WWIII and the Élefsiton

Andrei Martyanov corrects some comments by Jeffrey Sachs:

  1. We ARE NOT on the path to WW III, we are already in WW III and the West already lost it. NATO has neither troops nor resources to introduce anything in 404. Russia’s tactical nuclear drills was a message to European chihuahuas, primarily UK, after showing UK ambassador in Moscow the list of British targets Russia will strike OUTSIDE 404 if London continues with terrorism. Russia is not afraid of Article 5.
  2. US is NOT a republic anymore–it is a corrupt uniparty oligarchy sliding towards totalitarianism. Its foreign policy and media are controlled by the state of Israel and Zionist lobby inside the US, which is based on a broad foundation of Christian Zionist population in the US.
  3. US higher education as related to humanities is over. It has been over for some time. Eventually, all remnants of a free thought and facts-based academic study will be purged.

Martyanov is entirely correct. WW3 technically began back in 2014, but will probably be recognized as starting in 2022, just as WWII began in 1931 with the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, not the 1939 German invasion of Poland. It’s not over yet, obviously, but the eventual outcome is no more in doubt than it was in December 1941, and for the same reason: industrial capacity.

The USA hasn’t been a republic since 1865. The most recent change is the foreign seizure of control over the imperial US government, which can be best illustrated by AIPAC’s most recent bragging about how 48 out of 48 Democratic candidates who were funded and endorsed by the organization won their primary races.

And it’s not as if the Republicans are any better, as in addition to criminalizing insufficient personal enthusiasm as well as refraining from economic engagement with Israel, two Republican Senators are now attempting to prevent anyone criticizing Israel from access to air travel.

Sens. Roger Marshall (R-KS) and Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) have introduced a bill that would designate student protesters “Terrorists” and add them to the “No Fly List” for protesting Israel.

It may strike you as counterintuitive, but this point, the US government actions are so obviously intended to generate white-hot hate carefully directed against a very small percentage of the population that it is clear there are only three rational explanations for them:

  1. AIPAC and other political organizations are so stupid that they don’t realize the probable outcome of their attempt to impose a religious totalitarian state on millions of well-armed Americans. Very highly unlikely. It’s just barely possible that they’re legitimately that blinded by arrogance and past success, and certainly there are some individuals who are that clueless and historically ignorant, but I very much doubt that any of the leaders believe they can openly retain control of an increasingly hostile population numbering in the hundred millions for very long. In fact, we know from the 2004 Wye conference that they don’t believe that.
  2. An esoteric mass sacrifice is being prepared in yet another attempt to summon the long-awaited messiah and immanentize the Élefsiton. Just as military generals don’t hesitate to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of their countrymen’s lives in war, the esoteric elite are perfectly willing to sacrifice the ritualistic millions of their own they believe are required to bring about their global rule. Keep in mind there are only two places that Holocaust 2.0 can happen, Israel and the USA.
  3. Because life in the USA among Americans was too easy and risked eventual destruction through integration, it was deemed necessary to increase US anti-semitism to the point that US-resident Jews become sufficiently afraid to make aliyah. Given the growing intensity of the attempt to complete the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and its direct connection to these new anti-semitism laws, as well as open talk of sending the Palestinians to the USA and Canada, this appears to be the most likely motivation. I tend to doubt it is a coincidence that there are a similar number of Jews in the USA and Palestinians in Israel, 6.3 million vs 5.3 million.

Of course, it’s entirely possible for all three motivations to be in effect among the rival elite factions, since the secular faction doesn’t believe in (2) except as a useful justification for (3), while the esoteric faction would support (2) as being entirely in line with its long-term objectives.

Regardless, WWIII is very far from over, and the map of political geography that it creates is probably going to look rather different than today’s map.


Bad Literature as Predictive Model

We know that movies and television shows have been used as a revelation of the method by the wicked in order to avoid occult karma for their actions by openly confessing them in a plausibly deniable manner that the public will not believe. But six decades after it was written, this section from the dreary, Gamma-infested slog that is A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES, written by an author who was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 11 years after his suicide, tends to strike the modern reader as ominously predictive of the current state of affairs in the increasingly degenerate nations ruled by the evil inverts of Clown World.

Dear Reader,

Nature has sometimes made a fool; but a coxcomb is always of man’s own making. —Addison

As I was wearing the soles of my desert boots down to a mere sliver of crepe rubber on the old flagstone banquettes of the French Quarter in my fevered attempt to wrest a living from an unthinking and uncaring society, I was hailed by a cherished old acquaintance (deviate). After a few minutes of conversation in which I established most easily my moral superiority over this degenerate, I found myself pondering once more the crises of our times. My mentality, uncontrollable and wanton as always, whispered to me a scheme so magnificent and daring that I shrank from the very thought of what I was hearing.

“Stop!” I cried imploringly to my god-like mind. “This is madness.” But still I listened to the counsel of my brain. It was offering me the opportunity to Save the World Through Degeneracy.

There on the worn stones of the Quarter I enlisted the aid of this wilted flower of a human in gathering his associates in foppery together behind a banner of brotherhood. Our first step will be to elect one of their number to some very high office—the presidency, if Fortuna spins us kindly. .Then they will infiltrate the military. As soldiers, they will all be so continually busy in fraternizing with one another, tailoring their uniforms to fit like sausage skins, inventing new and varied battle dress, giving cocktail parties, etc., that they will never have time for battle. The one whom we finally make Chief of Staff will want only to attend to his fashionable wardrobe, a wardrobe which, alternately, will permit him to be either Chief of Staff or debutante, as the desire strikes him. In seeing the success of their unified fellows here, perverts around the world will also band together to capture the military in their respective countries. In those reactionary countries in which the deviates seem to be having some trouble in gaining control, we will send aid to them as rebels to help them in toppling their governments.

When we have at last overthrown all existing governments, the world will enjoy not war but global orgies conducted with the utmost protocol and the most truly international spirit, for these people do transcend simple national differences. Their minds are on one goal; they are truly united; they think as one. None of the pederasts in power, of course, will be practical enough to know about such devices as bombs; these nuclear weapons would lie rotting in their vaults somewhere. From time to time the Chief of Staff, the President, and so on, dressed in sequins and feathers, will entertain the leaders, i.e., the perverts, of all the other countries at balls and parties. Quarrels of any sort could easily be straightened out in the men’s room of the redecorated United Nations. Ballets and Broadway musicals and entertainments of that sort will flourish everywhere and will probably make the common folk happier than did the grim, hostile, fascistic pronouncements of their former leaders.

Almost everyone else has had an opportunity to run the world. I cannot see why these people should not be given their chance. They have certainly been the underdog long enough. Their movement into power will be, in a sense, only a part of the global movement toward opportunity, justice, and equality for all. (For example, can you name one good, practicing transvestite in the Senate? No! These people have been without representation long enough. Their plight is a national, a global disgrace.)

Degeneracy, rather than signaling the downfall of a society, as it once did, will now signal peace for a troubled world. We must have new solutions to new problems. I shall act as a sort of mentor and guide for the movement, my not inconsiderable knowledge of world history, economics, religion, and political strategy acting as a reservoir, as it were, from which these people can draw rules of operational procedure.

Boethius himself played a somewhat similar role in degenerate Rome. As Chesterton has said of Boethius, “Thus he truly served as a guide, philosopher, and friend to many Christians; precisely because, while his own times were corrupt, his own culture was complete.”


Anti-Christian and Anti-American

The corrupt creatures in Congress are making your choice very clear and unmistakable. Jesus Christ and the First Amendment or Holocaustianity and Hate Speech Laws.

The United States House of Representatives has passed H.R. 6090, a bill that criminalizes basic Biblical Truth. This alarming legislation seeks to weaponize the Civil Rights Act for the enforcement of federal anti-discrimination laws, thus having a chilling effect on the free speech of Christians across the nation.

The bill adopts the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of “antisemitism” which includes the basic Biblical Truth that the Jews killed Jesus Christ as “classic antisemitism.” The bill has raised serious concerns among Christians who believe that their First Amendment rights are being threatened. For example H.R. 6090 could potentially make it a crime for pastors to preach sermons that adhere to Biblical passages, of which there are many, which explicitly state that the Jews killed Jesus.

As a result, churches may become targets for Civil Rights Act discrimination lawsuits, leading to a wave of anti-Christian sentiment and the stifling of religious expression. This legislation follows just a few weeks after we learned, during Holy Week of all times, that saying “Christ is King” is “antisemitic” from many of the gatekeeping establishment voices on the right. It also follows a slew of similar “hate speech” legislation at the state level that is being passed by Republican governors in red states, including Ron DeSantis who flew to Israel to sign his….

Unfortunately, many pastors have chosen to ignore the implications of bills like H.R. 6090, allowing the bill to pass without raising their voices in opposition. This silence is not only a disservice to their congregations and the Church itself, but also a missed opportunity to defend the Biblical truths that have guided Christians for centuries. Even worse are the pastors who are supporting legislation like this because of their twisted and heretical theology that makes an idol out of the modern antichrist nation state of Israel and the antichrist Jews.

The Devil certainly knows his own. Those who choose to believe the lies will suffer the consequences, even as they stupidly and smugly believe that they are being blessed for “blessing Israel” by participating in the attempted murder of America/Amalek. You would think that when resisting satanry is criminalized and denounced as “anti-semitic”, they would be able to put two and two together to make four.

I say “attempted murder” because I am entirely certain that they will fail. They always do. And they always will.


Ben Shapiro is “a Sneaky Rat”

It’s not exactly news that the Littlest Chickenhawk is absolutely terrified of anyone who isn’t a college student, and therefore, is capable of unmasking what a mediocre little midwit he is. Lauren Witzke broke the news of the Daily Wire’s secret gag order that Little Benny managed to have imposed on Candace Owens in order to avoid the public debate he claims to have wanted:

“But the debate was never going to happen. That is because the Daily Wire — in secret and unbeknownst to its readers — sought a gag order to be placed on Owens after she had called for a debate. They did this under the cover of secrecy, before a private arbitrator, at exactly the same time that they were claiming in public that they wanted this debate and were even negotiating the terms with her. To this date, the Daily Wire has not informed its readers, seeking to understand why the much-anticipated debate had not yet happened, that they had sought and obtained a gag order against Owens.

When seeking a gag order to be imposed on Owens, the Daily Wire accused her of violating the non-disparagement clause of her agreement with the company. To substantiate this accusation, the company specifically cited Owens’ initial tweet requesting a debate with Shapiro as proof of this disparagement, along with concerns she voiced that Shapiro appeared to be violating the confidentiality agreement between them by publicly maligning Owens’s views to explain her departure from the company. While the company claimed before the arbitrator that it did not object in principle to a “healthy debate,” it urged the imposition of gag order on Owens by claiming that the way she requested the debate constituted disparagement of Shapiro and the site.

To justify the gag order it wanted, the company also cited various criticisms of the Daily Wire and Shapiro on X that Owens had “liked.” This proceeding took place as part of an exchange of legal threats between the parties after the public agreement to debate about Israel was solidified. Those threats arose from the fact that various Daily Wire executives and hosts, in both public and private, were castigating Owens as an anti-Semite. On March 22, Daily Wire host Andrew Klaven published a one-hour video that hurled multiple accusations, including anti-Semitism, at Owens. The Daily Wire cited Owens’ response to that video — her defense of herself from those multiple accusations — as further proof that she needed to be gagged.”

“After the prior restraint hearing sought by the Daily Wire and Shapiro, the arbitrator sided with them and against Owens. The arbitrator agreed with the Daily Wire that Owens’ call to debate Shapiro, and her follow-up negotiations of the debate, constituted “disparagement” of the company and Shapiro. The company argued that any further attempt by Owens to debate, as well her suggesting that the debate would expose the Daily Wire’s real “priorities,” constituted criticisms of the site and of Shapiro, criticisms that the arbitrator concluded Owens was barred from expressing under her contract with the company.

The arbitrator thus imposed a gag order of prior restraint on Owens. Among other things, the order banned Owens from saying or doing anything in the future which could tarnish or harm the reputation of the Daily Wire and/or Ben Shapiro. Given that the Daily Wire had argued, and the arbitrator agreed, that Owens’ offers to debate Shapiro about Israel and anti-semitism were themselves “disparaging,” the Daily Wire has ensured that the debate with Owens that they publicly claimed to want could not, in fact, take place. Any such debate would be in conflict with the gag order they obtained on Owens from expressing any criticisms of the site or of Shapiro.”

The ironic thing is that Shapiro will never understand how much his cowardice and “cleverness” is the cause of all the hatred directed toward him. No one envies his manufactured “success”. He’s a miserable little midwit, eaten up by his certain knowledge that he’s an imposter. I know this, because I was there when he was a young man deciding between making his own way and taking the ticket. And against my advice, he chose the latter.

Now he has learned that there is no amount of money that can compensate a man for selling his soul.

More details from Glenn Greenwald. And the New York Post.

Daily Wire obtains gag order against Candace Owens despite Ben Shapiro wanting debate


No, God is Not Going to Bless You

The last fifty years have definitely proven the Boomer theologians were conclusively wrong:

And while religious Judaism has a decidedly negative view towards all non-Jews, Christianity in particular is regarded as a total abomination, which must be wiped from the face of the earth.

Whereas pious Muslims consider Jesus as the holy prophet of God and Muhammed’s immediate predecessor, according to the Jewish Talmud, Jesus is perhaps the vilest being who ever lived, condemned to spend eternity in the bottommost pit of Hell, immersed in a boiling vat of excrement. Religious Jews regard the Muslim Quran as just another book, though a totally mistaken one, but the Christian Bible represents purest evil, and if circumstances permit, burning Bibles is a very praiseworthy act. Pious Jews are also enjoined to always spit three times at any cross or church they encounter, and direct a curse at all Christian cemeteries. Indeed, many deeply religious Jews utter a prayer each and every day for the immediate extermination of all Christians.

Over the years prominent Israeli rabbis have sometimes publicly debated whether Jewish power has now become sufficiently great that all the Christian churches of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and other nearby areas can finally be destroyed, and the entire Holy Land completely cleansed of all traces of its Christian contamination. Some have taken this position, but most have urged prudence, arguing that Jews needed to gain some additional strength before they should take such a risky step. These days, many tens of millions of zealous Christians and especially Christian Zionists are enthusiastic advocates for Jews, Judaism, and Israel, and I strongly suspect that at least some of that enthusiasm is based upon ignorance.

It’s really remarkable how the misapplication of a single verse can be twisted, contorted, and ultimately inverted to successfully deceive Christians. I can remember, back in the early 80s, one Boomer woman telling her fellow Boomers that she didn’t know exactly when the world was going to end, but she knew it was going to be in her lifetime.

As it turns out, she was wrong, just like every previous generation of Christians who couldn’t imagine the world continuing without them.

It’s always fascinating to see how these verses are inverted to produce conclusions that are obviously and observably wicked. From the Galatians verse that can be more readily used to justify transgenderism than anti-racism and immigration to the various promises of blessings that have literally zero application to any modern political entity in the Middle East, Christians have been deceived by inversions and thereby found themselves endorsing pure and unmitigated evil.

The invasion and occupation of Gaza was not a response to the October 7th attacks. The destruction of the Christian churches and hospitals taking place there is not collateral damage. To the contrary, the green flag was planned and permitted by the Netanyahu administration – which funded Hamas to the tune of billions for over a decade – in order to provide an excuse to destroy the last remnants of Christianity in the Holy Lands.

The pagan religion practiced by those who would be more accurately named Canaanites is not at all what most modern Christians think it is. It never was, and it appears to be an aspect of the very Great Deceit that is described in the Bible as being capable of deceiving believers. And it is even darker and more destructive than most of its own adherents imagine; they endorse its Luciferian and Ahrimanic elements without understand that the Sorathic aspect of the Unholy Trinity is the dominant one that guides its ultimate end game.

For some reason, the servants of the Black Rider never believe he will reject them and throw them from his high horse… even though he always does. I have never been able to understand that phenomenon.

In any event, while I am no theologian, nor is Tucker Carlson, but I think he is correct. If you think God is going to bless you for standing with those who are murdering women and children, and for blessing the destruction of beautiful places of worship that have been dedicated to His Son for centuries, either you worship a very different god or you are flat-out wrong. For where there is inversion, there is deceit, falsehood, and wickedness.

The last twenty years have seen the veil pulled back from many Enlightenment lies. Now we are beginning to see the true face of the false theology of American Churchianity. And it is a very ugly one indeed.

Given the growing divide between secular Israelis and the pagan Canaanites, and the way that the political compromise between the two represented by Netanyahu appears to be turning the entire world against the state of Israel, it would not be surprising if the heightened tensions that are currently threatening to break up the polities of the EU and the USA in the next decade also play out in a similar fashion in Israel.