If You Can’t Beat Them, Beat Them Up

Africans in the WNBA are literally beating up Caitlyn Clark because she is a popular sports star.

  • Chicago player appears to call Caitlin Clark a “b*tch” and then drops her away from the ball. This wasn’t a called a technical foul.
  • Angel Reese just hugged her teammate for shoving Caitlin Clark to the ground and calling her a “bitch.”
  • The WNBA player who appeared to call Caitlin Clark a “b*tch” and hammered her with a cheap shot is now liking tweets about how it was justified and she should do it again.

There is an easy solution. If Africans hate having white players in their leagues, they can simply enjoy their own segregated sports leagues. Perhaps we could call it, oh, I don’t know, something like the Negro Women’s Basketball League?

It’s a good thing for Livvy Dunn that gymnastics isn’t a contact sport. Caitlyn Clark isn’t even blonde or particularly attractive. And apparently, the men want their own Negro league too.

In December, former NBA guard and thug Gilbert Arenas encouraged black players on his podcast to “take out” white players on the court because they were coming for “our league.” Since then, Pistons’ forward Isaiah Stewart punched Suns’ forward Drew Eubanks during a confrontation before the teams’ match-up in February, Draymond Green struck Jusuf Nurkic in the face, and stomped on the chest of Kings’ guard Domantas Sabonis during a game.

It’s always informative how the white people who can spot racism in their fellow white people more easily than a shark scents blood in the water never seem to be able to detect this undisguised race-based hatred.