White People Wanted

It’s fascinating to see how Clown World completely abandons all of its diversity rhetoric the moment that it gets scared enough to believe it might actually lose WWIII to the nationalists.

ITEM: If you see obstacles ahead of you, it’s time to draw strength from a team who’s been overcoming them for almost 250 years. #BeAIIYouCanBe in the USArmy.

ITEM: The percentage of white people in this ad is higher than the actual United States. You know they’re desperate for recruits if they’re willing to tell HR no.

The lesson, as always, is this: Let the clowns defend Clown World. Don’t fight and die for Satan and Globohomo.


The Wages of Empire

London is not only ruled by a Punjabi and a Pakistani, the former capital city of the English is now literally owned by Indians:

Indians Now Own More Real Estate in London Than the English

More real estate in London is owned by Indian proprietors than by the native English population, a new study has revealed.

According to the London-based property developer Barratt London, English property owners are the second-biggest group in their own capital, sandwiched between Pakistani proprietors below and Indian property owners at the top.

Empire is a slow-growing cancer on a nation. Having seen what has become of the English empire and what global empire has done to America, do you really believe that China, much less Russia, harbors similar ambitions of global domination?

The multipolarity that Clown World’s two great enemies both presently profess is not a sham or a ruse. To the contrary, it is a conscious rejection of imperial ambitions due to wise and intelligent leadership understanding the long-term cost to future generations of ruling over foreign peoples for the benefit of the current generation.

The wages of empire are foreign ownership and occupation.


The Paper Americans

By their own tongues they condemn themselves:

At my wife’s citizenship ceremony and all of our new Americans can’t stop talking about their homelands.

They may be US citizens, but they will never be sons or daughters of the American Revolution and they will never be the Posterity whose rights the Constitution was written to acknowledge, anymore than they will be Apache, Cherokee, or Navaho.

Nation literally derives from one’s birth. Not where one was born, but to whom.

The United States is in the process of collapsing because its people bought into the lie of civic nationalism. But a civic nation is no more a nation than social justice is justice.


The Next Step for China

Russia Today observes the importance of the CPC’s 20th National Congress:

The 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the pinnacle event in the country’s political life and held only every five years, kicks off in Beijing on October 16. Experts will be tuning in to pick up any signals related not only to the political standing and prospects of China’s leader Xi Jinping, who is likely to run for a third term, but also to the way the country is planning to build its relations with the US and Russia in the future.

Western speculation believes that the event could signify a triumph for Xi as he will most likely remain at the helm of the party for a third term. Should that happen, it would go against the tradition which has formed in Chinese politics over the last 30 years. Up to now, the reins of power in the country were handed over to a new generation of leaders at the end of the second term.

Thus, such a move would herald a new era in the history of modern China.

Starting from 2018, it has become increasingly clear that Xi is going to defy this tradition. That year, amendments were made to the Chinese Constitution lifting the two-term limit on the presidency. However, according to Aleksandr Lomanov, the Deputy Director for Scientific Work at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO RAS), the extension of Xi’s rule for another term is not indicative of the general direction of Chinese politics in the next five year.

“For the world at large, the important thing is not whether Xi Jinping is going to stay for another term. Most of the world’s countries don’t really care who is in charge in China. What is important is the kind of policies China is going to pursue in the future, and how stable the country is going to be,” Lomanov explained.

Also, the congress is expected to review the party’s work and achievements over the last five years as well as to announce the new composition of its ‘board of directors’ – the Political Bureau (Politburo) Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee, composed of the party’s top officials who make all the important decisions in the country. Today, it’s made up of seven members (historically, this number has ranged from five to nine).

It is believed that at least three of the party members currently serving on the Standing Committee will resign for various reasons, including China’s second most important man – Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang. He is required by law to step down as premier in 2023, since the term limit was only removed for the president.

Meanwhile, the Global Times explains that the core strength of the CPC is its direct connection to the nation, which stands in complete contrast to Western political parties, which are led by immigrant elites whose interests are distinct from, and often hostile to, the interests of the nations over whom they rule.

The CPC succeeded where the Communist Party of the USSR failed due to its focus on the Chinese nation rather than international revolution. The CPC succeeded where the Democratic-Republicans of the United States of America failed due to its focus on the Chinese nation rather than international immigration.

“Stability” is the most prominent feature and advantage of China’s politics and development, and it is also the fundamental manifestation of political maturity. Stability leads to long-term development, and this is especially the case for major countries. The key to China’s long-term stable development is the strong leadership of the CPC. This is not a secret, and should be one of the most important research topics in contemporary political science. The CPC cannot be simply explained and understood through the concept of “party” in Western political science. There are more than 96 million CPC members. This figure is more than the population of most countries in the world. More than 4.9 million grassroots Party organizations can be found in all fields of society. The CPC is deeply rooted in China and the Chinese people, and thus has uplifting power in the pursuit of excellence.

The CPC comes from the people, is for the people and relies on the people. All of the steps it strives to take are dedicated to working for the wellbeing of the Chinese people and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This original mission is manifested through specific policies and measures, as well as the practice of every Party member, and has been proven by the great practice of the CPC. Ties between the CPC and the Chinese people are like ties between flesh and blood – they are inseparable. This is fundamentally different in nature from the relatively loose political parties in Western countries, which are more like interest groups formed around elections.

In today’s fast-changing international situation, the significance of the CPC as the backbone of the Chinese people is even more prominent. Since the establishment of the CPC, the Chinese nation has not needed to wander through the dangerous jungle of modern civilization.

The superiority of the Chinese political system can be summarized in the two sentences highlighted above. In 1835, Andrew Reed and James Matheson wrote that “America will be great if America is good. If not, her greatness will vanish away like a morning cloud.” But they were wrong. The United States is no longer great because the United States is no longer American.

China is great because the CPC is Chinese. And China will continue to be great so long as the CPC remains of the Chinese people, for the Chinese people, and dedicated to the wellbeing of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation.

History repeatedly demonstrates that a nation will inevitably decline once it accepts immigration, adulteration, and rule by women and foreigners. And no amount of wokery, diversity, and equalitarian rhetoric will avert the verdict of history.

Which is why the seeds of China’s eventual decline may have been planted in Xi’s speech to the Congress.

From this day forward, the central task of the CPC will be to lead the Chinese people of all ethnic groups…

And so it begins.


A Legitimate Expression

Karl Denninger points out that the referendums which the globalist media is furiously decrying as “sham referendums” are obviously far more democratically legitimate than the Kiev regime:

Do recall that Zelinskyy declared that if you voted in these “shams” that was to be considered a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment.

This, of course, has been “memory-holed” all over the Internet — but was reported at the time.

Do remember that the Government of Ukraine has done this before. Specifically, they refused the right of the people to decide in 2014, which was also reported, this after the Ukraine government itself was deposed in a literal coup complete with shooting the people who didn’t like the way things were going after the United States, along with others, put their very-large thumb on the scale in deposing Yanukovych.

Isn’t it funny how a national government can be literally overthrown in a violent coup openly fomented by our government, including sitting Senators, and when the people who live in said land say screw you! to that the government then turns around and say “you have no choice, slave!” and declares their intent to walk off on a peaceful basis illegal?

Either the 2014 actions which the US fomented were invalid and everyone involved in them and the succession of power since, including Zelinskyy should be brought up on international charges and hanged or it is beyond question that as of 2014 those “breakaway” portions of the nation had and continue to have every right to walk off because the government to which they acceded on an alleged “voluntary” basis even if you originally accept it was voluntary despite reasonable doubt it was, no longer existed as of 2014.

The fact that the Russian people of the new Russian provinces have been literally fighting for their freedom from an illegitimate foreign government that came to power in a coup for the last eight years should have been a sufficient indicator that the will of the people was not to be a part of the Ukrainian state. The referendums were merely about whether these Russian nationals wanted to try to survive alone or to be provided with the protection of the Russian state; there was nothing “sham” about it.

Anyone who claims that the Kiev regime had any right to continue ruling over those people is a literal statist as they were always Russian-speaking members of the Russian nation while being subject to the Ukrainian state.

The nation is not the state. That’s why people are referred to as “British expats”; which is to say British nationals resident in a non-British state. And the nation has a right to dictate to the state, not the other way around.

Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

It’s should not be a surprise to see that the foreign rulers of the United States That Used To Be America reject the founding principles of the Real America.


Doug Wilson is a Boomer Fraud

It’s nothing but dance, dance, dance and the usual bullshit derived from Galatians 3:28 and Colossians 3:11.

There is no way to defend Western culture (which has been a major aspect of my calling in life), without incurring the charge of racism. This is a standard tactic of the Left. And in my experience, there have been many conservative Christians who would have joined in with this effort earlier if there hadn’t been all these darn kinists out there doing their level best to make the charge seem plausible. So rather than say that kinists were Christian nationalists before it was cool, I would prefer to say that kinists were playing the role of a dog in the manger—not really enjoying their brand of conservatism, and by their fringe behavior preventing others from wanting to join them. Schlebusch is skeptical of our motives, but I can still state them plainly. Conservative Christians aren’t worth a cultural dime if they aren’t routinely accused of being racists, and conservative Christians aren’t worth a cultural dime if the accusation has any merit or substance.

So of course, kinism only starts to look like a responsible option in demented times. You know, I find that I am using the word demented far more often than I used to. But it has to be admitted that kinism can start to look reasonable in comparison to what the commies are doing. This is because the commies despise whiteness far more than the kinists love it.

But you also have to realize that it only looks like a responsible option in the same way that a Calvin-Klein-hot-couple-in-their-skivvies ad looked back in the eighties, you know, sultry and miserable, when compared with a couple of body positive type models in one of their ads today, in which the probable-girl-unit has a beard, and the guy-unit is probably pregnant. The former ad was certainly sinful and worldly, while the latter is demented. See? There is that word again.

All of this is to say that the powers that be (with most of them being as white as the back of Elizabeth Warren’s knees) are doing their level best to make it appear like the kinists are the only ones who haven’t taken a complete leave of their senses. So why do I still want to cordon that kinist realm off with yellow caution tape like I do?

Here is how you know Doug Wilson is an inversive snake who has been appointed Gatekeeper for the rising nationalists by Clown World: he’s playing all the usual word games, in this case, by substituting “kinism” for “racism”. While I’m all for necessary neologisms, this construction is not only unnecessary, but it is clearly being utilized for rhetorical rather than dialectical purposes. The term does not clarify anything, but rather, adds to the chaos that cloaks the evil intent of the wicked.

Not only is Wilson intentionally misapplying the two verses from Galatians and Colossians, not only does he have at least one seriously suspect relationship with a convicted pedophile, not only does he delicately avoid referencing (((certain fellow white people))), and not only does he celebrate what he calls “gospel cosmopolitanism”, but he goes directly against Timothy 5:8 .

But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

How is Wilson providing for those of his own house when he aggressively provides cover for those attempting to burn it down? Or when he attacks those who are attempting to put out the fires?

At the end of the day, Wilson is observably more concerned about his equalitarian Boomer ideals than anything else. He doesn’t hate wickedness or pedophilia or global satanry “with the heat of a thousand suns”, just “ethnic animosity”. OK, Boomer.

He’s not just a Boomer fraud, he’s an irrelevant Boomer fraud. Getting comfortable in bed with satanists and child molesters is no problem for Wilson, so long as there is no merit or substance to be found in accusing him of defending the right of a people to exist, to live among their own kind in their own way, to speak their own language, and to worship in their own way without being forced to accept the presence or the interference of others.

As part of the American Indian remnant, I know perfectly well where all of this “anti-racism” was born and where it is heading. But Europeans are the Indians now.

  • A great general has said that the only good Indian is a dead one, and that high sanction of his destruction has been an enormous factor in promoting Indian massacres. In a sense, I agree with the sentiment, but only in this: that all the Indian there is in the race should be dead. Kill the Indian in him, and save the man. Col. Richard Henry Pratt, 1892
  • “Segregating any class or race of people apart from the rest of the people kills the progress of the segregated people or hinders their growth. Association of races and classes is necessary to destroy racism and classism.” – Gen. Richard Henry Pratt, 1902

The good news is that the fact religious posturers like Wilson feel the need to utilize new rhetorical terms to defend their equalitarian inversions indicates that the rhetorical force of “racism” has been spent. Which means we can probably anticipate a new term to replace “anti-semitism” to appear on the public scene soon.

The only meaningful perspective by which intellectuals, idealogues, figureheads, and frauds can be judged is how well their words stand up before the clarifying light of the Good, the Beautiful, and the True. Doug Wilson’s “kinism” rhetoric fails all three aspects. He’s little more than a Christian version of Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro, and he’s intended to serve the same purpose of corralling conservatives and keeping them away from the genuine Christian nationalism that will never submit to global satanry and its Babelism.

In summary, Doug Wilson is offering a false imitation of nationalism in much the same way Jordan Peterson offered a false imitation of Christianity.


God, Country, and Family

It’s hard to beat that as a campaign platform:

An exit poll has found Giorgia Meloni is set to win Italy’s elections and become the country’s first female Prime Minister as it braces for its most right-wing government since Mussolini.

Italy lurches to the far-Right in political earthquake: Exit poll finds ‘anti-woke’ Giorgia Meloni is set to win elections and become the country’s first female PM as EU state braces for its most right-wing government since Mussolini.

Giorgia Meloni, 45, who ran on a motto of ‘God, country and family’, will become Italy’s first female PM

An exit poll for state broadcaster RAI said Meloni’s Brothers of Italy, in alliance Matteo Salvini’s League and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party, has won between 41 per cent and 45 per cent of the vote. The figure would be enough to guarantee control of both houses of parliament.

According to the poll, the closest contender, the center-left alliance of former Democratic Party Premier Enrico Letta, apparently garnered as much as 29.5 per cent.

We should find out soon how serious Meloni is, and if she’ll govern like Thatcher or if she’s an Italian Merkel. The two most pressing issues are a) the anti-Russian sanctions and b) the European Union. If she’s legitimate, she’ll rapidly end the former and begin laying the groundwork for a referendum about leaving the latter.

But the electoral trend is clearly in favor of the nations and against the globalist “progress” of the last 50 years.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this is not a good sign that the new Italian government will actually oppose globohomo. But, as always, let’s see what they do rather than overanalyze what they say.

Italian lawmaker Giorgia Meloni, the front-runner to become the country’s next prime minister, is expected to reverse course on Italy’s support for China’s Belt and Road Initiative and strengthen ties with Taiwan if a coalition headed by her party wins the country’s general election today. “Without any doubt, if there is a center-right government, it is sure that Taiwan will be an essential concern for Italy,” Meloni told the Central News Agency in an interview.


Doug Wilson is a Christian

But he is most certainly NOT a Christian nationalist.

In the early 1950’s a young man named William F. Buckley was tapped by the CIA to serve as the single head of the conservative movement that was rising then in America. The problem the CIA hoped to correct by tapping Buckley as their guy is that the conservative movement was getting out of control because it was such a broad and variegated movement. By anointing Buckley as the head of the movement that gave the CIA the ability to streamline the conservative movement into one single expression and thus could be monitored, controlled, and manipulated more easily. In his position as unofficial head of the conservative movement Buckley became the guy who was the gatekeeper of conservatism. Without Buckley’s legitimizing nod any hopeful movement conservative was out in the wasteland. By not granting that nod Buckley read Robert Welch and the Birchers out of the conservative movement early on. In later years Buckley threw Sam Francis, Peter Brimelow, and Joe Sobran out of the conservative movement. Murray N. Rothbard’s “The Betrayal of the American Right,” exposes all this.

The reason I go into all this history is to suggest that it may well be being repeated. Here we are in a time where Christian Nationalism is on the rise and suddenly we find the left wing Media anointing who the “Leader” is going to be by hotfooting it out to Moscow Idaho to do a mild hit piece on Doug Wilson. They hit Doug just hard enough for everyone to think that Doug must now be the leader of this Christian Nationalism movement that they kind of like. Next, we learn the BBC is coming out to do another mild hit piece on Doug.

The irony in all this is that Doug has said how he was a National Review junkie for years and years. Doug loved him some William F. Buckley. Now Doug has become Wm. F. Buckley. Pity poor Doug.

Now, any other time Conservatives know that they are not going to get a fair shake from the National and International media and so they decline the opportunity to be flayed alive. Conservatives know that in interviews their words will be spliced and segments will be edited by the Lugenpresse. But does that stop Doug from opening his doors to the Lugenpresse? Not Doug … nope, Doug steps right up to the microphone and speaks. And in so doing what has happened is that Doug becomes the leader of the “Christian Nationalism” movement and this despite the fact that all Doug is offering is warmed over classical Liberalism and not Christian Nationalism at all.

Anyone who is even remotely concerned about the false and manufactured sins of “racism” and “anti-semitism” and “white supremacy”, much less makes a big deal about opposing them, is not a genuine nationalist. Such men are, at best, statists who advocate a paper nationalism in the place of the real thing.

This really isn’t that hard. A nationalist is one who puts first the people who are related to him by blood and history, rather than by ideology, citizenship, skin color, religion, or geographic location. Anyone who does not support that concept, or who attempts to substitute anything other than genetic and cultural kinship for the nation, is a charlatan.

A Christian nationalist is one who ADDS the element of the Christian faith to the cultural requirement, not one who SUBSTITUTES religious identification for blood and history. One can no more use Christianity to deny national differences than to deny the reality of sex or slavery; Galatians 3:28 is one of the most intentionally misused verses in the Bible.

However, the mere fact that the media sees the need to coopt and subvert the term is a very positive sign indeed. It means that the nations are rising and Globohomo’s multiracial Babelism is failing.


The Inevitable End of Empire

The English have been displaced in the very capital from which the Empire on which the Sun never set was ruled.

ITEM: Liz Truss is preparing to appoint the first cabinet in history in which none of the great offices of state will be held by a white man. After weeks of preparation while enjoying commanding poll leads, Truss is now close to finalising her top team.

ITEM: Indians – led by those who have lived in the UK for generations, NRIs, investors living elsewhere, students and families traveling to the UK for education – are the largest group of landowners in London, followed by the English and Pakistanis.

How, one wonders, are they “Indians” if they have been living in the UK for generations? Are they not simply English, as English as any Anglo-Saxon whose ancestors have been? Even when they simply relate the facts, the globalists expose their previous lies.

It always amuses me when the governments wax on about the importance of their citizens abroad, while simultaneously insisting that the foreigners resident in their country are every bit as native as the natives who are living elsewhere. It’s not merely nonsensical, it’s intrinsically oxymoronic.

A man cannot choose two masters. And empires fall because the colonized eventually become the rulers.

The USA succeeded England as the seat of the Empire That Never Ends. And it is following in England’s path; it is destined to be ruled by women and foreigners before the final collapse.


Soros Knows He Failed

The front man for the neo-liberal rules-based world order aka Clown World is aware that his plans for an Open Satanic Society are being rolled back by the still-sovereign nations:

Unless Russia is quickly defeated in Ukraine, the collective West won’t be able to address climate change in time to save civilization, billionaire financier George Soros told the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday. He also called Russia and China the greatest threats to his concept of open society.

Russia sending troops into Ukraine “may have been the beginning of the Third World War and our civilization may not survive it,” Soros told the WEF, and even when the fighting there stops, “the situation will never revert to what it was before.”

In his telling, the “invasion” came amid a struggle between “two systems of governance that are diametrically opposed to each other: open society and closed society,” the former embodied by the West and the latter by Russia and China.

Soros, 91, reminisced about the “exciting days” of the Soviet Union’s disintegration, when his wealth increased to the point where he could spend $300 million a year in 1987, and his foundations in Eastern Europe “turned out to be more successful than I expected.”

He argued that the tide began to turn after the 9/11 attacks of 2001, “repressive regimes are now in the ascendant and open societies are under siege,” with China and Russia representing “the greatest threat.”

If China and Russia are “the greatest threat” to Satan’s global rule, then they are currently the greatest material hope for the nations, despite their various cultural idiosyncracies and flaws.