Boomer Shock

A Boomer is astonished to hear his own Boomer brother’s lack of concern for his own children. As seen on Gab.

As a repentant boomer, I agree with what @voxday says about my generation.

So it wasn’t a total surprise when this morning, during a conversation about our children’s inheritance, my unrepentant, vaccinated boomer brother said, “Why would you want to leave them anything?”

Exact words, and even though it wasn’t a surprise because Vox has said this over and over, it was shocking to hear the complete lack of loyalty to his own children’s future.

My parents, now in their 90s, once had seven rental properties in Perth. They sold them all – one by one – in the 1980s so they “could see the world”. They now own their own downsized home and get the pension.

I’m not making anything up because I hate Boomers. I hate Boomers because I have paid attention to what they have said and what they have done for nearly 50 years, and because we are instructed to hate wickedness.

Boomers are not, on average, good people as the Bible defines the concept.

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.
— Proverbs 13:22


Repent, Boomer

The unrepentant wickedness of Boomers is reliably seen in their characteristic responses to criticism of their generation. Their standard defense is to blame others while claiming they did nothing wrong, which should sound familiar to anyone who has ever read the Bible.

And their incoherence is obvious when they simultaneously a) claim that it’s wrong to collectively criticize a generation while b) collectively criticizing multiple generations as clueless, inept, lazy, easily-triggered snowflakes lacking grit.

Finally, it is Satan who attempts to unite. Jesus Christ came to divide. Their defensive appeals to unity are literally satanic.

Repent, Boomer.

A Boomer responded on Gab to the mere sight of the cover image from last night’s Darkstream, entitled The Unrepentant Evil of the Boomers.

Boomer: Stop playing the jews game by blaming the boomers. That’s what they want. They want us to fight each other so that you don’t see the real culprit, the jews. The only sin of the boomers was to believe the jewish lie.

Ixthys: So; pride; lust; greed; gluttony and envy; that’s quite a deviational achievement for an unrepentent generation; if we don’t recognise their achievement we’ll fall for the same tricks!

Boomer: As I said, Our only sin was to believe the jewish lie. Blaming the boomers will only divide us and serve their agenda.

Vox: The video is literally about you. You are unrepentant and you refuse to take responsibility for your actions. Because if you think that was your only sin, then you remain steeped in the wickedness of your generation.

Boomer: Are you a jew? Silly question, you will lie if you’re a member of the tribe.

It’s an interesting defense that not only admits to, but literally demonstrates, the very charges being laid against the accused. But it is not an effective one.

Repent, Boomer.


They Loved Mammon More

A Gab reader reacts to my response to a Boomer smugly asserting how glad he is that his childhood and youth were better than those of subsequent generations.

Why did boomers not value their children or grandchildren? My parents (and his) had no time for me or for my children. Or we had to pack up the babies and drive to them. They didn’t seem to remember how hard it was to travel with small children. I was left alone as a child to raise myself in front of a TV while my parents worked. Asking around and I’ve found my peers had similar experiences.

Those same parents scoffed at my husband and me for keeping me at home and living on less so I could raise our kids. My husband and I planted the seeds of trees whose shade we’ll never know. There’s a distinct lack of humility with many boomers I’ve encountered. The Bible has lots to say on the subject of pride. My parents sit on their pile of wealth and wonder why they’re lonely. The greatest generation will be the one that glorifies God and encourages others to repent. Music, clothes, cars are fun but fleeting. Folly. People matter. Pour your life out for your family, your church, your community and you will find life more abundantly.

Another child of the Boomers expresses his own inability to comprehend the way in which most Boomers simply don’t give a damn about the well-being of their children and grandchildren.

I know the feeling. Its hard for me to grasp sometimes. All I want to do is build a legacy for my children. Real wealth as an inheritance for them. All my father wants to do is accumulate money with me having no part in it. He actively avoided bringing me into his business to the point where I had to join the military to improve the station of my family. Its something I will never understand.

I’ve seen this repeatedly in the Boomers of my acquaintance. Unlike my grandparents, with whom I was close enough that I would drive down from college to spend my holiday weekends with them, they’d rather live around others their own age and occupy themselves with meaningless social activities than spend time with their grandkids. As owners and executives, they cling to control even when they literally never come into the office instead of handing over responsibility to their eventual successors. And if they find themselves in a position where they have to choose between a sum of money and a relationship with someone, they will choose the former every single time.

Why is this? I genuinely don’t know. But in contrast, I see my Generation X peers already preparing succession plans even though they’re only in their 50s, pushing their children to accept as much responsibility as they can reasonably handle, and in general, preparing for a future in which they will play no part. Because we understand that legacy matters far more than dying with the most toys.


The Wicked Generation

Taken as a whole, Boomers are spectacularly awful people. And it’s remarkable to observe how so many of them just can’t stop themselves from demonstrating it every time their generation is called out for its collective wickedness. I posted this on Gab:

Boomers are wicked. Boomers are evil. They are literally the very worst generation in the entire history of Man.

And the responses from Boomers absolutely confirmed the truth of the statement.


We Will Raise Wolves

Among the many Boomer philosophical concepts that Generation X rejects, the so-called social contract is prominent. We have no social contract with Clown World. We didn’t choose it, we aren’t part of it, and we reject it entirely.

Some people out there believe we can vote our way out of this. These optimistic folks have been under a rock for the past few years or haven’t noticed clown world.

If you are one of those people who keeps on voting, that’s your business. I am not going to convince you voting is pointless anymore than you’re going to convince me that I should get off my ass and vote for a different douchebag this time.

The happy-fun reason we aren’t voting our way out of this is because a self-perpetuating failure cycle has already been established. I’m not sure if this was deliberately achieved by earthly powers, or whether they took advantage of it.

I struggled articulating my thoughts about the self-perpetuating cycle into something coherent and finally gave up because it doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t matter for a very chilling reason. After thinking through the implications, dread about immigration, rising crime, and more inflation took a backseat to the insight. Yes, a self-destructive country that slowly decays is the optimistic alternative.

The problems we face now, and they are real and considerable, will be taken care of. Of that I have no doubt. We will not like the solution at all.

The reason we aren’t voting our way out of this hit me in a flash, like all the best (and worst) ideas do. After it did, I sat and thought for a long while. Then I closed this draft and didn’t open it for 10 days.

The old American social contract has been completely and utterly broken….

Among Gen Xers, a huge percentage are ready to burn this mother fucker to the ground. We’re not happy about it, it just seems inevitable. As much as we’d like to save our beautiful country for our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, I don’t see it happening.

But we honor the old social contract: we sacrifice ourselves so younger generations have a better life, and have a chance to be born.

We have to destroy clown world so those still capable of having children can build back better. Not political posturing bullshit better, but a fundamental change in the way we all live.

Preach, preacher. This comment, in particular, sums up my generation: Our first authorities betrayed us and it colors our view of all authority.

Especially our view of illegitimate, self-appointed, predatory foreign authorities.

They tried to make us sheep. But we will raise wolves.


Worse Than Unbelievers

Some Boomers reacted angrily to the idea that their wicked generation is evil because they are disinclined to curtail their spending in order to leave anything to their descendants. But the facts that one of them demanded I cite are even more damning of their generation than I had imagined.

With the older generation seemingly richer than ever thanks to generous pension provisions and rapidly rising house prices, it’s no surprise to find so many of them ticking off their ‘bucket list’ by travelling abroad, taking up new hobbies or treating themselves to expensive luxuries. In fact, the spending patterns of these golden oldies have become so widespread, they have even gained a name of their own. SKI-ing – or Spending the Kids’ Inheritance – has become the new normal for the over 50s, replacing the desire of previous generations to leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren.

According to a study by SAGA, in 2016 Britain’s over 50s owned almost 70% of the country’s household wealth, amounting to a staggering £6.2trn. What’s more, that figure had risen rapidly, climbing by £660bn in five years. Of the headline figure, pension wealth accounted for £2.52trn and property wealth a further £2.29trn. However, the days where their children could simply sit back and wait to inherit their share of this wealth are fading fast. These days, more and more older people are deciding to enjoy their money themselves rather than leave it behind for their family.

Having grown up in relative austerity in the post war years, many of the so-called baby-boomer generation are reluctant to go without in later life just so they can pass on their hard earned savings to their children. In fact, a study of Attitudes to Inheritance in Britain by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation showed that as many as two-thirds of over 50s would rather enjoy their life than worry about leaving an inheritance, with just a quarter saying they would budget their spending in order to leave something behind.

The study found that while most respondents liked the idea of leaving an inheritance, they did not think they should have to be careful with their cash, or cramp their lifestyle, in order to do so. It is a similar story down-under, where the Challenger National Seniors Australia report found just 3% of Australians over 50 plan to preserve their savings as an inheritance and only 25% said leaving their family anything was a top priority.

US Boomers are no better than their foreign counterparts. Notice that they are spending 57 percent more annually than Generation X, despite the fact that a) they don’t have families to raise and b) most of them are not financially assisting their children and grandchildren.

Separating out net worth along generational lines, it’s Baby Boomers who possess more than half (54%) of all of US household wealth. These Baby Boomers are also spending more than the other generations, with Epsilon reporting that Boomers spend $548.1 billion annually, a figure nearly $200 billion more than the next highest spending generation (Gen X).

Proverbs 13:22: A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, but the sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous.

1 Timothy 5:8: Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.


Boomers are Evil

They are truly a wicked generation, their behavior was preemptively condemned by God Himself, and the destruction of the USA will be their lasting historical legacy. Lacey Fairchild savagely illustrates the observable fact in today’s HYPERGAMOUSE.

Lest you think this is an exaggeration or unfair in any way, consider this personal testimony from a follower on Gab.

“Spending my kids inheritance” is one of my boomer dad’s favorite sayings. He literally has it on a little decorative sign in his house in Florida.

Yes, there are individuals who were born sometime between 1946 and 1964 who are good people that love God, love their nation, and have raised their descendants well. That doesn’t change the fact that the Boomer social norms are evil, and that their collective voice will have celebrated wickedness from the time they were children until the day the last of them dies. Macro is not micro and vice-versa.

The Boomer’s historical legacy will be the decline and fall of the United States of America, and quite possibly, the decline and fall of the West. The younger generations do very well to reject them and to turn away from their wicked ways.


What Makes Boomers Special

It’s true that not ALL Boomers are like that. So let’s content ourselves with saying that a sufficient quantity of them are to safely predict what will be the average Boomer’s response to any and all subjects. Such as, for example, financial responsibility and debt relief, as Neon Revolt discovered recently when a Boomer explained to him why Boomers are special and nothing is ever their fault.

NEON REVOLT: Live feed of conservative voters voooting hardeeeeer, to make sure no one ever escapes student debt.

BOOMER: I’ve admired your research and papers, but am now a little confused about the attacks today. Are you comparing gambling seniors who have earned a living for 60 or more years with the student population having a right to free student loan payoffs? Boomers did pay off their student debt because we learned the values of responsibility and accountability. Granted, I don’t think enough people have woken up to the horrors that we will face in the near future, but I do know that even in my state, the turn out was beyond what anyone imagined. Boomers are well aware of the negative “social culture” that is being pushed today and are flabbergasted to say the least. Conservative boomers were hoodwinked into voting for the malevolent types like the Bushes. Thanks to people like you, we have done our research and learned many more truths. What makes boomers special is that we grew up in an age to be open to new ideas and to think for ourselves.

VP READER WHO IS PROBABLY GEN-X: I highly recommend doing a “boomer” keyword search of @voxday ‘s blog and reading the results voraciously. Your response, “Boomers did pay off their student debt because we learned the values of responsibility and accountability” is utterly clueless as is all too typical of the boomer mindset.

To be clear, not that it is at all relevant, but I have no student loans. I didn’t pursue some grievance-studies degree. I went to a fourth-tier university because it was affordable. I have no direct dog in this fight. So no ad-homs about me trying to get free gibs or some such nonsense.

To suggest that those who need debt relief somehow lack responsibility and accountability as you insinuate is asinine. The entire system is corrupt from top to bottom and bears little resemblance to the system in which you participated. 18-year olds from broken boomer families were bombarded with pro-college propaganda their entire lives to the point that they were led to believe any tuition cost is worth the benefit of a college “education”.

And this is even more absurd: “What makes boomers special is that we grew up in an age to be open to new ideas and to think for ourselves.” You’ve got to be kidding. What you interpret as thinking for yourself is more akin to discarding tried and true social and moral frameworks because psy-ops told you not to trust anyone over 30. Boomers as a cohort more think about themselves rather than for themselves.

Indeed, look at your comment in which you talk about how special you are as boomers for your openness to new ideas and how you learned responsibility and accountability. Boomers can’t help talking about themselves. I’ll never forget, for example, finding a very special book in a friends-of-the-library sale titled “Hipper Than Our Kids: A Rock and Roll Journal of the Baby Boom Generation”. Good parents don’t measure themselves against their kids; they measure their kids against themselves and strive mightily to raise people who are better, not “hipper” than themselves.

Prove me wrong about boomer self-absorption. Knee-jerk NAXALT responses are inelligible. Every boomer craps their pants when someone suggests ending the Social Security Ponzi scheme because “I paid into it, dammit!” Yeah, you paid into a fraudulent, generational Ponzi scheme, so muster up that legendary boomer accountability and responsibility and accept your losses and sunk costs instead of continuing to siphon from younger workers today.

Boomers shut down the economy and tried to force the clot-shot on everyone in order to protect themselves. Your job, boomers, was to make the necessary personal sacrifices to let the young live their lives and muster again that legendary boomer accountability and responsibility and take the extra precautions yourselves. Even the boomer President Orange Warp-Speed was in on the clot-shot hysteria.

Think for yourselves? If you’d done that, you wouldn’t have mass clot-shotted yourselves and cut yourselves off from supposed loved ones if they were unvaxxed. Responsibility and accountability? You would have quarantined yourselves to let the young get on with their lives.

Look, you’re probably a personable enough guy if we met one-on-one. You probably feel like you want to do the right thing. But that doesn’t negate the absurdities I just pointed out. Seriously, your generation is special in a bad way, not a good way. Just leave it at that, move on, and do your best to make restitution any way you can to the younger generations you let down.


Boosted and Triggered

Boomers respond to Friday’s Hypergamouse.

  • Sorry to burst your bubble, but, these boomers refused to get vaccinated even when our companies threatened to fire us, even when our doctor threatened to not see us anymore, even when we were told we couldn’t enter stores or travel…. We still refused…. but one of our adult sons went out and got vaccinated even though we begged him not to… In fact, most of our Boomer friends refused to get vaccinated, but all of their kids and grandkids went out and got “Fully Boosted”
  • stop generalizing…I see tons of young idiots still wearing masks…
  • you are a idiot, most so called boomers i know did not take it so stfu little boy.
  • Jewish tactics to divide us. My boomer sisters and their kids had the same attitude on the vax.
  • you’re such a whiney little punk.
  • You sound like the left with White men. Your criticism of boomers highlights your own failures. May I recommend a crying room?
  • We are normal and most of you have been fucked over by the CIA and fed poison to reduce your T levels. It is painfully obvious to outsiders. Theodore’s blog is an echo chamber, however. And all of his little calamities rush to his rescue to gain his approval. I would be embarrassed to complain about my parents the way you little pussies do. BTW, Boomers didn’t have mudsharking, crying rooms, heteroflexibility or any of the pathologies younger generations have exhibited in large numbers. My father would have kicked me out of the house on my ass if i snivelled as Theodores boys all do. Maybe your parents decided all of you were hopeless failures and decided there was no point to leaving you a legacy. You homos need to man up and quit crying about daddy not buying you a BMW for your birthday. That’s essentially the sum total of your criticisms. None of you have ever done a hard day’s manual labor in your lives. You blame boomers to deflect your own culpability. Theodore uses you to feel popular and powerful. I’m trying to show how men think, which none of you are. If you don’t man up, the coons will eat your lunch when goings go South. They already fuck your women.

It’s always amusing how so many Boomers simply cannot help a) identifying with their g-g-generation and b) defending the actions of their g-g-generation while c) explaining that they are special and different every time anyone criticizes their collective actions.

It also demonstrates that Boomers don’t understand statistics. According to the CDC, as of 10 October 2022, 95 percent of the 65+ age group is vaccinated, the highest percentage of any age group. Furthermore, Boomers also had the smallest drop-off from one dose to a complete series as 92.8 percent of all 65+ US citizens have been vaccinated and boosted.

The younger generations obviously see things very differently.

  • This hits the nail on the head. Boomers were/are so selfish. The best of everything for themselves, never a bit of effort for anyone else, even their own families. They had career jobs where they literally just showed up with a resume and a handshake, first class pension plans, 8 hour work days, first class health and dental plans, 4 weeks vacation and paid days off… and they still had minimal involvement with their children and almost no helping with the grandkids. They shut off the career jobs, the pensions and health plans, the vacations, as soon as the last boomer got in. They laugh about spending money that could have been used to help their grandkids live in a good school district, but they need the second cruise every year and the vacation condo.
  • This cuts very close to home for me. I imagine once the old bastard dies, the assets will be on the negative side as he’s led a pampered lifestyle and given very little to help others.
  • It’s sad that the vax was urged on kids to protect their grandparents, even though it now turns out there’s no evidence being vaxed protects from passing the virus on. Now our governor has just ordered all kids in California to be vaccinated, even tho there’s no evidence kids are harmed by catching COVID-19.
  • The graph you posted a couple weeks ago from Pew, showing that Gen X parents spend a lot more time with their kids than Boomer parents, very informative. If I’m perceiving this correctly, Gen X’s strategy was more to drop out of the Boomer’s world and being the best parents possible, while my generation, Millennials, is more about directly confronting and destroying the Boomer World Order. And I’m just fine with that arrangement!
  • Boomers really can’t help themselves. One little suggestion that their generation isn’t perfect and they flock in to tell you how great they are. The boomers were the whiniest generation, then proceeded to raise their children terribly. Almost all the issues with millennials can be laid at the feet of the boomers. We do hate you. You all abandoned us for sex and hedonism, tanked our economy, destroyed the moral foundation and abandoned Christ.
  • Captures the attitude of some boomers perfectly.
  • Too funny. NO matter how many times it’s said, some Boomers just can’t bear to have the slightest criticism aimed at them, even if it doesn’t apply to them personally. And look at how some of them respond, childish insults and crass sexual innuendo. Like a bunch of perpetual children.
  • What kills me is the look of resignation on the face of this cartoon female mouse. The artist captured it well. I have to accept that some people just can’t be reached. This display of Boomer ignorance, narcissism, and selfishness isn’t just a cartoon. It’s frustratingly real. Imagine self-righteously demanding that we medically experiment on the young, in order to protect the old. That level of selfishness is nearly beyond belief.