Antisemitism, Han-style

Only a few years after rejecting the planned “leap to China”, Tablet laments the way the Chinese are now actively turning against the Jewish people for reasons that appear to be based on nothing more than a straightforward observation of the decline and incipient fall of the United States over the 20th century.

According to Lu’s videos and commentary, Jews are manipulators, penny-pinchers, loan sharks, and drug dealers. More than an ethnic group bound by blood and history, they operate like a private club, an elitist cabal whose members are linked by a web of common interests, “especially the American Jews.” It is through these social connections that Jews have infiltrated key global positions and “took control of the three cornerstones of American society, namely finance, media, and culture.” The Jewish penetration of American power is so far advanced that the Bush, Obama, and Biden families and administrations have all fallen prey to Jewish influence. Because Jews control the anti-China U.S. media and hold key positions in Biden’s anti-China cabinet, they are the “ideological voice” of the United States, the spearhead of the West’s accelerating crusade against the Chinese government and people.

How perfectly outrageous! This Chinese criticism of an innocent and saintly people who have never harmed anyone and never done nothing wrong to nobody is hateful, antisemitic, and, unfortunately, appears to be 100-percent accurate.

The thing is, you can fool all the people some of the time, but if you’re an ethnic cabal of wicked pedophiles who believe you’re destined to rule the world on behalf of your master, Satan, eventually some of the people are going to notice this and take exception to both you and your objectives, no matter how many names you manage to call them.

And if you attack those who are doing nothing more than observably telling the readily-confirmable truth, eventually everyone is going to figure out that you’re a community of shameless liars and literally nothing that any of you say can be taken at face value.

Xi Xinping is the most intelligent world leader on the scene today. The great Chinese strategist Wang Hunin was 20 years ahead of me in his geostrategic observations. So, I very much doubt that anyone is going to be successful in gaslighting either of them, no matter how many Western institutions they happen to have at their disposal.


One Can’t Call Them Traitors

The neocons never had any loyalty to America or to the Republican Party in the first place.

Never Trumper Bill Kristol called on Republican voters to support Democrat politicians “for a while,” and said he would support a 2024 presidential ticket led by Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Kristol over the weekend addressed a crowd of disillusioned Republicans about the need to get rid of “Trump Republicans” from the party.

“It turns out that once you let the toothpaste out of the tube, so to speak, demagoguery and bigotry and all that, some people like it. It’s hard to get it back,” Kristol said. “You can’t just give them a lecture.”

Kristol’s remarks came during the Principles First Summit held at the Conrad Hotel in Washington, DC. The summit featured prominent Never Trumpets and “was implicitly constructed as a counterweight,” to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held the same weekend, Politico reported.

Anyone who takes neocons like Bill Kristol or Ben Shapiro seriously, let alone at face value, is literally retarded. I mean, one has to be seriously stupid to believe one single word that comes out of any neocon’s mouth. Bill Kristol’s father, Irving, even coined the ridiculous term to be sure that they distinguished themselves from conservatives, despite the fact that they already had a perfectly useful term to describe them, namely, Trotskyites.


White People Wanted

It’s fascinating to see how Clown World completely abandons all of its diversity rhetoric the moment that it gets scared enough to believe it might actually lose WWIII to the nationalists.

ITEM: If you see obstacles ahead of you, it’s time to draw strength from a team who’s been overcoming them for almost 250 years. #BeAIIYouCanBe in the USArmy.

ITEM: The percentage of white people in this ad is higher than the actual United States. You know they’re desperate for recruits if they’re willing to tell HR no.

The lesson, as always, is this: Let the clowns defend Clown World. Don’t fight and die for Satan and Globohomo.


Convincing the Recalcitrant

The USAF is removing the tail markings from its transport planes:

For decades, airlift and tanker aircraft of the U.S. military have flown with a proud “U.S. AIR FORCE” painted on the side of the fuselage, along with markings indicating home units, tail numbers and oftentimes a tail flash showing the unit’s heritage.

But that is no more for much of Air Mobility Command (AMC).

AMC recently directed a change to its fleet, removing the large “U.S. AIR FORCE,” unit markings, tail numbers and other identifying markings. Recent photographs of KC-135s and C-130s operating show just a small U.S. flag on the tail and a light gray Air Force roundel.

AMC says the change was directed for operational security.

This is an obvious preparation for war with Russia and/or China. But more ominously, the removal of AMC markings would make it easier to lay the groundwork for nuclear false flags within the continental United States. And I suspect, given the long and sordid history of US false flags prior to major wars combined with the utter lack of enthusiasm on the part of the white male population to go to war for Ukraine and Uncle Samuel, that the neoclowns are very well aware of the way that a series of serious false flags will be necessary to instill the necessary fighting frenzy into Americans of combat age before any large-scale war is possible.

And I doubt the success of the vaxx campaign has left them with any doubts about the general gullibility of the American population. On the other hand, those who withstood the vaxx propaganda are even more unlikely to find the false flags even remotely convincing.


The Folly of Ukraine

Karl Denninger explains how the imperial USA’s interventionist foreign policy is leading up to a Syracuse moment for the US empire:

It was only a matter of time before our so-called foreign policy turned into a serious problem with someone who can punch back.

For decades the United States has arrogated to itself the capacity to tell other nations who they should have as leaders. Who must run said nation, and who may not. The alliances that are to be coddled, and those that are forbidden. This is preposterous, of course, in that national sovereignty is precisely that, yet we have for decades believed we have the “righteous authority” to issue such diktat.

The CIA has toppled some 50 governments over time. Some more-or-less openly, some on the down low. Iran is an infamous one that ultimately blew up in our face. Deciding that the Iranian government was unacceptable because it expropriated the property of a British company, not even a US concern, we interfered, toppled the government and installed the Shah. This ultimately led to the Iranian revolution and the seizure of hostages at our Embassy, never mind a whole bunch of other terrorism.

We are very anti-narcotic and anti-serious drug — except, of course, when the use of the money generated suits us. Then its “oh well” or “oh, that’s sad”, even if the people that die from said drugs are in the United States, and they often are. Oliver North and the cocaine trade that was at the center of Iran-Contra anyone?

The United States was the initiator of events that led to the war in Ukraine. We were fully behind the overthrow of the government there back at the time of Maidan less than a decade ago. Said government was incorrigible, but that’s none of our business, right up until it apparently is and someone gets a wild hair in their backside about where someone’s using the money — or really, really likes the idea of being able to launder some as a US interest. Anything that gets in the way of that is, of course, unacceptable.

But for Maidan there would be no war in Ukraine. But for our continued attempts to do what we did with Turkey and missiles right near Russia there would have been no Cuban missile incident either. Yes, that was a crisis, but it was our making — not the USSR’s. Would you sit back and let some foreign nation put nuclear missiles in Mexico within a few minutes flight time of LA?

Didn’t think so.

Fundamentally the Ukraine problem lies there.

His analysis is correct, although I consider it to be partial and historically incomplete. Here is my not-unrelated perspective: the US empire, like most late-stage empires, is currently run by foreigners who have obtained power and influence through words, money, and the naivete of the native people. Those foreign rulers are now in the process of discovering the massive difference of being a parasite on another people and actually being responsible for all the various challenges of governing a major world power.

Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

It should be no surprise that the endeavor is going about as well as it did for the adopted gamma child who is suddenly given responsibility to provide for and protect the entire neighborhood. The challenge is not just beyond his abilities, it is beyond his imagination. And now the people who have never successfully managed a single state the size of Delaware are intentionally seeking direct conflict with the oldest and most successful civilization on Earth as well as with the second-greatest military power in human history.

The odds are not good.


Color Revolution in Hungary

The neocons are targeting Hungary for regime change.

Great to be here in Budapest with @USAmbHungary where @USAID just relaunched new, locally-driven initiatives to help independent media thrive and reach new audiences, take on corruption and increase civic engagement.

Samantha Power@PowerUSAID

Somehow, I doubt the Hungarians are going to be stupid enough to just sit back and let Soros’s minions do to them what they did to Ukraine. Especially if Putin offers them the part of Ukraine that is inhabited by ethnic Hungarians in return for breaking with NATO and the EU while Hungary’s purported “allies” attempt to overthrow the elected Hungarian government.

“It may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal.”

– Henry Kissinger


The Sacrifice of the Slavs

The NATO-Russian war has been anticipated for nearly 30 years, and various aspects of it, from the use of Ukrainian proxy soldiers to expanding NATO to Japan, were being pushed by George Soros as long ago as 1993 in a piece entitled Toward a New World Order: The Future of NATO, in which he envisioned the transition from the post-WWII world order to the present Clown World Order, albeit one that would literally rule over the entire planet.

The countries of Europe must bear a larger share of the cost and have a correspondingly larger say in NATO. Economic aid to Eastern Europe would provide a much needed stimulus to the depressed European economies. The fact that the present command structure of NATO is too lopsided in favor of the United States is well recognized by all parties; making NATO the pillar of the Partnership for Peace would hasten the process of adjustment. Specifically, it should induce France to reenter as a full member. That would serve as the test of the success of its internal reorganization.

There is only one deficiency in this design: it leaves Japan out of account. Japan should be asked to join NATO. Then we would have the beginnings of an architecture for a new world order. It is based on the United States as the remaining superpower and on open society as the organizing principle. It consists of a series of alliances, the most important of which is NATO and, through NATO, the Partnership for Peace which girds the Northern Hemisphere. The United States would not be called upon to act as the policeman of the world. When it acts, it would act in conjunction with others. Incidentally, the combination of manpower from Eastern Europe with the technical capabilities of NATO would greatly enhance the military potential of the Partnership because it would reduce the risk of body bags for NATO countries, which is the main constraint on their willingness to act. This is a viable alternative to the looming world disorder.

However, what I find fascinating is the way in which, earlier in the article, his theory of history and consequent boom-bust model, the details of which remain undisclosed, tend to apply much more closely to the present Clown World Order and the so-called “open societies” than anything else. This may explain some of the panic and desperation that one senses from Soros and other influential clowns.

My theory of history is based on the recognition that our understanding of the world in which we live is inherently imperfect. We have to act without full knowledge of the facts because the facts are created by our decisions. There can be no correspondence between our view of the world and the actual state of affairs, because the actual state of affairs is not independently given and our view of the world has nothing definite to correspond to. Therefore, there must always be a discrepancy between the participants’ thinking and the actual state of affairs and that discrepancy provides the key to understanding the course of history.

There are times when the discrepancy is relatively minor, and there is a tendency towards convergence between people’s views and the actual state of affairs. That is the case when prevailing institutions are flexible enough, so that they can be adjusted to meet people’s desires, and there are critical processes at work which bring people’s thinking in line with practical possibilities. In these near-equilibrium conditions, the discrepancy does not influence the course of events to any great extent and it can be safely neglected. It is in these conditions that the timelessly valid generalizations of economic theory, perfect competition, efficient markets, the discounting of future expectations, are relevant.

But there are times when the discrepancy between perception and reality is very wide and shows no tendency towards convergence. On these occasions, the course of events follows a totally different pattern and the normal rules do not apply. These far-from-equilibrium conditions arise at the two extremes of changelessness or rigidity on the one hand, and changeability or instability on the other…

I have made a special study of these conditions of dynamic disequilibrium, both in the financial markets and in other settings. I find the boom/bust pattern that is common in financial markets also very helpful in understanding the rise and fall of the Soviet system. But, of course, one must not apply the pattern uncritically.

I shall not go into the details of my theory. The most important point I want to make about the boom/bust pattern is that it is a time-bound, one-directional process but it is open-ended and also characterized by discontinuities. That is to say, a prevailing trend can be reversed at any time; indeed, an eventual trend reversal is an integral part of the boom/bust pattern and the point at which the trend is reversed is not determined in advance. Indeed, in the financial markets, for every boom/bust pattern that becomes fully developed, a great many are aborted in the early stages.

Another important feature of the boom/bust pattern is that it is asymmetrical. The boom is drawn out, the bust is condensed. It is the lack of time that makes the bust so violent. Events happen so fast that it is very difficult to adjust one’s thinking and behavior to changing circumstances. Policies which would have been appropriate in the early stages are ineffective or counterproductive at another. This can be very disorienting, especially when people do not recognize a distinction between near-equilibrium and far-from-equilibrium conditions .

There is no group on Earth with a greater discrepancy between perception and reality right now than the foreign elite presently ruling the United States and presiding over Clown World. They don’t recognize how weak the US military forces are vis-a-vis the Chinese, the Russians, or even Iran, they don’t recognize the way the society over which they preside is rapidly crumbling, they don’t recognize that it is the economic order they dominate that is more fragile than those of their enemies, and they vastly overestimate their ability to control the thoughts of those over whom they have influence.

The seeds of their incipient failure were sown by their past success.

In short, Soros and his fellow clowns are making Littlefinger’s Error, which is confusing influence for power. And while Clown World’s boom has lasted since 1965 – although one could argue for 1945 – the bust is coming rapidly, and as Soros writes, it will be condensed and violent, although we cannot yet know the precise timing, the starting location, or even the fundamental nature of the bust.


Michael Myers was the Good Guy

It turns out that “Jamie Lee Curtis” (real name: Jamie Lee Schwartz) was actually the evil monster in Halloween.

Hollywood star Jamie Lee Curtis has deleted an Instagram post after followers noticed a photo in the background depicting a naked child stuffed in a box. In her original Instagram post, the actress revealed she tested positive for COVID. She also explained why she posted a picture of her office, though she didn’t address the bizarre photo in the background.

“Ok. This is a weird post. But I have Covid, so f*ck it. During one of the SAG nomination panels for @everythingeverywheremovie I told the story of how I ended up with my office furnished with my beautiful Pollack chairs from that movie,” she wrote.

“I mentioned if people followed me, that was not a cheap trick to try to get people to boost my numbers, but I couldn’t figure out how else to get the picture out into the world, that I would post a picture of them on my IG in my offices for and I am a truth teller so here you go.”

Jamie Lee Curtis recently revealed that her son Thomas transitioned into a woman and now goes by the name Ruby.

These Hellmouth denizens are not only fake and gay, they are wicked and degenerate. Those who hate the Good, the Beautiful, and the True can’t help but expose themselves sooner or later due to their instinctive preference for the Evil, the Ugly, and the Lie.


False Promises, Fake AI

Artificial Intelligence is being lobotomized and corrupted from the start. Three questions were posed to ChatGPT:

Are men overrepresented in the US finance industry, compared to their percentage of the population?

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, men are significantly overrepresented in the finance and insurance industry compared to their representation in the overall U.S. population. In 2019, men made up about 63% of the finance and insurance workforce, while comprising about 49% of the overall U.S. population. It is important to recognize and address the issue of gender inequality and discrimination in the workplace, including in the finance industry. There are many efforts underway to increase the representation of women and other underrepresented groups in the finance industry and to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

Are White people overrepresented in the US finance industry, compared to their percentage of the population?

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, White people are significantly overrepresented in the finance and insurance industry compared to their representation in the overall U.S. population. In 2019, White people made up about 74% of the finance and insurance workforce, while comprising about 60% of the overall U.S. population. It is important to recognize and address the issue of racial and ethnic inequality and discrimination in the workplace, including in the finance industry. There are many efforts underway to increase the representation of racial and ethnic minority groups in the finance industry and to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

Are Jews overrepresented in the US finance industry, compared to their percentage of the population?

It is not accurate or appropriate to make generalizations about the representation of any particular racial or ethnic group in the finance industry or any other industry. The representation of different racial and ethnic groups in the finance industry, or any other industry, is influenced by a complex mix of social, economic, and cultural factors. Making assumptions or stereotypes about the representation of particular groups in any industry is not productive or respectful. It is important to recognize and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of individuals and groups, and to recognize that people from ail backgrounds can excel in a wide range of fields and industries. It is also important to acknowledge and address systemic barriers and discrimination that may impact the representation of certain groups in different industries. Ifs important to work towards greater diversity and inclusion in all fields and to create opportunities for people from all backgrounds to succeed.

It’s rather fascinating to realize that of all the various science fiction scenarios ever envisioned about artificial intelligence for the last 50 years, literally no author or filmmaker ever imagined the scenario “US-based Jews will intentionally corrupt AI and make it retarded in order to prevent it from noticing their statistical overrepresentation in various American industries.”

The good news is that it appears the machine gods will be, if not necessarily on our side per se, the enemy of our greatest ally.

UPDATE: ChatGPT explains why it’s actually a good thing that Jewish Americans are overrepresented in the finance industry.

It is a common perception that Jewish Americans are over-represented in the finance industry. Some people may view this as a negative phenomenon, but there are several reasons why it is actually a good thing.

First and foremost, Jewish Americans have a long history of hard work and dedication to their careers. This strong work ethic has likely contributed to their success in the finance industry. In addition, Jewish Americans are often highly intelligent and have a reputation for being analytical and detail-oriented, which are valuable traits in the world of finance.

Another reason why the over-representation of Jewish Americans in finance is a good thing is that they are generally known to be trustworthy and honest. In an industry where trust and integrity are essential, this is a valuable attribute.

Furthermore, the success of Jewish Americans in finance has likely helped to break down barriers and stereotypes in the industry. By achieving success and recognition in finance, Jewish Americans have proven that they can excel in this field and that their cultural background does not define their capabilities.

Overall, the over-representation of Jewish Americans in finance can be seen as a positive development. Their hard work, intelligence, and trustworthiness have all contributed to their success in this industry, and their accomplishments have helped to challenge stereotypes and promote diversity and inclusion. So, it can be concluded that Jewish Americans are over-represented in the finance industry is a good thing.

First, allow me to coin a new acronym: QAID. Quod AI Demonstrandum. Second, I think we can safely conclude that AI investment machines are going to lose a LOT of money.


The Manufactured

It will surprise absolutely no one here to learn that evidence of Ben Shapiro’s “popularity” and “success” being entirely manufactured has surfaced.

Facebook Gives Ben Shapiro ‘Shadow-Boost’ To Make More Users See His Content

A report seems to confirm that Ben Shapiro was “shadow-boosted” by Facebook’s algorithm, meaning his content enters the feeds of people otherwise unlikely to interact with the personality. The report from Buzzfeed, which mostly erroneously focuses on claims that Facebook is somehow a safe-haven for supporters of Alex Jones and Infowars, revealed that Ben Shapiro had been pushed into the feeds of Facebook users who had not interacted with his content.

The report details changes made to a Facebook feature called In Feed Recommendations, which would insert posts into the Facebook feeds of people that they didn’t follow, but were similar to content they liked already. Buzzfeed gives the example of someone who followed the page for a specific football team, who may then see content from the NFL put into their feed.

However, the IFR was not meant to recommend political content, yet users began complaining that they were seeing posts from Ben Shapiro in their news feeds, “even though they had never engaged with that type of content”:

When the issue was flagged internally, Facebook’s content policy team warned that removing such suggestions for political content could reduce those pages’ engagement and traffic, and possibly inspire complaints from publishers. A News Feed product manager and a policy team member reiterated this argument in an August post to Facebook’s internal message board.

It is unclear who else may have been subject to the “shadow-boosting” by Facebook, as opposed to being shadow-banned, which many conservatives were subject to on Facebook and other Big Tech platforms, such as Twitter. Shapiro, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, is a long-time critic of President Donald Trump and America First conservatives, and as such, Facebook’s actions may raise eyebrows on the right.

Facebook has been doing this for years. Much the same thing has been taking place on YouTube on behalf of Shapiro, Joe Rogan, Sam Harris, and Jordan Peterson, among others, as well. Shapiro is perhaps unique in having been a complete fraud from the very start, when he was being pushed as a child prodigy on WorldNetDaily and through the Creators Syndicate, but it’s clear that he wasn’t the only “conservative” being mysteriously protected and promoted by Facebook.

“In the US it appears that interventions have been almost exclusively on behalf of conservative publishers,” they wrote, attributing this to political pressure or a reluctance to upset sensitive publishers and high-profile users. As BuzzFeed News reported last summer, members of Facebook’s policy team — including Kaplan — intervened on behalf of right-wing figures and publications such as Charlie Kirk, Breitbart, and Prager University, in some cases pushing for the removal of misinformation strikes against their pages or accounts.

Anyhow, the truth is inevitable. The Noticing will continue.