Educating the Spiritually Blind

Archbishop Vigano addresses those whose hearts are in the right place, whose spirits are justly offended by the wickedness and evil of Clown World, but fail to grasp the fundamentally spiritual nature of the conflict they are observing:

In this series of events that we are witnessing and will continue to witness, your commitment could risk being thwarted or limited by the fact of not being able to see its essentially spiritual nature. I know that two centuries of Enlightenment thought, revolutions, atheistic materialism and anticlerical liberalism have accustomed us to thinking of Faith as a personal matter, or that there is not an objective Truth to which we all must conform. But this is the fruit of a propaedeutic indoctrination, one that happened long before what is happening today, and it would be foolish to believe that the anti-Christian ideology that drove the secret sects and Masonic groups of the eighteenth century had nothing to do with the anti-Christian ideology that today drives people like Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and Bill Gates. The driving principles are the same: rebellion against God, hatred for the Church and humanity, and destructive fury aimed against Creation and especially against man because he is created in the image and likeness of God.

If you start from this evidence, you will understand that it is not possible to pretend that what is happening before our eyes is solely the result of profit-seeking or the desire for power. Certainly, the economic part cannot be disregarded, considering how many people have collaborated with the World Economic Forum. And yet, beyond profit, there are unstated purposes that stem from a “theological” vision – one that is turned upside-down, it’s true, but still theological – a vision that sees two opposing sides: the side of Christ and the side of the Antichrist.

On the one hand, there is the City of God – the one Saint Augustine writes about – and on the other hand there is the city of the devil. We can say that in this era the city of the devil is clearly identifiable in neo-Malthusian globalism, the New World Order, the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the European Union, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and in all those so called “philanthropical foundations” that follow an ideology of death, disease, destruction, and tyranny. And also in those forces that have infiltrated the institutions, which we call the deep state and the deep church.

The archbishop is absolutely correct. How many times have I warned you of the dangers of propaedeutic indoctrination! Well, none, actually, since that’s a new one on me.

Propaedeutics (from Ancient Greek προπαίδευσις, propaídeusis ‘preparatory education’) is a historical term for an introductory course into an art or science.

But if the words are new, the point is clear. Too many people who are on our side don’t even know what our side truly is because they have been spiritually lobotomized and forced to perceive the world through the false and illogical lens of the rational materialist. The Good, the Beautiful, and the True sings out to them, but they can only hear the faintest echoes of it, they do not hear the music itself.

And yet, they can smell the stink of sulfur that permeates Clown World, and their very being revolts against it. What the archbishop is telling these people is that they will be forced to make a choice, and it’s not our side that will force them to make it. Submit to God or submit to the world, those are the only two options available to every man.


Clown World Fails in Qatar

The Gay Rainbow brigade is afraid to stand up for their fake human rights at the World Cup:

Qatar’s conservative regime has been clamping down on pro-LGBT football fans with rainbow bucket hats, T-shirts and flags as Harry Redknapp had his say and declared today: ‘I just want to get on and enjoy the football. If you feel that strongly don’t play or don’t go’.

The farcical row over Harry Kane and other captains facing a ban from the pitch for wearing a rainbow armband has spilled over to the stadiums of Doha.

Last night former Wales captain Laura McAllister was among female football fans who were ‘told to take off their rainbow bucket hats’ at the Qatari stadium ahead of the Dragons’ first match. Men, however, were allowed to keep them on.

US football reporter Grant Wahl was stopped by security at the same match and ordered to take off his rainbow T-shirt. He refused and the Qatari officials questioned him before they eventually backed down. One security guard told him that they were protecting him from fans inside who might’ve attacked him for wearing the shirt.

FIFA has made it clear that rainbows on clothing and flags is not prohibited in stadiums – but have acted to prevent protests on the pitch. Organisers of the Qatar World Cup and Qatari cultural groups have also urged visitors to respect their customs and religious rules. These including no drinking or swearing in public, wearing modest clothes and no public displays of affection. LGBT people are criminalised and they have also faced discrimination and violence.

Harry Kane did not wear his ‘One Love’ armband during England’s game against Iran because of the threat of a yellow card after orders from the FA. The England captain had previously said he was determined to put it on, and was accused of ‘bottling it’.

On the sidelines former England footballer Alex Scott, now a BBC broadcaster, wore the armband during a live broadcast.

Veteran football manager Harry Redknapp told LBC today that he backed Kane’s pro LGBT stance, but suggested he believes it will make no difference in Qatar.

He said: ‘I agree with Harry Kane. But we’ve gone to their country – If you feel that strongly don’t play or don’t go. I don’t know whether wearing the armband will change anything in that country. It’s their country and that’s how they want to run it. I just want to get on and enjoy the football. But a yellow card for wearing an armband is ridiculous’.

Qatar, like Russia, China, and the rest of the free world, has learned from the failure and subjugation of the former West to Clown World. If you give the clowns an inch, they will take a marathon’s worth of miles. Isn’t it interesting how “it’s just a rainbow” and “it’s just a t-shirt” and “it’s just an armband” suddenly become an outrageous authoritarian denial of so-called “human rights” as soon as they are banned?

If it’s just a t-shirt, then what’s the problem with banning it? If it’s just an armband, why are you vowing to accept any punishment in order to wear it?

As always, they speak with forked tongues. It’s not as if FIFA or the clown media would ever permit a team to wear a swastika armband, even if it was a Hindu team from India. It’s just too bad Qatar hasn’t banned the ridiculous prematch submission to St. George Floyd as well.

Clown World is literally built on lies, chief among them being that the political is personal until it is made mandatory.


The World Cup is Fake and Gay

Everything in Clown World is fake and gay, so it should be no surprise that even the biggest sporting events are too:

Allegations of ‘fake fans’ at the World Cup in Qatar are growing as videos emerge of identikit fans wearing shirts from different countries, after FIFA president Gianni Infantino claimed the suggestions were ‘pure racism’ in a rambling speech ahead of the tournament kicking off tomorrow.

Videos shared online show large groups of men, mostly of Indian origin, wearing the colours of national teams including England, Germany and Argentina, leading to speculation they had been ‘hired’ by Qatar to build atmosphere for the competition.

The groups of fans are kitted out in football kits and near-identical banners reading ‘England fans Qatar’ and ‘Germany fans Qatar’ along with drums and instruments not usually associated with supporters from those countries.

One video shows a presenter asking different groups of fans who will win the World Cup.

Each crowd responds with the name of their team – in English rather than the language native to each country. Most of the banners held by the fans are also written in English. 

It appears the technology to show seemingly full stands of digital fans has not yet been developed yet. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before they start faking the players as well as the fans; think about how much more money the Clown World corpocrats could make if they didn’t have to actually pay the players anything. This is but a harbinger of the fake gay world that the globalists want to construct.

Isn’t it amusing how “racist” has become the catch-all response to criticisms of Clown World, no matter how nonsensical? It demonstrates how futile it is to imagine that intellectual engagement with these inverted irrealists is even possible, let alone likely to be successful.

UPDATE: Eight UEFA nations, including Germany, Denmark, Wales and Holland, announced they would wear One Love armbands as a sign of their commitment to gay rights.