SJW shenanigans at Marvel

A Marvel insider reports that Mark Waid has gone off the deep end again:

I work at Marvel; some information for you guys

Waid was ordered to delete fucking everything social media-wise by Cebulski. Cebulski got some VERY angry emails from Antarctica Press. Lawsuit threatening letters in terms of Waid explicitly using Marvel’s name when he threatened them to dropping “Jawbreakers”. Along with threats of physical violence being committed against people at Antartica Press, if they did not do what Waid ordered.

Cebulski called Waid and basically demanded he kill all of his social media profiles and basically go off the grid. Basically, he’s in an internet time out which he has zero choice but to honor, lest he get blackballed from ever working at Marvel again.

As it stands, Waid’s career at Marvel is pretty much dead now. Not even Waid’s chief protector (Brevoort) can save him, since Cebulski is beyond the pale angry. Cebulski gave Waid one final chance when he took over. Don’t expect Waid to be writing any more comics from Marvel at least as long as Cebulski is in charge.

It did seem bizarre that Avalanche dropped Jawbreakers when they had already published Magademia and Barack Panther. But this simply goes to show that even the most SJW-converged company will eventually find itself having to eject its most extreme SJWs or risk imploding.

Of course, the fact that Marvel didn’t simply fire Waid for this behavior illustrates that its management is still in denial and is afraid to address the fact that it has the corporate version of cancer.