The Lobster Pope’s Music

In which the CIA, the Beat Generation, the Grateful Dead, and Jordan Peterson are all connected through the recognizable pattern in their esoteric influences in Speaking Ill of the Dead:

That path between dark and light. The balance of opposites. The “third way”. The same tiresome luciferian/gnostic nonsense that appeals to the vain and is catnip to secret kings. The message is specifically anti-Christian in that it is a spirituality that you achieve entirely through your journeying. There is truth to the value of moderation, but that’s not really what the path between dark and light is referring to. It’s more build your own god, or do what thou wilt.

Except Hunter backs off from full power-seeking with a warning. This is a solitary journey – no one will help you including the songwriter. And it leads “home” – another word with no real meaning but has a comforting ring to it when it floats by. Probably best to just trip, nod sagely, and not think too much.

There is something familiar about being teased with a spiritual path through vaguely luciferian gnostic “balance” only to be warned off diving in head first. Remember, it’s all an if – a hypothetical.

Why, that’s the Lobster Pope’s music!

There’s the pattern. Fake media world has no connection to reality beyond the rough settings and characters it bends to a narrative. Everything else – the stories, consequences, rules, ideologies, values, etc. – are made up whole cloth and can be whatever the narrative engineers want it to be. It’s how image and style change so fast, but the dyscivic message underneath always moves in the same direction. What changes are the pieces – the squid ink – used to cover the lukewarm luciferian de-moralization.

It’s easy to tell how unreal it was in hindsight – it’s legacy is all empty nostalgia. Dried-out protoplasm waxing over how awesome it was to twitch to stimuli, with absolutely nothing meaningful to show for it. If we know them by their fruits, it’s just another road to nowhere.

It’s become almost comedic in mediocre fantasy novels, the way in which everything – and I mean every single novel – has been about “maintaining the balance” for the last 30 years. It’s similar to the way in which TV constantly pushes the fake “we’re family” theme about people who are not family and action movies all seem to include the scene where a diverse group will “do it… together”.

And this doesn’t even begin to get into the diversity, inclusivity, and anti-boundaries wickedness that now abounds. But we all know where it was always heading.

Satan Presiding at the Infernal Council, 1824

Fake family + balance + together = the destruction of the ability for families to follow a father’s leadership toward the Good, the Beautiful, and the True.


Coexistence is Impossible

Or, as the Bible puts it, what fellowship can light have with darkness?

Woke and good can’t coexist. The two clash and woke always wins.

Ok, why woke? After all, most people don’t want the bullet points above, they want fun escapism. There is no way anyone involved with entertainment production doesn’t know this. As Tickerguy has pointed out numerous times, talent is hired for what they know and how well they do their job. If they don’t entertain people, they should be fired.

But we live in clown world, so we get never ending BAD.

Woke is a deliberate choice, why is it made? How do these hacks have jobs?

God gave Satan the world. I will not ponder why He did so, it’s above my paygrade. Satan recruits humans and some of them are in the entertainment industry: actors, writers, directors, camera operators, producers. It’s a losing proposition for the human who is always treated like used toilet paper.

If they stay in Satan’s influence, over time they become more corrupt: they slip farther and farther away from whatever gifts God gave them.

God holds the power of creation. He created the universe and everything in it. He’s pretty bad ass and not Someone you want to off.

God granted every living creature on this planet a touch of creation. Humans and every other animal reproduces. Insects, fish, plants, and even bacteria can. This was part of God’s gift to us all. He also blessed humans with creativity.

Viruses can’t reproduce without a host cell. They invade and trick the cell into making copies of itself. They’re not really alive and have no touch of creation.

Satan and other demons can’t create, only copy and destroy by corruption.

People who throw in with Satan are lower than bacteria. Over time these evil adjacent people become like viruses: helpless without a host to infect and hijack. Eventually, they can’t create.

They can only copy or corrupt shows with woke, eventually destroying them.

That explains the endless reboots and BAD coming out of Hollyweird.

Don’t compromise with Clown World. It can only corrupt and degrade you.


We Are Wizards

Or we might as well be, insofar as the denizens of the Hellmouth are concerned. Vox’s First Law meets Arthur C. Clark’s First Law on the chans.

Were Sherlock Holmes to kill a hotel room full of three people, he’d enter using a secret door in the hotel that he read about in a book ten years ago. He’d throw peanuts at one guy causing him to go into anaphylactic shock, as he had deduced from a dartboard with a picture of George Washington Carver on it pinned to the wall that the man had a severe peanut allergy. The second man would then kill himself just according to plan as Sherlock had earlier deduced that him and the first man were homosexual lovers who couldn’t live without each other due to a faint scent of penis on each man’s breath and a slight dilation of their pupils whenever they looked at each other.

As for the third man, why, Sherlock doesn’t kill him at all. The third man removes his sunglasses and wig to reveal he actually WAS Sherlock the entire time. But Sherlock just entered through the Secret door and killed two people, how can there be two of him? The first Sherlock removes his mask to reveal he’s actually Moriarty attempting to frame Sherlock for two murders. Sherlock, however, anticipated this, the two dead men stand up. They’re undercover police officers, it was all a ruse.

“But Sherlock!” Moriarty cries “That police officer blew his own head off. look at it. There’s skull fragments on the wall, how is he fine now? How did you fake that?”

Sherlock just winks at the screen, the end.

This is retarded because Sherlock is a smart person written by a stupid person to whom smart people are indistinguishable from wizards.

Any sufficiently advanced intelligence is indistinguishable from wizardry.


Now Do the Showers

How many Holocaust claims need to be publicly proven to be lies by scholars before it is eventually concluded that the general theme itself is, at the very least, a fantastic exaggeration of a historical atrocity?

Herman Rosenblat received international attention for his tale about being a hungry little boy in a Nazi concentration camp who was thrown apples every day by a little girl named Roma, on the other side of the fence.

Years later, according to the story, Rosenblat met that same girl on a blind date in New York City and proposed to her on the spot.

The only problem was, Rosenblat’s story, which he and his wife had been telling for 13 years, was a lie.

Six weeks ago Holocaust scholars proved that it was physically impossible for prisoners to approach the fence at the concentration camp where Herman was kept and that Roma’s family was actually 200 miles away at the time.

Wednesday, for the first time, Rosenblat spoke out in an exclusive interview with “Good Morning America” to share his side of the story.

“It wasn’t a lie,” he told “GMA.” “It was my imagination. And in my imagination, in my mind, I believed it. Even now, I believe it, that she was there and she threw the apple to me. … In my imagination, it was true.”

And at what point is it going to occur to people that all of these survivors telling ridiculous stories about their lives in the concentration camps tend to suggest that they, at least, weren’t there to be killed in the first place? After all, scholars have already determined that there was no “rollercoaster of death” at Auschwitz, that four million people didn’t die at Auschwitz, and that no one ever put a bear, an eagle, and a jew in a cage together anywhere on the planet, much less every single day.

Imagine if the Japanese had started telling stories like these about their own internments in the United States. Or if any of the vast majority of the other people being held in the same Nazi camps did. Where are all the Polish and Romanian stories about “the trapeze of death”, “the marmot, the snake, and the Slav”, or the mass slaughter that took place in the terrible pillow chambers? Would the world similarly genuflect before their nonsense?

And forget the damning forensic evidence and the wooden doors. I figured out that the “showers of death” also had to be a lie when I simply thought for a few seconds about what would be necessary to make it safe for the disposal crew to enter them after a round of executions. After all, it’s easier, safer, faster, less expensive, and much more lethal to simply remove the oxygen from an air-tight chamber than it is to pump it full of poison gas, then purge the gas from it.

A children’s version of the story, entitled Angel Girl (ISBN 978-0822-58739-2), written by Laurie Friedman and illustrated by Ofra Amit, was published in September 2008 by Carolrhoda Books of Lerner Publishing Group.

Of course it was. In fact, it’s still available on Amazon. Because when you live in an Empire of Lies, a substantial percentage of what you think you know is actually false.


The Hate is Real

“Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt and ruin good forces have invented or made.”

JRR Tolkien

This is the response – entirely justified – with which Tolkien fans have greeted the trailer for The Rings of Amazon. The trailer is bad. It’s so bad that I tapped out after only 36 seconds, which will most likely be the only 36 seconds of this wicked, ill-conceived desecration of a literary treasure that I ever see.


And Morgoth Smiled

The Dark Herald explains why there is no chance that the Amazon demolition of The Silmarillion is not going to make the execrable Disney Wars trilogy, the abysmal Godfather III, and the tedious final season of A Game of Thrones all look like entertaining cinematic masterpieces in comparison:

Christopher Tolkien was the good son of a great man; he steadfastly protected his father’s legacy and works. But he is gone now. The estate now belongs to Tolkien’s grandchildren and ALL of them are trust fund babies who act like trust fund babies. They want their other friends with money to stroke their asses and tell them how brave they are being for letting Bezos bastardize and soil their grandfather’s work. They are completely blind to the fact that this pile of fetid garbage is going to stain people’s memories of his masterpiece.

This whole catastrophe started with Jeff Bezos saying he was determined to have his own Game of Thrones. Which means that this abortion is going to be a derivative work of George R.R. Martin, not JRR Tolkien. The producers are denying this with tears and oaths but the fact that they hired an Intimacy Coordinator (AKA Sex Arranger) tells you what books this show is based on.

The truth is, this show isn’t based on any of Tolkien’s books. What Amazon has the rights to are the background notes. No joke, that is what they own the rights to and that is what Bezos has spent hundreds of millions on.

While the contract they had with Christopher Tolkien had some very strict limits with regards to what they couldn’t do with regards to JRR Tolkien’s overall story arc, it had a major loophole in that they could create new characters. And boy, did they ever.

In addition, they have undeniably altered established characters significantly. Galadriel, Commander of the Northern Fucking Armies. No, I’m not kidding they got her that wrong.

It’s not just the SJW wokery. It’s the complete disrespect for the source material and the author.


We Wuz Alfs

Amazon is blackwashing Tolkien’s elves in Tha Rangz a Powwa:

Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power is set to take the franchise in a diverse new direction, featuring the first ever black elf in Middle Earth’s history. New images for the much-anticipated series, which has a reported budget of $465 million, have been released by Vanity Fair, and show Ismael Cruz Córdova taking on the role of silvan elf Arondir…. The series is set to feature the most diverse cast in the franchise’s history, and along with starring a black elf, Lenny Henry will star as a harfoot elder. Sophia Nomvete also stars as a dwarven princess named Disa – making her the first black, and female, woman to play a dwarf in the Lord of the Rings universe.

Black elves, black hobbits, and black dwarves. This grotesquerie is going to redefine the concept of “epically bad”.

For a considerably more Tolkienesque take on elves, you may wish to consider reading the comic series A THRONE OF BONES on Arktoons.

(gets back to work finishing A SEA OF SKULLS)


Married to the Devil’s Own

Given his observed behavior over the last two years, it seems entirely believable that the current UK Prime Minister’s wife is a Satanist. Not all, perhaps not even most, but many politicians wives are Prometheans, who were thrown at influential men in order to influence them.

Jennifer Arcuri, the businesswoman and alleged former girlfriend of Boris Johnson, has shared some bizarre conspiracy theories about Covid and the Prime Minister’s wife on her social media channels.

The American entrepreneur hosted a livestream on the encrypted messaging app Telegram and began sharing conspiracy theories about the UK government, according to Vice News.

The website said Arcuri claimed her fans had requested she host a discussion on ‘conspiracy’ and began talking about Satanism in the Government.

She said: ‘One of the journalists wrote [to] me out of the blue from nowhere, and he was like, “Jen, weren’t you the one that told me, she was a Satanist, who sent me a picture of Carrie?”

‘And I said, “you know, I’m not going to comment on her specifically, but I encourage you to explore beyond this woman and look at how Satanism is actually, you know, surprisingly used in lots of ways in government”.’

But why would anyone imagine that the Prime Minister’s wife is a secret member of a nefarious global elite made up of individuals who are given wealth, fame, and manufactured success far beyond anything their actual talents or even potential capabilities could possibly merit?

Carrie Johnson is in talks with Netflix to produce a hard-hitting nature documentary about elephants, it can be revealed.

Mrs Johnson, 33, is head of communications at the Aspinall Foundation wildlife charity, which is preparing to relocate 13 of the ivory-tusked animals from the Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent to Kenya, in Africa.

The move, set to take place in the coming months, is a world-first in terms of its size.

Yeah, so that sort of thing just might have a little something to do with it.


Monty Python is Cancelled

The Old Vic shuts down a Terry Gilliam production because the Python has finally been deemed an official badthinker:

A London theatre has been criticised for “pandering” to mob rule after cancelling a production by Monty Python star Terry Gilliam – reportedly due to staff unrest about his views on trans rights and the #MeToo movement.
80-year-old Gilliam was set to co-direct the musical ‘Into the Woods’ at the Old Vic next year, but the show was abruptly cancelled last week. While no reason was given, entertainment news outlet The Stage reported that there had been dissatisfaction among staff since May, when the production was originally announced.

Staff concerns apparently revolved around Gilliam’s previous comments in the press relating to transgender issues, race, and the #MeToo movement, which some felt were at odds with the theatre’s “culture and values.”

In 2018, Gilliam said during a BBC diversity debate that he tells “the world now I’m a black lesbian.” He repeated those remarks during an interview last year, telling The Independent that he should be able to identify as a “black lesbian in transition.” He also described the #MeToo movement as a “witch hunt” that allowed “decent people” to get “hammered” by “mob mentality,” and called some rape accusers “ambitious adults.”

Describing Chappelle as the “greatest standup comedian alive today,” Gilliam noted in a Facebook post on October 14 that there was a “storm brewing” over the streaming service’s support for the show. The comedy special has been in the news after backlash over allegedly transphobic content – including Chappelle describing gender as a “fact” – with Netflix staff staging walkouts and facing off against the comedian’s supporters.

Two weeks later, the theatre announced on its website that it had “mutually agreed” with co-producers Scenario Two that the “production of ‘Into the Woods’ will not take place at the Old Vic.” The Central London theatre had apparently sold £300,000 worth of tickets for the production of Stephen Sondheim’s 1987 musical.

Despite my own experience, I don’t have any sympathy for Gilliam, Chappelle, or any other Hellmouth celebrity that finds themselves cancelled for trivial social blasphemies. Some of them, like Gilliam, spent their entire careers gleefully sawing away at the civilizational branches upon which they were sitting. Their fall was always inevitable.