Arkhaven is Inevitable

Seriously, there is just no other conclusion suggested by the evidence.

Well that happened.

What do I even say to this?

Yes, the Joker is pregnant… As stupid as the subject matter is, the artwork is so much worse.

What. The. Actual…

You know, I really thought DC was scraping rock bottom with those two notorious pages of Batgirl commiserating with a young man in a dress over his gender being correctly identified by a doctor. I’ve now realized that the bottom for DC and Marvel probably isn’t even in sight yet.


Midnight’s War is Go


% of Goal: 282.6 percent

Backers: 538

Thanks very much to all of the backers who are allowing us to bring one of our more popular comics from the screen to print. What the success of this campaign means is that Arkhaven won’t have to go into the red to produce the 450 pages of art that are required for the three omnibuses. And it will provide enough art to permit MIDNIGHT’S WAR to run on Arktoons for another three years at the current rate of page burn. So, after a long and bruising campaign, Kyle Buckner could certainly use a little downtime.


MIDNIGHT’S WAR Episode 61: Downtime

BOB Episode 99: Merry Wokemas

VEGFOLK FABLES Episode 174: Four Stories

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: COMEDY Episode 78: Christmas at Greyfriars

BEN GARRISON Episode 85: Biden Gun Control

STONETOSS Episode 150: All Roads Lead To Rome

CHUCK DIXON’S AVALON Episode 87: Responsibilities


Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to everyone from Arkhaven, Castalia House, Infogalactic, Unauthorized, and, of course, Booster Patrol.

  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  • Holly, Jolly Christmas
  • The Ninth Day of Christmas, Boosted
  • What Child is This
  • I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
  • O Holy Night
  • I’ll Be Home For Christmas
  • White Christmas
  • Silent Night
  • Let It Snow
  • Hallelujah
  • All I Want for Christmas


12 Hours of Midnight’s War

Hours Left: 12

% of Goal: 260.4 percent

% of Stretch Goal 2: 86.8 percent

Backers: 474

You can back the campaign here if you are so inclined.

In other comics-related news, we’re looking for individuals in European countries to assist The Legend in building a database all of his works published in those countries over the last 20 years. We have someone for the UK, but we’d ideally have one in every country. If you’re willing and able to contact your domestic publishers, email me with LEGEND in the subject.


Where All Roads Lead


Days Left: 5

% of Goal: 202.9 percent

% of Stretch Goal 1: 101.5 percent

% of Stretch Goal 2: 67.6 percent

Backers: 359

It’s official. Castalia House will publish a short novel set in the Midnight World entitled OUT OF THE SHADOWS. As promised, chapter two:

MIDNIGHT’S WAR: Out of the Shadows

Chapter Two: Where All Roads Lead

All throughout the following day, Elliott found himself somewhat distracted. He zoned out during a conference call with Bank of America, and twice had to be pulled out of his reveries during a meeting with the Human Resources team by his executive assistant, Natalie.

He couldn’t stop thinking about what this mysterious meeting might entail, and what “very profitable,” might mean. It couldn’t be Blackrock behind this, could it? Even if they wanted to keep their interest on the down low in order to hide their intentions from the competitors that trailed them like remoras sticking to a great white shark, Elliott was pretty sure sending an executive to the site in question wasn’t their modus operandi. To paraphrase the Muslims, Mohammed would have to go to the Rock, as the Rock wasn’t in the habit of coming to him.

For a reason that he couldn’t quite rationalize, he felt there might be a European element lurking somewhere underneath it all, perhaps even a very old European element. Being a second-generation son of Silicon Valley, Elliott knew very little about the money markets of the Old World, the London oligarchs, the Swiss private banks, and the ancient Italian investment firms that seemed to own everything from Greek shipping firms to Vietnamese wineries without anyone ever even knowing their names.

So what would the play be, he wondered. That old generational money never seemed to be very interested in the stock markets, let alone in splashy public offerings and the media attention they attracted. But how would an outright buyout make any sense at this point in time? Making money was all about the multiple, but what potential buyer, no matter how well-endowed, could match the buying power of an entire market pumped up on hype and the hypothetical promise of longer life?

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One Week Left


Days Left: 7

% of Goal: 196.0 percent

% of Stretch Goal: 97.9 percent

Backers: 342

Dante encourages a backer to consider an additional add-on.

If we hit the stretch goal, I will post the second chapter of MIDNIGHT’S WAR: Out of the Shadows here.

UPDATE: And thanks to the backers, the first stretch goal has been unlocked! On Monday, I will post the second chapter here and a limited edition hardcover of MIDNIGHT’S WAR: Out of the Shadows, a 30,000-word novel set in the Midnight World, will be offered as an add-on. You can read the first chapter here.


Midnight’s War Update 6

Days Left: 12

% of Goal: 179.5 percent

% of Stretch Goal: 89.7 percent

Backers: 308

Dante enlists esoteric assistance

Things have slowed down considerably, but the first stretch goal is still in sight for the MIDNIGHT’S WAR campaign. Allow me to provide taste of what that goal will be if hit, which is a short novel in the mode of Razorfist’s two Night Vale novels and Chuck Dixon’s two public domain Conan novels, called OUT OF THE SHADOWS.

Please also note that the MIDNIGHT’S WAR Issues 1-6 omnibus (hardcover) reward has added Canada as a destination, as requested, presumably by Canadians.


Chapter One: The Dance of the Unicorn

Elliott Grahame surveyed the spreadsheet with great satisfaction. The top line was increasing, the bottom line was more than healthy despite the recent operational expenditures, and the twelve-month trend was precisely in line with the shape of a ramp that the investment bankers were expecting. He didn’t turn around at the sound of his clear glass door being opened behind him, but pointed at the screen instead.
“And that, my friend, is what a billion-dollar company looks like!”
“You think we’re ready to push the IPO?”
“We’ve got to strike while the iron is hot!” He turned around and grinned at his CFO and executive vice-president, Immanual Boschwitz. “You know as well as I do that the stars aren’t going to align forever, Immy.”

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Avalon Poll

We have finished with CHUCK DIXON’S AVALON Issues 1-12. We’re now in the process of printing the two omnibuses, 1-6 and 7-12. However, it was suggested that having one big omnibus that collects Issues 1-12 would be preferable since we managed to complete the whole thing before getting the first half out.

I inquired of The Legend and he said he would prefer “one big doorstopper of a book.”

However, this is something that needs to be left up to the backers. It makes virtually no difference to us, as very few backers only backed the first omnibus and we’ll just send them the whole thing. So, if you are an Avalon backer, please let us know if you prefer two separate omnibuses or one big one.

UPDATE: It belatedly occurs to me that if we do one big omnibus, we MIGHT be able to eventually do some leather editions – not Smyth-sewn, unfortunately – but by using the paperback covers as the endpapers. Apparently this is the technique Easton has used to do their Marvel leatherbound editions and it’s the approach we will likely take with Midnight’s War.



Days Left: 23

% of Goal: 154.4 percent

% of Stretch Goal: 77.2 percent

Backers: 247

The journey toward the realization of the Midnight World continues apace. Thanks to all the new backers, and the original backers who picked up a copy of SILENZIOSA. Here is an as-yet-unreleased look at the way in which Lucius and Denisa spend their time when they’re not engaged in their usual nefarious skullduggery. Even monsters have their pedestrian moments; notice that Lucius prefers for Denisa to play white.




Days Left: 24

% of Goal: 126.7 percent

% of Stretch Goal: 63.4 percent

Backers: 207

The MIDNIGHT’S WAR campaign is proceeding smoothly, although not spectacularly. About 10 percent of the people who backed the original ALT-HERO campaign have backed this one to date, which could be attributed to a broad spectrum of reasons, but regardless, we appreciate the support that permits us to continue the series.

It would appear we should have simply done a 96-page story about a black superhero fighting racism, that’s what conservatives love these days, right, Anon? If there is one thing we can be sure of, Anon, it’s that the market never lies. We obviously should have had bestselling author Mike Pence author the series instead of The Legend Chuck Dixon.


But economic gaslighting is what it has always been and it really isn’t any concern of ours what sort of public performance art is being performed. So, below is an image of the inks from MIDNIGHT’S WAR: NIGHT STREETS, which is already well underway. Apparently Celise isn’t much more concerned about her colleagues’ opinion of her smoking inside than Dynamique is.


And don’t forget, you can now obtain the first print edition of SILENZIOSA by backing MW.