Apex Predators, Unleashed

There is going to be a lot of this sort of thing happening around Western Europe, the UK, and the USA:

A British father-of-two has dumped his partner after falling for a 22-year-old Ukrainian refugee who came to live with them to escape the war. Tony Garnett, 29, and his partner Lorna, 28, took in Sofiia Karkadym at the start of May, but just 10 days later their seemingly-happy marriage was torn apart when the he ran away with the refugee.

The security guard, who lives in Bradford, West Yorkshire, says he has fallen in love with the 22-year-old and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Sofiia, who fled the city of Lviv in western Ukraine, said she ‘fancied’ Tony as soon as she saw him and that the pair are living their very own ‘love story’. Admitting the pain this will cause Lorna, Tony said he has ‘discovered a connection with Sofiia like I’ve never had before’, adding that they ‘know this is right’.

The family had taken Sofiia in in an effort to do their bit to help Ukrainian’s fleeing the Russian invasion, with Tony telling The Sun he ‘wanted to do the right thing’ and that she was the first person to get in touch on a Facebook page where he offered to house a refugee.

This is about as totally unexpected as the rampant immigrant rapes in Scandinavia and Germany. Ukrainian women are famously mercenary; even Russian women find their cold ruthlessness to be a little on the extreme side. And a Ukrainian refugee without a home or employment prospects is going to value a stable man with a job considerably more highly than the average Western woman, which sets the stage for a series of considerably unfair competitions.

The lesson, as always, is this: sink the ships.


Holy Nationalism

The Dalai Lama approves of European nationalism, saying “I weep for what they have lost”.

The Dalai Lama has sparked controversy after he once again defended White nationalism. The elderly monk agreed with the statement that, “white people have a right to exist in their own countries.” Explaining himself, he stated, “I do not think a world without white people would be complete. We should celebrate the whole world’s diversity and that of course means nations being their own. I do not think a France without the French would be a good thing, but completely the opposite. I love all people.”

Going on, he stated that, “I can understand the sadness and despair of Europeans and Americans who worry about losing their countries. Immigrants should return to their own countries, especially those who are from safe places. When I travel to Berlin, I wonder, where are the Germans? I weep for what they have lost.”

“People should, of course, be in friendship and harmony, but there is a saying. Good neighborhoods have good fencing. I think there would be much less hatred on Earth if we respected each other’s nations much more. I have become much more convinced of this as I grow older. I do not think that mixing is always a good thing. We can learn from each other without becoming one another.”

When asked if he thought immigrants should be expelled, the Dalai Lama explained that, in his view, “They should go home on their own accord because it is a good thing to do, if your country is safe. However, if they refuse to leave, I would understand if there was some compulsion.”

Big hitter, the Lama. And he’s absolutely right. It makes the Churchian dogma all the more obviously fake and evil when the virtuous pagans put their false teachings to shame.


A Refusal to Cooperate

Roosh explains why he is the peasant revolt:

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. I’m not supposed to be sharing the truth with you. They had a specific plan for me, but I figured out what it was and revolted against it. They punished me to get me back in line, but I will never follow them. They aren’t yet sure what to do with people like me who go against their will to expose their schemes and their lawlessness. My existence is proof that things are not going well for them.

In 1965, a certain demographic in America agitated for a looser immigration law. Historically, most immigrants came from Christian Europe, but the law changed, opening the borders to anybody, including the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. My father was one of the first to benefit from this new law. He immigrated from Iran before the revolution on a student visa. Not long after, my mom immigrated with her entire family from Turkey (she’s Armenian), and additional family members came after that. They liked America. It’s easier, safer, more comfortable, and there’s more freedom. I expect both of my parents to remain in this country for the rest of their lives.

The plan of the regime was simple: culturally sterilize the white population, their greatest threat to power (as clearly evidenced by the recent Canadian truckers’ protest), and replace them with atomized non-European people who will obey any directive to come and reside in the United States to enjoy its first-world comforts. Through the pursuit of their material self-interests, my parents unknowingly consented to this plan. They had two children who were supposed to accept without question the prime directives of the regime: consumerism, comfort, casual sex. Their son abided by this plan and exceeded it to a foul degree. He injected the sexual revolution with the addition of steroids, spreading degeneracy around the Western world and unknowingly aiding the depopulation agenda through the fulfillment of his carnal desires. He was supposed to be a rootless Cosmopolitan who supports abortion and foments grievances against America for being racist against non-whites. He was supposed to feed the divide-and-conquer plan of men versus women so they would never pairbond and create families. He was supposed to be an obedient corporate worker, a mindless consumer, an enjoyer of soybean oil. He was supposed to do all this for the remainder of his life, to be a mere peasant who survives day to day with the aid of entertainment, industrial food, credit, pornography, and normalized passions sponsored by the elite. Some of this he did, and some he didn’t, but something happened along the way.

The reason inversion is ultimately futile, even when it has been successfully implemented by “a certain demographic”, is that one can only war against truth, reality, and God for so long before everything collapses in flames.


All Multicultural Societies are Doomed

The French intelligence officer is not wrong. Except the coming wars across the West will not be “civil wars” in any sense of the term.

Former French intelligence chief Pierre Brochand warns that unless Europe and France radically change their policies on mass immigration, civil war could break out, asserting, “all multicultural societies are doomed.”

Brochand, who served as director of the French DGSE from 2002 to 2008, made the comments during an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro. “All ‘multicultural’ societies are doomed to more or less deep rifts,” warned Brochand, adding, “In such a situation, it happens that minorities are violent winners, and majorities placid losers.”

The negative impact of mass immigration on France can no longer be dismissed because it is “increasingly difficult to prevent the French from seeing what they see,” and also because “a breakthrough personality has suddenly appeared in the formulaic world of politics that has encouraged them to open their eyes,” said Brochand.

The ex-intel chief predicts that if Emmanuel Macron wins the presidential election and fails to massively alter his approach to immigration, civil war could ensue. “This gradual upheaval of the French population, if not the only challenge we face, is the only one that directly threatens civil peace on our territory,” said Brochand, warning that Muslim migrants and others from outside of Europe have developed a “spirit of post-colonial revenge.”

Meanwhile, the native tolerance has gradually turned to dislike. More and more former moderates are becoming quiet, but angry extremists, and the harsh controls on social media preventing the opposition from speaking out against the invasions are only causing the social pressure to build. So, when it starts, wherever it starts, be sure to remember that it was those who welcomed the invaders and encouraged the invasions who are entirely to blame for the inevitable conflict.

The sooner the repatriations begin, the less violent the wars will be. The longer the current situation persists, the worse they will be. History is a harsh, but prescient teacher.

Most homogeneous societies were once heterogeneous. Until they weren’t.


What Happened

If you want to know what happened to the USA and why it is not the same country that we children of the 1970s and 1980s knew, this graph of income distribution explains everything. Notice that this happened as Republicans were bravely fighting “socialism”. And if you still refuse to accept that identity trumps ideology, try to answer this question: what, precisely, is the ideology that represents “rule by foreign elite”?


You ARE a Third World Country

The governor of California belatedly recognizes the befouled state of the Once-Golden State:

State Gov. Gavin Newsom found himself in disbelief at the recent images of Los Angeles’ train tracks littered with looted packages, asking reporters, “What the hell is going on?”

“We look like a third-world country,” he exclaimed.

The transformation of the Golden State to Third World Stankistan should be no more surprising than its preceding transition from a barren wasteland. It’s the population, stupid!

European people live one way. People of Asian, African, Iranian, and every other variety prefer to live in other ways, as is their prerogative. The lower the percentage of Europeans in the mix, the less European the society. The lower the percentage of high-trust individuals, the lower-trust the society.

This concept isn’t rocket science, although to a lot of non-European peoples, it might as well be.


Diversifying Ukraine

It’s really remarkable to see the globalist governments of the New Neo-Liberal Rules-Based World Order going crazy over the possibility of a few hundred thousand “New Ukrainians” going in search of a better life for themselves and their families in Ukraine. I mean, isn’t diversity Ukraine’s strength?

If they didn’t have any problem with 80 million foreigners colonizing the United States, why do they get so bent out of shape concerning much smaller waves of immigration into places like Ukraine or Taiwan Island.

If they want to truly defang the globalist rhetoric, all Putin and Xi have to do is announce that they are sponsoring emigration programs for young men who are going abroad in search of better economic prospects. These programs will be good for both the Ukrainian and Taiwanese economies, so how can anyone possibly object to them?

Putin isn’t “invading” or “subjecting” or “colonizing” Ukraine. He’s simply contemplating the possibility of diversifying and strengthening it.


Turns Out THEY See Color

All those cucks and cons who proudly declare that “I don’t see color” and “we all bleed red” and “there is one race, the human race” are discovering that as soon as color gets control of the government, it suddenly develops the ability to see the difference between color and white:

The New York State Department of Health appeared to announce this week that non-white New Yorkers would receive priority over whites in receiving “extremely limited” Covid-19 therapies for people at risk.

In a document dated December 27, the Department of Health announced that two antiviral oral therapies – Paxlovid and molnupiravir – had received emergency use authorization and would “reduce the risk of hospitalization and death by 88% and 30% respectively.”

The department said supplies would be “extremely limited initially” and would therefore have to be distributed based on its “guidance on prioritization.” That guidance currently prioritizes those who are either moderately or severely immunocompromised or have at least one risk factor for severe illness. Though these risk factors include suffering from cancer, dementia, or diabetes, among other diseases, the department stated that being non-white “should be considered a risk factor, as long-standing systemic health and social inequities have contributed to an increased risk of severe illness and death from Covid-19.”

The reality is that if you want to make America great again, you’ll have to make America British again. America was great because it was founded by British people with traditional British mores. It’s not an accident that America was founded by people who also happened to create the largest empire the Earth has ever seen as well as the Industrial Revolution.

It’s also not an accident that the USA has gotten consistently less free, less Christian, less functional, less intelligent, and ever more evil as the founding White Anglo-Saxon Protestant population has dwindled over time. It’s deeply unfortunate that the stubborn refusal to connect the historical decline with the demographic adulteration will probably not be abandoned until after the political entity collapses.


St. Breivik, Pray For Sweden

One day, if Europe survives intact, there will almost certainly be statues raised throughout the continent in honor of Anders Breivik. And this sort of thing is why:

A young Swedish rape victim has been slapped with a hate crime after he responded to his victimizers mocking him in the courtroom with an illegal Nazi salute.

Kenny Friberg, aged 21, has been convicted for incitement against an ethnic group after he responded to his foreign victimizers mocking him in the courtroom by standing up and giving the “Sieg Heil” salute, a widely reviled gesture that has been banned throughout much of Europe, Swedish news outlet Fria Tider reports.

The incident took place earlier this month in a Malmö courtroom, during the trial of those who are accused of filming and posting to social media the rape, torture, and humiliation of Friberg, which allegedly lasted for six hours. When the alleged rapists erupted into laughter as video footage of the abuse was being played for the court, Friberg stood up and made the Nazi salute. In response, the defendants became irate and had to be detained. The trial was subsequently adjourned.

Later that day, Friberg was charged with incitement against an ethnic group, which he was later found guilty of.

Feel free to shed all the crocodile tears you like about how terrible it was that Anders Breivik “murdered children” whose average age was 22, one year OLDER than the average age of the US soldiers KIA in Vietnam. Then show us how much you truly care about children by injecting the death juice into your five-year-old like the obedient servant of Satan that you are. But regardless of what you do or say or think, future historians will observe that it was the evil multicultist quislings who aided and abetted the invasion of Europe that were responsible for the bloodshed.


I Really Don’t Miss It

Occasionally I’m asked if I miss Minnesota. My answer is always: “not even a little bit”. And I’m not referring to the cold weather or the mosquito season.

Shocking footage uploaded to social media Sunday night appears to show about a dozen youths forcing their way into an apartment to attack a woman and her mother.

Unconfirmed reports circulated on social media suggest that the young woman who was the target of this invasion and attack earned the ire of the mob by accusing a man who is friends with the mob of sexually assaulting her. It appears that the woman who was attacked leveled this accusation on TikTok, where both her and the man she named have a notable presence in the Minneapolis area.

The main video of the incident opens in an elevator as a group of Somali youths, some wearing face masks apparently to conceal their identity, approach their target. After a minor confrontation with a man walking in the apartment building’s hallway, the majority of the group stands back as two individuals knock on the targeted individual’s door.

Minnesota was always doomed to descend into ethnic strife because the native population was the most clueless, intellectually-defenseless, and ideologically-retarded population in the entire USA at the end of the previous century. See the 1984 and 1988 presidential elections if you don’t know what I’m talking about. The cult of nice combined with the left-wing politics, the total unfamiliarity with non-European cultures, and the Scandinavian heritage that prioritizes communal approval uber alles laid the foundation for the perfect storm of vibrancy that has been unfolding in Minneapolis and spreading out as far as Rochester for the last two decades.

The level of denial in which most Minnesotans now engage on a daily basis has to be experienced to be believed. There can be literal riots, complete with burning police stations, looting, and dozens of shots being fired, and the normal Minnesota response is: “Well, that’s all happening over there. It can’t happen here!” And they will cling to this notion even when “over there” means “one city block away”.

It’s probably not a coincidence that the phrase “it can’t happen here” was popularized by a man born in Sauk Centre.