Sigma Game

Last night I asked the Darkstream if the time was right to bring back Alpha Game. The response was near-unanimous in favor of bringing it back, so that is precisely what we are going to do prior to the eventual release of the SSH book.

Until a subject-specific site is set up, this new Gab account will serve as SSH Central. I introduced the account thusly:

The preponderance of grifters, girls, and gammas attempting to abuse and redefine the taxonomy of the observable male behavioral patterns has necessitated an authoritative work on the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy by its original author. This Gab account will serve as the home base for the work in progress.

It’s encouraging to see that the account is already paying dividends in distinguishing the original observations from later additions by others. And in preparation for the future, the relevant URLs for both ALPHAGAMEPLAN and SIGMAGAMEPLAN have been duly acquired. Comments will likely be directed to Gab, Twitter, and SG, which should cut down on the nonsense that we have to tolerate.


Mailvox: SSH, Status, and the Sigma

AJ thinks I might have failed to grasp a necessary male behavior due to my inability to understand or care about the various norms within the hierarchy.

First, thank you for the SSH. It was invaluable while I was still in the military, and is still incredibly useful in the corporate world. Using the SSH framework, I am able to quickly assess who the natural leaders were, who needed extra help because they were promoted beyond their natural traits, and whom to avoid at all costs.

Over the years, I’ve watched you regularly admonish people who seem overly concerned about their place in the hierarchy, labeling that a gamma trait. It caused me to reflect on my own behavioral patterns, concerned that I might have some gamma tendencies. After talking to my brother–also an avid blog reader–about this, we agreed that it is probably normal for men to want to know their place in the hierarchy. Yes, gammas obsess over where they are, and want to hack their way to the top, but most people just want to know where they stand…except for Sigmas.

You correctly identify the true utility of the SSH; it’s predictive power over others’ behavior, but I think you dismiss the introspective utility, mainly because you’re a Sigma, and you don’t care about your place in the hierarchy at all, being completely outside it.

This is entirely possible. What strikes me as an inexplicable and incessant obsession with status may be nothing more than necessary pecking order management. I realize that it is very common for people to posture on the Internet, which is why assertions of indifference are usually dismissed by everyone, quite correctly, as a false pose, but as literally everyone who has ever met me and spent more than five minutes in my presence will attest, I pay literally no personal attention to male social status.

Professional attention is different. I’m not socially retarded and I understand the need to pay the great and good their due. But it’s the proper public respect shown toward the priest, the CEO, the professor, or the general that is the mask. I don’t actually defer to them in any way, shape, or form, and the more astute among them can always sense it.

Exceptions: Richard Garriott, Sid Meier, John Carmack, Umberto Eco, Martin van Creveld, Prince, John C. Wright, Steve Keen. That’s pretty much the list, as far as I can recall. It appears I instinctively defer to what I perceive as genius rather than status.

But it makes sense that those within the hierarchy would always be curious to know their status vis-a-vis the others due to its fractal nature. Every time one shifts into a new social context, one’s status subtly shifts, although one’s behavior pattern does not. So whereas the outsider is solely concerned with the behavioral patterns, the insider is naturally going to be interested in paying attention to both.

It’s an interesting suggestion, anyhow. I shall obviously have to pay more attention to the status-monitoring behavior of other men in social contexts. This could well require an entire chapter in the book.


Category Errors

It’s hilarious to see what happens when people jump in well after the fact and attempt to explain some of the ideas that they find intriguing. All too often, their need to delude themselves about reality in order to redefine themselves as winners inevitably causes them to get things significantly and observably wrong. For example, this guy’s attempt to describe Deltas in a way that would appear to indicate them having a lower social status than Gammas is particularly egregious.

What Is A Delta Male?

Delta males really don’t bring much to the table at all.

They are characterised for having no interest in achievement or self-improvement. Often, they are mentally and physically sloppy.

They’re insecure around women, because they’ve spent most of their life being rejected by them. That’s assuming they ever had the courage to speak to them at all.

Sadly, it’s widely agreed that the majority of men are delta males.

Delta males can be resentful of others, seeing as they don’t get a lot out of life, although this isn’t a staple part of their character.

The only two correct elements here are the Delta insecurity around women and the fact that they make up the majority of men. Literally everything else is not only wrong, but wildly wrong, to such an extent that it indicates the author doesn’t even understand why “Delta” was chosen to identify the particular behavioral pattern. Deltas not only bring a lot to the table, they are the bedrock of all civilization. They are literally the most necessary of all behavioral patterns, and society needs more of them, not less.

This miss on the Delta is a little strange, because the guy did a pretty good job addressing some of the other categories.

While I appreciate the high level of interest shown in the concepts of the socio-sexual hierarchy, and I’m glad so many people find them useful and intriguing, I find it amazing that some individuals keep attempting to change things and modify them in ways that can’t possibly help anyone utilize what is a fairly simple analytical tool and primarily serves to muddy the waters.

I really have to write the SSH book as soon as I’m done with A SEA OF SKULLS.

UPDATE: Oh, for crying out loud. The guy is even attempting to describe female patterns of behavior in terms of male patterns of behavior. This is beyond retarded. Attempting to apply the SSH to women is akin to trying to categorize them on the basis of their penis sizes. It’s a fundamental category error.


Gammastalking or Gangstalking?

In case you don’t understand why you should never, ever, permit Gamma males anywhere within 10 miles of your family, your social circle, or your organization, this account of a long-term, extensive harassment campaign of a young homesteading family should suffice to convince you. Gammas are delusional and psychologically disturbed low-status creatures who absolutely merit all of the contempt and disgust in which they are held by women and ordinary men… but some of them may be little more than puppets for something even worse.

The experience of this couple with a popular YouTube channel with 536k subscribers demonstrates that the behavior of the secret kings can be considerably worse than anything Owen or I have yet experienced, but this behavior differs primarily in the extent to which the Gammas responsible took it, because the pattern of harassment and stalking is almost exactly the same. It also demonstrates the importance of providing your local police with an extensive record of their behavior, both legal and criminal, complete with all of their posts, pictures, and identifications, both real and pseudonymous, to establish the pattern for when one of the more deranged among them eventually crosses an actionable line.

Seven years ago we moved to a rural property to learn how to become more self-sufficient and build a custom home our dream home by ourselves with our own two hands and try to become debt free. It felt right to document the journey and our hopes was that maybe we could do so in a way that would inspire other people to take action in their own lives.

Our channel shared a wholesome and positive story and rapidly grew. During the course of our home building projects as we were working on our home and our property busily, there were problems brewing underneath the surface. At first we experienced the typical mean comments, which are usually pretty benign and every creator deals with, and basic moderation tools take care of this. At some point a small but very cancerous group of people started watching our Channel and using the comments section of our latest videos to recruit viewers off of YouTube to their own private group using a story like we’re fake, we don’t live in our own house, our child died, we died, we sold our property, with a little Google research I was able to find their place now for sale, there was a rumor that they didn’t even live at their house, those types of things, and the only limit is your imagination.

These were the kinds of stories they came up with, and their own groups were a private place where they could control the narrative unmoderated. While we were actually busy building our property, our home, and creating, these people have seemingly bottomless time to stir up negativity. They did this across numerous platforms, trying to stalk us and harass us. At first digitally, next they began digging through all available public records. Let me read to you a few things that they started digging for, they started digging through our internet history, public records, family history, employment history, past friends, business associates, criminal records, family criminal records, and any other publicly available piece of information that they could find about us. And as if that’s not really creepy enough, then they took the time and energy to compile all of that information into a mega document that people could download and read pretty much our entire life story whether we wanted it shared or not.

This group of people escalated and they started trying to coordinate attacks on our channel, such as stealing and trying to monetize our content, they created 3D rendering videos of our house and of us, mocking us as people and they created look-alike accounts on numerous platforms impersonating us, trying to trick naive people into thinking that we’re engaged in some really nasty and questionable behavior. They were actively recruiting across numerous channels, numerous platforms, trying to get people to join their digital crusade.

The problem with nefarious people when there’s no consequences is they tend to get more bold and they escalate their behavior, especially when there’s neurotic people who are either coordinating or egging them on, but eventually the group activity could no longer just be constrained to the Internet, it had to move to real life. People suggested getting together to fly drones over our house, we received death threats, people were following us in real time to see where we go and what our activities are, family members were contacted to see if anyone would out us for being the frauds that we are, people threatened to vandalize their airplane as well as track its every movement in real time, next they started working very hard to make sure as many people as possible know exactly where we live even though we never made that information public. They placed a Google pin on our house so that anybody with normal curiosity could find out the exact location of our home.

It all sounds extraordinarily familiar, doesn’t it. The pattern is so consistent that it increasingly appears to be inorganic, at least in the more developed stages. At this point, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to eventually learn that certain individuals in groups like the Gamma Secret Kings on Reddit or this family’s YouTube channel stalkers are utilized, if not directly employed, by the Surveillance State, playing a role similar to the one Ray Epps did among the January 6th protesters. As with the Twitter-bot operators and the Hasbara propagandists, the reason some of these professional Gammas have “seemingly bottomless time to stir up negativity” is that they are quite literally paid to harass people online.

It’s hard to distinguish between the paid professional and the amateur obsessive due to the way in which the former mimics the latter, but regardless, there is observably a point at which what initially appears to be little more than a creepy Gamma obsession is transformed into full-blown professional gangstalking.

UPDATE: Even a hand-built log cabin deep in the middle of the woods can’t ensure one’s privacy or protection from the Stalkerstasi.

These people were targeting me specifically because of my YouTube channel. They were harassing me to the point that the police threatened them with criminal harassment if they did it again. They had recording equipment and some kind of audio recording equipment set up across from my driveway
recording my comings and goings, and that of my family. We don’t know what this person’s doing with this footage or this audio, and it’s very creepy and concerning.

Shawn James, 342k subscribers


The Least Shocking News Ever

Granted, most people probably haven’t even heard of him, but regardless, there isn’t a single person on the planet who is surprised by the dissolution of Neil Gaiman’s marriage.

Best-selling fantasy author Neil Gaiman and his singer wife Amanda Palmer have announced they are to divorce after their open marriage broke down.

The couple, married for 11 years, have been outspoken about their unusual set-up in the past, insisting that it works for them.

But in a joint statement published on their individual websites and social media, they said they have now made the ‘difficult decision’ to divorce.

If those two literally crazy godless freaks can’t make it, well, that says absolutely nothing about anyone else’s relationship. And no gamma, no matter how famous or successful, is ever going to retain the attention of a famewhore.

To be honest, I was under the impression they’d divorced years ago.


Scott Adams Death Watch

The countdown has begun. Scott Adams is giving himself just one more year to live after life punctured his Delusion Bubble:

So here’s what happened to me in the past years.

That matrix-like mask kind of fell off. And I lost my illusion for a while.

So being depressed is not about being in the wrong state of mind, which is the problem.

In my case, being depressed was being in the right state of mind. …

The part that made me depressed is when I saw things clearly.

And I worked since then to rebuild my illusions.

So when you ask me if I’m feeling better or depressed, I’m sort of in the process of rebuilding an illusion that I can live in without pain.

And I’m not quite there yet because I could still see too much ugly.

And I can’t live happily in a world with this much ugly around me.

I don’t mean physically ugly. I mean ugly ideas and thoughts.

And I’m trying as hard as I can to rebuild a protective, imaginary shield of “everything’s fine” when it isn’t. It definitely isn’t.

But you have to build up a little wall of imaginary protection.

So I’m building up a little wall of imaginary protection as efficiently as I can. But it’s hard work.

Then physically, I haven’t figured out how to fix my physical problem.

So, exercise — I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to exercise again.

Let me just give you an idea. It’s possible that I will never have another personal relationship for the rest of my life.

It’s possible that I’ll never exercise again for the rest of my life. Because that’s my current physical situation.

Now, it could be that I can work through those things and everything will be fine. I can do better by next week.

But the length of time it’s been, and the fact that I don’t even have a clue of what’s wrong — and I’m at that that certain age where things will fall apart — suggest that I could be at the end of my life.

And on top of that, [I’m] feeling physically that I’m literally at the end of my life.

But let me also tell you that I have a sort of at least a one-year minimum optimism buffer.

So my one year optimism about it works like this. If it looks impossible, I still give myself a year. That’s like a rule.

So the system —doesn’t matter what the problem is. Doesn’t matter how much it hurts. Doesn’t matter how much I want to stop.

I’ll give myself one year to just fix that thing.

What Scott actually needs is Jesus Christ, hope, and love, in that order. But unfortunately, he’s turning inward, toward himself, again, and relying upon the hope that he can reconstruct his Delusion Bubble in order to protect himself from the unpleasant realities of life.

And this is why it behooves us to help gammas grow out of their gammatude when they are willing to make the attempt, because their lives really are psychological hellscapes.


Gammas are Never Wrong

Scott Adams illustrates the principle beautifully:

The biggest illusion of 2022 is that if your marriage doesn’t work it is because you picked the wrong person.

It doesn’t matter who you pick. Marriage is a pre-Internet, pre-equality system that no longer fits the modern world.

I don’t have a better idea.

The one thing, the only thing, that Scott Adams knows is that no matter what happens, it’s not his fault. The Gamma lives a life entirely free of self-accountability, which is why he is entirely incapable of learning from his not-mistakes.


How to Trigger Trauma

It’s ever so much easier than you would tend to imagine.

High school is a difficult time for most kids. They’re becoming self aware. Exploring who they are, what their place in society is and what their interests are. If that’s not bad enough they also suddenly get raging hormones and have to learn how to deal with their sexuality.

High school is a period in which everyone feels insecure. Fitting in and being popular are very important. It is a place of navel gazing where everyone is constantly trying to see where they stand in the human hierarchy and where the opinion of others is super important.

In hindsight we know all of this is silly, but during high school we all feel the pressure. We’re placed in a lot of uncomfortable positions and we develop coping mechanisms to deal with them.

In hindsight we know all of this is silly, at least objectively we do. But humans aren’t really objective. They’re emotional. High school is a time of many emotions and most of us never process them. We never learnt healthy ways of processing things as kids so high school doesn’t get processed.

For many high school was not a good time. They weren’t a popular kid. They didn’t get the girl. Nobody looked up to them. Perhaps they even got bullied or excluded from the group (the worst thing that can happen to any 15 year old).

That’s a lot of repressed trauma/issues. So when I posted that photo of the stereotypical popular couple, it stinged for a lot of people. The couple on the photo represent the archetypical popular kids. They’re good looking, athletic, popular, probably from wealthy families, etc. They’re the kids everyone wishes they were. They seemingly had it all, and worst of all, it didn’t even seem to cost them any effort.

Which is why I tweeted that this photo invokes primal reactions in people. They are the couple everyone wishes they were in high school They represent the summun of popularity and success in high school. Those who fell short this ideal cannot help but feel the sting of envy. Even if they are way past their high school years.

Simply because they never dealt with their teenage emotions. Their self image took serious blows during their high school period and left wounds which never properly healed. My tweets resonated with their pain and it caused them to become very upset.

One of the things I’ve found fascinating about online culture is the way that damaged people not only don’t hesitate to expose their psychological scars to complete strangers, but more often than not, are completely unaware that they are doing so. As with the physical martial arts, it is very, very difficult to attempt a psychological attack on someone else without opening up and exposing your own psychology to them.

Hence my amusement when a self-appointed critic calls me “fat” or an “incel”, asserts that I’m insecure about my intelligence, or claims that Spacebunny doesn’t exist; the less an attack is focused on observable attributes or behaviors, the more likely it is that the attacker is engaging in psychological projection and revealing their own insecurities.

A psychologically healthy individual will tend to have a response to the image of a pretty cheerleader kissing her football-playing boyfriend that ranges from the positive to the indifferent. But a psychologically unhealthy individual will be readily traumatized by the mere sight of that which is good, that which is beautiful, or that which is true.

So, if you find yourself tending to react with negativity towards that which is positive, it would probably be a good idea to contemplate why that is, and what youthful trauma is troubling you.