Soros Knows He Failed

The front man for the neo-liberal rules-based world order aka Clown World is aware that his plans for an Open Satanic Society are being rolled back by the still-sovereign nations:

Unless Russia is quickly defeated in Ukraine, the collective West won’t be able to address climate change in time to save civilization, billionaire financier George Soros told the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday. He also called Russia and China the greatest threats to his concept of open society.

Russia sending troops into Ukraine “may have been the beginning of the Third World War and our civilization may not survive it,” Soros told the WEF, and even when the fighting there stops, “the situation will never revert to what it was before.”

In his telling, the “invasion” came amid a struggle between “two systems of governance that are diametrically opposed to each other: open society and closed society,” the former embodied by the West and the latter by Russia and China.

Soros, 91, reminisced about the “exciting days” of the Soviet Union’s disintegration, when his wealth increased to the point where he could spend $300 million a year in 1987, and his foundations in Eastern Europe “turned out to be more successful than I expected.”

He argued that the tide began to turn after the 9/11 attacks of 2001, “repressive regimes are now in the ascendant and open societies are under siege,” with China and Russia representing “the greatest threat.”

If China and Russia are “the greatest threat” to Satan’s global rule, then they are currently the greatest material hope for the nations, despite their various cultural idiosyncracies and flaws.


Holy Nationalism

The Dalai Lama approves of European nationalism, saying “I weep for what they have lost”.

The Dalai Lama has sparked controversy after he once again defended White nationalism. The elderly monk agreed with the statement that, “white people have a right to exist in their own countries.” Explaining himself, he stated, “I do not think a world without white people would be complete. We should celebrate the whole world’s diversity and that of course means nations being their own. I do not think a France without the French would be a good thing, but completely the opposite. I love all people.”

Going on, he stated that, “I can understand the sadness and despair of Europeans and Americans who worry about losing their countries. Immigrants should return to their own countries, especially those who are from safe places. When I travel to Berlin, I wonder, where are the Germans? I weep for what they have lost.”

“People should, of course, be in friendship and harmony, but there is a saying. Good neighborhoods have good fencing. I think there would be much less hatred on Earth if we respected each other’s nations much more. I have become much more convinced of this as I grow older. I do not think that mixing is always a good thing. We can learn from each other without becoming one another.”

When asked if he thought immigrants should be expelled, the Dalai Lama explained that, in his view, “They should go home on their own accord because it is a good thing to do, if your country is safe. However, if they refuse to leave, I would understand if there was some compulsion.”

Big hitter, the Lama. And he’s absolutely right. It makes the Churchian dogma all the more obviously fake and evil when the virtuous pagans put their false teachings to shame.


He’s Not American

It has always puzzled me why Mark Levin appeals to conservatives, particularly Boomercons. To me, he has never been more than an older, fatter Ben Shapiro, gatekeeping Americans on behalf of the Israel First party. But recently, he uncloaked and showed his true colors:

Fox News host Mark Levin went full neocon on Sunday night, attacking “so-called nationalist populists” as un-American isolationists and ordering viewers to “reject” both ideologies as “dangerous” and disconnected from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

“I have in front of me the pocket edition of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, the word nationalist cannot be found in either the Declaration or the Constitution, why is this?” Levin said. “Because the people who founded your country and the people, the Framers of your Constitution, were not nationalists — they were Americans.”

“So what am I saying, am I a globalist?” Levin said. “I don’t even know what that means. No, I’m a red-blooded American Constitutionalist who believes in Capitalism and representative government.”

“What does that mean?” he asked. “It’s simple, you don’t treat communist China the way you treat Great Britain when it comes to trade. You don’t send advanced technologies to Russia or to Iran technologies you might send to Israel.”

First, Levin is not an American. He is not descended from the people who founded the American nation, he is not part of the Posterity for whose benefit the U.S. Constitution was written, and, as he quite rightly admits, he is not an American nationalist. Second, Levin may or may not be a globalist, but he is an Israeli Firster, which is why he asserts, incorrectly and on the basis of absolutely nothing, that it is reasonable for Americans to send advanced technologies to Israel that is not in the American national interest to provide other countries.

The fact is that a substantial amount of the advanced US technology that was acquired by China over the last 30 years was provided to the Chinese by the Israeli government.

The head of defense exports for the Israeli Defense Ministry resigned after a U.S. investigation concluded that technology, including a miniature refrigeration system manufactured by Ricor and used for missiles and in electro-optic equipment, was sent to China, according to the Israeli newspaper Maariv. Another Israeli news site, Aretz Sheva, reports the U.S. is concerned the technology could ultimately find its way to Iran, which last year sought to buy military equipment from China for its nuclear program.

The Maariv report identified the Israeli defense official as Meir Shalit, and said he apologized to U.S. officials on a recent visit.

Israel has a long record of getting U.S. military technology to China. In the early 1990s then-CIA Director James Woolsey told a Senate Government Affairs Committee that Israel had been selling U.S. secrets to China for about a decade.

Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China, 24 December 2013


That’s An Easy One

For anyone asking me “Maybe you should give up Crimea and Donbas in exchange for peace?” Before asking this question, name me the specific region in your country you would be willing to give up if Putin started bombing your cities.

Certainly. In order of preference:

  1. New York City
  2. Hollywood and Los Angeles
  3. Washington D.C.
  4. San Francisco
  5. New Jersey
  6. Miami

And if Mr. Putin would be so good as to bomb them before the USA handed them over, so much the better.


We Never Needed Them

The Big Bear drops some hard truths on us.

It dawned on me this morning that @realdonaldtrump is the last significant gatekeeper before Nationalism. They’ve invested so much into his brand that they can’t let him ride off into the sunset post 2020 and they desperately need him to hold the line for disillusioned Americans.

He couldn’t get Gab to submit to kushner’s (((speech codes))), Parler & GettR were duds and Truth Social is the laughing stock of the internet.

This is the last, best move to gatekeep Nationalism. Another branded investment ‘hero’ (Elon) swoops in to save the day & restore the Don on twitter.

You don’t need these false idols, fake heros. They don’t have the power to save you & even if they did there’s no chance they would. They don’t care about your interests.

The good news is, you can build your own future. You never needed them.

Putting one’s faith in a media celebrity because he says one or two things that you like is always going to end in disappointment. Every single time.


Reversing Demographic Decline

Never ever accept the baseless lie that government policies can’t reverse European demographic decline. Hungary has proved, conclusively, that it is not merely possible to do so, it is actually quite easy and relatively inexpensive:

State Secretary for Family and Youth Affairs Katalin Novák announced on Thursday that Hungary had seen a rise in both the number of births and a 5.7 per cent rise in the fertility rate in the first four months of this year, compared to the same period in 2019.

“Good news again!” she stated added that marriages have also increased with one-and-a-half more marriages recorded this year compared to the previous year.

The report comes after Hungary passed pro-family legislation last year that included a Family Protection Action Plan which increased government spending on families by 224 billion Hungarian Forints (£619 million).

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been a major advocate of pro-family policies to increase his country’s birthrate as opposed to mass migration.

Among the many pro-family policies has been a government grant of 10 million Forints (£27,000) which is initially styled as a loan but can be wholly forgiven once a couple has at least three children.

Mass immigration has never been necessary to solve economic problems. The free movement of peoples doctrine is every bit as much a satanic lie as the free trade nonsense. Pro-family legislation is a moral imperative for any society that wishes to survive and thrive.

Objections from childless libertarian theoreticians to “state interference” are both irrelevant and wrong.


Can Confirm

We do. We absolutely do. Because Christian Nationalism is literally the highest form of civilization ever known to Man. It is the actual West, as opposed to the fake and literally gay version that presently wears its skinsuit to sin parades.

Whereas “freedom” is nothing more than subjugation to Satan and “democracy” is nothing more than rule by Satan’s servants. The truth is always better than the lie.


Go And Build

Andrew Torba gave a magnificent speech at AFPAC. Read the whole thing. He provides a powerful vision of a Great Restoration by Christendom to oppose the Great Reset of Globohomo’s satanic Prometheans.

We are facing the total replacement of good and Holy things with filth and decay.

We can no longer overlook social issues in favor of economic ones. We can no longer ignore the depravity and degeneracy that is perverting and destroying our minds. We must never allow the demonization and destruction of the nuclear family and the corruption of our children to happen.

We must stare into the face of Silicon Valley, the mainstream media, and the political establishment on both sides of the isle and dare to say: “no.”

Jesus did not command us to sit around getting crushed by Satan waiting to die. He commanded us to make disciples of all nations and we need to take dominion in His name.

His Kingdom may be in Heaven, but He Himself told us in Matthew 28:18 that He has ALL authority on Earth as well.

It’s time to start acting like it.

So often we are called hateful by people who hate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so to them I say: yes I am hateful. I hate sin. I hate evil. I hate Satan and I hate the Antichrist.

They will call our speech “hate speech” because we dare to speak the Truth of God’s Word.

You’re a racist if you don’t hate yourself for the color of your skin.

You’re a bigot if you don’t want men in dresses walking into the bathroom with your daughter.

You’re an antisemite if you question sending Israel American taxpayer money to build their wall, while our own border is being invaded.

Their shame words no longer hold any power over me and they should never again hold any power over you.

Tolerance is NOT a Christian virtue.
God has zero tolerance when it comes to sin, which corrupts our bodies, hearts, and minds. We are commanded to hate that which is evil. Without hatred we can’t understand love, but we must be careful to not aim our hatred at one another. Instead we must unite and aim our hatred at the sin and evil in our own hearts.

What is at stake is not only the future of our country, but the future of Christendom as a whole.

Christians are being demonized, dehumanized, discriminated against, demographically replaced, and disenfranchised. We are being attacked, harassed, fired, and banned from the internet and financial systems for our political and religious beliefs.

None of this is okay.

Christians should be boldly denouncing these things, but we look to our churches, our so-called Christian leaders, and even our politicians and we are met with a deafening silence–or worse a proud endorsement of this madness.

Christians are not revolutionaries.
We are reformers. We do not destroy things, we build and create them, mirroring our Creator. God will handle the destruction of our wicked and corrupt global regime, in fact I think He’s already started.

If we are going to save our country we must adopt a mindset of seven generations thinking.

Previous generations, including my own, have lived in the moment for themselves.

We must learn from this mistake.

Short term pleasure at the expense of long-term pain for our kin is unsustainable. We must be the ones who are willing to put in the work to build a Christian future not only for our children and our children’s children, but for Christendom as a whole. Now is the time for us to build.

If you didn’t understand why I was willing to put my past differences with Torba aside and return to GAB, the fact that he has developed into the kind of man who could give that speech in public should suffice to make it clear.

And kudos to Nick Fuentes for hosting the event and making it possible.


The Strategic Virtues of Racism

A detailed 254-page study of Chinese racism, entitled THE STRATEGIC CONSEQUENCES OF CHINESE RACISM: A Strategic Asymmetry for the United States (PDF), leads to the inescapable conclusion that China will surpass the imperial USA as a global power in the 21st Century due to its unity as a homogeneous nation even if the USA does not collapse as a political entity in the anticipated 2033 timeframe.

Chinese racism helps to make the Chinese a formidable adversary. There are three critical consequences that result from this. The first is the sense of unity the Chinese possess. Second, it allows the Chinese to have a strong sense of identity, which in turn permits them to weather adversity, and to be focused and secure confidence that the rest of the nation is with them. Third, China is not plagued by self-doubt or guilt about its past.

The Chinese are never going to go through a civil rights movement like the United States. This is because, first, they have no freedom of the press, freedom to petition their government, freedom to assemble, all of which are necessary to support a civil rights movement. Second, there is no political drive or consciousness for equality in Chinese thought. Equality is associated with Maoism and rejected in today’s China, where inequality is accepted and celebrated. In addition, there is no notion of civil rights in Chinese political thought or, practically, in jurisprudence…

United States defense decision-makers must recognize that racism is a cohesive force for the Chinese. Racism does benefit the Chinese in four major ways. First, the Han Chinese possess a strong in-group identity with a polarized and tightly defined out-group. This allows the Chinese government to expect sacrifice as well as support from a considerable majority of the Chinese people.

Second, based in this identity, the government has the ability to focus with great willpower on the demands of the state. All governments make patriotic appeals, but the Chinese government is able to do so effectively because any entreaty is based on patriotism as well as nationalism. When we reflect on the tools the Chinese government has to extract support and resources from the population, only one conclusion is possible, they are formidable.

Third, they have strong societal unity and purpose, which supports Chinese power. The Chinese do not have a culture that is self-critical or one that ponders its fundamental faults. Fourth, China’s racism and ethnocentrism serves China’s teleological worldview. History, in the Hegelian sense, is moving in China’s direction and the future belongs to it, China’s political beliefs, civilizational culture, and economic might triumphed over the West.

The truth always forces its way through the lies and deceit that cloak it over time. All of the lies that Americans have been told by their immigrant invaders, from “the proposition nation” to the “huddled masses”, the “melting pot”, “we are the world”, and “diversity is our strength” are going to be disproven in a conclusive, and possibly cataclysmic manner by the geopolitical rivalry with a unified and confident nation.

Both Russia and China have learned from their histories of subjugation as well as the massive series of unnecessary mistakes that led to the subjugation of the American nation.

Racism is nothing more, and nothing less, than the defense of one’s own people. It has nothing to do with skin color, hate, or any of the other globalist lies. To be anti-racist, to smugly declare that “you don’t see color”, is to literally and materially accede to the conquest and destruction of your self, your family, and your nation.

The Chinese have seen through the lies. The Russians have seen through the lies. Far too few Americans have, and that is why America is a broken, demoralized nation that literally doesn’t even know who or what it is. A nation can no more be an idea, or a piece of paper, or a claimed opinion, than a bird or a herd of cows can be. And both history and the observation of current events makes it perfectly clear that the nation that rejects racism and/or embraces equality and inclusivity will not survive.