“Fueling the Alt Right”

Intellectual Dark Web member Dave Rubin fails to understand WHY the Alt-Right is inevitable:

NYC’s Hunter College has coursework in “the abolition of whiteness.” Stanford the “abolishing whiteness as a cultural identity.” Classes at Grinnell & UW-Madison confront “the problem of whiteness.” St. John’s College takes on the “depravity of whiteness”

Dave Rubin @RubinReport
Classes like these are fueling the Alt Right, not conversations with mathematicians like @EricRWeinstein, biologists like @BretWeinstein, neuroscientists like @SamHarrisOrg, believers like @benshapiro and non-believers like @michaelshermer…

It’s somewhat amusing to watch both the SJWs and the Official Fake Opposition staunchly failing Sun Tzu 101. They love to talk about the Alt Right, and yet they put all their effort into stubbornly refusing to even begin to understand what it is and why it is steadily growing in popularity, power, and influence around the world.

The truth is that both the SJW classes and the absurd falsities put forth by the Weinsteins, the Harrises, the Shapiros, and the Shermers of the world are fueling our growth. Because we speak the uncomfortable truths, the unspeakable truths, the impermissible truths and the undeniable truths about the many failures of the neo-liberal world order they are trying to defend.

Every single time they speak, they utter falsehoods. Sometimes knowingly, sometimes not. But they do so every single time. And we can prove it. Every single time.