Terminal Stage

The Ukrainian opposition is speaking out against what the foreign Clown World regime has done to its people ever since it gained independence:

One of the most important reasons why states collapse is the degradation of their elites. Historians argue that the Roman Empire fell not so much from the onslaught of barbarians, but rather that it rotted away from the inside. If we take our own history, roughly the same thing happened with ancient Kiev. For centuries, Kiev was the capital of the Russian early feudal state, but lost its significance as a result of civil strife caused by the princely elite.

Political clown President Zelensky has irreparably damaged the foundations of Ukraine’s statehood and may very well end up being the country’s last president. Every Ukrainian president, having received power from the hands of the people, tried to sell it, and each time was more and more successful. At the moment, Ukraine has already been sold in a global political auction, and when it is finally used up, will be thrown into a landfill.

Does this suggest that the people of Ukraine are flawed? No, it suggests that a flawed elite has formed which cannot and does not want to govern the people.

Today, Western propagandists work to convince Ukrainians that they will not succeed without their own statehood, but in reality this statehood was sold to international corporations a long time ago. In its present form, such statehood does not correspond to the national interests of Ukrainians. Today, Ukraine’s elite has not only sold the interests of the country, but sold its people into becoming cannon fodder for other, more powerful countries’ geopolitical ambitions.

The process of the country’s collapse has already begun, and is at the terminal stage.

The same thing has happened to Americans too, but most of them don’t realize it yet. The main reason no foreign elite should ever be permitted anywhere near the center of national power and influence, regardless of the system of government, is because they will inevitably utilize it against the interests of the the nation itself.

This is why we see the same process playing out again and again regardless of whether the national government is organized in the form of a monarchy, an aristocracy, or a democracy. The nominal form of the governmental structure doesn’t actually matter very much when the interests of the elite are fundamentally at odds with the interests of the people.


We’re Dangerous and We’re Spreading

The Economist senses the ongoing decline of Clown World and is terrified of the consequences of its inevitable collapse:

IN THE 1980s Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher built a new conservatism around markets and freedom. Today Donald Trump, Viktor Orban and a motley crew of Western politicians have demolished that orthodoxy, constructing in its place a statist, “anti-woke” conservatism that puts national sovereignty before the individual. These national conservatives are increasingly part of a global movement with its own networks of thinkers and leaders bound by a common ideology. They sense that they own conservatism now—and they may be right.

Despite its name, national conservatism could not be more different from the ideas of Reagan and Thatcher. Rather than being sceptical of big government, national conservatives think ordinary people are beset by impersonal global forces and that the state is their saviour. Unlike Reagan and Thatcher, they hate pooling sovereignty in multilateral organisations, they suspect free markets of being rigged by the elites and they are hostile to migration. They despise pluralism, especially the multicultural sort. National conservatives are obsessed with dismantling institutions they think are tainted by wokeness and globalism.

Instead of a sunny belief in progress, national conservatives are seized by declinism. William Buckley, a thinker of the old school, once quipped that “A conservative is someone who stands athwart history, yelling stop.” By comparison, national conservatives are revolutionaries. They do not see the West as the shining city on the hill, but as Rome before the fall—decadent, depraved and about to collapse amid a barbarian invasion. Not content with resisting progress, they also want to destroy classical liberalism.

Some people expect all this to blow over. National conservatives are too incoherent to pose a threat, they say. Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s prime minister, supports Ukraine; Mr Orban has a soft spot for Russia. The Polish Law and Justice party (PiS) is anti-gay; in France Marine Le Pen is permissive. Besides, the obsession with national sovereignty would make people worse off, as trade collapses, economic growth stalls and civil rights are curtailed. Voters would surely choose to restore the world liberalism made.

That view is unforgivably complacent. National conservatism is the politics of grievance: if policies lead to bad outcomes, its leaders will shift the blame onto globalists and immigrants and claim this only proves how much is wrong with the world. For all their contradictions, national conservatives have been able to unite around their hostility towards common enemies, including migrants (especially Muslims), globalists and all their supposed abettors.

The growing peril of national conservatism, THE ECONOMIST, 15 February 2024

Let Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher burn in Hell, along with all the other conservatives who signed off, however reluctantly, on the surrender of the white Christian West to a satanic, pedophile, globalist elite that wanted to impose The Empire That Never Ended on a world that was intoxicated with what it erroneously believed was the triumph of human liberty and the so-called End of History.

There is no “national conservativism” because we’re not fucking conservatives. We want Clown World and all its cursed clowns back in Hell where they belong. We’re nationalists, period. Let Russians rule Russia. Let Americans rule America. Let the Germans rule Germany. Let the Chinese rule China. And let everyone stay in their own nations, and live according to their cultures and traditions instead of trying to impose their ways on everyone else around the world.

The neoliberals know they’re wrong. They absolutely know it, they just can’t bring themselves to completely abandon their false ideals, fake principles, and their elite positions that their satanic masters have granted them.

The citizens of many Western countries see illegal migration as a source of disorder and a drain on the public purse. They worry that their children will grow up to be poorer than they are. They are anxious about losing their jobs to new technology. They believe that institutions such as universities and the press have been captured by hostile, illiberal, left-leaning elites. They see the globalists who have thrived in recent decades as members of a self-serving, arrogant caste who like to believe that they rose to the top in a meritocracy when, in reality, their success was inherited. These complaints have their merits, and sneering at them only confirms how out of touch elites have become.

The world liberalism made is a stinking, dsyfunctional hellhole where nothing works anymore and an evil imperial elites live off the credit-blood of the nations. Let liberalism, neoliberalism, conservatism, and neoconservatism die, as they deserve, because all of them were based on lies from the very start. And only retards and the thrice-boosted still believe those lies, including “immigration is good for the economy.”

“If Congress passes a new bill restricting the admission of new migrants at the border, do you think this would be good or bad for the United States?” Sixty-nine percent of the Americans responded that it would be “good,” while only 14 percent predicted “bad.”

They can call us Alt-Right, or Nationalist Right, or Christian Nationalists, or whatever label they deem sufficiently scary for the purposes of their rhetoric. But no matter what they call us, we are The Inevitable.

Because, as the great historian Sir Charles Oman noted, the great lesson of history is that the world-mind works by action and reaction, and a swing of the pendulum in one direction will ultimately be followed by a swing in the other.

The satanic globalists have had it all their way for at least the last 79 years. They promised Heaven and they delivered Hell on Earth. But the pendulum is already swinging back, and it is going to swing back hard with a holy vengeance.

“Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years.”
–Xi Xinping

The Inevitable Descent of Clown World


Lee Kuan Yew Warned You

A US Congresswoman who purports to represent Minnesota explains that she does not represent Minnesotans or even her fellow US citizens, but rather Somalians first, Muslims second.

We are an organized society, brothers and sisters, people of the same blood. People who know they are Somalians first, Muslims second, who protect one another come to each other’s aid and to the aid of other Muslims too. Couple of days ago, we heard some people who call themselves Somalis or claim to be Somalis have signed an MoU [Memorandum of Agreement] with Ethiopia on access to the sea.

Many Somalians have personally called me to encourage me to speak to the U.S. government and help Somalia. They wanted to know what the U.S. government could do for Somalia to ensure the MoU never turns into a full bilateral agreement. My answer to Somalians was that the U.S. government will only do what Somalians in the U.S. tell them to do. They will do what we want and nothing else. They must follow our orders and that is how we will safeguard the interest of Somalia. We Somalians must have that confidence in ourselves that we call for the shots in the U.S.

We live in the U.S., pay taxes in the U.S., and have a real voice. The U.S. is a country where one of your daughters is in Congress to represent your interests.

For as long as I am in the U.S. Congress, Somalia will never be in danger, its waters will not be stolen by Ethiopia or others. The U.S. would not dare to support anyone against Somalia to steal our land or oceans. Sleep in comfort, knowing I am here to protect the interests of Somalia from inside the U.S. system. The woman you sent to Congress is working day and night to protect your interests. She knows your plight and that of Somalia. I am as concerned about Somalia as you guys are. Together we will protect the interests of Somalia.

And it’s not just the Somalis (US Paper edition) that put their own people first. The same is true of every single wave of hyphenated-American immigrants. The same is true of every single wave of human migration everywhere throughout the course of history, all of whom have histories and beliefs and objectives and traditions that are distinctly different than the American posterity whose rights the Constitution was written to protect.

The only reason the USA is on the verge of war with Iran, is funding a losing proxy war with Russia, and is even banning college protests is because of Jewish immigrants who live in the US, pay taxes in the US, and have a real voice. They have a voice and that’s what they’re choosing to do with it, the American national interest be damned. This is tragic, but should never have been a surprise to anyone; it certainly would not have surprised the greatest political mind of the 20th Century, Lee Kuan Yew.


Mailvox: Nationalism and Non-Leadership

A recent exchange with a longtime VP reader.

DC: I consider Christian Nationalism a dead issue we are still just mucking around with in the US.

VD: I wouldn’t say it’s a dead issue, I’d say it’s an intellectual issue with very little relevance today.

DC: For the US it became a relevant issue which it still might be? But it was effectively still born as the proponents did such a poor job out the gate.

VD: It had nothing to do with that. Ideology is irrelevant anyhow. The time just isn’t right yet. Most Christians still think it’s 1980, if not 1950. They can’t even conceive of any need for Christian Nationalism so long as the government isn’t performing pagan sacrifices in public every national holiday. Christian Nationalism will be a reaction to pagan imperialism.

DC: Much more believable path forward than anything I’ve read.

VD: Of course. Because most of the writings on it are people attempting to redefine and pervert the concept. Most public intellectuals, such as they are, are simply professional activists for an ethnicity or an ideology. All of their analyses are rooted in politics, not in history, and always just happen to point in the same direction no matter the topic at hand. Which makes them worthless for more objective purposes.

DC: I find the same sort of problem with analysis of the role of men and women in the church. The theologians try to make an ahistorical, timeless, systematic theology of men and women ignoring all of history as a guide and not even putting the answer in today’s context. That’s how we got the ridiculous, new “servant leadership” theology for men which at its root is a compromise with the feminists. “Don’t be mad women and we will carry your bags for you in Target, not have friends, and watch the kids while you go drink with your friends!” SERVANT LEADING! I have probably read in-depth six books in the last 18 months on men and women in the church. Most of them simply degrade into rank Biblicism and try to write a timeless theology out of a scant few verses to exclude women from being Elders, and in the case of Piper, policemen. They are proof-texting themselves into theological stalemates which end in nihilism. Servant Leadership theology made neither servants nor leaders, instead it turned men into butlers who ask their wives for permission.


A Tale of Two “Nationalisms”

I posted the following on Gab:

It’s really rather remarkable that self-styled “pagans” are still attempting to attribute to Christianity what are the obvious and inevitable consequences of Western post-Christianity. The mass invasions and moral inversions of the last 70 years are quite literally anti-Christian in every sense, even when they are still cloaked in Churchian-sounding nonsense. Christendom has a long and successful historical record, whereas neither the post-Christian European societies nor the post-Christian USA will last much longer. Russia is on the rise due to its Orthodox Christian revival. Therein lies the only viable solution. Nationalism is good. Christian Nationalism is better.

JungleEaglesNest1488 @voxday white nationalism the best

@JungleEaglesNest1488 No, you retard. There is no such thing as “white nationalism”. Nation is a subset of race. White nationalism is an ignorant concept invented by US mongrels to make up for the fact that they don’t have an actual nation. Swedes are not Scots. Color nationalism has failed everywhere it has been tried, beginning with the red nationalism of the 1800s.

Please do at least a modicum of research into the historical attempts over the last 200 years to create a) red nationalism, b) yellow nationalism, c) black nationalism, and d) Arab nationalism before you waste any more time advocating a retarded ideology that is absolutely doomed to total failure. One cannot build a subset on the basis of a set. This really isn’t that hard to understand.

Der Weisskunig @voxday @JungleEaglesNest1488 You admit to a Nation being a subset of a race, so how can Christian Nationalism be a thing then? Racial Nationalism makes more sense than Religious Nationalism even when if we use your logic.

@DerWeisskunig @JungleEaglesNest1488 Because you don’t understand what “Christian Nationalism” is and is not. Christian Nationalism is not “a nation of Christians” in the civic national sense. It is not a nation that is comprised of Christians of different races and tribes. It is instead an existing nation, such as the English, or the Scots, or the Swedes, who have ordered their society on a Christian basis.

The Bible makes it clear that “nations” are coherent entities which are judged on the collective basis of their nationals’ behavior. Ergo, a nation can either reject or embrace Jesus Christ as an integral aspect of its social order.

Russia is presently the best example of a Christian Nationalist nation, even though its imperialist history renders it both imperfectly Christian and imperfectly nationalist.


The Consequences of Rejecting Truth

Vagrant of Rhodes observes the obvious and inescapable consequences of intentionally choosing to believe lies over the historical and observable truth:

“Migrant” parasites bragging openly about ethnically cleansing their host nations, while the rulers of those very host nations proclaim it isn’t happening, pretty much sums up what’s going on. We are witnessing the purposeful extinction of entire civilizations and barely anyone seems to even care enough to comment on the problem. In fact, every ounce of institutional power in those very host nations seems to be focused solely on bringing this extinction to fruition.

The sad part about this is that the “migrants” parasites are actually correct. In a generation, nations like Denmark, Sweden, or Germany simply will cease to exist because they’ve been replaced and genocided from the face of the earth. What’s so bizarre is that many of these places seem content to simply evaporate themselves and fork their entire heritage over to foreign conquerors, happily committing cultural suicide to maintain the so-called “principles” that led them to their own extinction.

Historians will struggle to understand this period in history, but it simply comes down to one thing: pride. Westerners view themselves with such pride and arrogance that they believe such actions are well worth the consequences. This is because they do not believe in higher power, in human nature, in truth, or in God’s justice. They see only themselves, and how to make themselves feel better, superior, or gratified in the moment. They see their own children murdered in the street, their own churches burned, their own homes stolen, and they say “I don’t want to be racist” to make themselves feel superior instead of fighting back for what’s just and righteous. They think that in order to further liberal values, they must give up everything they are or ever were to assimilate into the globo-borg and it’s false promise of eternal pleasure.

This is the poison pill in Western society: it tells you that your people and your history are meaningless, that you are simply an economic pawn in a machine of consumerism, that you are untethered from reality and should live only to indulge yourself. This insidious lie is coated in the honey of false proclamations of “peace”, “democracy”, “individualism”, “cosmopolitanism”, “diversity”, etc. All of these so-called liberal values simply lull the population into accepting the ultimate result of this system – extinction – by giving them a reason to temporarily feel better about themselves.

MPAI is a lamentable, but absolute fact. And the smug, self-centered idiots of the West have foolishly chosen to believe the lies of the children of the devil, from the lie that a nation can be an idea to the lie that a man can be a woman. The average individual of the West is such a herd animal that he would literally rather see his line, his nation, and his faith exterminated than be ostracized for violating the Narrative by speaking the historical and observable truth.

But those who deny the truth will, sooner or later, be run over by the train called Reality.


You Never Were, Kemosabe

All of the fraudulent “dual-citizen” nonsense was fake and false from the moment of its invention by the Supreme Court in 1967. No matter how much Ben Shapiro swears up and down that he’s a real American and insists that he doesn’t even hold an Israeli passport, it’s been obvious and observable for literal decades that his sympathies and true allegiances lie elsewhere despite his citizenship papers.

For example, all it took to expose the true colors of Russian-Israeli citizens was the US sanctions regime imposed upon the European financial institutions:

Several leading Israeli banks have begun to segregate accounts belonging to Russian citizens or Russian tax residents, Forbes and RBK reported on Thursday, citing lawyers and financiers. According to Mark Oigman, founder of international financial company SmartGen, the measures stem from EU sanctions, in particular restrictions introduced against Russians by the Belgian-based depositary Euroclear.

“Israeli banks began verbally warning some of their clients – most likely many – about the risks of blocking last week. Many people last week sold everything they could sell to avoid segregation. According to my estimates, few securities were blocked, since a lot of work was done, and at least private banking clients, wealthy Russians, managed to sell assets subject to segregation,” Oigman told RBK.

According to Aleksey Kovalenko of Israel-based legal firm Kovalenko and Partners, Israeli banks are currently negotiating the details of asset segregations with Euroclear, as many account holders have duel Russian-Israeli citizenship, and permanently live in Israel.

“The Israeli side insists that those who have an Israeli passport are in fact Israelis and should not be subject to the restrictions that should affect Russians, even despite having a second Russian passport,” the lawyer stated.

Israeli banks blocking Russian assets, RUSSIA TODAY, 16 November 2023

It didn’t even take that much to expose the falsity of some paper Americans:

The ONLY people I care about are my people, Israel. I have my reasons. I have some thoughts. However unconnected they seem, they are, I am connecting the dots. October 7th, the day we will never forget. I cried, non-stop for a week. felt the shock and devastation of my people like I have never felt before. I am ashamed to have thought in the past, I’m an American first. An American Jew, raised Conservative, practicing, not practicing, and practicing again, the only comfort now is in the company of other Jews.

Lauren Herman, THE TIMES OF ISRAEL, 25 October 2023

Americans know this. We have always known. To paraphrase an imaginary American Indian: “who is this ‘we’, kemosabe?” The only thing that has changed is that some of the “dual-citizens” no longer find it in their interests to pretend anymore, and so they are finally admitting that they were never Americans, or Russians, or Frenchmen, at all.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of your people and putting the interests of your nation first. That’s precisely what Israelis should do, whether it is a time of war or not. But pretending to be Americans, or Russians, or anything else at the same time is not only wrong, it is insidious and it is intrinsically untruthful, which is why it required the usual 1960s-era emanations and penumbras to provide a judicially-contorted basis for the false foundation of dual-citizenry.


Faux Christian Nationalism

Douglas Wilson can’t give up his Boomer addiction to Enlightenment ideals:

A summary of Doug Wilson’s argument in “Mere Christendom” insisting that the Magistrate should not enforce blasphemy laws.;

As a theonomist Wilson believes in “the need to restore the Bible as the quarry from which to obtain the needed stone for our foundations of social order” (149), he strongly argues against state imposed punishment for blasphemy. He reminds us that “those who want the government to have the right to kill blasphemers are also asking for the government to have the right to kill those who rebuke their (the government’s) blasphemies” (157), and “When you give the state power to punish a blasphemer, you are giving the state the power to blaspheme with impunity” (171). Wilson argues that inherent protection of free speech by limiting the state’s power “is the theo-political genius of Christianity” (171). He argues that “The founding of our nation really was exceptional, because the men who drafted our Constitution knew that American politicians, taking one thing with another, would be every bit as sleazy as the same class of men from any other clime” (201).

There are political wolves in sheep’s clothing just as there are religious wolves in sheep’s clothing. Evil men are going to do what evil men do, regardless of what good Christian men do. We already know, we have a massive surfeit of knowledge, of what happens when Christian men do not enforce Christian societal norms.

What this reveals is that Wilson is more dedicated to his Enlightenment ideals than his Christian ideals. I have no doubt that he is also an ersatz nationalist, which is to say, a common Churchian civnat who makes positive noises about tribes and nations, but as with blasphemy, refuses to acknowledge the right of the state to enforce the nation’s will.

The protection of free speech has literally nothing to do with Christianity, much less represents its “theo-political genius”. That is pure bafflegarble worthy of Jordan Peterson his own babbling self. Free speech is just another false virtue no more worth of state protection than equality, diversity, anti-racism, or the free movement of peoples.

Iron Ink is correct in his dismissal of Wilson’s Churchian drivel. “Rev. Wilson’s operating principle at work here is: give no one the power for good if they can use it for evil. Which of course reaches beyond absurd into the zip code of Nutville.”


Only Cowards Don’t See Color

A lot of white people, particularly Boomers, proudly proclaim that they “don’t see color”. They seriously believe that’s not a character defect, but a virtue of some kind. The problem is that an unwillingness to recognize racial and ethnic identities is not a virtue, it’s a hideous and cowardly vice.

I wonder if the self-righteous colorblind can manage to see any color here?

A group of blacks attack a white couple in Maryland. These sickening attacks have become more and more common and the media remain tight lipped.

This sort of vibrant attack on a white couple is far from an isolated incident.

White woman tries to save her boyfriend from a black man, and he knocks her out cold. The hostility towards Whites is accelerating.

And they’re not going to end until whites decide that they can, after all, see what everyone else clearly can. Because, ladies and gentlemen, you’re the Indians now.


Owen Drops the Mic

Big Bear asks civic nationalists what an American is:

Here’s a mic drop argument that will destroy civic nationalism in the zeitgeist for your “conservative” and “boomerservative” friends/family that love dunking on budlight/trannys;

The origins of trans-gender had their ideological seeds planted in trans-nationalism. If you can identify as “women” after being born in a male body, why can’t you identify as an “American” if you’re born in Japanese body?

A Japanese person immigrates to the US, files for citizenship and ‘transitions’ into an American because of a piece of paper? So why can’t a male get a legal paper to recognize themselves as a woman so you have to recognize their new identity?

The answer is neither can. A male has a penis, a Nation is a people.

For those of you trolling Matt Walsh telling him to follow up his doc “What is a Woman?” with “What is a jew?” you’re missing the point.

Ask him to make the doc (and it’s time to start asking the question to everyone)

“What is an American?”

This is very similar to the point I’ve long made about the oft-seen misapplication of the civic nationalist’s favorite Bible verse, Galatians 3:28:

There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Anyone who uses that verse to deny nationality must also deny both slavery and sex. And anyone who doesn’t is neither honest nor intellectually consistent.