A Bizarre Headline

Iran declares Antarctica its property in direct challenge to Biden, global treaty. Iranian Navy commander announces planned military base in South Pole.

Okay… so that’s strange. Aside from the penguins, who really cares about the South Pole? What is the reason for the expressed Iranian interest there, and how would that be of any concern to the USA?

The Kurgan suggests this could be an implied threat by the Iranian government to expose some of Clown World’s unsettling historical secrets to the world.

If you have read any of my Overlords of Mars series of books, or even the complete collection, Nazi Moon, the seemingly bizarre headline takes on a potentially quite interesting outlook.

Although my series is science fiction in the traditional style of the genre, the fact is that if I had to bet money on it one way or the other, I would absolutely bet that the Nazis did have at least one and possibly more bases in Antarctica, aside from the semi-mythological Base 211, and it is absolutely possible they also had a submarine base there that permitted them to develop the technology that allowed them to keep the Americans away during Operation Highjump. And that the subsequent operation Argus of dropping nukes in Antarctica in the 1958s was a continuation of the secret war between the antigravity owning Nazis in Antarctica and the American creation of the deep state.

If any of the above speculations hold any truth at all, and there is very good evidence to suggest this is at least partially the case, then what Iran is really doing, is a gentle threat of exposure to America. Putin did a similar thing a few times, threatening to release all the relevant satellite data concerning the 9/11 attacks… Russia also did a much subtler gameplay on the Moon landings, not quite threatening to expose them as fake, but simply implying Russia knew the truth about them, which I think they do.

At any rate, exposing even just an old Nazi base in Antarctica would, in the end bring down the whole WWII narrative.

It does put a rather sinister spin on one of my favorite memes. What if penguins aren’t just cute little flightless waterfowl, but miniature Nazi icetroopers in service to the newly-awakened elder gods?


The End of Sports Illustrated

You would have thought that a business that relied upon sports, plus an occasional splash of beautiful women in bikinis, would be bullet-proof. And you’d be wrong:

Much of the staff of Sports Illustrated, and possibly all remaining writers and editors, received layoff notices Friday, which essentially could spell the end of a publication that for decades was the gold standard of sports journalism.

The union of the staff tweeted Friday that it would continue to fight for the publication of the magazine but that its future is now in the hands of the magazine’s owner, Authentic Brands Group.

ABG has owned the magazine since 2019 and sold the publishing rights to a company called the Arena Group. The Arena Group missed a recent payment for those publishing rights, prompting ABG to pull the publishing license and putting the future of Sports Illustrated in jeopardy.

“As a result of this license revocation, we will be laying off staff that work on the SI brand,” the note to staff read, adding that some employees would be terminated immediately, while others would work through the end of a 90-day notice period.

Sports Illustrated lays off most of its staff, threatening iconic brand’s future, WASHINGTON POST, 19 January 2024

Those sounds you hear in the distance are Fox executives celebrating their prescient purchase of Outkick the Coverage.

This is why we will never sell off any of our core projects. As we’ve seen with Football Outsiders and now Sports Illustrated, there is no faster way to ensure a debt-related implosion short of taking the entire payroll to Vegas and betting it on black.


Traffic Report 2023

At last, this blog appears to be, like its author, clearly past its peak. As I mentioned last year, the torch has been effectively passed to the community as a whole, and to other platforms and media. It’s neither frustrating nor to be lamented that the ideas can be transmitted so efficiently now that they reach people who have absolutely no direct contact with VP, the Darkstream, or any other traditional communications vehicle. See: Sigma Male. To the contrary, the current situation is to be viewed as an accomplishment and as a relief.

This is not an elegy or a farewell note for Vox Popoli. It’s simply a clear-eyed observation of how things have been playing out of late. Whether we like it or not, everything has a lifespan, time is limited, and it therefore behooves us to be realistic and practical about where things are, so that we can focus our efforts and energy appropriately. That’s why I track these numbers and write these summaries.

In 2023, Vox Popoli had 10,593,334 WordPress pageviews, down 11.9 percent from last year. The blog is now running at an average rate of 29,023 daily pageviews, down 10.1 percent from an average 32,926 last year. Total historic blog views closed out the year at 275,166,140. The running annual pageview totals are as follows:

2008: 3,496,757

2009: 4,414,801

2010: 4,827,183

2011: 5,422,628

2012: 6,098,774

2013: 9,340,663

2014: 11,236,085

2015: 16,211,875

2016: 25,817,343

2017: 31,216,357

2018: 32,260,094

2019: 32,757,068

2020: 41,338,037

2021: 38,884,355

2022: 12,018,040

2023: 10,593,334

The big news for 2023 was that I finally finished, and published, the complete edition of A SEA OF SKULLS. It appears to have been received well by the Selenoth fans as a worthy successor to A THRONE OF BONES, and since it is not available for review on Amazon, I will post the first mini-review that I have received from a reader here later today. I have already started working on the final book in the Arts of Dark and Light series, which will be called A GRAVE OF GODS, and which I plan to publish in 2026.

Last year I said that “the Bindery, Selenoth, and a revival of Castalia’s traditional publishing are my top priorities for the new year.” We made excellent progress on all three fronts, and we have improved the infrastructure to the point that we can expect to publish one or more conventional books a month in 2024. We also expect to print, bind, and ship The Iliad and The Odyssey to the Bindery backers this year; those who missed the crowdfund but wish to support the Bindery will be given the opportunity to purchase copies before we start printing them.

The biggest new development in 2023 was the launch of the Castalia History subscription. This was a massive success, as it is already two-thirds as large as the Castalia Library subscription. Books 2 and 3 are scheduled to be bound the first week of February and Book 1 will be bound soon after. Book 4 will be announced tomorrow, both here, on LibraryThing, and via the mailing list tomorrow. With regards to 2024, we recently signed deals with two major publishers and acquired the rights to two significant series, one fiction, one history, so we will be introducing two special limited edition subscriptions later this year.


Both Castalia and Unauthorized are extremely healthy and technologically sound. Arkhaven remains strong despite the ongoing collapse of the comics industry, and has even introduced a new and improved frontend. While we are, as usual, behind on a number of our projects, and while we face a variety of challenges, the infrastructure is more solid than it has ever been, and for the first time, we are not reliant upon any cloud services of any kind for any of our various projects. In general, 2023 was a solid year and I believe it has laid the a foundation for a 2024 that promises to be both interesting and a strong step forward.


Pizzagate Was Always Real

Another elite media debunker is arrested for molesting children:

A mainstream journalist and close friend of John Podesta, who bragged about ‘debunking’ Pizzagate, has been arrested on a sickening slew of child rape charges. Slade Sohmer, editor-in-chief at The Recount and friend of former Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, was arrested last month for raping multiple toddlers and babies.

For those who missed the most the most explosive pedophilia exposé to-date, The People’s Voice broke the news back in 2016 that there was evidence of pedophile “code words” used in emails from John Podesta released by WikiLeaks. Numerous emails from the Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign incongruously referred to food items such as pasta, cheese pizza, and ice cream in ways the FBI warned are used as code-words by pedophiles.

Since then, despite the mainstream media attempting to downplay the story as a “conspiracy theory”, numerous mainstream journalists and figures connected to elite pedophiles have been arrested for the very crime they attempted to “debunk.”

At this point, any public claim that Pizzagate has been “debunked” should suffice to serve as prima facie cause to be arrested and have one’s digital devices searched. And in other news, another elite member of the (((corpocracy))) was just jettisoned from his position after his little sister publicly accused him of sexually abusing her from the age of four.

OpenAI, the company behind the viral chatbot ChatGPT, fired its CEO and founder, Sam Altman, on Friday. His stunning departure sent shockwaves through the budding AI industry.


Corruption in High Places

It is alleged that former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was working as an informant for the FBI against Donald Trump… while President Trump was in office!

BREAKING: Allegedly Mark Meadows worked for the FBI as an informant and wore a wire to record all conversations with President Trump, while he was the Chief of Staff to him. This is not only unconstitutional, but it’s criminal. This is the government we live with. It’s up to us to change that.

I’ve received confirmation from multiple members of Congress and Confidential Informants that this is true. Not only have I received calls from current members of Congress, I received calls from media, who know that I know about this information. I’ve received calls from former members of Congress, who have also explained the same thing to me. This is worse than Watergate. This is going to be the destruction of the FBI.

Ryan Fournier, 26 October 2023

I’m a very skeptical individual, and while I had no doubt that the Surveillance State was spying on President Trump for decades, including while he was in office, the allegation that it even suborned his Chief of Staff is incredible.

If this is confirmed, it means that the worst suspicions of the most paranoid conspiracy theorists may actually be on the conservative side of the truth. It means that literally nothing in Washington can be taken at face value. Republican, Democrat, democracy, representation, none of these things are real. None of these things can be taken seriously.

It means all American politics are simply theatre for the masses. And while it doesn’t seem likely, if these revelations actually did eventually lead to the end of the FBI, that would almost certainly be a good thing.


Kicking Out McCarthy

The traitorous Republican Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, was just ejected from the leadership position to which he never should have been elected.

First time in American history a motion to vacate has succeeded. Shortest serving speaker, clocking in at just 269 days.

It’s a little rich to complain about Republicans siding with the Democrats to give him the boot when the reason they did so was because of McCarthy striking a secret deal with Democrats to provide yet more funding for Ukraine.

If leaders won’t lead, get rid of them and find better ones.


Sen. Feinstein Dead at 90

Senator Dianne Feinstein has died at the age of 90. Feinstein returned to the Senate in May after a two-month battle with shingles, where she appeared to be unaware of her own extended absence. When a reporter asked him how her colleagues have received her upon her return, she said, “No, I’ve been here. I’ve been voting.” She concluded by scolding the reporter.

While some have assumed this clears the way for Gavin Newsom to ascend to the Senate, that’s not necessarily a safe assumption given the current state of the Democratic Party. In fact, given the increasingly geriatric state of the politicians in both parties, I don’t think we can entirely rule out the possibility that Feinstein will run again for re-election, and win, in 2024.


Prigozhin’s Plane Crashes

Sounds a bit sketchy. But on the other hand, has there ever been someone targeted by more interested parties across a broader spectrum before?

A private jet traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg crashed on Wednesday in Russia’s Tver Region. The Russian Emergencies Ministry said all 10 people on board had died. Rosaviation has since said that Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner Private Military Company, was listed among the passengers.

“The Embraer plane was flying out of Sheremetyevo to St. Petersburg. There were three crew and seven passengers on board. They all died,” an Emergencies Ministry official told TASS.

If it’s genuine, I can’t see how this will have any effect on the wars in Ukraine or Africa. And it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he next popped up making bombastic broadcasts in Mali or South Africa.


Are the Lahaina Fires Fake?

Miles Mathis thinks so and provides a paper to make his case:

What’s wrong there? Well, why is the “after” photo in black and white? Do you really think they were filming this with B&W film? No, it isn’t really in B&W because we can see some gold in the lower right. Which means they jacked with this on purpose, removing most of the color to sell you the idea of this fire. I guess you are supposed to think the ash turned the entire ocean to gray. But it doesn’t work like that. The ocean is way too big and in too much motion to turn completely to gray, even that near shore. We have confirmation of that from helicopters flying over and filming: the films aren’t B&W like this. Also see the photos above, where the ocean is the same color before and after, even near shore. If anything, the ocean goes from blue to purple in the second photo, so we see manipulation even there. The very fact they are jacking with these photos tells us something is up. They are hiding something or promoting a story, at the very least. At the most they have faked this whole thing. How could they fake this whole thing? Same way they are faking the war in Ukraine. Same way they faked the bombs dropping on Japan. Same way they faked the war in the Pacific. In fact, this whole story may be staged as a test, to see if their film faking techniques are now good enough to sell this story to people already on the lookout for just such a fake.

Now, I have no opinion on this, beyond my basic principle that the only thing we can be absolutely sure didn’t happen is what the media is reporting as the official story. In other words, there were no fires in Hawaill started by the combination of downed power lines and global boiling. While my mother graduated from Punahou in Honolulu, I’ve only been to Maui once, so as far as I know, the island in question might not even exist. But Miles Mathis is correct to point out the digital effects being utilized as well as the implications of that utilization. Fortunately, the Committee helpfully provides us with a falsifiable metric to serve as a means of testing his analysis.

But surely people on the ground would know if this was some sort of project? It has to get out. But the truth about Japan has never gotten out to the mainstream in 78 years. They did the same basic thing there: staged it on a island and controlled all information out. We only know what the governments of the world want us to know. Even the locals in Maui would be pretty easy to fool. They admit they evacuated everyone from that Kukui peninsula, so none of the locals saw this. They are getting their information just like you are.* You will say they have to be allowed back in to get any of their stuff that survived, but my guess is they won’t. They will be told nothing survived and the government will insure most of those who weren’t insured. Only a few government agents will be allowed back in, to do their interviews and make their reports and continue the conjob. Unlike in Ohio, Biden has already signed off on disaster relief (that was fast!) and federal funds “will be pouring in soon”, according to mainstream media. My guess is that peninsula will be blocked off for the “rebuild”, with no road in and a no-fly zone over.

From SocialGalactic:

Road closure, reopen to limited people, then reclose when people started trying to look around is true. It’s somewhat early yet, but I haven’t heard of anyone known to my friends confirmed dead.

One of the ways to be certain after the fact about an event being faked and/or false-flagged is if the evidence is destroyed. We know that access to the peninsula is already being restricted and homeowners are not being permitted to return to their homes; if that continues indefinitely then it will be necessary to take the Committee’s analysis of this event seriously.

UPDATE: However absurd the idea of the fires being faked may appear, it’s not as absurd as what people are being expected to swallow about the fires.

They are telling us only 2 of the 96 bodies found so far can be identified. That’s sort of strange, right, since they are also telling us many of them were incinerated in those cars we keep seeing. So why can’t they identify them from their cars? License plates and VIN numbers burned right off I guess, even though the letters are raised on license plates to prevent that, you know. Their teeth were burned right out as well, I guess, preventing use of dental records.

UPDATE: Don’t dismiss The Committee too fast.

On Monday, Hawaiian governor Josh Green announced that his administration was considering acquiring properties in the seaside resort town of Lahaina that had been destroyed by the recent wildfires. He vowed to prevent foreign buyers from swooping in to exploit the tragedy, suggesting the state was better suited to take control of the land. “I’m already thinking of ways for the state to acquire that land so that we can put it into workforce housing, to put it back into families, or make it open spaces in perpetuity as a memorial to the people who were lost,” Green said while standing amongst the rubble.