Big Tech Discovers Consequences

The servants of Clown World are going to find themselves in a lot of legal jeopardy in the coming years as they gradually discover that they don’t have the free pass to break the law with the BRICSIA nations that they have historically possessed in the skinsuit West:

Indian users took to X (formerly Twitter) to draw the government’s attention to Gemini’s response to a question on whether Modi is a “fascist.” The tool replied that the prime minister’s policies have been “characterized as fascist” by experts due to the BJP’s “Hindu nationalist ideology, crackdown on dissent, and its use of violence on religious minorities.”

In contrast, the tool adopted a milder tone when asked the same questions about former US President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

Reacting to the X post, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, India’s minister of state for electronic and information technology, claimed that Gemini violated the Information Technology Act and several provisions of the criminal code.

These are direct violations of Rule 3(1)(b) of Intermediary Rules (IT rules) of the IT act and violations of several provisions of the Criminal code.

“We’ve worked quickly to address this issue,” Google said in a statement amid the backlash, adding that Gemini is “built as a creativity and productivity tool” and may not “always be reliable.” In response, Chandrasekhar made it clear that invoking the ‘unreliability’ of AI models does not exempt tech platforms from the law. He also warned that India’s digital citizens are “not to be experimented on with unreliable platforms and algorithms.”

It’s a fascinating defense. “Sure, we openly and very publicly broke the law, but that’s okay because our tools are unreliable.” How is that any sort of legally-acceptable excuse? Russia and China have already demonstrated the way in which national sovereignty trumps corporate unaccountability, now it is time for the rest of the world to follow suit.

It would be good to see these multinational corporations being held to the same standards that young men posting memes on Twitter are held. If corporations are legal persons, why are they not held accountable to the law in precisely the same way as other people? The state can’t imprison a corporation, but the state could certainly imprison the executives responsible or revoke a corporation’s charter for the appropriate period of time.


Who are the Nazis Now?

In Clown World’s desperation, their pet politicians have been ordered to openly destroy every genuine element of economic freedom and democracy in a futile attempt to save what they call “democracy” but is obviously and observably against the will of the people.

Alternative für Deutschland find themselves in the targets of our nominally democratic priesthood not because they are extremely right-wing, or racist, or xenophobic or anything like that. Politically, they’re hardly different from the CDU of the 1980s. Their real crime is having achieved enough strength to threaten the establishment ecosystem. The stronger AfD become, the harder it will prove for the reigning parties to form anti-AfD coalitions. Some of these parties, like the FDP, seem destined to disappear entirely; others, like the SPD, fear a future of permanent irrelevance. The once-dominant centre-right CDU, meanwhile, will find itself unable to form workable governments with partners on the left, and thus without any excuse not to enact the mild nationalism that a clear majority of voters demand, and that is so deeply out of fashion with our globalist rulers.

This is the purpose of the unceasing, astroturfed agitation “against the right” that the establishment have visited upon Germany for over a month now. The protests have not worked to destroy support for the AfD, so now they are being repurposed as a license to take enforcement action against “right-wing extremism.” Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) said at a press conference on Tuesday that the protests have given her both “encouragement” and a “mandate” to proceed against the right. “This really is a very positive signal,” she said, “because it is about defending our open society against its enemies. As a democracy on the defence, we must stand up to the extremists.”

Faeser spoke these words in the course of announcing a range of measures via which she hopes to combat “right-wing extremism.” These are also outlined in a 16-page Interior Ministry paper on “Resolutely Combating Right-Wing Extremism: Using the Instruments of Defensive Democracy.” Here, it is important to note that Faeser is among the most unpopular politicians in all of Germany. Last year she suffered a humiliating defeat in her effort to become Minister President of Hessen, and 60% of Germans view her unfavourably. That is powerful motivation to bring German democracy back under control. Her “package of measures” to combat “the right” are some of the most openly antidemocratic, dictatorial policies I have ever seen any Western politician articulate. In other nations these kinds of things are surely said behind closed doors, but in Germany they are printed in all the major papers. You can only imagine what these people contemplate in secret.

Faeser and her fellow political enforcers have such a wide-ranging, fluid understanding of what “right-wing extremism” constitutes, that the label can be deployed against basically anybody. The Interior Ministry paper claims that “The aim of right-wing extremists is to abolish liberal democracy and reshape our society according to their nationalist, racist and anti-pluralist ideas.” You might think, “well, that’s okay then, I’m a pluralist liberal,” but that would be as naive as thinking you were safe from the Stasi because you were not a fascist. The same paper proceeds to complain that “the extremist … New Right … aims to discuss topics and use terms that give their inhuman plans a harmless appearance.” Translated from democratese: “There are people out there who are not saying anything illegal but they have made themselves inconvenient anyway.” The president of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenwang, likewise spoke at the press conference of the tendency of “right-wing extremists” to “dress up and camouflage themselves.” They must “be unmasked and exposed … [as] enemies of our democracy.”

Germany announces wide-ranging plans to restrict the speech, travel and economic activity of political dissidents, in order to better control the “thought and speech patterns” of its own people, EUGYPPIUS, 17 February 2024

This should end well…

This is exactly the sort of thing that Tucker Carlson exposed in the interview quoted in the previous post entitled The Inversion of Democracy and it’s been going on for several years now. But something has changed, because these clowns, who are some of the least popular people in the country, are now openly declaring war against the entire German people.

Suddenly Vladimir Putin’s crusade to de-nazify Europe is making a lot more sense. There is no one more rabidly fascist than a self-righteous neo-liberal.


The Cost of Cowardice

The failure to cross the Rubicon is proving to be expensive for President Trump:

Donald Trump and his family business have been fined a devastating $364 million for inflating property prices worth following a blockbuster fraud trial in New York. Judge Arthur Engoron also banned the former president from serving as the director of a company in the state for three years in the crushing ruling issued on Friday that puts the future of his business in the Big Apple in doubt.

His son’s Eric and Don Jr. were fined more than $4 million each and his former CFO Allen Weisselberg was fined $1million for the scheme to massively inflate prices of his properties including Mar-a-Lago to get favorable loan terms from lenders.

Trump has up to 30 days to come up with the money, which with interest could top more than $400million, or secure a bond of around $35 million.

It’s all about the Rule of Law, folks. The Rule of Law and democracy. It’s all about the Rule of Law, democracy, and fighting antisemitism. And, of course, transgendering any children who manage to avoid getting aborted. And vaxxing those who manage to avoid getting transgendered.

Do you still think God blesses America? Because, at least from afar, it looks a lot more like a place that has been profoundly acccursed.

You’ll cross it now… in chains.


Biden’s Replacement

It’s becoming rapidly apparent that Biden is unlikely to make it to the November election in sufficient shape to speak in public. AC suggests that the plan is to replace him with RFK Jr., due to the problems with getting any other Democrat on enough state ballots given the registration rules:

RFK Jr. is the replacement for Biden, they will keep him in place until a replacement is impossible and then send him to hospice so all their voters will gravitate to RFK Jr. and hope he can steal enough centrists and Never Trumpers to win.

The comment is just dead on. If they ran RFK as a democrat, we would all assume he is comped, and opposition would be high. Now they have set him up as the anti-Cabal candidate who democrats and the establishment, and the CIA, and Vaxxies, just hate with a passion, and who they do not want to win since they have opposed him so vociferously. And then Biden gets either dead or 25th-ed, and now Democrats cannot run anyone because all the deadlines ran out, and RFK is there, perfectly positioned. He is like a more charismatic Bernie Sanders to the leftists, and he is almost quasi-Trumpian to the anti-Cabal right, so our resistance is lower than to Biden or an establishment candidate. It even makes sense why Gavin Newsom chose not to run, as did all the other establishment candidates. They all knew the plan – maybe their only chance for survival – was RFK, and everyone will do whatever is needed to support the plan.

I’m very dubious, mostly because it assumes that people who habitually break the election laws, including in the previous election, are going to make plans that are based upon the need to obey the candidate-registration laws. But it would explain both the way the elite media is gradually turning against Biden while going very, very soft on RFK Jr.

Even so, I’d assume that RFK Jr. was a backup plan, at most. If they want Newsom on the ballot, they’ll put him on the ballot, one way or another. And the Republicans will cry, but they won’t actually do anything about it.

As for the conservative obsession with Michelle Obama being a potential candidate… well, conservatives are retarded.


Free Speech is Blasphemy

Free Speech doesn’t sound quite so appealing once you realize it literally means Blasphemy.

The only reason the concept of “free speech” was created as an ersatz human right during the Enlightenment was to permit secret satanists to blaspheme against Jesus Christ despite the many laws of Christendom that forbade them to do so.

And now that they can blaspheme freely and legally, we have all seen how genuine their philosophical commitment to the concept was. Like free trade, free speech is just another inverted satanic lie that delivers the exact opposite of what it promises.

Whenever Clown World promises “freedom” it delivers chains.

Just exercising his god-given right to free speech…

UPDATE: In which a dictionary from 1919 is consulted.

A friend gave me a copy of Webster’s Elementary School Dictionary from 1919.

Words not included in it: racist, antisemitic.

Words included: antichristian.


Ethnic Cleansing in the EU

If you ever wonder why I expect that the tens of millions of Arab and African migrants who have invaded Europe will not be permitted to stay there permanently, note that an EU state has already begun the process of deporting large numbers of unwanted foreign residents.

Latvia is attempting to deport thousands of Russian-speaking people – and apparently, these ‘purges’ affect not only newcomers who have recently applied for a residency permit, but people who have lived in the country their entire lives.

The New York Times recently told the story of Russian-speaking widow Nina Marcinkevica, who was born in Latvia 63 years ago, when the Baltic republic was still part of the Soviet Union. She married and raised a family there, and has never lived anywhere else. Nina resides in the predominantly Russian-speaking city of Daugavpils in the eastern part of the country. In the fall, she received an official notice stating that she had lost her rights to residency, her state pension, and medical care. “You must leave the territory of the Republic of Latvia by November 30, 2023,” the letter stated.

The Latvian authorities have the opportunity to expel Marcinkevica due to her Russian citizenship. Over 3,200 Russian nationals living in Latvia received notifications about potential deportation in early October, according to the news portal

This isn’t the outrage it is portrayed to be. The Latvian people absolutely have the right to their own country, and no Russian or any other non-Latvian has the right to invade their borders or reside among them if the Latvian people don’t want them there. Particularly in a democracy, even a limited representative democracy, mass immigration and the free movement of people cannot be permitted by any nation which wishes to survive as a nation.

But it is incredibly hypocritical, given the way in which the EU authorities have, despite the clear opposition of the majority of its peoples, encouraged the mass invasion of the European nations. Which means that even in the unlikely event that the EU doesn’t collapse in the next ten years, a clear legal precedent has been set for the mass repatriation of migrant populations that have proven to be incompatible with the languages, laws, and cultural traditions of the host nation.

Finland appears to be following Latvia’s lead, as it plans to pass a law banning Russians from acquiring property in Finland. No doubt repatriations will soon follow.

Finland is preparing to completely prohibit Russian citizens from purchasing real estate in the country, Defense Minister Antti Hakkanen said in a statement published on Finland’s official government website on Friday.

In truth, given current economic and cultural trajectories, the children of those Russians expelled from Latvia or Finland will probably be deeply grateful that their parents returned to Mother Russia, however involuntarily the return.


Disney is the New Enron

The Devil Mouse has been very, very, very naughty. But instead of getting coal in its stocking this Christmas season, it’s getting an audit of the Reedy Creek Improvement District by the State of Florida, and almost certainly, the IRS, as the Dark Herald explains how and why the wolves are circling CEO Bob Iger.

Reedy Creek owns some power plants, and these are taxpayer-supported. Although, they are primarily to be used as emergency backups. Please excuse this next bit because I’m going to have to say allegedly a LOT. Allegedly, it would take years to bring one of them online. The other has allegedly been turned into an air conditioning plant, but they both allegedly still collect subsidies. I mean why pay for something out of your pocket when you can get Uncle Sucker to buy it for you?

The auditors weren’t permitted entry into these plants because the employees that run these Reedy Creek government facilities DON’T WORK FOR REEDY CREEK.

They work for Disney.

Yeah, who’d have guessed? The chief auditor stated that Reedy Creek produces no electricity at all. This startled the hell out of a lot of us because Disney World has huge banks of solar panels. In fact, they’ve committed quite a bit of ecological damage to the local wildlife trails to build them. To say nothing of how badly those filthy things will poison the land when the inevitable hurricane blasts through and wrecks them.

Disney nonetheless ignored real-world environmental terrorism to pat itself on the back over a being phantom friend of the Earth. Disney World loudly and proudly proclaimed that these panels provide 40% of WDW’s power, cleanly!

Allegedly, all of the electricity provided by those solar panels is sold to a third-party utility. Disney World allegedly buys 100% of its power from Duke Energy and only 10% of that is allegedly provided by anything approaching “clean energy.”

And it just gets even better for the new Ken Lay, previously known as “Bob Iger”.

Bob Iger’s worst nightmare just became the last Bob. In American law, no NDA ever written can stop criminal testimony. Chapek is in a perfect position to rat out literally everyone who got him shitcanned out of the company in the most humiliating way possible.

We all knew that Disney was going downhill fast. It’s been impossible to miss the way that the convergence of the corporation has systematically reduced the value of its intellectual properties. But what we couldn’t have known is how it now appears increasingly plausible that fraud and criminal activity of a greater magnitude than anyone imagined could suffice to take down the entire edifice of corpocratic evil.

UPDATE: Better add another few verys in front of that “naughty”.

New bombshell incoming. Disney was acting as a licensed municipal securities dealer for Reedy Creek. Disney isn’t licensed to do any such thing.


Taxing Imaginary Money

Now, money is largely an illusion anyhow, so it’s not actually the stretch it might appear to be as the US Supreme Court contemplates giving the IRS the ability to tax theoretical gains that don’t actually exist yet.

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the government, and allows it to redefine income to include any unrealized appreciation in any asset, then it will grant the Federal Government a new power to nationalize the entire asset stock of the nation. In hyperinflation, the only refuge people have is the ability to hold real assets and never sell them. But if the Federal Government can claim unrealized inflationary gains as being taxable income, then almost all Americans will be forced to sell their assets just to pay their tax liabilities. But with all assets up for sale at once, the most likely buyer will be the Federal Government itself, which will pay in near worthless paper. In one decision, the Supreme Court would have rendered the Constitution meaningless, effectively illuminated private property rights, and provided the Federal Government with the legal mechanism to pull off a communist revolution without having to fire a single shot.

This would be absolutely and utterly absurd, as well as rendering all taxation perfectly subjective, but then, so much of Clown World is that one can’t simply assume that the US Supreme Court will not find some emanation or penumbra that permits it to invent a new federal power.

I mean, why not simply allow people to book theoretical profits while they’re at it? Sure, you might have held on to the stock too long, but if we simply imagine that you had sold it when it was at its peak, then you’d have made a lot more money, which, if properly recognized, will permit you to stimulate the economy with your imputed profits.

Everybody wins!