The Queen of England, RIP

It is the end of an era. And it’s official. The only Queen of England most of us have ever known is dead at the age of 96:

Queen Elizabeth II has died today aged 96.

Her son Charles, the former Prince of Wales, is now King. He will address the shocked nation imminently, as the world grieves Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

All her children had rushed to Balmoral after doctors became ‘concerned’ for her health. Hours later she died, surrounded by her family.

At 6.30pm her death was confirmed. A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: ‘The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon. The King and The Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to London tomorrow’.

The Queen’s death will see Britain and her Commonwealth realms enter into a ten-day period of mourning as millions of her subjects in the UK and abroad come to terms with her passing.

And as her son accedes to the throne, there will also be a celebration of her historic 70-year reign that saw her reach her Platinum Jubilee this year – a landmark unlikely to be reached again by a British monarch.

I have a few thoughts on her reign and the British monarchy itself, but I shall save them for another time. In the meantime, my condolences to her former subjects.


Clown World Loses Another Clown

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shot dead this morning in Nara:

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been pronounced dead at the age of 67 after he was shot during a public address, NHK reported citing the ruling Japanese Liberal Democratic Party. The death was also confirmed by a party source, who spoke to the Kyodo news agency.

Abe was taken to hospital in grave condition after a gunman injured him during a public appearance in the city of Nara in western Japan. He was campaigning as a candidate in an upcoming parliamentary election.

Chief cabinet secretary Hirokazu Matsuno was among the first to corroborate details of the attack on Friday, calling it “unforgivable” while noting that a suspect had been arrested. NHK news identified the man as Yamagami Tetsuya, who is said to be in his 40s. He was arrested for attempted murder, and a weapon was reportedly retrieved from the scene.

Despite being portrayed as a “right-wing nationalist”, Abe was always a globalist creature, who “sought to increase Japan’s international profile by expanding ties with NATO, the EU, and other organizations beyond the Asia-Pacific region.” He also “attempted to centralize security policy in the Prime Minister’s office by creating the Japanese National Security Council to better coordinate national security policy, and by ordering the first National Security Strategy in Japan’s history. Based on the American body of the same name, the law to create the NSC was passed in November 2013 and began operating the following month when Abe appointed Shotaro Yachi as Japan’s first National Security Advisor.”

He was, in short, a man of the world machine.

Born into a political dynasty, Abe’s grandfather and great uncle had both served as prime minister before him and he was groomed for power from the start.

And given the ongoing collapse of the liberal world order, the current stage of the global economic decline, and the way in which so many “democratic” governments are actively engaged in depopulationist war against their own nations, it won’t be terribly surprising if the next decade rivals what was described as “the Age of Assassination” during the 19th Century.

However, as I noted on 22 June 2022: “There is an incipient split in the G7, most likely between those who want to negotiate a peace settlement (Japan and Italy) and those who don’t (USA, UK, Canada). France is leaning toward the former and Germany is leaning toward the latter.” Abe was among the LDP leaders who openly supported the peace settlement, and it’s not impossible that his very public assassination was a warning to the LDP to keep Japan in the war against the BRICSIA alliance.

Clown World appears to be terrified of a reasonable peace settlement in Ukraine, for some reason. And the fact that his assassin was ex-military tends to lend itself to the “pour encourager les autres” interpretation.


New York Subway Attack

The media doesn’t know who did it yet, but we can be safe in assuming that racist, homophobic, unvaccinated white supremacist Russian Christians will be blamed.

Five people were shot Tuesday morning at a subway station in Brooklyn, New York, law enforcement sources said.

Fire personnel responding to reports of smoke at the 36th Street station in the Sunset Park neighborhood found multiple people shot and undetonated devices, a New York City Fire Department spokesperson said.

According to multiple law enforcement sources briefed on the investigation, preliminary information indicated a suspect was wearing a construction vest and a gas mask.

A photo from the scene showed people tending to bloodied passengers lying on the floor of the station.

In response, the Biden adminstration is expect to announce even more Russian sanctions and yet another push for gun control.


Another “Suicide”

Fascinating how these influential globalist pedos just can’t seem to survive very long in prison. And even though we live in a panopticon, the cameras just never seem to work.

A French former modelling agent and friend of the late Jeffrey Epstein has been found dead in his Paris prison cell where he was being held on charges of raping minors.

Jean-Luc Brunel, 74, who is alleged to have helped procure “more than a thousand” women on behalf of Epstein and convicted British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, was found hanging in his cell at la Santé prison in the French capital at 1am on Saturday morning, according to judicial sources.

Brunel rose to prominence during the 1980s as a scout at the Karin Models agency in Paris. He has said he launched the careers of some of the most successful models of the era, such as Jerry Hall, Angie Everhart and Christy Turlington.

Prison wardens said they were unable to resuscitate him after finding his lifeless body during a night patrol.

The wicked had better make the most of their brief time on the high horse, because sooner or later, the Black Rider will cast them from it.

Warning from the Farm

Corn and other shortages are being anticipated as a result of fertilizer and seed shortages:

“Things for 2022 are interesting (and scary). Input costs for things like fertilizer, liquid nitrogen and seeds are like triple and quadruple the old prices. It will not be profitable to plant this year. Let me repeat, the economics will NOT work.

Our plan, is to drop about 700 acres of corn off and convert to soybeans (they use less fertilizer, and we also have chicken manure from that operation). Guess what? We are not the only ones with those plans. Already there is a shortage of soybean seeds, so we will see how that will work out.

The way I see it, there will be a major grain shortage later in the year, especially with corn. I mean, we are small with that. What about these people in the midwest who have like 10,000 acres of corn? This will not be good.”

This would be a good spring to put in a garden, and it’s probably a good idea to stock up a bit on your food supplies.


Maxwell Guilty

The jury found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty on 5 of 6 charges:

Ghislaine Maxwell has been found guilty of sex trafficking and other charges. After six days of deliberation, a jury of six men and six women found the British socialite guilty on five of six counts – all except enticing an individual under the age of 17 to travel to with intent to engage in illegal sex acts. She faces a maximum sentence of 60 years in prison.

And Epstein still didn’t kill himself.


SUV Attack on Christmas Parade

Two dozen people were run over by an SUV that was used to attack a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

A car traveling at high speed plowed into a holiday parade in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin, killing at least one person and leaving at least 20 people injured, among them several elderly women who were part of a ‘Dancing Grannies’ float and members of a schoolgirls’ dance team, according to reports.

Terrifying video posted to social media shows a speeding red SUV collide into a group of people marching in the middle of the street during the annual holiday parade in Waukesha, some 20 miles west of downtown Milwaukee.

The red SUV and a person of interest are in custody, according to police. The head of the fire department said that 11 adults and 12 children were rushed to six different hospitals in the area.

Another video shows the speeding SUV narrowly miss a young girl who was dancing in the street as the out-of-control vehicle drove by just feet away.

Despite earlier reports of gunshots, police said they do not believe the driver was armed.

Don’t jump to any conclusions yet. It might be connected to the Rittenhouse verdict, or it might be an anti-Christmas statement, or it might be something else. We’ll find out soon enough.

UPDATE: 5 dead, 40 injured. Attacker was a black activist recently released from prison. Looks as if he was targeting white people.


Tory MP Stabbed to Death

Fortunately, thanks to Britain’s strict gun laws, he was not shot to death, so there is a silver lining:

Conservative MP Sir David Amess has today been murdered after being stabbed ‘multiple times’ during his weekly surgery by a 25-year-old man who ran in and knifed him to death.

The Tory MP for Southend West, 69, was holding a surgery at the Belfairs Methodist Church, in Eastwood Road North, Leigh-on-Sea when his attacker ran into the building wielding a knife before attacking the veteran politician.

Paramedics working to save him on the floor of a Essex church for more than an hour but he could not be saved after appalling attack with chilling similarities to the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox in June 2016.

The killer has been apprehended and is 25, but that’s the only description provided so far. It will be ironic if it turns out to be an immigrant who is responsible, since the late Member of Parliament was described as “always trying to help people and especially refugees he’s tried to help.”

UPDATE: The killer has been confirmed to be a Somali immigrant. Ironic justice is served. Better this pro-refugee MP pay the price than some innocent who wasn’t responsible for the foreign invasion of Britain.

UPDATE: Shed no tears for the man. He doesn’t deserve them. The lesson, as always, is this: sink the damn ships!