President Trump Indicted

President Donald Trump has been indicted in New York:

A Manhattan grand jury has voted to indict Donald Trump over hush money paid to porn star Stormy Daniels. Trump becomes the first former president to face criminal charges, which are expected in the coming days. It marks the end of a years long investigation into hush money paid to adult movie star Stormy Daniels in 2016, allegedly to buy her silence about their affair.

The indictment means he is the first former president to be charged with a crime and it takes the country into uncharted legal and political territory, with a candidate for president now facing arrest and the prospect of humiliating court appearances.

It marks a victory for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office, which has been probing a $130,000 hush money payment made by Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, to Daniels, 44, during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Doesn’t exactly shock the world, but we’ll see if they actually follow through and arrest him.


A Government of Literal Morons

The United States is observably well into the “decline” part of “decline and fall”. If you ever doubted my prediction that the US polity will collapse and break apart, do keep this astonishing statement by a high-ranking government official in mind:

A top official in Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration recently told Congress that “natural immunity is not something we believe in.”

Gil Cisneros, Biden’s undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, made the statement while arguing the case for vaccine mandates for members of the U.S. military. Cisneros made the claim shortly after a British study showed prior infection protects people as well as or better than vaccination.

The armed forces will instead continue to push service members to take the COVID-19 vaccine “and boosters,” Cisneros declared.

He continued by denying an inspector general’s report that officials reviewed Christians’ requests for religious exemptions only 12 minutes before dismissing them.

“We don’t know about natural immunity there, as far as how it works and how effective it is,” replied Cisneros after Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) raised the U.K. study during the congressional hearing.

“There’s no good evidence and the research is still going on as to how we need to progress with this,” said Cisneros.

“But as for right now, natural immunity is not something we believe in for this, and so we are still moving forward.”

This isn’t “trust the science” anymore. It’s “trust the retards who don’t know the first thing about science”. I knew Clown World was fake, evil, and gay, but I had no idea it was so deeply and utterly retarded.

I once said Americans would be fortunate to preserve indoor plumbing. But it’s increasingly clear that we’re not going to be that lucky. The plumbing, it is most certainly toast.

Forget the History subscription. We may need to introduce a Basic Survival and Technology subscription.


Rekonquista Kommend

The Green Party of Düsseldorf should be credited for repopularizing Hitler when the history of the German Rekonquista of the 2030s is written:

Germany’s first Arabic-language street sign has appeared in the city of Düsseldorf, and Islamic associations and the Green Party are praising the new development.

“Bilingual street signs are also a symbolic expression of social inclusion. They show that people identify with their district and the diversity of their district,” the city’s Green Party wrote in a statement.

“For several generations, many people, families and tradespeople with a Moroccan and Maghreb background (who) helped to build (Germany) have lived in the district, the Greens wrote, adding that “they deserve respect, admiration and representation.”

The German people survived the Romans, the Huns, and the Soviets. They’ll survive Clown World too. But the reclamation of their sovereignty and their land probably isn’t going to be particularly pretty.

Meanwhile, in France, they’re already burning the homes of pro-immigration politicians.

The house of a left-wing mayor in France, who supports a controversial plan to establish an asylum center in the small seaside town of Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, has been burned down in a suspected arson attack. Police were called to the residence of Yannick Morez early on Wednesday morning after his home and two vehicles were destroyed in the blaze.


Russia Backs Chinese Reunification

It’s clear that Taiwan is the next major front in the global declownization program. I still anticipate it will be peaceful, despite the best efforts of the neoclowns to start another war there.

Vladimir Dzhabarov, the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council’s International Relations Committee, said on Monday’s episode of Rossiya-24 television that Russia hopes Taiwan will peacefully rejoin China, according to Russian news agency TASS.

“This is a single territory. We are not talking about Taiwan’s sovereignty: It’s the territory of the People’s Republic of China. We hope that Taiwan’s reunification with China will take place peacefully sooner or later,” Dzhabarov said.

The lawmaker asserted that Russia will always support mainland China and agrees with every position Beijing takes toward Taipei.

Clown World is crumbling fast.

Clown World Law

The economic tide is rapidly going out and it is exposing the utterly false foundations of the Enlightenment-based societies in the process. Switzerland was once known throughout the world for its serious dedication to law, order, and direct democracy. Now, only a few months after throwing away centuries of historic neutrality on behalf of the losing side of the NATO-Russian War, even the Saudis are openly mocking the government’s false pretensions to “law” and “democracy” in the aftermath of the government shenanigans forcing the UBS-Credit Suisse merger.

On Wednesday, the so-called “trinity” of the Swiss National Bank, regulator Finma and minister of finance summoned Credit Suisse chair Axel Lehmann, who was in Saudi Arabia for a conference, and chief executive Ulrich Körner for a call.

In the same meeting where they authorised the CHF50 billion backstop, they also delivered another message: “You will merge with UBS and announce Sunday evening before Asia opens. This is not optional,” a person briefed on the conversation recalls…

“You make fun of dictatorships and then you can change the law over the weekend. What’s the difference between Saudi Arabia and Switzerland now? It’s really bad,” says one person close to one of the three major shareholders.

The international business community is not impressed.

“Switzerland’s standing as a financial center is shattered. The country will now be viewed as a financial banana republic. The Credit Suisse debacle will have serious ramifications for other Swiss financial institutions. A countrywide reputation with prudent financial management, sound regulatory oversight and, frankly, for being somewhat dour and boring regarding investments, has been wiped away.”

— Opimas CEO Octavio Marenzi

The worst thing is that it was totally unnecessary too. But the two big banks wanted to go play in the shark-infested waters of the US financial markets, and unsurprisingly, they were eaten alive. And yet, the government is still kowtowing before US and EU demands out of fear of being left out. But left out of what, terminal financial cancer?

It’s not as if any of the European governments are any better. Many are considerably worse. France is openly disregarding the fury of its people over pension changes. The UK and Italy are actively replacing their native populations and criminalizing all dissent.

Everything you were ever taught about “liberal democracy” was a complete and utter lie. Literally everything. Don’t forget that the next time any government mouthpiece tries to tell you about anything.


The Wages of Clown World

Is disease, bankruptcy, deindustrialization, and death. A German institution dating back to 1380 survived many challenges over the centuries, but it didn’t survive Clown World.

The deindustrialization of Germany is in full swing. Eisenwerk Verlag GmbH has filed a claim to declare itself bankrupt The reason for bankruptcy is standard for our time – energy resources risen in price. This Saxon metallurgical enterprise traces its history back to 1380. For 600 years it has survived the Hanseatic League, two orders of knighthood – the Teutonic and Livonian, the Reformation, the First and Second World Wars, the Cold War and the Global Economic Crisis, but didn’t survive Olaf Scholz.

Clown World kills. It kills people, it kills business enterprises, and it kills nations.


Bank Contagion

Booster Patrol may need to do another remake here soon, because it’s not looking good for Credit Suisse or for Santander in Spain.

Just got fired from this awful bank. There is literally no money. They’ve made awful investments in at least six countries and want to downsize to an online banking service should they get a bailout. They
are cutting credit card limits so people can’t withdraw money.

This is actually big. Unlike the banks that crashed already, Santander is an international bank that works with middle to lower class private citizens much more than business and rich people. The mood is awful. There is already talks of a massive recession all across the west. It is all but confirmed.

When even people who know nothing about economics are talking about a massive recession, you know you’re already in a serious depression. We have been since 2008, of course, but the declining economic activity been disguised by the combination of zero percent interest rates, government spending, and mass immigration.

Remember, GDP measures economic activity in the form of spending, so every time a Guatemalan enters the USA, receives $30,000 in state and federal assistance, and spends it at McDonald’s and wherever people buy cheap clothes these days, the economy grows!

Notice how it’s the international banks that are particularly struggling now, due to foreign investments that were absolutely unnecessary from the start. Because, as the investment bankers like to say, bears make money and bulls make money, but pigs get slaughtered.

UPDATE: UBS has offered to buy Credit Suisse for up to $1bn, with Swiss authorities planning to change the country’s laws to bypass a shareholder vote on the transaction as they rush to finalise a deal before Monday. The Swiss National Bank and regulator Finma have told international counterparts that they regard a deal with UBS as the only option to arrest a collapse in confidence in Credit Suisse and were working to reach regulatory agreement by Saturday night.

So the biggest banks get even bigger, and banking becomes more centralized and intrinsically more fragile. This is not a fix, this is just buying time until the next failure. Remember, it was UBS that had to be bailed out in 2008.

And notice how the rules are completely ignored. It would normally require a six-week period for UBS shareholders to consider the acquisition.

UPDATE: It looks as if the merger is off as the offer from UBS was rejected, probably because it was for about one-eight the market cap. Now the Federal Council is looking at nationalizing Credit Suisse, which is probably the right way to go. It’s certainly better than handing bankers a windfall while increasing the fragility of the system.

UPDATE: UBS is doubling the size of its offer, to CHF 2 billion, and it appears the offer will be accepted. $6 billion in market cap just vanished. This is what deflation looks like.


Antisemitism, Han-style

Only a few years after rejecting the planned “leap to China”, Tablet laments the way the Chinese are now actively turning against the Jewish people for reasons that appear to be based on nothing more than a straightforward observation of the decline and incipient fall of the United States over the 20th century.

According to Lu’s videos and commentary, Jews are manipulators, penny-pinchers, loan sharks, and drug dealers. More than an ethnic group bound by blood and history, they operate like a private club, an elitist cabal whose members are linked by a web of common interests, “especially the American Jews.” It is through these social connections that Jews have infiltrated key global positions and “took control of the three cornerstones of American society, namely finance, media, and culture.” The Jewish penetration of American power is so far advanced that the Bush, Obama, and Biden families and administrations have all fallen prey to Jewish influence. Because Jews control the anti-China U.S. media and hold key positions in Biden’s anti-China cabinet, they are the “ideological voice” of the United States, the spearhead of the West’s accelerating crusade against the Chinese government and people.

How perfectly outrageous! This Chinese criticism of an innocent and saintly people who have never harmed anyone and never done nothing wrong to nobody is hateful, antisemitic, and, unfortunately, appears to be 100-percent accurate.

The thing is, you can fool all the people some of the time, but if you’re an ethnic cabal of wicked pedophiles who believe you’re destined to rule the world on behalf of your master, Satan, eventually some of the people are going to notice this and take exception to both you and your objectives, no matter how many names you manage to call them.

And if you attack those who are doing nothing more than observably telling the readily-confirmable truth, eventually everyone is going to figure out that you’re a community of shameless liars and literally nothing that any of you say can be taken at face value.

Xi Xinping is the most intelligent world leader on the scene today. The great Chinese strategist Wang Hunin was 20 years ahead of me in his geostrategic observations. So, I very much doubt that anyone is going to be successful in gaslighting either of them, no matter how many Western institutions they happen to have at their disposal.


Discernment and the Lack Thereof

On last night’s Darkstream, I explained how a lack of discernment is the reason conservatives keeps falling for gatekeepers and accepting former enemies as their thought, opinion, and political leaders, which contributes greatly to conservatism seldom being able to accomplish more than lose gracefully over time. After which, an exchange on SG usefully illustrated how fruitless it is to point out these things to people who will persist in their patterns of behavior no matter what has been explained to them.

SG01: From Darkstream 1013 — “The more someone looks like a messiah, the more we should be worried they are an antichrist.” — Let those longing for a solution via Great Men take heed.

SG02: The antichrist will be widely hailed and pushed by globohomo as a savior. If globohomo hates and opposes him, it’s not a shoo-in, but he might be worth looking deeper into.

FFS, how is it possible that telling people “don’t do X” is somehow heard and interpreted by them as “you should totally do X”?

SG02 is exactly the sort of person who gets fooled on a regular basis by gatekeepers. One can just about guarantee his past enthusiasm for Ben Shapiro “owning the libs” and “making liberal heads explode” before promptly falling for Jordan Peterson’s brave opposition to custom pronouns and Candace Owens’s brave abandonment of her now-forgotten SJW past. In a previous generation, he would have embraced Irving Kristol and the neoconservatives on the basis of their staunch opposition to communism and the Soviet Union.

The “heel turn” is a much-used tool in the Clown World playbook. The Prometheans prefer to have their clowns in control of both sides, which is why I have referred to “the bi-factional ruling party” in place of Democrats and Republicans for more than two decades. Ronald Reagan was probably the most successful heel turn in political history, smoothly transforming himself from a Democratic Party activist to the most-beloved Republican President over a period of less than 20 years, from May 1962 to March 1981. And oh, how the Democrats hated and opposed him!

The only metric for reliably judging an individual is by the sum total of his actual words and deeds, never by his purported opposition or by who “hates and opposes him”. Attempting to objectively determine substance on the basis of an oppositional metric is literally retarded.

Consider: most people genuinely believed Jordan Peterson was opposed by globohomo, indeed, its leading opponent, on the basis of one single softball interview when he’d been working directly for them for decades, even though everything in his books pointed directly to him being an enthusiastic globalist and ticket-taker.

Not only is the oppositional metric reliably false, but it is based on a false foundation. The enemy of your enemy may be your friend, but he should never, ever, be accepted as your leader. And the convert who is ever so eager to help you, nay, to lead and advise you, is almost certainly an infiltrator whose objective is to destroy your organization.