Boomer Trigger

Simply mention Boomers in any context that is less than obsequiously flattering, and they will come running.

Nothing will change until the Boomers die, because a) they believe obedience to the law is paramount and, b) they believe protest is actually effective. But if public prayer results in 11 years in jail while beating a 17-year-old boy to death results in nothing more than manslaughter charges and zero jail time, the only rational conclusion is that the utility of public protest is nonexistent.

  • I don’t see your LAZY ASS down at the border gathering with all the BOOMERS!! It’s easy to point fingers; Do something to help us or shut up!
  • Boomer here. You are going to have to suck it up – many in my generation will be around for next 30-40 years cleaning up the mess of your generation and other younger generations. You guys really fucked up a great country.
  • Gen Z is the baby boomer replacement. Does anyone really believe Gen Z is more capable than baby boomers when it comes to thinking for themselves, being responsible for themselves, applying logic, really???? That’s hilarious.
  • Your logic has nothing to do with boomers, NOT one FUCKING THING. Only thing you’ve done is to show the world that you are a MOTHER FUCKING IDIOTIC MORONIC DUMBFUCK! Shut your ignorant piehole!
  • I’m just grateful that we were the last generation to grow up in a decent America blissfully unaware of the damage our “Greatest Generation” parents had done. You wouldn’t be so butthurt if you had grown up in a normal country.
  • The boomer thing is a jew psyop to divide us further and you’re falling for it, hook, line and sinker. I’m Gen X but know a lot of boomers and most are nothing like you suggest. The FACT is that under the same circumstances our generations would have done nothing different than the boomers. It’s NOT a generational thing, it’s a circumstances thing. Since every generation subsequent to the boomers became more color blind, more faggoty, more tranny and more Soy Boy, do we just lump our entire generation into those categories? No, it’s a matter of circumstance and we should clean up our generations instead of whining like little crybabies and blaming others for our lots in life. Grow up.
  • Somebody’s got daddy issues
  • LOL yeah…ok! Attack the boomers, push more hatred of other and try and incite even more anger! That’ll fix everything! LOL
  • You ARE “Historically-Illiterate:”……..and posts like THIS “document it”………Please ‘continue’………..or Do some Fucking ‘REASEARCH and Look LESS ‘The Fool’ !!
  • stereotyping. Or do u just hate yr parents? Projecting are we? I don’t believe protesting is effective guess I’ll have to hand in my boomer badge.
  • Well, let’s see. The last year of the Baby Boom was 1964 so those people are 59 and older now. I figure you have another 30 years or so to not get off your own asses while blaming previous generations.
  • It’s ok if you’re tired of our memories, no doubt you’ll bore future generations with yours. I was paying attention but somehow missed the carefree part and hedonism. That is unless you factor in how we weren’t afraid to go trick or treating by ourselves or explore through the woods or ride in the backs of pickup trucks. I remember it being a favorite when my dad rode me around in a wheelbarrow! Thrilled he paid any attention to me at all. From what I’ve seen, the younger generations are just looking for someone to blame for them not have found anything meaningful in life.

The Boomer message in a nutshell:

America is the greatest nation the world has ever known, if America has any problems all of them are the fault of the Millennials, you’re just jealous that you didn’t have a great life like ours, and I’m sure glad I’m going to die before the shit hits the fan.


A Boomer on Gab

BOOMER: Soon you all can move out of mom’s basement…..

VD: We’ll have to move out. Mom reverse-mortgaged the house and will die engulfed in debt, so there’s nothing to inherit and nowhere to live.

BOOMER: Go earn your own house, like everyone I know. I inherited nothing.

VD: The Boomers inherited more, and will leave less behind them as a percentage of what they inherited, than any generation in memory. You’re a historically wicked generation.

BOOMER: Boohooo Mommy didn’t leave me anything. You sound childish, I wouldn’t have left you anything either.

VD: I know you wouldn’t have. You’re not a good man. A good man leaves an inheritance to his children and to his children’s children.

Even their rhetoric is nothing but self-owns.


You Get What You Gave

An aging woman laments how the post-Boomer youth no longer respect the elderly:

Once revered, age is now a sign of your irrelevance to modern life.

The word boomer – short for baby boomer, anyone who was born between 1946 and 1964 – has become an insult for older people who are out of touch…

I’ll be honest – and in saying this I’m aware I may receive some ageist insults myself in response – I don’t think it was like this when I was young.

Elders were respected. Their words carried weight and gravitas.

They were more likely to be cared for within family homes when the time came, and within society, too.

Most importantly they were listened to, rather than being swiftly dismissed as irrelevant.

It wasn’t like this when I was young either. But the Boomers are actively disrespected by the succeeding generation because they broke the tradition of respect for their elders. Now that they are the elders, they are harvesting the fruit of the seeds they planted in their youth. The first problem is that they never grew up. When I was a kid, I can’t count how many times I was told by my friends’ Boomer parents “don’t call me Mr. Johnson, Mr. Johnson is my father.” So, many members of Generation X grew up accustomed to referring to their elders as their peers, by their first names.

The second problem is that they had less interest in their children and their children’s activities than they probably should have. Every member of Generation X can tell stories of what sounds like a near-feral childhood, of being kicked out of the house in the morning and only being allowed to go back inside for meals and sundown. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it turns out, but when your parents require the television to remind them that you exist at 10 PM at night, it’s probably taking a good thing too far.

And while I was fortunate that my parents took an interest in my athletic activities, it wasn’t uncommon for my dad to be the only father at a number of my soccer games and track meets. And my mother religiously attended the high school soccer games for all four of her boys, although she somehow managed to do so without ever quite grasping the offsides rule. But as a general rule, our parents were simply not very interested in anything we did, no matter what it was.

The third problem was a real eye-opener, however, when Generation X began having children and discovered that as little interest as the Boomers had in us, they had even less in their grandchildren. Many of us were close to our own grandparents, indeed, some of us were much closer to them than we were to our parents. So it was shocking to discover that our parents didn’t even want to babysit their own grandchildren for a few hours a week, and were prone to vanishing across the country, or around the world, for months at a time on vacations and cruises rather than spend any substantial time with their grandkids. In contrast, I remember being sent to stay with my grandparents in Virginia for an entire month during the school year, and they were delighted to have me there. And I still remember that visit and look back on it as being absolutely idyllic.

So this disinterest was not only bewildering to us, but also prevented any close relationships from being developed between Boomer grandparents and Millennial or Z grandchildren.

Fourth and finally, given the behavior demonstrated over the last 50 years, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of the younger generations that many, perhaps even most Boomers, who collectively were the recipients of the greatest transfer of wealth in human history, are going to die leaving absolutely nothing at all to their children or to their grandchildren. Their homes and their second homes have already been sold or reverse-mortgaged to fund their five annual cruises; they’ve funded their retirements with debt that will never be repaid.

The Census Bureau data confirmed that most Baby Boomers’ wealth is tied up in their homes. In the past, the family home would be the most significant piece of an inheritance, but now, seniors can tap into their home’s wealth before they pass with a reverse mortgage. The wealth and the home go back to the mortgage company rather than staying in the family. Many seniors would rather live in luxury during their final days than offer their kids financial assistance.

Generational Wealth Lost: Why Boomers Aren’t Leaving Their Kids an Inheritance

So, it shouldn’t be surprising that young people who neither know nor owe anything to an elderly population that has never shown any interest in them do not treat their elders with the respect that we used to back in the day. Because today’s elders, quite frankly, never earned it.

 A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children
–Proverbs 13:22

UPDATE: A GenX response. No doubt we’ll be hearing from the Boomers soon…

I completely agree with this. I’m a GenXer and when my kids were little it seemed like my mom thought it was such a chore to watch our kids even just once a month. Now that my children are married and having children, I just don’t get my mom’s reluctance to babysit because I LOVE being with my grandchild. My husband and I both love being grandparents and we help out whenever and however we can. The joy we find in being grandparents has made us realize that, for whatever reason, our parents did not love their grandkids anywhere near as much as we love our grandkids. I just don’t get it.

Or as much as our grandparents loved us. I don’t get it either.


Ignore the Boomer Ghosts

The Kurgan responds to Karl Denninger’s Boomer blackpilling:

In the big scheme of things, those who do not reproduce sufficiently die out. Nature is pretty brutal about it and tends to operate on the principles of large numbers. And exceptions to that rule because of different large numbers.

It may just be humanity’s lot that we go the way of mouse utopia aka Universe 25. In which case, we’re all doomed and so are all our children. And if so, why worry about it. Worrying about it would be a total waste of time. Besides which you do NOT know this for certain, so assuming it off the bat is an error. So, as a function of reason and logic, this specific idea must be ignored.

Treating it as valid or true can only lead you to depression and misery in a situation where your irrational belief in a “certainty” you cannot possibly know is a certainty, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. This point alone, the Universe 25 possibility, should make it obvious that similar thoughts that lead down similar (if less total) outcomes are also to be ignored.

So for example, the idea that “all white people will soon be extinct” or “high IQ people do not breed together because there is not enough of them” or the more common “marriage and children is a loser’s game because all women are whores and will divorce-rape you” and all the various variants of that kind, are in essence self-fulfilling, loser’s bets on life. The fact that your specific marriage may turn into a hellscape, or your specific life becomes a dead end is not relevant to the entire sub-species you represent.

Yes nature does not care about you specifically, but you specifically can and do affect nature. Make 15 children and chances are most of them survive. If they all too make 15 children from age 20 on, like you did, guess what the landscape of your tribe looks like 100 years from now if you just start out with you and your wife as Adam and Eve? On that basis, starting with you and your wife having had 15 children by the time you are both say 40, if all your children and theirs and so on do the same, meaning that every 40 years they all have a batch of 15 children each, if you lived to be 140, you would have over 17 thousand descendants. 17,275 to be exact. And if the average age of death was say 80, then almost all of them would still be alive, since the first iteration (at year 20) is only 135 people. And that’s only ONE family. Imagine if you have ten such families in the same area. You now have a small nation after one century. Which in the scheme of things is not so much time. And if the genetic serums actually sterilise and wipe out most of humanity, you will not only be a small nation, you will be the majority within it. And it might not be such a small geographical area after all. Now imagine them all of the same religion that takes no crap from depopulationist satanists like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and their pedophile friends.

“But people don’t make 15 children each, and how do you feed them all, and send them to college?!?”

Patience grasshopper. People who bought the lies and live in clown world no longer make 15 children. But people did do that for centuries in Catholic countries. And that was before the internet, and Amazon deliveries, and often before indoor plumbing and central heating, and certainly before electricity and tractors and industrial fertilisers and automated harvesting machines… so let that sink in a little and park it in your brain somewhere while we continue to look at reality and possibilities instead of the ghosts boomers put in your head.

This is one of the many reasons why it is good to hate the Boomer, or at the very least, to reject the Boomer and all his pomps and all his philosophies. Hope is not only a virtue, it is one of the three primary Christian virtues, along with Faith and Love.

Don’t worry about college. It’s a net-negative artifact of the 1960s-1990s anyhow. If you’re going to walk the path of the materialistic hedonist, you shouldn’t be getting married and having children anyhow, just plug into the pharma-sexual matrix and extinguish yourself over time in an overdose of Clown World oxytoxin.


Boomer is a Philosophical Path

Recently, some self-styled advocates of the white race, most of whom are anti-nationalist racial imperialists whose historically-ignorant views merit being taken about as seriously as those of the Black Israelites, the Christian Zionists, and the ADL, have been trying to push the idea that “Boomer” is an anti-white slur that is being used to “divide” white citizens of the USA.

First, the idea is obviously absurd because US whites have always been divided, for the obvious reason that race is a superset of nation. Americans are British. They’re not of German descent, Chinese descent, or Martian descent. The American Revolution wasn’t fought against the Holy Roman Emperor, the Tsar of Russia, the King of France, or the Galactic Overlord, it was fought against King George III of Great Britain and the British Parliament.

The fact that other Europeans “of good character” were permitted to enter and reside in the United States, and that the Indian tribes were conquered, and that the Spanish territories were forcibly seized in war, and that the global floodgates were opened in 1965 leading to the single greatest invasion in recorded human history no more makes those US citizens “American” than the US soldiers occupying Japan for the last 78 years have become Japanese.

Because the USA is an empire established by military force and occupation in 1865 that refers to all of its subjects as “Americans”, people are usually blind to the fact that the USA is not a “nation-state” at all, but rather, a literal empire of many states and nations very similar to the the British and Roman empires. Somehow, this obvious observation escapes most “Americans” even though they literally live in formerly sovereign States like Massachusetts and Texas. A casual term cannot define history; recall that the citizens of Argentina, Mexico, and Uruguay have as much historical claim to call themselves “American” as does the average US citizen who is not of British descent. Neither citizen nor subject necessarily denotes national, which is why economists had to stop using GNP and switch to GDP.

Second, Boomer was never coined as a pejorative term and wasn’t viewed as one for decades. It was accepted by those it described and is still borne with pride by most of them to this day. It gradually, and organically, became seen as a negative due to the behavior of those it described, in much the same way that “gay” and “Negro” are now viewed as slurs. Now Boomer has come to describe a negative philosophy and a historical path, to describe those who consciously chose Hell over Heaven.

A recent dialogue on social media:

BOOMERBOT: “Boomer.” Another anti white slur. Divide and conquer, rather than trying to figure out why whites of ALL generations are being destroyed by the anti white propaganda

SPACEBUNNY: Actually this attitude is more of destroyer of white culture than your moronic “divide and conquer” bs, dear. We should be able to call out the mistakes and police our own culture, that the Silents didn’t call out the Boomers who were there children is part of the reason we’re where we are today. If you can’t acknowledge and admit mistakes you’re a failure as a human. Grow up, Boomer, take some responsibility for once in your life. Most of the Boomer hate would evaporate in a heartbeat if you all took responsibility for where the West in general, and the US in particular, is right now. But no, you just whine about how it’s not really your fault everyone is so mean…..

VD: Defending Boomers and trying to ex post facto redefine “Boomer” as an anti-white slur is one way to ensure that virtually no GenX or Millennial will ever pay any attention to you. Because we were there. We saw what they consciously chose from our earliest years. We lived in the America that they smugly rejected and ruined. The Boomers collectively were, and are, a wicked generation. They remain wicked and they revel in their collective identity to this day. The fact that evil influences exist does not excuse in any way those who chose evil new ways in preference to that which is traditional and good. And if you are defending Boomers and their dreadful choices that have led to the consequences we observe today, then you are an enemy of the Good, the Beautiful, and the True.

Here is the point: you are always responsible for whom you choose to follow. The temptation is not the sin. The Boomers were tempted by, and consciously chose, a broad and easy path with cheap credit, easy morals, and great ethnic food. We are attempting to forge a different path.

UPDATE: This may be the best summation of the Boomer philosophy that I’ve seen:

“The moralizing of objectively false platitudes in the face of their observable failure.”

UPDATE: The Boomers will hear no criticism of their actions, and they believe the only reason anyone would ever criticize them is due to bitterness at their own failures. Words are insufficient for how utterly despicable they are. To hear the Boomer is to hate the Boomer.


GenX Critique of Boomer Pride

In which Spacebunny critiques a list of the Boomer G-g-generation’s 17 proudest achievements.

The baby boomer generation—the 76.4 million of us born between 1946 and 1964—don’t always get the respect we deserve. Especially in recent years, we’ve become the generational scapegoat for just about every cultural problem on the planet. Major magazines claim we “broke America” and are “the worst generation.” But it’s high time to set the record straight. Baby boomers may not have created a utopian society, but we haven’t left the world in worse shape than we found it. In fact, we’re responsible for some pretty remarkable developments that subsequent generations have largely taken for granted.

We made driving safer.
Created a new and intrusive law. Thanks!
We immortalized road trips and travel in general.
(face palm). Jack Kerouac was not a Boomer.
We pioneered rock ‘n’ roll.
We invented the internet.
Debatable, but I’ll let them have it.
We created personal computers.
We ushered in the era of screen time.
Talk about proud of the wrong things.
We launched Saturday Night Live.
World changing? Really?
We turned movies into cultural events.
Sorry, no.
We took volunteering to new heights.
Helping everyone but your own family – brilliant.
We stood up for LGBTQIA+ rights.
For this alone they deserve the pillow that’s coming.
We fought for gender equality.
See above – world changing in the worst way.
We protested war.
And changed nothing.
We kickstarted environmental activism.
(face palm)
We made waves in forensic analysis.
If the 80s were the all time high for serial killers, does this correlate to Boomers being serial killers?
We ended the Cold War.
We reduced the stigma around divorce.
For this alone they deserve the pillow that’s coming. World changing in the worst way.
We increased life expectancy.
Life expectancy is actually falling, but Boomers don’t care about facts.

Now, remember, these are the accomplishments of which the Boomers are proudest. These are the grand achievements of which they boast, against which their poison fruits must be balanced. This is the mark that they themselves believe they have left on society. And what the Boomers simply don’t understand is that even their self-declared accomplishments read like an indictment in the eyes of the younger generations, even if we have produced considerably more damning indictments of their wicked generation.


Only Cowards Don’t See Color

A lot of white people, particularly Boomers, proudly proclaim that they “don’t see color”. They seriously believe that’s not a character defect, but a virtue of some kind. The problem is that an unwillingness to recognize racial and ethnic identities is not a virtue, it’s a hideous and cowardly vice.

I wonder if the self-righteous colorblind can manage to see any color here?

A group of blacks attack a white couple in Maryland. These sickening attacks have become more and more common and the media remain tight lipped.

This sort of vibrant attack on a white couple is far from an isolated incident.

White woman tries to save her boyfriend from a black man, and he knocks her out cold. The hostility towards Whites is accelerating.

And they’re not going to end until whites decide that they can, after all, see what everyone else clearly can. Because, ladies and gentlemen, you’re the Indians now.


/pol/ Celebrates Pillow Day

On this great day of days, when Boomer icon Jimmy Buffet is no longer wasting away in Margaritaville and has now joined his “lost shaker of salt”, /pol/ summarizes the wicked generation.

Boomers have done it all with clear conscience, they knew they were crippling their own progeny. The system died in 2001 – 20 years ago. Boomers knew and still know this but in their narcissistic hubris it’s a good thing, as the boomer gets to die on top, “the last of the real men”, John Wayne in their own imaginations. The “Me generation” believes castrating their own male children via Cronos-esque child consuming behaviors, was a stroke of brilliance as now their sons could never surpass them, as to boomers such a thing would be “emasculating”. The boomer destroyed their sons and grandsons, and at 65 will saunter into Hooters and disgustingly “flirt” with 19-year-old waitresses. Even in their geriatric years they view young men as sexual competition. These utterly depraved creatures make me sick.

Boomers couldn’t live up to their fathers, so they made sure their sons couldn’t live up to them. Every generation in history shits on the generation that came after them. But the boomers are the only generation that have been hated by two generations before them, and three generations after them.

I suspect it will be considerably more than three. It’s educational to note the change in the average size of funerals over the last 30 years. When my grandfather died, people flew from all over the world to attend his funeral and pay their respects. In my youth, it wasn’t uncommon to see an entire church filled with mourners. Now, Boomers die and it doesn’t even occur to their children or their grandchildren to show up to bury them. Just incinerate and forget, and no worries about the probate since the grasshopper generation leaves nothing behind but a wasteland of debt.

There is no point in Boomers attempting to gaslight the younger generations, particularly GenX. We were there. We saw everything. We know exactly what happened and we observed how everything changed. And the point of repeatedly slamming the Boomer generation is to prevent future generations from making their dyscivic mistakes.

We’re not telling our children to postpone marriage and to pursue college degrees. We’re not telling them that children are a burden. We’re encouraging them to learn from the Boomer failures, and to learn from our failures, and to live better, more fulfilling, more God-fearing lives than we did.

Jimmy Buffett is dead. May the wicked spirit of his generation die with him.


Their Children Write Their Epitaphs

“It wasn’t until I had children of my own that I realized how utterly self centered and oblivious the boomer gen was.”

This is a very common GenX experience. And it’s all too typical that they call us “helicopter parents” because we don’t need the television to remind us that we have children at 10 PM every night. It’s also remarkable to see how little attention the Boomers pay their grandchildren, compared to how devoted our grandparents were to us.

A number of GenXers responded to this. A few samples:

  • My Greatest Gen Grandmother was frugal to the end and made sure to leave something behind, she took each of us Grandkids to Disney World when it was our turn. She would drive the two hours every year for our birthdays. When she died, the boomer children squabbled over and squandered the inheritance in a few years. My Boomer Father has seen my 3 yr old son (I’m a late gen X and didn’t have kids until my early 40s) once in real life but goes to St Martin once or twice a year.. “spending the inheritance”. Guess which generation I strive to emulate?
  • This has been my experience 100%. I let myself into an empty house from the time I was six years old, made myself something to eat, did my laundry, ironed my clothes (when I was a little older), and spent weeks alone starting at the age of eleven. I didn’t know I was being neglected, it was just my life. When my first daughter was born, I looked at her and felt overwhelming love and an awesome weight of responsibility. Over time, I came to realize the decisions that my boomer parents made. I decided to make different decisions. Not perfect ones always but as I get ready to send that daughter off to college, she knows that she is loved and will be supported by me and my wife of 28 years. I just told her today that she will graduate college with no debt and that my wife and I will be a support for her until we die. My kids barely know my parents (long-divorced) and my boomer in-laws are basically no help (with their golfing, vacations, active social lives etc.) They spend more than they make on two pensions and social security and with the complete lack of estate planning they have done, their three properties will no doubt have to be liquidated to pay their estate taxes. I used to be of the mindset of: “Generational labels were created to divide us.” That may be true in some ways, but the Boomer meme is real. And devastatingly accurate.
  • “Helicopter parents” Translation: Seeing your children as valuable, worthy of protection and mentoring while not seeing your children as an anchor holding you back from more happy hour drinks, your next fling and getting your corvette stingray fully restored. My sister and I ironically or not got a small inheritance from my grandparents ( Greatest gen) and a bill for cremation from our parents (Boomers of course.) Although I was expecting nothing from anyone, it was a real blessing to know the grandparents were thinking of us long before they were gone.

Some Boomers responded as well, with all of the introspection and openness to criticism for which their g-g-generation is so well known.

  • Boo-fucking hoo!! Let us all cry a fucking river of blood!😂Your world pass 18 is your responsibility. You think your life is hard because mean’ol boomer parents didn’t give you your way or no matter what they did you complain anyway? 😂😂😂 What pussy-asses we have in here. Let’s hear the scope of resentment towards me laughing at you fucking pussy-asses…. Come on pussies…. Let’s hear your weak ass responses and abomination of me.. If you complain, you’re a lazy fuck that depends on sympathy. 😂😂😂 I’m going to enjoy this…. Waiting.
  • I believe your data was a result of limited sample size, because I’m a so-called, Baby Boomer, and I’m exactly the complete opposite of what you’re falsely claiming as fact and all the rest of the Baby Boomer’s I know are like me also. Your conclusion is nothing more than 🐴💩‼️
  • In league with the enemy this fake issue is price for staying afloat, eh? The statues of men better than you being torn down because they were “bad men” is par to a non-existent division among our kind.
  • Another entitled X needing that scapegoat for it’s lazy and unproductive life.