus knew damn well how this all intermeshed) that Section 230 was extraordinarily-poor in its crafting and would be abused for that reason. Bad laws are always abused. It was simply a matter of how, not what.

The real argument, as I pointed out back in the 1990s and have maintained (including in my filings to the FCC on net neutrality and in this column) is that there are multiple types of Internet services and they are not the same. We used to look at the character of services provided to determine if there was a common public interest in some sort of regulation. That all went down the toilet with the post-2000 craze of “social media”, along with the abuse of Section 230 which was in fact used to shield bad actors doing things that were blatantly illegal (such as promoting sex trafficking.)

The problem we have today is a function of the evolution of abuse enabled by that bad law. It is no longer possible to set up anything other than your own infrastructure to create a potential Twitter competitor, for example, because the existing firms control the infrastructure and will ban you. AWS and other “cloud” providers have proved this repeatedly.

Then, and this is the kicker, having spent money to build it you have to fund its operation somehow. Twitter, Facesucker, Google and similar do not set their policies in a vacuum; they set them based on how they fund their business. You can spend billions building infrastructure but if you can’t come up with a funding model that works you’re ultimately headed for bankruptcy. The real problem lies there and I’m reasonably certain Musk knows it.

I, too, am aware of this being the primary issue, which is why UATV, Castalia, and Arktoons are all built around a subscription model that relies upon their subscribers and prioritizes the interests of those subscribers over everything else. In a world that is fake, stupid, and gay, in which centralized financial giants propped up by governments and central banks determine the winners and the losers, going direct to the clients/customers/users and providing them with the goods and services they actually want is the only viable path for business anymore.

The contract economy is done. The advertising economy is done. The corpocracy cannot be trusted to live up to even the simplest and most basic of its obligations. Go local and/or go direct, or go under.


Mailvox: It Was Their Choice (German Edition)

We know the Narrative has shifted, since governments and corporations are now attempting to escape responsibility for the very gene therapies they mandated for their citizens and employees:

Was recently privy to some internal discussion at a large, German software company which indicated that employees filing for additional medical reimbursement for vaxx-related injuries are being told that it was their personal choice to be vaxxed or not. 

This flies in the face of the policy of said company which had it’s own private mandate in the US division.  Employee identification badges which also serve as office entry passes for electronic locks were disabled until they provided vaxx documentation in an internally developed software application.  Until the documentation was posted into the app, access was denied.  There was discussion of allowing religious or medical exemptions, but deadlines were shifted and there was never a final, final date enforced for the exemption to be put in place.  

All of this is in light of the recent notification that the vaccine “policy” (it’s a mandate) is only “suspended” currently.  It hasn’t been eliminated or revoked… it’s only suspended.  

In other words, this corporation still has a mandate, but it’s going to try to pretend it never existed in the first place. Even if the courts are entirely corrupt, that’s a bold move, Cotton. We’ll see how that works out for them.


The Renaissance Man

It turns out that the Russians were telling the truth, there is a direct tie between the Biden crime family and the US bioweapon laboratories in the Ukraine, and the FBI was in possession of the evidence proving that for more than 15 months prior to the Russian special military operation there:

Russia’s assertion that President Biden’s son Hunter was “financing . . . biological laboratories in Ukraine” was based in truth, according to e-mails reviewed by The Post.

A trove of e-mails on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop — the existence of which was exclusively reported by The Post in October 2020 — found that he played a role in helping a California defense contractor analyze killer diseases and bioweapons in Ukraine.

Moscow has claimed that secret American biological-warfare labs in Ukraine were a justification for its unprovoked invasion of the neighboring country last month. It doubled down on the accusations Thursday, claiming the labs produced biochemical weapons at the Biden family’s behest.

“US President Joe Biden himself is involved in the creation of biolaboratories in Ukraine,” Russia’s State Duma speaker, Vyacheslav Volodin said, according to state media.

“An investment fund run by his sun [sic] Hunter Biden funded research and the implementation of the United States’ military biological program. It is obvious that Joe Biden, as his father and the head of state, was aware of that activity,” Volodin continued, demanding a US Congressional investigation and a White House explanation.

US intelligence officials had earlier dismissed Russia’s messaging as war propaganda, explaining that Ukraine’s network of biological labs dedicated to pathogen research were not secret, and had publicly received funding from Washington.

However, Russia’s new claim that the first son’s investment fund was involved in raising money for biolab projects in Ukraine was accurate, according to e-mails involving Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine, first obtained by The Post and initially reported on by The Daily Mail Friday.

Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners invested $500,000 in the San Francisco pathogen research company Metabiota and raised millions more through firms that included Goldman Sachs, according to the e-mails found on the computer, which was abandoned at a Delaware repair shop in April 2019 as Joe Biden ran for president.

Hunter introduced Metabiota to officials at Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company where he was a board member, for a “science project” involving biolabs in Ukraine, the e-mails show.

A memo from a Metabiota official to the then-vice president’s son in 2014 said the company could “assert Ukraine’s cultural and economic independence from Russia.”

Hunter’s a busy guy right out of a Bond film written by scriptwriters on an LSD trip. Who would have imagined that when Hunter’s not painting million-dollar paintings, banging prostitutes, banging his relatives, banging his underage relatives, smoking meth, or sitting on the board of major international petrochemical corporations, he’s constructing secret weapons labs in Ukraine.

Some might conclude from all this that he’s just a figurehead intended to be a fall guy for the dark financial forces of the pedocracy, but I think he’s just an example of peak Sigma grindset, the perfect ideal of the modern, multi-talented, 21st-century Renaissance man.


The Ticket is No Guarantee

Eventually, the wicked tire of paying the price to pretend their servants are successful:

Investors at BuzzFeed are reportedly pressuring CEO Jonah Peretti to close down its entire money-losing news operation as senior journalists announced their resignations on Tuesday.

Mark Schoffs, the editor in chief of BuzzFeed News, and two of his top deputies quit in the latest sign of turmoil at the cash-strapped company.

Schoffs informed staffers at the online publication that he would be stepping down on Tuesday, according to The Information. Tom Namako, Schoffs’ deputy news editor, and Ariel Kaminer, the executive editor of investigations, also announced that they planned on leaving their posts, according to the report.

Journalists working for the site have been told that more job cuts are in the offing, The Information reported. Fewer than 30 journalists in the 100-person newsroom have already been offered buyouts, according to CNBC. The reporters who were offered exit packages cover investigations, inequality, politics, and science. Many of them have worked for BuzzFeed for more than a year.

The news operation at BuzzFeed loses around $10 million per year, CNBC reported. BuzzFeed is expected to lose between $15 million and $20 million in the first quarter of this year.

Imagine how much content we could produce if we were willing to burn $80 million per year. And keep in mind, this is what supposed “success” looks like. Who needs it? Who even wants it?


Why There Are No Whistleblowers

Defenders of the vaxx regime sometimes ask where all the whistleblowers are if the vaxxines are as harmful and worthless as skeptics say they are. They’re either a) keeping their mouths shut or b) finding themselves fired and discredited, as the recent firing of a German insurance CEO and the scrubbing of his company’s website demonstrates:

The CEO of one of Germany’s largest health insurance companies was abruptly fired last month after he released data suggesting German health authorities are significantly underreporting COVID-19 vaccine injuries. The data, released by Andreas Schofbeck of BKK/ProVita, have since been scrubbed from the company’s website.

According to Schofbeck’s Feb. 21 letter to the PEI:

– Data from 10.9 million people were analyzed.
– According to physician billing data, 216,695 were treated for a vaccine adverse effect during the first 2.5 quarters of 2021.
– Figures extrapolated over an entire year for a population of 83 million people means that 2.5-3 million people likely received treatment for an adverse effect.
– 4-5% of vaccinated people received treatment for an adverse effect.
– In his letter, Schofbeck speculated on possible causes for underreporting, stating: “Our first assumption is that, since no compensation is paid for reporting vaccine adverse events, reporting to the Paul Ehrlich Institute is often not done because of the great expense involved. Physicians have reported to us that reporting a suspected vaccine adverse event takes about half an hour. This means that 3 million suspected cases of vaccine adverse events require about 1.5 million working hours of physicians.”

Schofbeck concluded the data present a “significant warning signal” and that “danger to human life cannot be ruled out.”

However, I don’t recommend attempting to provide this sort of information to friends and family who are vaccinated in order to convince them of anything. They have already proven – conclusively – that they are literally too stupid and/or gullible to survive the hostile programmed environment of the Promethean Panopticon. The general response to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict underlines this; there is a strong correlation between vaccination status and accepting the globalist Narrative on Ukraine.

And this behavior suggests they will dutifully comply with the culling, whenever and however that happens in the future. Given what evilogy suggests about the rules the wicked follow, it appears that one must either a) belong to the wicked or b) freely submit to their demands in order to be culled. So, it’s possible that the vaxx is merely the first in a series of tests that are intended to reduce the planet’s population to the desired level while eliminating those deemed inferior from the species.

I hold at your neck the gom jabbar. This one kills only animals.

Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam


Portrait of a Promethean

It’s obvious that Princess Nut Nut, the 3rd and current wife of the British Prime Minister, was being groomed for greater things from a young age despite her complete incompetence and inability to even show up at her job.

The source recalls that Lewis was soon made aware of concerns about Carrie’s work ethic. ‘A lot of people hadn’t been happy about her behaviour for quite a long time,’ they say.

‘She just wasn’t up to the job. She was never in the office at CCHQ. She was missing in action all the time.’

One source remembers: ‘Zac [Lord Goldsmith, a friend of Carrie] and Sajid [Javid] contacted Brandon Lewis and asked him not to get rid of Carrie. They lobbied for her to stay.’

But Lewis alone was not involved in deciding her future. Sir Mick Davis, the Tory Party’s chief executive, was a prime mover.

Insiders say that Sir Mick ran his section like a business. He was in charge of spending and salaries and, like any good businessman, he wanted to be sure that the party was getting value for money.

He was aware of two principal areas of concern. The first was Carrie’s commitment to her job as director of communications. The second related to the amount of expenditure she had incurred in taxi journeys that had been charged to CCHQ.

Under a long-standing arrangement, CCHQ had an account with a minicab firm. Taxis could be booked by staff using a password. The name of whoever made the booking would be logged by the firm.

It transpired that some journeys had been booked by Carrie for use in her private time. Not only that, but these bookings had been made using the names of junior members of staff without their knowledge, to disguise the fact that they were for Carrie….

Carrie’s habit of peppering her social-media accounts with bulletins of where in the world she was at any given time had, seemingly, begun to catch up with her. It’s said in the past decade, she notched up at least 40 work or leisure trips abroad and in Britain. In the first six months of 2014, for example, she made visits with friends and colleagues to Dublin, Morocco, the Cotswolds, Spain, Vienna and Moldova.

‘There were quite a few times when I wondered where she was and I was just told she was ‘off’,’ recalls one former colleague who worked alongside her at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. ‘She didn’t seem to come in very often and when I asked after her, I was told that she had a headache or was on holiday.’

Other work or holiday destinations over the years included Venice, St Tropez, Rome, the Cayman Islands, Portugal, Mustique, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Croatia, Vienna, Barbados, Greece, Tuscany, Germany, Paris and New York.

Even some Conservative MPs commented on the frequency with which she seemed to be away.

‘Delighted you’ve made it to another country for a rare change,’ wrote Paul Scully jokingly after she posted a photograph on Instagram of a beautiful Greek beach. ‘You need to get away a bit more, Carrie,’ added Nigel Adams.

‘The absence issue was quite something,’ says another source. ‘We all got the same amount of annual leave – 25 days – and her social media was looked at. ‘It was very clear that she was off more than she should have been. And she was earning a decent salary. It was about £80,000. That was very good for someone of her age and experience, which was limited actually to CCHQ and some spad [special adviser] jobs. She had very little employment experience outside Westminster.’

The source adds: ‘Sir Mick soon realised her appointment had been an error, and she was the wrong choice.’

Due to the fact that a non-disclosure agreement was eventually signed between Carrie and CCHQ, it is unclear precisely when and why the situation exploded, but it did. That Carrie is said to have spent thousands of pounds on taxis using other people’s names cannot have helped matters.

Some of Carrie’s former colleagues remain deeply unimpressed by the taxi episode to this day.

One says: ‘She’s lucky she didn’t end up in more serious trouble. I think it’s only because of where she worked that nobody wanted to draw more attention to it. It was misuse of CCHQ funds. She used the names of those just starting out on their careers. That was unforgivable.’

Not a word was leaked to the press at the time about her being forced to quit. Shortly afterwards she took up a post with Oceana, a charity that protects and restores oceans.

Never, ever, give a single dime to any charity organization. They’re nothing more than revenue nets run primarily for the benefit of the people who populate their bureaucracies.