Attack of the Cat Ladies

That was fast. The feminists have clearly sent out the cat signal in reaction to Sigma Game.

Imagine how they’re going to react to the SSH book itself. Last Friday, I answered a woman’s question about female solipsism.

Female solipsism can therefore be described thusly: the female tendency to perceive all things solely as they relate to and affect her.

1st Man: Did you hear that Russia has invaded Ukraine!
2nd Man: Oh, wow, I wonder if they’re going to go for Kiev or Odessa first?
Woman: I had a Ukrainian hairdresser once. She took off way too much so I didn’t tip her.

This female tendency toward self-centric perception is readily observable in casual conversation, so you can easily test it for yourself. Throw in a new topic at random at any point and see how fast the woman being addressed is able to discover a tangent and utilize it in a manner that allows them to turn the conversation back to themselves.

1st Man: Is there a female version of the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy?
2nd Man: Maybe. I don’t know.
Woman: There definitely is! This one time, at band camp, a popular girl was mean to me! I used to play the clarinet. I just love music!

Among other things, this led to a long and unprofitable descent into the philosophical navel-gazing of what some would like to be able to call a “Female SSH”, but that’s neither here nor there. What’s more interesting is the fact that some women from outside the community, clearly sensing the danger inherent to perceptive men accurately discussing their observable behavior in a manner that might inspire other men to knock them off their pedestals, have already leaped into incompetent, and even oxymoronic, action.

This was easily the most amusing attempt at an ad hominem critique, as it revealed the way in which the would-be critic doesn’t even understand the concept she’s trying to criticize, much less the way that concept renders her repeated attempt to attack the author impossible. She was so impressed with her discovery of the concept of “projection” that she underlined her own oxymoronics by repeating it three different times in three different comments.

KAT HIGHSMITH: He’s engaging in pure projection. Males have been projecting their bullshit on women for years. Everything they’ve been saying about us is actually about them because they’re self-obsessed and lack the ability to be embarrassed at their stupid behavior (“trans” is the epitome of this male behavior). Men are crazy, and they’re about to start WWIII as they insist how rational they are.

VD: It struck a little too close to home, obviously. And since you’re too retarded to grasp the obvious, I’ll spell it out for you: One cannot project solipsism, by definition. You are far too short for this intellectual ride.

You’d think people would stop trying to use rhetoric, especially inept and oxymoronic rhetoric, on the individual who wrote what presently passes for the modern book on the subject. But you’d be wrong.