For Once He’s Not Wrong

Fake Pope Francis upsets his satanic allies with some uncharacteristically straight talk about the descent of the Post-Catholic Church into antichristianity:

Pope Francis has allegedly shocked bishops in Italy by using an offensive slur when saying that homosexual men should not be admitted to church seminaries because there is already ‘too much’ gay sexual activity. The pontiff told a closed-door meeting at an episcopal conference at the Vatican that homosexual men should not be allowed into colleges to train for the priesthood, Italian media reports.

Bishops at the meeting were reportedly taken aback by the language the 87-year-old used to make the statement – the derogatory word ‘frociaggine‘, which roughly translates to “faggotry”.

Italian news agency Adnkronos, citing sources, reported that the Pope said in the speech: ‘Look: there is already an air of faggotry around that is not good. There is today’s culture of homosexuality with respect to those who have a homosexual orientation [who] are better off not being accepted [into the seminary].’

When the amount of inversion is too much even for the Devil’s servants, you know the pendulum is well-overdue to start swinging back hard.


A Free Pass on Beating Children

Minnesota public schools have completely embraced Somalialand:

In Savage, Minnesota, a distressing incident unfolded at Hidden Valley Elementary School, where a nine-year-old girl was reportedly attacked by classmates for not being Muslim. Shawna Larson, the girl’s mother, shared that her daughter was assaulted during a school playground event, prompting an urgent discussion with the school’s principal and teacher. Despite the severity of her injuries, which included a black eye and multiple bruises, Larson was dissatisfied with the school’s handling of the situation, feeling that the response lacked the necessary rigor and consequences for the attackers.

The alleged assault led Larson to file a report with the Savage Police Department, highlighting a disturbing trend where she feels that racial and religious motives are overlooked in school settings. This incident has raised significant concerns about safety and the enforcement of disciplinary actions in educational environments. Larson was particularly troubled by the lack of immediate action against the students involved, noting that no suspensions or expulsions were issued.

History strongly suggests that the beatings will not end until Christians re-establish crusades and inquisitions in their societies. But I could certainly be wrong, and if being nice and civil to strangers are, as the good Scandinavian Lutherans of Minnesota always insist, the only correct solution, no doubt we can expect to see things rapidly begin moving in the right direction soon.


WWIII and the Élefsiton

Andrei Martyanov corrects some comments by Jeffrey Sachs:

  1. We ARE NOT on the path to WW III, we are already in WW III and the West already lost it. NATO has neither troops nor resources to introduce anything in 404. Russia’s tactical nuclear drills was a message to European chihuahuas, primarily UK, after showing UK ambassador in Moscow the list of British targets Russia will strike OUTSIDE 404 if London continues with terrorism. Russia is not afraid of Article 5.
  2. US is NOT a republic anymore–it is a corrupt uniparty oligarchy sliding towards totalitarianism. Its foreign policy and media are controlled by the state of Israel and Zionist lobby inside the US, which is based on a broad foundation of Christian Zionist population in the US.
  3. US higher education as related to humanities is over. It has been over for some time. Eventually, all remnants of a free thought and facts-based academic study will be purged.

Martyanov is entirely correct. WW3 technically began back in 2014, but will probably be recognized as starting in 2022, just as WWII began in 1931 with the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, not the 1939 German invasion of Poland. It’s not over yet, obviously, but the eventual outcome is no more in doubt than it was in December 1941, and for the same reason: industrial capacity.

The USA hasn’t been a republic since 1865. The most recent change is the foreign seizure of control over the imperial US government, which can be best illustrated by AIPAC’s most recent bragging about how 48 out of 48 Democratic candidates who were funded and endorsed by the organization won their primary races.

And it’s not as if the Republicans are any better, as in addition to criminalizing insufficient personal enthusiasm as well as refraining from economic engagement with Israel, two Republican Senators are now attempting to prevent anyone criticizing Israel from access to air travel.

Sens. Roger Marshall (R-KS) and Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) have introduced a bill that would designate student protesters “Terrorists” and add them to the “No Fly List” for protesting Israel.

It may strike you as counterintuitive, but this point, the US government actions are so obviously intended to generate white-hot hate carefully directed against a very small percentage of the population that it is clear there are only three rational explanations for them:

  1. AIPAC and other political organizations are so stupid that they don’t realize the probable outcome of their attempt to impose a religious totalitarian state on millions of well-armed Americans. Very highly unlikely. It’s just barely possible that they’re legitimately that blinded by arrogance and past success, and certainly there are some individuals who are that clueless and historically ignorant, but I very much doubt that any of the leaders believe they can openly retain control of an increasingly hostile population numbering in the hundred millions for very long. In fact, we know from the 2004 Wye conference that they don’t believe that.
  2. An esoteric mass sacrifice is being prepared in yet another attempt to summon the long-awaited messiah and immanentize the Élefsiton. Just as military generals don’t hesitate to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of their countrymen’s lives in war, the esoteric elite are perfectly willing to sacrifice the ritualistic millions of their own they believe are required to bring about their global rule. Keep in mind there are only two places that Holocaust 2.0 can happen, Israel and the USA.
  3. Because life in the USA among Americans was too easy and risked eventual destruction through integration, it was deemed necessary to increase US anti-semitism to the point that US-resident Jews become sufficiently afraid to make aliyah. Given the growing intensity of the attempt to complete the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and its direct connection to these new anti-semitism laws, as well as open talk of sending the Palestinians to the USA and Canada, this appears to be the most likely motivation. I tend to doubt it is a coincidence that there are a similar number of Jews in the USA and Palestinians in Israel, 6.3 million vs 5.3 million.

Of course, it’s entirely possible for all three motivations to be in effect among the rival elite factions, since the secular faction doesn’t believe in (2) except as a useful justification for (3), while the esoteric faction would support (2) as being entirely in line with its long-term objectives.

Regardless, WWIII is very far from over, and the map of political geography that it creates is probably going to look rather different than today’s map.


The Seventh Tribe

A writer at Unz attempts to describe what he calls the “seven tribes of intellect” but fails to get either side of the Bell Curve right. And fair warning: I’m going to annoy some of you here by failing to hide how I actually think about these things. But it appears I’ve officially reached the age where I see no point in bothering to veil these things anymore.

Eminent (or Scary Bright) the top 0.01% (1 in 10,000) There would be one such person in our town. The town’s progress might depend on whether they are able to contribute their ideas and see them implemented. More likely, they will leave town and search out other eminent people just for the fun of exchanging ideas. Their vocabularies will be above 40,000 words. They are unlikely to believe in gods or superstitions, and can calculate coincidences. (Dick Feynman used to begin his lectures by saying: “As I parked my car today I noticed that the licence plate of the car in front of me was 79346229. What’s the chance of that?”). They may be seen as unconventional, and can be difficult to understand. In IQ terms they are 155. Call them the Three Sigmas.

When such eminent intellects leave town, they soon learn that they are not that bright. After all, even the United Kingdom has 6,500 of them, and they soon work out which the really bright ones are. So, for really interesting minds, we are looking at those who, in open competition, tested on very hard subjects, can show other scary bright people that they are closer to 1 in a million. In IQ terms this would be 160, but it would be simpler to say that they are well above conventional testing limits. Call them the Four Sigmas.

Think of Bertrand Russell going up to Cambridge University and finding very few intelligent people there, but later observing that every conversation with John Maynard Keynes was exhausting, and noting he always came away feeling defeated. Or consider John Von Neumann, (from Steve Hsu’s very good account) who made fundamental contributions in mathematics, physics, nuclear weapons research, computer architecture, game theory and automata, and also had formidable powers of mental calculation and a photographic memory. Laureate Eugene Wigner who knew Planck, Heisenberg, Paul Dirac, Leo Szilard, Edward Teller, and Albert Einstein ranked von Neumann the highest in intellect, and the aforementioned luminaries did not question this judgement. A little uncharitably, Enrico Fermi said to Herb Anderson, with whom he ran the first ever nuclear reaction: “You know, Herb, how much faster I am in thinking than you are. That is how much faster von Neumann is compared to me”. Laureate Hans Bethe, whom I revere, went so far as to say: “I always thought von Neumann’s brain indicated that he was from another species, an evolution beyond man”.

Now, my literal spatial relations retardery leaves me just short of these proposed general limits. However, both VHIQs and UHIQs tend to immediately recognize each other, which is why I’m accepted as a peer despite my obvious limitations by fellow Eminent intellects like Steve Keen and Martin van Creveld, and why I get along instinctively well with musical prodigies like Paul Sebastien and CCK despite my near-complete absence of musical talent. Light recognizes light.

If you are capable of recognizing the pattern, you will recall that despite there being several VHIQ and UHIQ readers here, you never see them dismissing my conclusions out of hand. If you think about it, you can probably figure out why. A fellow 150-IQ friend once observed that he was frightened to think what my functional IQ is if the spatial relations element was left out of the equation; I figure it would probably work out to around 183 depending upon how bad the spatial relations were and how heavily they were weighted, which strikes me as a reasonable approximation in light of how I always felt our friend, who had a confirmed 175 IQ, was a little on the slow side.

Also, to be clear, I do not believe genius is a quantifiable measurement. Genius can only be measured in terms of genuine accomplishment, not in terms of fame, reputation, awards, or a number. Many, if not most, of the reported “genuises” of intellectual history, such as Darwin, Ricardo, Edison, or Einstein, are nothing more than useful frauds who benefitted from marketing campaigns.

I haven’t gotten my hands on the records yet, but I was part of a Harvard IQ study when I was very young and reportedly tested absurdly high in one particular area, which area I would now assume to have been pattern recognition, or at the very least, something that encompassed pattern recognition. Not to go all grandiose and Miles Mathis on you, but the simple and observable fact is that there are very few minds in history capable of developing two conclusive mathematical disproofs of theories that have survived for nearly 300 years or a predictive model of human behavior such as the socio-sexual hierarchy, never mind all three.

Note that no one has yet managed to put so much as a dent in either the Labor Mobility critique of Comparative Advantage or the Mutation Fixation critique of Evolution by Natural Selection. And while scientistry studiously ignores them, neither history nor reality will.

The account of Fermi’s behavior rings absolutely true, because just as the midwit can see that he is more intelligent than the sub-average individual, UHIQs and VHIQs tend to have a very good idea of where they stand vis-a-vis each other. Fermi wasn’t being arrogant or dismissive of Anderson, he was actually being humble and attempting to communicate to Anderson how superior von Neumann’s mind was because he knew Anderson was not capable of grasping the difference between Fermi and von Neumann.

And the fact that the author is not himself a member of the Eminent community can be seen in his erroneous belief that Scary Bright people “are unlikely to believe in gods”. To the contrary, most of us not only believe in gods in one form or another, but our thoughts on the subject are considerably more esoteric, and exotic, than most of us would ever share in public. The conventional dogmatic models simply do not suffice to explain the available evidence; there is a reason I repeatedly tell you that the world is not only weirder than we believe, it is considerably stranger than most of us are even capable of imagining.

Frankly, I’m dubious that anyone beyond high midwit level can manage to genuinely cling to atheistic materialism any longer in light of the clear evidence of supernatural evil at work everywhere in the world around us. And the idea that “nothing instills dread in a smart person like knowing that they are not the smartest” is an intrinsically midwit proposition; every VHIQ and UHIQ not only knows he is not the smartest, but can usually rattle off a list of people that he knows is smarter than he is, and whom he admires.


No, God is Not Going to Bless You

The last fifty years have definitely proven the Boomer theologians were conclusively wrong:

And while religious Judaism has a decidedly negative view towards all non-Jews, Christianity in particular is regarded as a total abomination, which must be wiped from the face of the earth.

Whereas pious Muslims consider Jesus as the holy prophet of God and Muhammed’s immediate predecessor, according to the Jewish Talmud, Jesus is perhaps the vilest being who ever lived, condemned to spend eternity in the bottommost pit of Hell, immersed in a boiling vat of excrement. Religious Jews regard the Muslim Quran as just another book, though a totally mistaken one, but the Christian Bible represents purest evil, and if circumstances permit, burning Bibles is a very praiseworthy act. Pious Jews are also enjoined to always spit three times at any cross or church they encounter, and direct a curse at all Christian cemeteries. Indeed, many deeply religious Jews utter a prayer each and every day for the immediate extermination of all Christians.

Over the years prominent Israeli rabbis have sometimes publicly debated whether Jewish power has now become sufficiently great that all the Christian churches of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and other nearby areas can finally be destroyed, and the entire Holy Land completely cleansed of all traces of its Christian contamination. Some have taken this position, but most have urged prudence, arguing that Jews needed to gain some additional strength before they should take such a risky step. These days, many tens of millions of zealous Christians and especially Christian Zionists are enthusiastic advocates for Jews, Judaism, and Israel, and I strongly suspect that at least some of that enthusiasm is based upon ignorance.

It’s really remarkable how the misapplication of a single verse can be twisted, contorted, and ultimately inverted to successfully deceive Christians. I can remember, back in the early 80s, one Boomer woman telling her fellow Boomers that she didn’t know exactly when the world was going to end, but she knew it was going to be in her lifetime.

As it turns out, she was wrong, just like every previous generation of Christians who couldn’t imagine the world continuing without them.

It’s always fascinating to see how these verses are inverted to produce conclusions that are obviously and observably wicked. From the Galatians verse that can be more readily used to justify transgenderism than anti-racism and immigration to the various promises of blessings that have literally zero application to any modern political entity in the Middle East, Christians have been deceived by inversions and thereby found themselves endorsing pure and unmitigated evil.

The invasion and occupation of Gaza was not a response to the October 7th attacks. The destruction of the Christian churches and hospitals taking place there is not collateral damage. To the contrary, the green flag was planned and permitted by the Netanyahu administration – which funded Hamas to the tune of billions for over a decade – in order to provide an excuse to destroy the last remnants of Christianity in the Holy Lands.

The pagan religion practiced by those who would be more accurately named Canaanites is not at all what most modern Christians think it is. It never was, and it appears to be an aspect of the very Great Deceit that is described in the Bible as being capable of deceiving believers. And it is even darker and more destructive than most of its own adherents imagine; they endorse its Luciferian and Ahrimanic elements without understand that the Sorathic aspect of the Unholy Trinity is the dominant one that guides its ultimate end game.

For some reason, the servants of the Black Rider never believe he will reject them and throw them from his high horse… even though he always does. I have never been able to understand that phenomenon.

In any event, while I am no theologian, nor is Tucker Carlson, but I think he is correct. If you think God is going to bless you for standing with those who are murdering women and children, and for blessing the destruction of beautiful places of worship that have been dedicated to His Son for centuries, either you worship a very different god or you are flat-out wrong. For where there is inversion, there is deceit, falsehood, and wickedness.

The last twenty years have seen the veil pulled back from many Enlightenment lies. Now we are beginning to see the true face of the false theology of American Churchianity. And it is a very ugly one indeed.

Given the growing divide between secular Israelis and the pagan Canaanites, and the way that the political compromise between the two represented by Netanyahu appears to be turning the entire world against the state of Israel, it would not be surprising if the heightened tensions that are currently threatening to break up the polities of the EU and the USA in the next decade also play out in a similar fashion in Israel.


Order ab Chao

All of the economic crises since 1989, and the economic crises to come, are quite literally created in order to weaken the natural resistance to the structural globalization sought by Clown World. This is why we keep hearing about how defeat in Ukraine means not only defeat, but the end of the neoliberal world order.


The Fed, the European Central Bank, and the Bank of Japan together set monetary policy for a zone that accounts for 80 percent of the world’s industrialized economic activity. Rarely, if ever, can so much power have been wielded by such a small number of institutions sitting outside the democratic process.

Until 1997, the macro-economic performance of Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan was widely praised by commentators, academics, and policymakers alike… It is therefore relevant to find out whether the Asian crisis was really the result of the Asian system. A thorough study of its causes reveals that, quite to the contrary, it was the policies “recommended” by the U.S. Treasury, the IMF, and the local Asian central banks that resulted in the Asian crisis. While the Asian central banks previously had had no legal independence and few legal powers, after the Asian crisis almost all of them had become independent and unaccountable for their actions.

Climate change and the next economic crisis, which is now teed up nicely by the post-2008 expansion of unproductive credit, are supposed to justify the emergency measures that Clown World is advertising as its Great Reset. The Great Reset is nothing less than the plan to expand what was successfully accomplished in Europe, Japan, and the Four Tigers of Asia to the entire world.

That plan is what Russia and China are resisting so staunchly and so successfully. And that is also why the clowns are panicking as the defeat of Ukraine becomes increasingly undeniable, because their entire system depends upon everyone accepting economic assertions that are obviously and entirely false as well as inevitabilities of progress that are actually nothing more than blatant and baseless lies.

Both the Chinese and the Russian leadership have seen through the lies and rejected the corruption. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world does as well. Robert Anton Wilson, among others, warned us of this, but we were too caught up in the false intellectual divide of left vs right and liberal vs conservative to grasp the full extent of the implications.


Judgment is Coming

The leaders of the USA have rejected God… and divine judgment will follow.

President Biden has declared tomorrow—Easter Sunday—as “Transgender Day of Visibility.” This once again shows how little respect President Biden and his administration have for God. On the most significant day of the Christian calendar, when the Church around the world celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ who died and shed His blood for the sins of mankind, the Biden administration uses this opportunity to flaunt sin, to glorify sin, and to celebrate sin. The Bible says, “…they proclaim their sin like Sodom; they do not hide it. Woe to them!” (Isaiah 3:9). Judgment is coming.
– Rev. Franklin Graham


Archeology and the Sacred Name of God

There is a very important difference between the Greek and the Hebrew Old Testaments:

The Greek Septuagint Old Testament of 285 BC never used any sacred name for God, nor was such ever mentioned by other ancient writers such as the Israelite historians, Philo, and Josephus, or the later Eusebius, or even the Jewish Aristeas the Exegete who wrote his commentary on the Greek Septuagint. The YHWH word did not appear in any Old Testament text until the Masoretic Text of 1000AD! Nor was the existence of any Hebrew language Old Testament text ever mentioned by ancient theologians, whose work was exclusively with the Greek Septuagint text.

From the viewpoint of modern theologians, it must first be understood that they all still today accept the Masoretic Hebrew text of 1,000 AD as the true ancient language and Old Testament of our patriarchs. Anyone who dared question this assumption would end his career. Since that Masoretic Text includes the four letter tetragrammeton, YHWH, over 6,000 times, theologians are forced to speculate that Moses must have put it in his Pentateuch. The Anchor Bible Dictionary, vol. 6, p. 1012, reads as follows: “In terms of the biblical narrative, some suggest that Moses derived the name of Yahweh from the Egyptians, while others think Yahweh was a Midianite deity worshipped by the Kenite clan. Moses would have been introduced to this new deity when he married the daughter of Jethro…”

Certainly, Moses would have been acquainted with the Pagan religion of the Egyptians. But, even if the Pentateuch was actually written by Moses in the 15th C. BC, he could not have written it in the Hebrew language which was not formed until the time of the Israelite captivities, from the 8th to 6th centuries BC, when the captive Israelites merged their native Phoenician language with the Aramaic of their captors. Now, I ask you, who wants to raise his hand to claim that Moses adopted the name of a foreign deity as a substitute for “God” or “Lord.”

If we set aside the closed-minded obduracy of modern scholarship, we can see that Moses did not write any text in the modern Hebrew language because it did not exist at that time, nor was there any Hebrew alphabet or script. The oldest Old Testament text known is the Greek Septuagint of 285 BC, and the word does not appear in it one single time, or in any other ancient Israelite writing, with one exception which I will mention now.

To place this information in proper context, recall that the northern kingdom of Israelites, who had turned to other gods, had been purged from the Holy Land during the 8th century BC, along with most of Judea. It would not be until 586 BC that the last three unconquered cities of Judea, namely Jerusalem, Azekah, and Lachish, were defeated. Archaeologists have found eighteen ostraca (clay sherds) in the city of Lachish from about 590 BC, most of them being letters from subordinates to a man named Yaosh, the military governor of Lachish. It is unknown if the writer was Israelite or Babylonian…

At the time of this letter in 590 BC, it would only be four more years before Lachish was conquered as a punishment from God because His Israelite children had gone chasing after Pagan gods.

Now, I’m not a theologian. This should be regarded as a starting point for investigation rather than an end. Even so, in this context, a lot of what is happening today begins to make sense, does it not? And it’s not as if we are not instructed, by the highest religious authorities, that their g-d is absolutely not God, the Father of Jesus Christ. I’ve certainly never witnessed anything positive come out of the Christian esotericism that dabbles in concepts like sacred names and languages.


Free Speech is Blasphemy

Free Speech doesn’t sound quite so appealing once you realize it literally means Blasphemy.

The only reason the concept of “free speech” was created as an ersatz human right during the Enlightenment was to permit secret satanists to blaspheme against Jesus Christ despite the many laws of Christendom that forbade them to do so.

And now that they can blaspheme freely and legally, we have all seen how genuine their philosophical commitment to the concept was. Like free trade, free speech is just another inverted satanic lie that delivers the exact opposite of what it promises.

Whenever Clown World promises “freedom” it delivers chains.

Just exercising his god-given right to free speech…

UPDATE: In which a dictionary from 1919 is consulted.

A friend gave me a copy of Webster’s Elementary School Dictionary from 1919.

Words not included in it: racist, antisemitic.

Words included: antichristian.


All Crusaders Now

If you kept your blood pure, you passed the first test. But even if you failed the first test, you have the opportunity to repent and refuse to submit again. The demonic account of 7 doses of the vaxx to destroy a Christian’s faith sounded considerably more outlandish than it does now that people with rictus faces and crazy eyes are publicly boasting of their sixth vaxxing and preaching the gospel of earthly salvation through genetic mutation.

Sadly, most people nowadays are lukewarm. As mention by Father Athanasios Mitilinaios, most Christians are lukewarm. We too are lukewarm and need to stop being lukewarm.

To a faithful person of God death does not exist, this is the reality. We have forgotten this and we presently fear death. Not only do we fear death, we also fear being fined, possible imprisonment, and prosecution. In NO case can a person call themselves a Christian if they fear death. When a person fears dying, they become an idolater or an atheist.

Instead a Christian should long to die. The saints wanted to die. The reason why Christians truly want to pass away is so they can be fully united to the Lord they worship and love above all else. They want to go and are joyful when they are passing away. However, they never cause death to themselves, they do not commit suicide. But when the opportunity arises to become a martyr and confessor for Christ, they do this without fear of death.

Unfortunately, these things are not being heard from the Preachers, Bishops and Priests, but as you know are heard from the demons.

A well-respected Priest-monk who perform exorcisms, once told me what a demon said to him. The demon said to him, “How are you Christians fearful of death? I have seduced and deceived you into taking the vaccine with the fear of death!” A demon again confesses that the vaccines are his doing. In fact, he says, “We did a ceremony at a Lodge in America for the vaccines.”

See what the demon confesses! The demon continues: “What did you fear? For you (Christians), death does not exist.” For Christians, death does not exist. Do you understand, fellow brothers and sisters, where we’ve come to?

In the Gospels, Christ said something correlating with our present situation. When He entered Jerusalem and the children were calling out, “Hosana! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” The children were proclaiming Jesus as the awaited Messiah. And others who were indignant were saying to Jesus, “Are you hearing what they are saying to you?” Christ responds, “I tell you that if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”

So correlating with today’s situation, now that the Priest and Archpriest are not proclaiming that death has been conquered, the demons are proclaiming it instead: “How are you Christians fearful of death? And are all running to take this vaccine?”

Which isn’t really a vaccine, but rather a gene therapy/technology, with the aim of oppressing humans. This is the aim, which is why there will be more dosages. In fact, there are many people who say there will be 7 dosages. The demons also state that there will be 7 dosages.

Those who were deceived into taking the first or second dosage, hopefully, will not take the remaining dosages. May they repent, weep and go to confession, because their salvation is in danger.

We knew, we absolutely knew, that the vaxx was unnecessary. And we strongly suspected that it was evil, because it was pushed on the basis of fear, which is how Satan usually goes about manipulating men and accomplishing his goals. And the fact that there are a) at least six doses and b) claims that there will be seven, points strongly to the vaxx being directly connected to the ritual that was performed prior to its release, and which some of us even felt being performed at the time.

The events in Israel, and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s sudden embrace of the religious fanatics there, also point toward the warnings that were given by an Orthodox monk from Mount Athos back in 1994. While I am intrinsically skeptical of all so-called “prophecies”, especially the evil ones, it’s important to keep in mind that there are still powerful people who believe in them entirely. Such as, apparently, Mr. Netanyahu, which may explain his aberrant behavior in the year before the green flag event of October 7th and the subsequent Gazacaust.

There is a prophecy about all of this from Rabbi Schneerson, who is the Kushner’s religious leader, and everyone in the state of Tel Aviv knows that the Rabbi told Netanyahu that he would be the last prime minister of the state, and would hand the keys of the nation over to the messiah. Netanyahu is the gatekeeper. This was all spoken of 30 years ago when Netanyahu met Schneerson in New York City.

Whether this might be the Great Delusion of 2 Thessalonians 2, a forerunner, or simply the fallen world being fallen, we can already observe how many have already been deceived. So, no fear. No tolerance. No more being lukewarm. It’s time to stop listening to the insane ravings of the world, time to turn to the Bible when temptations come, and time to start paying attention to the still, small voice that tells you the right thing to do.

We have to witness our faith with boldness, because if we continue to be silent we’ll have to answer in the end. You see, if we don’t begin to make war against evil, to expose those who tempt believers, then the evil will grow larger.
– Elder Paisios, Monk of Mount Athos, (1924-1994)

We are all crusaders now.