Testimonials to the Power

The Socio-Sexual Hierarchy is such a powerful predictive model that casual observers are sometimes tempted to suspect they’re being put on. From the comments at Sigma Game, When the Secret King Wins Again:

  • This is so textbook it appears to be fake. But that’s the amazing thing about gammas, their mindset is so distorted that they parody themselves. One almost feels sorry for him, almost.
  • If it was any blogger other than Vox, you’d swear that they’d set up an alternate account in order to make the most QED reply of all time.
  • You are what you are and your basic underlying framework cannot be changed. As pointed out quite well by other commenters, this person displayed the predicted SSH behavior of the Gamma so well that it almost beggars belief. Again, I tip my hat to Vox for recognizing these behavior patterns. They’re so obvious yet they completely eluded modern psychiatry all these years.
  • Not a single clue, not even a fragment of a clue. One of my sons is a gamma and gets all kinds of feedback from his siblings (and me, and his dad) about his egregious behaviour. The other kids call it “resetting to factory defaults”. Whatever feedback he receives, if it doesn’t align with his delusion bubble he flushes it, resets and then carries on gamma-ing. It is painfully hard for him to learn anything productive that might help him.
  • SSH proves to be one of the greatest predictor of behaviour ever devised. In the future in addition to the usual IQ and personality testing, an SSH test will be a mandatory routine practice in the hiring process.

It’s a strong testimonial to the predictive power of the SSH that when one observes it in action, the repetition of the behavioral patterns is often so precise and so reliable that one is tempted to suspect that the anticipated behavior is somehow scripted or faked. But behavioral patterns exist for a reason; they persist because it is very, very difficult and requires a high level of self-discipline to surmount the emotional channels and instinctive reactions that are carved into one’s psyche during the formative years.

At any rate, no matter what happens, no matter what you think you saw, no matter how many iron-clad refutations and mathematical proofs you observed being provided, there can only ever be one result in the end. The Secret King will win again!

He did it again! And everyone applauded…