Unrestricted War on Russia

It appears the rulers of the Imperial USA have come to understand the Chinese principles of Unrestricted Warfare, or as the Russian Foreign Minister calls it, Total War.

The confrontation between Western nations and Russia amounts to “total war,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday during a meeting with the heads of Russian regions. Russian society and major political forces support the government’s decision to face this challenge, he added.

Western nations “are doubling, tripling, and quadrupling their efforts to deter our nation. They use a wide array of tools, from unilateral economic sanctions to totally deceitful propaganda in the global media,” Lavrov said, noting that “low-level Russophobia, which to our deepest regret is promoted by a number of governments, has risen to unprecedented levels.”

“The West has declared total war against us, against the entire Russian world. Nobody even hides this fact now,” Lavrov stated.

Lavrov also noted that the crisis has exposed the true nature of the promises given to Russia 30 years ago, after the collapse of the USSR. “We now see the value of all the talk about universal values and the need to turn Europe into a common home from the Atlantic to the Pacific.” No one should have illusions about the attitude of the US and its allies towards Russia, he added.

I’ve repeatedly pointed out that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is not merely about Ukraine’s designs on Crimea and the Donbass, or Russia’s designs on Ukraine, anymore than Nazi Germany’s conflict with Czechoslovakia was merely about the Sudentenland. The globalist imperials have been preying on Russia since 1991, and attempting to undermine its government since Putin unexpectedly took power in 2000. Putin and his generals clearly recognize that Ukraine is not the core problem, it is merely the most immediate manifestation of the problem.

Dmitry Trenin, a member of Russia’s Foreign and Defense Policy Council, clearly understands the scale and import of the situation:

The challenge Russia is facing has no equivalents in our history. It’s not just that we have neither allies nor even potential partners left in the West. Frequent comparisons with the Cold War of the mid and late 20th century are inaccurate and rather disorienting. In terms of globalization and new technology, the modern form of confrontation is not only of a larger scale than the previous one, it is also much more intense. Ultimately, the main field of the ongoing battle is located inside the country.

The asymmetry between the opponents is huge, particularly the imbalance between the forces and capabilities available to them. Based on this, the US and its allies have set much more radical goals than the relatively conservative containment and deterrence strategies used toward the Soviet Union. They are in fact striving to exclude Russia from world politics as an independent factor, and to completely destroy the Russian economy.

The success of this strategy would allow the US-led West to finally resolve the “Russia question” and create favorable prospects for victory in the confrontation with China.

Such an attitude on the part of the adversary does not imply room for any serious dialogue, since there is practically no prospect of a compromise, primarily between the United States and Russia, based on a balance of interests. The new dynamic of Russian-Western relations involves a dramatic severance of all ties, and increased Western pressure on Russia (the state, society, economy, science and technology, culture, and so on) on all fronts. This is no longer a source of discord between the opponents of the Cold War period, who then became (unequal) partners. It looks more like the drawing of a clearer dividing line between them, with the West refusing to accept even the perfunctory neutrality of individual countries.

China, India, Iran, and most of the unaligned nations now recognize both the evil nature of the corrupted West and its hostile intentions toward them as well, which is why they are also preparing for war against it. Note: I do not subscribe to what I consider to be the absurdly stupid idea that China is intending to invade the USA; the various numbers listed in the leaked transcript are simply not “too extensive” for an invasion of Taiwan and the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu  islands.

Leaked audio that appears to have originated from a meeting of China’s top war generals [a regional government authority – VD] reveals elaborate plans for a land invasion in the near future, waged by the People’s Liberation Army and augmented with cyber warfare, orbital space weapons and the activation of CCP civilians currently embedded in corporations and governments around the world.

China’s war leader [provincial committee member] makes strong reference to the psychological operations that will be waged by their government to control the population as they wage war against the West:

First, we need to strengthen the protection in political field. Look at the recent several regional wars, especially the Russian-Ukrainian conflict war situation. If you look at the big picture, the United States and the West will try everything to slander us, smear us, in an attempt to confuse right and wrong, to shake our will to win a just and decisive battle. We must give full play to public opinion, legal struggle, psychological war and militia teams to strengthen the guidance of public opinion and psychological protection, and cohesion of patriotic support for the positive energy of the military front.

The fact that the author of the linked article doesn’t even understand that the meeting is of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee for Guangdong Province, not the Chinese military leadership, and that he clearly hasn’t fully read or understood the nature of the transcript, which clearly shows the regional authorities attempting to determine how to go about handling their various supporting roles when the invasion happens, doesn’t take away from the way in which the transcript – which Chinese experts have told me appears to either be genuine or a very convincing and detailed fake – indicates Chinese preparations for a major military effort that will soon open WWIII’s second front by bringing it into direct conflict with the US government and military.


Crossing More Red Lines

Now that crossing Russia’s red lines has led to war, the Fake Biden administration is Hell-bent on crossing China’s.

US President Joe Biden indicated on Monday that Washington is willing to use military force to defend Taiwan if necessary. Speaking at a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, in Tokyo, he explained that the US sees the idea of China “going in” with its troops as unacceptable.

When asked if the US would become directly involved in a conflict between China and Taiwan, including through the use of military force, Biden said “Yes,” adding that “it’s a commitment we made.” The US leader has previously said Washington respects the ‘One China’ policy, by which it recognizes that there is only one China led by Beijing.

Biden, however, maintained that China has no “jurisdiction to go in and use force to take over Taiwan.” The idea that the island nation “can be taken by force is just not appropriate. It will dislocate the whole region,” the US president added.

This isn’t really a surprise. The catastrophic failure of the neo-liberal world order pretty much ensured WWIII sooner or later, as there was no way the rulers of the Imperial USA were going to gracefully relinquish their global power and influence. The various Color Revolutions, both successful and failed, made it clear that they would choose the hard option.


China Prepares for Sanctions

It’s pretty obvious why the Chinese are expecting sanctions to be imposed in the next year or three.

China’s Communist Party will block promotions for senior cadres whose spouses or children hold significant assets abroad, people familiar with the matter said, as Beijing seeks to insulate its top officials from the types of sanctions now being directed at Russia.

WWIII is already underway. The fact that it is primarily unrestricted rather than military doesn’t change the fact that it is observably underway.

Plan accordingly.


Australia Threatens Invasion

The utter hypocrisy of the globohomogenized remnants of the West could not be more clearly demonstrated than the difference in the reactions to a) Russia’s response to Ukraine’s attempt to join NATO and b) Australia’s response to the Solomon Islands agreeing to a security pact with China:

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has urged the Solomon Islands’ leader Manasseh Sogavare to remain “calm” after he said his country was being “threatened with invasion” over a security pact it signed with China.

“We need to be calm and composed when we deal with these issues,” Morrison said on Thursday, insisting the relationship between Australia and the Solomon Islands remained friendly even while acknowledging he was concerned over “security” in the region following Sogavare’s decision to sign the “secret arrangement” with China.

Sogavare has criticized both the US and Australia’s response to the security pact his island recently inked with Beijing, insisting there is “nothing to be concerned about” and that the island nation is “insulted” by the West’s response to the move.

“We are being treated as kindergarten students walking around with Colt 45s in our hands” who “need to be supervised,” Sogavare complained, insisting his country was being “threatened with invasion” over the controversial pact and that Australia’s response demonstrated a “lack of trust.” Sogavare said on Tuesday that there had been a “warning of military intervention” in the Solomon Islands if other countries’ security goals were undermined. “We are threatened with invasion,” he warned. “Now, that is serious.”

Morrison insisted that Australia remained Honiara’s “primary security partner,” and that his country trusted the island nation as an equal.

No final version of the pact between the island nation and China has yet been published, though a draft leaked in March mentioned Chinese warships were to be given safe harbor in the islands. Morrison had previously warned that a Chinese military base in the Solomon Islands would be considered a “red line” for Canberra.

Australia reacts to ‘invasion’ threat claim, 5 May 2022

So, we’re supposed to believe that Ukraine attempting to join NATO and threatening to put nuclear missiles on Russia’s border is not a casus belli, but the Solomon Islands permitting China to put a military base over a thousand miles away from Australi is.

Inversion is always a certain sign of evil.


China Prepares for Decoupling

Recent Chinese actions on the financial front make it appear stage two of the Great Bifurcation is incoming, and it looks as if it’s going to be on a scale much larger than most observers of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict were prepared to believe.

The Chinese government reportedly held an internal conference with officials from foreign and local banks as the nation seeks to protect overseas assets from US sanctions over potential military tensions in Taiwan. The meeting between officials from China’s Central Bank and Finance Ministry, as well as executives from foreign and domestic lenders, was held on April 22, FT reported on Sunday, citing people familiar with the discussion.

“If China attacks Taiwan, decoupling of the Chinese and western economies will be far more severe than [decoupling with] Russia, because China’s economic footprint touches every part of the world,” one of the people briefed on the meeting told the media.

Chinese officials are reportedly worried that penalties similar to those imposed on Russia over the military operation in Ukraine could be introduced against China in the event of a regional military conflict or other crisis.

China summons banks over sanctions fears, 1 May 2022

I very much doubt that the Chinese officials are worried in the slightest. They have clearly intended the break with the neo-liberal financial system for at least a decade, it’s only the preferred timing that is unknown. For me, the only serious question here is whether the Chinese will wait for the neo-liberal financial order to make a partial break in reaction to something, as per the article, or whether they prefer to make a preemptive break themselves. The evidence of prior Chinese behavior, including the erection of the Great Firewall of China, tends to indicate the latter, especially since their ability to choose the timing of the decoupling would permit the Chinese to create maximum disruption in the West while minimizing the disruption to the East.

Furthermore, the delicacy of the Russians in pursuing the moral and rhetorical high ground has gone mostly unrewarded, so there isn’t much tangible benefit to the Chinese in being able to proclaim that they are being further victimized by the imperialist colonial forces. A preemptive move would not only be materially beneficial, but would also be a powerful psychological blow to a Western elite that perceives itself to be dictating reality by calling all the shots.


The Second Front

The Chinese clearly understand that the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine is just a small part of a much bigger conflict with the armed forces of the neo-liberal world order:

My colleagues and I have repeatedly pointed out that the conflict may appear to be a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but in fact it is one between Russia and the US-led NATO. The EU should reflect on who is benefiting from this war, who has been turned into a battlefield in this war, and who has suffered the biggest loss during this war….

The US breached its assurances and continuously promoted the eastward expansion of NATO, which is undoubtedly responsible for the outbreak of the Ukraine crisis. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has triggered an unprecedented refugee crisis as more than five million Ukrainians entered neighboring European countries, while the US is staging a political stunt in accepting refugees. Only 12 Ukrainians entered the US through the refugee program in March. As the UN and the international community call for an early end to the conflict, the US continues to add fuel to the fire, clamoring for a fight “to the last Ukrainian”. Besides, the US keeps providing funding and arms to Ukraine. What it is really trying to achieve here is not peace, but the continuation the conflict so that Russia will be weakened, as admitted by the US. 

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian’s Regular Press Conference on April 29, 2022

It’s rather fascinating to see how the Chinese are talking openly about a reality at which the entire Western media has barely even begun hinting. It’s going to be fascinating to see how the media propagandists attempt to ignore their previous narrative, just as they’ve completely ignored the fact that their military experts were telling us that the Russian military was going to run out of arms and ammunition within 10 days about 45 days ago.

The Russians have been using far fewer troops than was originally assumed and reported, and I very much doubt this is because they have a much smaller military than was previously thought. They have also been using second-line troops and older armor. Which makes it obvious that Russia knew, from well before the start of the initial operations, that NATO was the actual enemy for whom it had to be prepared.

And it’s now equally clear that China knew it too. Which raises the obvious question: when is China going to open the second front?


Global NATO Threatens China

This proposal floated by the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom may be one of the most shortsighted, suicidal geopolitical visions ever articulated in the written history of Man, as the West is rapidly being replaced by the growing power of the NorthEast.

The world order created after the Second World War and the Cold War isn’t working anymore, so the West needs “a global NATO” to pursue geopolitics anew, UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss argued, in a major foreign policy speech on Wednesday. Truss also urged the US-led bloc to send more “heavy weapons, tanks” and airplanes to Ukraine, and said China would face the same treatment as Russia if it doesn’t “play by the rules.”

“My vision is a world where free nations are assertive and in the ascendant. Where freedom and democracy are strengthened through a network of economic and security partnerships,” Truss said in a speech at a Mansion House banquet in London.

Dubbing this arrangement “the Network of Liberty,” Truss argued it was necessary because the economic and security structures developed after 1945 – such as the UN Security Council – “have been bent out of shape so far, they have enabled rather than contained aggression.”

“Geopolitics is back,” she announced.

The collective West and its allies need to supply Kiev with “heavy weapons, tanks, aeroplanes – digging deep into our inventories, ramping up production,” Truss said, because the objective is to “push Russia out of the whole of Ukraine” and rebuild the country along the lines of a new Marshall Plan.

“The war in Ukraine is our war – it is everyone’s war because Ukraine’s victory is a strategic imperative for all of us. Beyond that, NATO must ensure that “the Western Balkans and countries like Moldova and Georgia have the resilience and the capabilities to maintain their sovereignty and freedom,” and uphold the “sacrosanct” open-door policy, Truss said.

Her ambitions went beyond Europe, though, as Truss denounced the “false choice between Euro-Atlantic security and Indo-Pacific security. In the modern world we need both. We need a global NATO,” she said. “And we must ensure that democracies like Taiwan are able to defend themselves.” Pointing to London’s unprecedented effort to embargo Russia, Truss insisted that “economic access is no longer a given. It has to be earned,” and that countries who wish to earn it “must play by the rules. And that includes China.”

In other worlds, the New World Order aka the neo-liberal rules-based world order aka Globohomo has failed, so naturally what is needed is more of that which has failed. This response isn’t even remotely surprising in the abstract, as doubling down is what idiots and fools always do instead of examining the reasons for their failure and rethinking both their assumptions and their approach.

But it is surprising in the particular, as Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and now Algeria have made it clear that they will not submit to the globalists’ demands that they deliver natural resources to their Western customers on demand while simultaneously being subject to having their economic access to those same customers controlled by the globalists.

Indeed, if they are given a choice, many in the West will choose the growing economic system of the NorthEast over the collapsing system of the West. But they will not be given a choice if the globalists have anything to say about it.

This tends to strongly support something I have repeatedly pointed out, the Russian Special Military Operation has very little to do with Ukraine per se; it is merely the opening battle in the NorthEast’s war with the globalists who rule over the West. This will be confirmed when the second battle begins, though whether that will be in Taiwan, Western Europe, Russia, or somewhere in the Middle East is yet to be seen.


The Bifurcation Proceeds

China sends a strong message by shipping missiles to Serbia:

A Chinese official confirmed on Monday that Beijing had made a delivery of military equipment to Serbia under a longstanding partnership with the Balkan nation, but the transfer has reportedly rattled nerves in the West as media outlets warned of an “arms buildup” by a “Russian ally” amid the Ukraine crisis.

Six Chinese Air Force Y-20 transport planes landed in Belgrade on Saturday to deliver their cargoes. The delivery was routine under a cooperation plan between the countries, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters on Monday. It has “nothing to do with the current situation” and doesn’t target any other nation, he added.

The Associated Press and other media outlets speculated that the planes were carrying HQ-22 surface-to-air missiles that Serbia had ordered from China. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic hinted at a big announcement this week, saying that he would introduce “the newest pride” of his country’s military.

China’s state-owned Global Times newspaper reported on the shipment, trumpeting it as potentially the largest overseas operation in the Y-20’s history. The outlet even speculated that the planes were delivering HQ-22 missiles, the export version of which is known as the FK-3.

Serbia and Hungary are clearly going to side with China and Russia. Finland and Sweden have just as clearly chosen to side with the globalists. The question is which side India, Brazil, and the Philippines are going to take, and right now, it looks as if they are rejecting globalism.


NATO and USA Demand Chinese Kowtow

The head of NATO is demanding public submission from China concerning its war on Russia:

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has declared that by being “unwilling to condemn Russia’s aggression,” China has issued a challenge to the Cold War-era alliance. Beijing has remained neutral on the conflict in Ukraine, but has accused NATO of fomenting the crisis by expanding into Eastern Europe.

“We have seen that China is unwilling to condemn Russia’s aggression, and Beijing has joined Moscow in questioning the right of nations to choose their own path,” Stoltenberg told reporters in Brussels on Thursday, following a meeting of NATO foreign ministers, along with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba and officials from Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea.

“This is a serious challenge to us all,” Stoltenberg added. “It makes it even more important that we stand together.”

The US government is doing the same:

US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman warned China on Wednesday of “a response from the international community” should Beijing support Russia “in any material fashion.”

However, the Chinese do not appear to be inclined to kowtow to globohomo’s imperial demands, as it rejected what it described as “coercive diplomacy” in an editorial in the Global Times:

US “coercive diplomacy” is increasingly ineffective as its fake morality and true hegemony are seen by the world. Fundamentally, it is Washington that stands on the wrong side of history. It cannot always threaten other countries to “take chestnuts from the fire” for it, and it is even less possible to extend its hegemony through intimidation.

US ‘coercive diplomacy’ is getting less effective, Global Times, 8 April 2022


China Stands Against Globohomo

The Chinese Foreign Ministry says NATO should have been disbanded three decades ago:

China believes NATO should have been dissolved after the USSR, which it was created to contain, no longer existed, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said. Instead, it expanded and cornered Russia, triggering bloodshed in Ukraine, Zhao said.

“As a product of the Cold War, NATO should have become history when the Soviet Union disintegrated,” he said during a daily press conference on Friday, when asked about remarks on NATO’s role as a US geopolitical tool made by his Russian counterpart, Maria Zakharova.

Zhao said that NATO expanded eastwards in Europe for decades, in violation of promises made to the Soviet leadership. This pushed Russia “into a corner step by step,” so ultimately, NATO was “the initiator and biggest promoter of the Ukraine crisis” on behalf of the US, he stated, adding that the organization should reflect on what its contribution to European security is.

Boomers and Gen-Xers have got to get over their childhood cartoon programming of Chinese and Russian commies as being the root of all evil on the planet. The great evil is The Empire That Never Ended, which took root in the USA in the early 20th century and rules it today. Those who oppose it are diverse and do so for their own reasons, but the primary enemies of the great enemy are, at the very least, powerful allies.