The Rehabilitation of a Pedo

Not only does SFWA resolutely refuse to eject the pedophiles, past and present, convicted and unconvicted, from its midst, but the morally-depraved science fiction community is now even trying to rehabilitate the reputation of confirmed dead lesbian child-abuser Marion Zimmer Bradley, upon whose work the new Star Wars Acolyte is obviously based.

After her death, Marion Zimmer Bradley’s daughter, Moira Greyland accused her not only of aiding and abetting her second husband in child molestation, but in herself molesting their daughter. Since Ms. Greyland made this accusations only after MZB was dead and could no longer defend herself or refute the charges, MZB had no opportunity to go to court and clear her name. Some authors have donated the money earned from sales to Bradley to various child-related charities. Given that she edited Breen’s book, Greek Love, and edited and contributed at least one article to his journal, The International Journal of Greek Love, she had to at least suspected his unhealthy interest in boys. “Greek love” is an old euphemism for male homosexuality, especially the relationship between an older man and a boy or youth. Many who knew her well said they had never seen or suspected anything untoward. However, others believed the accusations. Victor Gollancz, Ltd., the publisher of Bradley’s digital backlist, donated all the profits to the British charity Save the Children. Author Janni Lee Simner donated the money she earned from sales to MZB to the American anti-sexual assault organization Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network. Other writers chose to keep the money they earned…

She was awarded the World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievement in 2000 posthumously.

After her death, she was cremated, and her ashes, appropriately enough were scattered on Glastonbury Tor, in Somerset, England.

Her influence as a writer will last so long as her stories are in print. Her influence as an editor continues to spread, as the writers she mentored are now mentoring a further generations of writers.

Remembering Marion Zimmer Bradley on Her Birthday, SCIFI.RADIO, 3 June 2024

If her influence as a writer continues to bear fruit such as Acolyte, she’ll be completely forgotten, and deservedly so, before the end of the decade. No one reads Darkover anymore and the market for lesbian pedophile space witches isn’t likely to survive Clown World’s collapse.

It’s fascinating to observe how the same freaks who believe and assiduously repeat obviously false information about those of whom they assiduously disapprove will openly deny and attempt to discredit the direct and convincing testimonial evidence of the actual victims of the criminals they are defending.

The dead lesbian pedo Marion Zimmer Bradley has never been disavowed by SFWA, is still recognized as a Hugo and Nebula Award winner, and there are at least two known pedophiles who are honored as SFWA Grand Masters. The real reason the SF community hates me to this day with a white hot passion has nothing to do with Sad Puppies, Rabid Puppies, my open contempt for their diversity pets, or even my ideological views. It’s because I published this book and they know their attempts to rehabilitate their fallen heroes will never, ever succeed.

There is a perfectly valid argument for separating the art from the artist in many cases. The problem, in the specific case of MZB, is that it is not possible to do so when so much of her art was steeped in her particular wickedness and written with the avowed objective of infecting society with it.

UPDATE: From Wikipedia. It will be interesting to see how many of these SF authors join the rehabilitation efforts going forward. And notice that there is no mention of me being one of the authors who has publicly condemned her.

A number of science fiction authors have publicly condemned Bradley. Among the first was John Scalzi, who within a day of the allegations being made public, described the allegations as “horrific”. Hugo Award winner Jim C. Hines wrote that Bradley’s positive effect on her readers and associates “makes the revelations about Marion Zimmer Bradley protecting a known child rapist and molesting her own daughter and others even more tragic.” G Willow Wilson, who along with Bradley is a fellow World Fantasy Award winner, said she was “speechless”. Diana L. Paxson, who collaborated with Bradley on a number of novels and who continued to write novels set in the Avalon Series after Bradley’s death, said that she was “shocked and appalled to read Moira Greyland’s posts about her mother… I never personally observed, nor had any reason to suspect, that (Bradley) was abusing either of her children.”

UPDATE: In response to this post, has memory-holed the article. But the Internet remembers…


It’s Always the Paperwork

They got Capone on taxes. And of all the many crimes they could have gotten the massively corrupt Hunter Biden for, they got him for filling out a gun purchase form:

US President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was found guilty by a Delaware jury on Tuesday. He faced three federal charges relating to possession of a firearm while addicted to drugs.

Hunter Biden was accused of lying on a gun purchase form in 2018, falsely attesting that he was not a drug addict when, in fact, he was on crack cocaine at the time.

Tuesday’s verdict means Biden is the first son of a sitting president to be convicted in federal court. He could receive up to 25 years in prison, although the sentence is widely expected to be far more lenient.

Yes, one would expect the sentence to be lenient, if not entirely nonexistent. Frankly, I’m shocked that he was found guilty.


The Black Epstein

Sean Combs was not only a manufactured success, he was a tool instrumental in the process of determining whose success would be manufactured:

Mr. Combs had hidden cameras in every room of his home… has recordings of several ceelbrities, artists, music label executives, and athletes engaging in illegal activity… these individuals were recorded without their knowledge and consent… Mr. Combs possesses compromising footage of every person who has attended his freak-off parties and his house parties.

If you have even a modicum of success, you will be offered various tickets, and various opportunities to compromise yourself and leave yourself at the mercy of the ticket-masters who will then be able to either help you or hinder you as they see fit.

If you don’t take the ticket, they will still hinder you via their various programs to discredit, deplatform, and otherwise minimize your potential influence, but for the most part they will leave you alone because they know the amount of success you can achieve without their assistance is structurally restricted. This is why the ambitious are well-advised to focus on quality over quantity, and why independent efforts of even limited success are far more likely to stand the test of time.

Fame is generally unpleasant for anyone who isn’t extroverted and pathologically needy anyhow. Look at how all the most famous and successful people eventually seek to go to ground and disappear from the constant adulation and attention.

In short, moderate your ambitions and don’t seek the approval of others. Instead, focus on improving the quality and consistency of your output. At least whatever modest success you achieve will be a) real, and b) your own. The reason so many “successful” people have so-called “Imposter Syndrome” is because they are, in fact, imposters, and they know it.


It’s Grilling Time

And the vegans are already getting a head start on being their customary obnoxious selves:

Just a gentle reminder to pleases close your windows when cooking meat.

As a vegan runner it is always hard for me.

I try to go out running several nights a week around dinner time.

When you are cooking with the windows open the smell of meat can be quite over powering.

Honestly the odor is offensive.

Please have empathy for your #plantbased neighbours by closing windows when cooking meat and only cooking vegetables if possible.

I do not want to be a stereotype so i wont go into detail on why cooking animals is offensive. But I encourage you to do your research and join the movement with others who are fighting back.

If that’s not a sign to go out and do a neighborhood pig roast, I don’t know what is. We are carnivores. Anyone and everyone who is “fighting back” against eating meat is literally anti-human. Give them neither courtesy nor quarter.

Notice how simply running somewhere else, or at a different time, or inside, on a treadmill, with the window closed, never even enters this officious vegan’s protein-deprived mind.


Sex Parties on Capitol Hill

The Founding Fathers weren’t fond of political parties, but I don’t think they had this sort of political party in mind when they were criticizing them. James O’Keefe goes undercover again and gets a Republican congressional aide to admit, on camera, that Washington DC is running on sexual blackmail:

Titus Warren: There’s a lot of things that I do here and there’s a lot of things that I see with my own eyes. Madison Cawthorn wasn’t lying neither. That man in the wheelchair. That video that came out with the guy in the Senate office building in the hearing room…
James O’Keefe: Oh yes, I saw that.
Titus Warren: Okay. The guy was blackmailed.
James O’Keefe: Whoa.
Titus Warren: So most members, they actually have spouses ’cause they’re married. They have affairs with other council people, congress people, congress members in office. And they have like parties and stuff.
James O’Keefe: Like you’re talking about sex parties…
Titus Warren: Yeah, they…
James O’Keefe: Whoa.
Titus Warren: The ones who talk a lot.
James O’Keefe: So these parties are like, it gets hot and heavy.
Titus Warren: Yeah. It’s like an in-house thing. If you know, you know, and if you don’t you don’t. But nine out of ten times everybody in there knows. But they actually, that is a fact. They actually do have these parties.
James O’Keefe: Does that happen a lot? Like people do something sexual and they’re blackmailed? Have you seen that?
Titus Warren: So it happens every now and then.
James O’Keefe: But they get blackmailed.
Titus Warren: Exactly.
James O’Keefe: Holy shit…
Titus Warren: Because it’s like they have a leverage of like, if you have something like that, it’s called leverage. And so what they do, they use it against you to get something else. Majority of members that come late are always 9/10 times hungover from the night before.
James O’Keefe: From the sex party?
Titus Warren: (Nods head) Yes. So on the voting. You already have a piece of paper that tells you how to vote, known as a suggestion. It’s not a suggestion.

I don’t think pedocratic government by hedonistic perverts being funded by foreign interests and blackmailed by other foreign interests is normally what was historically meant by “democracy”. Nor is there any American national interest to be found in expanding this form of democracy elsewhere around the world.


I’m the Real Victim Here

A woman complains of her virtual gang-rape on Facebook:

A woman has revealed she was ‘virtually gang raped’ by four male avatars in Meta’s Horizon Worlds – and she said the trauma is similar to a real-world assault. Speaking to, psychotherapist and start-up co-founder Nina Patel said that her attackers may have felt ‘disinhibited’ due to being in a virtual world.

I don’t mean to minimize Ms Patel’s experience, but let’s face it, it simply can’t compare to the way I have been repeatedly murdered in World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. And I can assure you, each and every experience was every bit as traumatic as being murdered in real life!

To this day, I find myself shaking uncontrollably whenever I encounter a Tauren, or a Blood Elf, on the street.


The Essence of Rhetoric

As I have repeatedly pointed out to those who speak dialectic, there is no actual information content in rhetoric. Or, if you prefer, whatever perceived information content happens to appear in rhetoric is irrelevant. Consider the following example:

I’m in a weird situation. A new colleague joined and he refuses to use my pronouns or even my name. Instead, he refers to me as “my esteemed colleague”. I confronted him politely and just said something like “you are my colleague and I hold you in esteem hence my esteemed colleague”.

It’s bs, I can tell he’s just a transphobic pos he calls others by their names. I’m the only trans woman in the office and it’s really making me uncomfortable.

I even spoke to HR about this but they said they can’t do anything because “my esteemed colleague” is apparently not discriminatory.

It’s genuinely uncomfortable working with him because of this. It really gives me the creeps and makes me feel dehumanised.

Notice the way in which even a polite and positive form of address is effectively triggering of the target’s emotions when utilized in a manner that distinguishes itself from an ordinary form of address. So, there is absolutely no need for dialectical sperging over what the rhetoric actually means, much less how the use of the term makes the deliverer feel, because those two elements are unrelated to the intended objective of emotionally manipulating the target.


Zero Ornithology

The Zero Historians are now determined to wipe out the names of more than 100 species of birds.

Dozens of birds’ names that have been ‘clouded by racism and misogyny’ have been officially reclassified to avoid glorifying slave owners and Confederate generals.

The American Ornithological Society (AOS) announced Wednesday it will alter the names of certain flying animals after a ‘highly charged and publicized’ debate surrounding the now-controversial figures whom the birds are named after.

According to AOS President Colleen Handel, the group will change the bird names that prove to be ‘exclusionary and harmful today.’

The AOS created a committee last year to discuss and determine which birds’ names needed changing. So far, more than 100 species across the Americas have been identified as needing new monikers, and the project will continue in 2024.

Among the birds who will receive a new name is the Audubon’s shearwater.

It is a bird that is found off the coast of the southeast, and was named after one of the most established bird illustrator of the 19th century, John James Audubon.

But he was also a slave owner who adamantly opposed the abolition of slavery.

John James Audubon is described by the National Audubon Society as ‘a genius, a pioneer, a fabulist, and a man whose actions reflected a dominant white view of the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

‘His contributions to ornithology, art, and culture are enormous, but he was a complex and troubling character who did despicable things even by the standards of his day.’

Needless to say, the Audubon Society is going to have to change its name too. And eventually, if Clown World survives much longer, we’re going to need new names for Caesar salad as well as the months of July and August.

It appears Castalia Library is going to have to produce a bird book now.


If At First You Don’t Succeed

Fail and fail again.

It looks like we’re about 2-3 weeks away from being told that Hamas has built underground death roller coasters, Hezbollah is unleashing lethal AI rape-bots, and Iran is locking little children into a cage with a sabretooth tiger and a Tyrannosaurus Rex, if current social media is any guide.

Of all the things that never happened, whatever the latest Middle East-related outrage is supposed to be never happened the most.

Incontrovertible proof of Iranian T-Rex death cages

First, Americans are perfectly aware that the neocons are frightened by the situation in the Middle East and are desperate to get Americans to go and fight Iran for them. Which is what they’ve been doing for the last 18 years, since 2005. That’s not happening, not on a scale that matters, and regardless, not for long. All US military involvement in the Middle East can be reasonably expected to accomplish is to give Russia and China free rein in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Because it’s too late, as evidenced by the events in Ukraine over the last 20 months.

Second, if you want people to care even a little bit about what happens to you or your children, it’s not particularly helpful to be constantly observed chanting “death to the White race”, “Europe must be destroyed”, “Jesus is evil”, all the while systematically undermining the greatest civilization Man has ever known through advocacy of abortion, feminism, mass immigration, miscegenation, and satanic transgender ideology.

Neocon Inc. can invent whatever imaginative atrocities they like. Jon Podhoretz and Ben Shapiro can hurl accusations of hatred of this and anti-of that all they want. Aside from a few gullible Boomers who wouldn’t hesitate to believe that Iran is building a lunar military base using rockets fueled with the blood of Jewish children, no one gives a quantum of a fragment of a damn what they say anymore.