That Sounds… Familiar

The gatekeeper selected for France’s nationalist right is certainly utilizing some interesting rhetoric:

We’re now on to the issue that drives Zemmour’s political mission and fuels his incendiary campaign. ‘Immigration is war,’ he says, hitting his rhetorical stride. ‘They want to invade our European countries. That’s all. It’s nothing else. It’s war.’

‘Do you think Macron is deploying migrants as a weapon of war?’ I ask, fishing without a licence for a newsline.

‘I don’t think he has such malicious intent,’ he replies. ‘He’s not Erdogan. No, you mustn’t exaggerate. I just think that he is, how can I put, ideologically in favour of immigration.’

Zemmour has for some years been a leading public intellectual in France, a popular historian as well as a television provocateur and one of the country’s most famous journalists. He litters his speech with great quotes: ‘As Victor Hugo said… As Voltaire said… As Chateaubriand said…’ He speaks in newspaper columns: press his opinion button and he’s off. His eloquence is almost hypnotic.

Macron, he goes on, is gripped by ‘an individualistic ideology. He thinks every individual is basically the same and can live everywhere. Of course, he will enforce rules here and there, but fundamentally…the existence of peoples to him seems outdated.’

Does he blame the economic liberalism of Thatcher and Reagan for the excessive individualism to which Macron subscribes? ‘I wouldn’t say that,’ he replies. ‘It’s more a deviation from Christian humanism. As Chesterton said: “It’s Christian virtues gone mad.”’

Western societies, Zemmour suggests, have ‘simply forgotten that in Christian humanism there is indeed the respect for the individual but that is rooted in a culture, a religion, a people, a land… [today] we have the individual who is sacred, very well, but who is completely isolated from his people, his historical context, his customs. You see it is believed that individuals are interchangeable, that they are only consumers. It’s an economistic view that I don’t share. I think that people are first of all a product of their culture, their people, their customs.’

I rather like Zemmour, but I don’t trust him in the slightest and not merely because he isn’t French. Remember, Macron once talked a semi-reasonable game too. And “Christian humanism” is a half-step toward “our judeochristian values”. But the biggest problem is the way in which a journalist is suddenly being taken seriously as a political candidate. It’s rather as if the Republicans suddenly put forward Ben Shapiro for the 2024 presidential nomination because he was so accomplished at “owning the liberals”.

As the Germans and the Russians learned, nationalist leaders who aren’t actually of the nation don’t tend to work out very well for anyone involved.

Hundreds of Troops

The script writers are getting lazy. Or, as is more likely the case, desperate. When hundreds of police on the Mexican border can’t stop poor and huddled masses of Africans and South Americans yearning to breathe free, are we really supposed to believe that hundreds of British soldiers are even going to slow down the Russian Army? They wouldn’t even qualify as a speed bump.

Hundreds of British special force troops are ready to deploy to the Ukranian border at a moment’s notice, amid rising tensions and fears of a possible Russian invasion in the region, according to reports.

The UK’s Special Air Service and Parachute Regiment are prepared to enter the region with medics, engineers, signalers, and hundred of paratroopers, The Mirror reported.

“The high readiness element of the brigade was told it may need to deploy at very short notice, a source told The Mirror.

“Between 400 and 600 troops are ready. Their equipment is packed and they are ready to fly to Ukraine and either land or parachute in. They have trained for both eventualities.”

The military move comes after the European Union accused Belarus, which borders both the Ukraine and Poland, of manufacturing a humanitarian crisis by urging migrants to illegally cross into the EU via Poland.

The age of carrier diplomacy is over. So is the short-lived era of the color revolution. If the neocons are successful in starting a war on or near the Russian border, it’s not going to be limited to the region. China and Iran will also take action, because they know that one of them will be next. And the new Axis of Nations is more powerful in every way than the Arsenal of Globohomo, with more population, more soldiers, more nukes, and more industrial capacity.

And isn’t it remarkable how Belarus is being accused of manufacturing the very humanitarian crisis that Angela Merkel caused six years ago? On the basis of this justification, the British should be sending troops to the US southern border and threatening Joe Biden for offering $450,000 in incentives for migrants to illegally cross into the USA.

But it proves once more that Martin van Creveld was right: immigration is war.


When “Refugees” Become “Invaders”

It’s fascinating to see how one million “Syrians” invading Europe are “refugees” and 1.7 million “Mexicans” invading the USA are “immigrants”, but a few thousand Middle Easterners trying to enter the EU through the Belarussian-Polish border are “invaders” who justify 15,000 troops being sent to stop them.

There are now thousands of desperate people camped out along the Polish border, with the EU saying they were lured to Belarus on false promises of passage to Europe then marched to the border and forced to make illegal crossings.

Poland said more than 250 people attempted the crossing between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, with dozens making it. Around 50 were found and arrested near the town of Białowieża early today, with more being sought.

‘It was not a calm night. Indeed, there were many attempts to breach the Polish border,’ Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak told broadcaster PR1.

Polish private radio RMF said around 200 people had tried to breach the border on Tuesday afternoon, and a second group of around 60 had tried after midnight.

Blaszczak said all those who tried to cross were detained, and that the force of Polish soldiers stationed at the border had been strengthened to 15,000 from 12,000.

Three EU diplomats told Reuters on late on Tuesday that the bloc was close imposing more sanctions on Belarus over the escalating crisis, targeting around 30 individuals and entities including the Belarusian foreign minister.

Since Belarus is formally tied to Russia and Poland is a junior member of the European Union that is a neocon lapdog answering to Biden administration official Victoria Nuland, it’s fairly obvious that this situation, like the Ukrainian situation, is being used as yet another attempt to justify a neocon revenge war with Russia.

After all, they’ve got to use the US military while they still have sufficient influence over it.

Whatever happened to all that “poor huddled masses” rhetoric?

The lesson, as always, is this: Migration is War.

Migration is BAD for the Economy

The statistics from Denmark conclusively prove it:

The net cost of non-western immigration to Denmark, after tax contributions have been deducted, has been revealed to be nearly $5 billion a year.

Yes, really.

The Danish Ministry of Finance revealed in its annual report that the cost amounted to DKK 31 billion ($4.8 billion) in 2018, a figure that leader of the opposition Danish People’s Party, Kristian Thulesen Dahl described as “astronomical.”

“The figure is based on state spending for public services related to immigration and welfare benefits received by immigrants and included state expenditures on healthcare, child care, education, and culture,” reports Sputnik.

“By contrast, tax contributions were deducted from the total.”

Apparently, diversity isn’t a strength, it’s actually a huge drain on public resources.

The lie that “immigration is good for the economy”, and its big brother “immigration is necessary for the economy” was always a complete deception. The truth is that some immigration is beneficial to a society, but most of it is detrimental, even when it is beneficial to the economy. This is because it usually represents a permanent transfer of wealth from the native population to the parasitical newcomers.

All those Boomers who hate communism and wax eloquent and teary-eyed over immigrants should reflect upon the fact that immigration is, quite literally, demographic communism.

And quality matters far more than quantity. Mexicans create Mexico wherever they go in sufficient numbers, just as Scandinavians bring along their competence and naive cucketry wherever they settle. This is no secret to anyone, but it is a truth that has been ruthlessly obscured by relentless lies.


Sajid Should Get Another Job

Another of England’s imported rulers has no sympathy for healthcare workers who are unwilling to submit to the vaxx:

Care home workers who refuse to take the Covid vaccine should ‘get out and get another job’, health secretary Sajid Javid has said. In a stern warning to vaccine refuseniks, Mr Javid said those working in care home with some of the most vulnerable people in the country ‘should get vaccinated’.

He also brushed off appeals from providers to ‘pause’ the legal requirement for staff in England to be fully vaccinated by November 11, amid warnings some homes will be unable to cope if workers are forced to leave.

It comes after NHS workers hit out against ‘blunt instrument’ plans to make Covid jabs for staff compulsory by winter, with doctors and health service unions warning the policy could push out key staff ‘at a time we can least afford it’ and lead to discrimination.

Speaking on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme Mr Javid said: ‘If you want to work in a care home, you are working with some of the most vulnerable people in our country and if you cannot be bothered to go and get vaccinated, then get out and go and get another job.

‘If you want to look after them, if you want to cook for them, if you want to feed them, if you want to put them to bed, then you should get vaccinated.

‘If you are not going to get vaccinated then why are you working in care?

‘If you think about your elderly relatives you might have in care homes, and the idea that someone wants to look after them and they don’t want to take a perfectly safe and effective vaccine that has been approved by our regulators, been used all over the world, because somehow they have got some objection to this vaccine, then really, honestly, they shouldn’t be in our care homes.

‘They should go and get another job. I am very clear on that.’

Why do the English people put up with this fascistic nonsense from foreigners? Ah, yes. Import 3rd World people, get 3rd World government. One thing that the Covid situation has made perfectly clear is the total inability of ideology to replace national identity.

Meanwhile, in London, young men are dying of the very vaxx that Sajid is trying to force on English health care workers:

Former football club owner Maurizio Zamparini and his family are in ‘terrible pain’ after his 23-year-old son was found dead in his London apartment. The circumstances around the 23-year-old’s death are yet to be determined and medical investigations are underway. After initial tests, a cardiocirculatory arrest or a fatal illness is reportedly suspected.

About Time

The French finally start sinking the ships:

French police have shot migrants with potentially lethal rubber bullets to stop their illegal boat crossing the Channel to the UK.

An investigation by French national police authorities was under way last night into the first known case of gun tactics to halt a migrant boat launch.

It marks a major escalation of tension on the beaches as gendarmerie night patrols struggle to control the armada of boats heading for Britain.

The shooting happened in darkness at Dunkirk as eight Iranian Kurds carried a dinghy towards the sea. It was destined to bring 40 migrants from France.

Two Iranian Kurds hit by the bullets were taken to hospital, one with a fractured leg and the other with a broken hand. Those carrying the boat claim that the group of gun-toting police laughed at them as their injured comrades fell to the ground.

It won’t be long before they stop using rubber bullets. They should have started using them back in 2015. There is no meaningful difference between invasion and mass immigration. They are just different stages of warfare.


3rd World People

Produce 3rd World results. This isn’t a mystery and it isn’t rocket science. It’s how the world has always functioned.

There is “no question of the lights going out” this winter as a result of huge rises in gas prices, the business secretary has said.

UK Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said he does “not expect supply emergencies” and described warnings about shortages as “alarmist”.

His statement comes as smaller energy providers battle to stay afloat due to gas price hikes making price promises to customers undeliverable.

Translation: the lights are going out.

As a general rule, if you want your economy to function well enough to a) keep the lights on and b) keep the toilets flushing, don’t permit people named “Kwasi” to be put in charge.


Mailvox: The Street 100 Years On

I’ve been reading the old pulp masters lately, and I just came across a story that definitely needs wider dissemination. It’s “The Street” by H.P. Lovecraft. It’s not a well-known story, and most of the people who know it consider it a ‘racist’ story and ignore it as much as possible. If your readers aren’t familiar with it, it’s a pretty obvious corollary to your edict to ‘sink the damn ships.’ It’s about a single street in an (obviously American) community which starts off beautiful, and slowly becomes citified with ‘swarthy’ infiltrators who turn the beautiful community into a shithole. It ends with the destruction of the community that thwarts a plot to destroy America.

There are plenty of direct parallels in the story to what is going on now; Lovecraft was a prophet. It’s only a four-page story, but it packs a lot in there. And it was written in 1919. Wikipedia hates it, and even a Lovecraft Encyclopedia decries it as ‘manifestly racist.’ I can’t think of a better recommendation than that.

There be those who say that things and places have souls, and there be those who say they have not; I dare not say, myself, but I will tell of The Street.

Men of strength and honour fashioned that Street; good, valiant men of our blood who had come from the Blessed Isles across the sea. At first it was but a path trodden by bearers of water from the woodland spring to the cluster of houses by the beach. Then, as more men came to the growing cluster of houses and looked about for places to dwell, they built cabins along the north side; cabins of stout oaken logs with masonry on the side toward the forest, for many Indians lurked there with fire-arrows. And in a few years more, men built cabins on the south side of The Street.

Up and down The Street walked grave men in conical hats, who most of the time carried muskets or fowling pieces. And there were also their bonneted wives and sober children. In the evening these men with their wives and children would sit about gigantic hearths and read and speak. Very simple were the things of which they read and spoke, yet things which gave them courage and goodness and helped them by day to subdue the forest and till the fields. And the children would listen, and learn of the laws and deeds of old, and of that dear England which they had never seen, or could not remember.

There was war, and thereafter no more Indians troubled The Street. The men, busy with labour, waxed prosperous and as happy as they knew how to be. And the children grew up comfortably, and more families came from the Mother Land to dwell on The Street. And the children’s children, and the newcomers’ children, grew up. The town was now a city, and one by one the cabins gave place to houses; simple, beautiful houses of brick and wood, with stone steps and iron railings and fanlights over the doors. No flimsy creations were these houses, for they were made to serve many a generation. Within there were carven mantels and graceful stairs, and sensible, pleasing furniture, china, and silver, brought from the Mother Land.

So The Street drank in the dreams of a young people, and rejoiced as its dwellers became more graceful and happy. Where once had been only strength and honour, taste and learning now abode as well. Books and paintings and music came to the houses, and the young men went to the university which rose above the plain to the north. In the place of conical hats and muskets there were three-cornered hats and small-swords, and lace and snowy periwigs. And there were cobblestones over which clattered many a blooded horse and rumbled many a gilded coach; and brick sidewalks with horse blocks and hitching-posts.

There were in that Street many trees; elms and oaks and maples of dignity; so that in the summer the scene was all soft verdure and twittering bird-song. And behind the houses were walled rose-gardens with hedged paths and sundials, where at evening the moon and stars would shine bewitchingly while fragrant blossoms glistened with dew.

So The Street dreamed on, past wars, calamities, and changes. Once most of the young men went away, and some never came back. That was when they furled the Old Flag and put up a new Banner of Stripes and Stars. But though men talked of great changes, The Street felt them not; for its folk were still the same, speaking of the old familiar things in the old familiar accents. And the trees still sheltered singing birds, and at evening the moon and stars looked down upon dewy blossoms in the walled rose-gardens.

In time there were no more swords, three-cornered hats, or periwigs in The Street. How strange seemed the denizens with their walking-sticks, tall beavers, and cropped heads! New sounds came from the distance—first strange puffings and shrieks from the river a mile away, and then, many years later, strange puffings and shrieks and rumblings from other directions. The air was not quite so pure as before, but the spirit of the place had not changed. The blood and soul of the people were as the blood and soul of their ancestors who had fashioned The Street. Nor did the spirit change when they tore open the earth to lay down strange pipes, or when they set up tall posts bearing weird wires. There was so much ancient lore in that Street, that the past could not easily be forgotten.

Then came days of evil, when many who had known The Street of old knew it no more; and many knew it, who had not known it before. And those who came were never as those who went away; for their accents were coarse and strident, and their mien and faces unpleasing. Their thoughts, too, fought with the wise, just spirit of The Street, so that The street pined silently as its houses fell into decay, and its trees died one by one, and its rose-gardens grew rank with weeds and waste. But it felt a stir of pride one day when again marched forth young men, some of whom never came back. These young men were clad in blue.

With the years worse fortune came to The Street. Its trees were all gone now, and its rose-gardens were displaced by the backs of cheap, ugly new buildings on parallel streets. Yet the houses remained, despite the ravages of the years and the storms and worms, for they had been made to serve many a generation. New kinds of faces appeared in The Street; swarthy, sinister faces with furtive eyes and odd features, whose owners spoke unfamiliar words and placed signs in known and unknown characters upon most of the musty houses. Push-carts crowded the gutters. A sordid, undefinable stench settled over the place, and the ancient spirit slept.

Great excitement once came to The Street. War and revolution were raging across the seas; a dynasty had collapsed, and its degenerate subjects were flocking with dubious intent to the Western Land. Many of these took lodgings in the battered houses that had once known the songs of birds and the scent of roses. Then the Western Land itself awoke, and joined the Mother Land in her titanic struggle for civilisation. Over the cities once more floated the Old Flag, companioned by the New Flag and by a plainer yet glorious Tri-colour. But not many flags floated over The Street, for therein brooded only fear and hatred and ignorance. Again young men went forth, but not quite as did the young men of those other days. Something was lacking. And the sons of those young men of other days, who did indeed go forth in olive-drab with the true spirit of their ancestors, went from distant places and knew not The Street and its ancient spirit.

Over the seas there was a great victory, and in triumph most of the young men returned. Those who had lacked something lacked it no longer, yet did fear and hatred and ignorance still brood over The Street; for many had stayed behind, and many strangers had come from distant places to the ancient houses. And the young men who had returned dwelt there no longer. Swarthy and sinister were most of the strangers, yet among them one might find a few faces like those who fashioned The Street and moulded its spirit. Like and yet unlike, for there was in the eyes of all a weird, unhealthy glitter as of greed, ambition, vindictiveness, or misguided zeal. Unrest and treason were abroad amongst an evil few who plotted to strike the Western Land its death-blow, that they might mount to power over its ruins; even as assassins had mounted in that unhappy, frozen land from whence most of them had come. And the heart of that plotting was in The Street, whose crumbling houses teemed with alien makers of discord and echoed with the plans and speeches of those who yearned for the appointed day of blood, flame, and crime.

Of the various odd assemblages in The Street, the law said much but could prove little. With great diligence did men of hidden badges linger and listen about such places as Petrovitch’s Bakery, the squalid Rifkin School of Modern Economics, the Circle Social Club, and the Liberty Café. There congregated sinister men in great numbers, yet always was their speech guarded or in a foreign tongue. And still the old houses stood, with their forgotten lore of nobler, departed centuries; of sturdy colonial tenants and dewy rose-gardens in the moonlight. Sometimes a lone poet or traveller would come to view them, and would try to picture them in their vanished glory; yet of such travellers and poets there were not many.

The rumour now spread widely that these houses contained the leaders of a vast band of terrorists, who on a designated day were to launch an orgy of slaughter for the extermination of America and of all the fine old traditions which The Street had loved. Handbills and papers fluttered about filthy gutters; handbills and papers printed in many tongues and in many characters, yet all bearing messages of crime and rebellion. In these writings the people were urged to tear down the laws and virtues that our fathers had exalted; to stamp out the soul of the old America—the soul that was bequeathed through a thousand and a half years of Anglo-Saxon freedom, justice, and moderation. It was said that the swart men who dwelt in The Street and congregated in its rotting edifices were the brains of a hideous revolution; that at their word of command many millions of brainless, besotted beasts would stretch forth their noisome talons from the slums of a thousand cities, burning, slaying, and destroying till the land of our fathers should be no more. All this was said and repeated, and many looked forward in dread to the fourth day of July, about which the strange writings hinted much; yet could nothing be found to place the guilt. None could tell just whose arrest might cut off the damnable plotting at its source. Many times came bands of blue-coated police to search the shaky houses, though at last they ceased to come; for they too had grown tired of law and order, and had abandoned all the city to its fate. Then men in olive-drab came, bearing muskets; till it seemed as if in its sad sleep The Street must have some haunting dreams of those other days, when musket-bearing men in conical hats walked along it from the woodland spring to the cluster of houses by the beach. Yet could no act be performed to check the impending cataclysm; for the swart, sinister men were old in cunning.

So The Street slept uneasily on, till one night there gathered in Petrovitch’s Bakery and the Rifkin School of Modern Economics, and the Circle Social Club, and Liberty Café, and in other places as well, vast hordes of men whose eyes were big with horrible triumph and expectation. Over hidden wires strange messages travelled, and much was said of still stranger messages yet to travel; but most of this was not guessed till afterward, when the Western Land was safe from the peril. The men in olive-drab could not tell what was happening, or what they ought to do; for the swart, sinister men were skilled in subtlety and concealment.

And yet the men in olive-drab will always remember that night, and will speak of The Street as they tell of it to their grandchildren; for many of them were sent there toward morning on a mission unlike that which they had expected. It was known that this nest of anarchy was old, and that the houses were tottering from the ravages of the years and the storms and the worms; yet was the happening of that summer night a surprise because of its very queer uniformity. It was, indeed, an exceedingly singular happening; though after all a simple one. For without warning, in one of the small hours beyond midnight, all the ravages of the years and the storms and the worms came to a tremendous climax; and after the crash there was nothing left standing in The Street save two ancient chimneys and part of a stout brick wall. Nor did anything that had been alive come alive from the ruins.

A poet and a traveller, who came with the mighty crowd that sought the scene, tell odd stories. The poet says that all through the hours before dawn he beheld sordid ruins but indistinctly in the glare of the arc-lights; that there loomed above the wreckage another picture wherein he could descry moonlight and fair houses and elms and oaks and maples of dignity. And the traveller declares that instead of the place’s wonted stench there lingered a delicate fragrance as of roses in full bloom. But are not the dreams of poets and the tales of travellers notoriously false?
There be those who say that things and places have souls, and there be those who say they have not; I dare not say, myself, but I have told you of The Street.

THE STREET, H.P. Lovecraft, 1919

It’s just fiction, you might say. And fiction laden with racism, xenophobia, groundless fear, white supremacy, and anti-semitism at that. And yet, it cannot be denied that more than 100 years ago, HP Lovecraft correctly, even prophetically, anticipated the days of evil as well as the wicked likes of Jennifer Rubin, the fake conservative pharisatanist who publicly celebrated the news of the first decline in the white population of the United States since 1790.

a more diverse, more inclusive society. this is fabulous news. now we need to prevent minority White rule.

Jennifer Rubin, August 12, 2021

Only instead of a single street, it is the existence of the American nation that is being threatened by the sinister men who worship a strange and evil god.

Discuss on SG.

The political answer

It’s been 100 years since the Emergency Quota Act transformed the USA into the most powerful nation on Earth by limiting immigration and restricting it to compatible nations:

The Emergency Quota Act, also known as the Emergency Immigration Act of 1921, the Immigration Restriction Act of 1921, the Per Centum Law, and the Johnson Quota Act (ch. 8, 42 Stat. 5 of May 19, 1921) restricted immigration into the United States. Although intended as temporary legislation, the Act “proved in the long run the most important turning-point in American immigration policy” because it added two new features to American immigration law: numerical limits on immigration and the use of a quota system for establishing those limits. These limits came to be known as the National Origins Formula.

The Emergency Quota Act restricted the number of immigrants admitted from any country annually to 3{cc08d85cfa54367952ab9c6bd910a003a6c2c0c101231e44cdffb103f39b73a6} of the number of residents from that same country living in the United States as of the U.S. Census of 1910. This meant that people from northern European countries had a higher quota and were more likely to be admitted to the U.S. than people from eastern Europe, southern Europe, or other, non-European countries. Professionals were to be admitted without regard to their country of origin. The Act set no limits on immigration from Latin America. The act did not apply to countries with bilateral agreements with the US, or to Asian countries listed in the Immigration Act of 1917, known as the Asiatic Barred Zone Act. However, the Act was not seen as restrictive enough since millions of immigrants from eastern and southern Europe had come into the USA since 1890. The Immigration Act of 1924 reduced the Quota to 2{cc08d85cfa54367952ab9c6bd910a003a6c2c0c101231e44cdffb103f39b73a6} per the Census of 1890 when a fairly small percentage of the population was from the regions regarded as less than desirable.

Based on that formula, the number of new immigrants admitted fell from 805,228 in 1920 to 309,556 in 1921-22. The average annual inflow of immigrants prior to 1921 was 175,983 from Northern and Western Europe, and 685,531 from other countries, principally Southern and Eastern Europe. In 1921, there was a drastic reduction in immigration levels from other countries, principally Southern and Eastern Europe.

Following the end of World War I, both Europe and the United States were experiencing economic and social upheaval. In Europe, the destruction of the war, the Russian Revolution, and the dissolutions of both the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires led to greater immigration to the United States; while in the United States, an economic downturn following post-war demobilization increased unemployment. The combination of increased immigration from Europe at the time of higher American unemployment strengthened the anti-immigrant movement.

The act, sponsored by Rep. Albert Johnson (R-Washington), was passed without a recorded vote in the U.S. House of Representatives and by a vote of 90-2-4 in the U.S. Senate.

100 years later, it is clear that if the USA is going to survive another decade or two intact – which it almost certainly isn’t – a new Emergency Quota Act is required, albeit one that restores the 1910 demographics. Since this is a political solution, and since four years of the Trump administration didn’t even manage to seriously slow the invasive flow from around the world, we can safely discount any chance of this proven measure being adopted in any meaningful timeframe.

The much more likely alternative is that those demographics are more or less restored in a rump state after a considerable amount of war and ethnic cleansing over the territory of the former empire. Unless, of course, China manages to establish a Chung Kuo-like hegemony over North America, which at this point is probably more likely that the sensible solution.

By their fruits ye shall know them

I’m entirely confident that the “Andrew Anglin” who wrote this column at Unz is not the “Andrew Anglin” I debated a few years ago. Regardless, the column is a sobering reminder that “Judeo-Christianity” is not Christianity, the god worshipped by the Jews is not the Heavenly Father of Jesus Christ, and providing post-WWII safe harbor to the Jewish diaspora appears to have served Americans about as well as doing so previously served the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Russians, and the British.

My Nation Blessed Israel and All I Got Was a Mulatto Tranny Grandchild

When I was a child in the 1990s, evangelical preachers and televangelists were claiming that God would “bless” a nation that “blesses” the genocidal Jew state of Israel.

Yet, here were are, 30 years later, and America has consistently “blessed” Israel. We have given them hundreds of billions of dollars over the last decades, and we have spent trillions fighting wars for them. Our boys have been sent to be maimed and to die in the name of Israel. Our government’s entire foreign policy is built around promoting the interests of Israel. We have also allowed Jews who live in America to operate unhindered, and to take over all of our institutions.

Once a religion that condemned the Jews as the murderers and rejecters of Christ, American Christianity has continued a process of being restructured to set Israel and the Jews at the center of it. Any given evangelical pastor is more likely to discuss Israel, and the importance of helping the Jews, than he is to discuss real world problems America faces. American Christians accepted the reclassification of Christianity as “Judeo-Christianity.”

America has engaged in an Israel-blessing orgy for decades, when traditional Christians were cleansed from the Republican Party and the conservative movement as a whole….

The implication of the massive dip in the quality of American life and the American experience is that God doesn’t actually bless nations that bless Israel. In fact, the assumption would have to be that God dooms nations that bless Israel.

This raises the obvious question, of course: which god is that?

Unless and until you understand that the religious Jews worship the god of this world, not God the Father of Jesus Christ, and that their current objective is to destroy a) Christianity, b) Western Civilization, and c) Russia, you will never understand how and why the United States doomed itself by failing to sink the ships before WWI and after WWII. You will also not understand why the USA is almost certainly going to find itself fighting wars with both Russia and China in the next decade, and why it will lose those wars, unless it collapses of its own internal contradictions first.

If you don’t believe me, force yourself to read Ben Shapiro’s most recent book. You will be unable to avoid noticing how the entire purpose of the book is to subvert and redefine, not only America, but Western Civilization itself. If Americans wish to survive as a nation, they must turn back to Jesus Christ. And that is the one thing that “those who bless Israel” are absolutely determined to prevent, regardless of what they profess themselves to be.

A refusal to take a strong stand against those who reject God and serve the devil is not a virtue for anyone, least of all the Christian. As for “judeochristianity”, it would be more honestly labeled as “pharisatanry”.

Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I have come here from God. I have not come on my own; God sent me. Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. Yet because I tell the truth, you do not believe me! Can any of you prove me guilty of sin? If I am telling the truth, why don’t you believe me? Whoever belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God.”

– John 8: 42-47

Don’t even bother playing the usual semantic games with irrelevant Scofield citations. The Sermon on the Mount, to which the linked article implicitly appeals, is conclusive on the subject. Any argument you might have is not with me, but with Jesus Christ of Nazareth himself.

By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

Matthew 7: 16-19

Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly to the best of your ability: has the Jewish diaspora borne good fruit or bad fruit for the United States of America? Specifically what divine blessings do Americans appear to have enjoyed since 1946 and 1965? And why does the USA in 2021 appear to look increasingly like the USSR in 1921?