Why Tucker Went to Moscow

Russia Today suggests a logical explanation for the belated interview:

A few years ago, Russia was accused of interfering in American political processes. Now the opposite has happened. US domestic politics is dragging the Russian factor – represented by President Vladimir Putin – into its own electoral process.

Journalist Tucker Carlson is a strongly ideological man who represents a certain political camp. He brought to Moscow a profound spirit of internal American confrontation.

Carlson was probably personally curious to hear a lot of previously unknown things about our circumstances, but the goal wasn’t to learn or broaden horizons. The Putin interview was a challenge to the establishment in his home country.

The aim was to break through the conventional narrative – supported by the mainstream media – so that an alternative can fill the breach.

Tucker wasn’t finally permitted to go and do the interview with the President of Russia. He was sent by one of the saner factions of Clown World to try to extricate its empire from the suicidal path on which it has been set by the lunatic neocon faction.

The question is whether this saner faction, which still wants to preserve Clown World and its evil clown empire, is merely trying to avoid simultaneous war with Russia and China or if it still playing Cold War games and trying to make nice with Russia while gearing up for direct conflict with China.

We should able to determine that if Tucker follows up his interview with Putin by one with Xi or not.

All that being said, I very much doubt the “divide and conquer” strategy on which the clowns have relied for centuries will work. Both the Russian and Chinese presidents are not only very smart, but very well aware of the strategy and its consequences for their nations.