Why the Smart Money is on China

In England, an Appeals Court ruled that parental consent is not required by children under 16 who wish to pretend that they are of the opposite sex and interfere with their physical development. In the USA, the Hellmouth is rabidly gnawing away at the foundations of Western civilization. Meanwhile, in China, the state-run media is hailing the state-run entertainment system that is encouraging families to have more children.

Two TV series based on families with several children have been launched recently and both of them have had stunning performance in terms of word of mouth and viewing numbers, and this could help Chinese audiences see the happiness of multiple-kid families and give them courage to have more children.

The TV dramas, Dear Parents and The Bond, were released online almost at the same time. Both focus on family relations in large-size families with at least five children and they have been viewed more than 2 billion times on Tencent Video in total.

The 43-episode series Dear Parents follows Liu Biyun and Jiang Tianhuai who became husband and wife in their second marriage. Liu had two children with her ex-husband and Jiang had three children with his ex-wife. The seven-member family lives under the same roof and they finally get closer after dealing with many problems.

The Bond focuses on a family surnamed Qiao that has five children. The mother of the family died when giving birth to the fifth son and the father, who should be the backbone of the family, reveals his true colors.

Selfish and unfeeling, the man turns all of his focus inward, leaving his children to fend for themselves. Realizing his father would never be the man he ought to be, the eldest son voluntarily steps into the role of caretaker. All Qiao siblings gradually become aware of the fact that they are on their own with their big brother, but are willing to do whatever is necessary to keep their family together.

I give it 18-24 months before Xi is declared the new Hitler by the media. He’s already advocating the Kinder and Kuche, all that is left is for him to embrace the Kirche.

BasedCon Sale

BasedCon survived a deplatforming attempt in July Currently underway in beautiful Norton Shores, Michigan, BasedCon has sold out and turned a profit in its debut outing. Celebrate this gathering for based authors and fans of science fiction and fantasy by topping off your library at a huge sale of based science fiction and fantasy books.

Every one of well over a hundred books in the sale is $0.99 or free right now. The offerings include works by John C. Wright, Fenton Wood, Jon del Arroz, Tom Kratman, Mark Wandrey, Larry Correia, Mike Massa, David Weber, C.J. Carella, Brian Niemeier, Alexander Hellene, Jon Mollison, Hans G. Schantz, and many, many more. This is a killer deal, and you’re supporting authors who don’t hate you.

Go check out the sale now!

Mailvox: Vaxx Zombies

There are an increasing number of reports, as well as some dire traffic statistics, that appear to indicate that the range of adverse vaxx effects may be broader, and more consequential, than anyone presently understands:

My family lives in Minnesota. The other day my Dad went out for a walk with one of his old coworkers from 3M, they went to battle creek park. As my Dad waited for his colleague, he sat on a bench facing a slow street. He said he noticed a truck with a bike on the back, in the middle of the street angled as if it was going to try to park on the side of the road. The young white driver, about 30, was slouched over the center console and would not get up. During the course of 15 minutes my dad watched him in a daze, making small movements trying to get up. His friend arrives shortly and my dad points this out to him.

Dad and friend agree to call 911, they arrive, they talk to the guy, the guy passes all the intoxication tests, befuddling my dad. Anyway, long story short, the cop let’s him drive away and several moments later my dad hears an incredibly loud metallic bang.

They turn and see the driver drove straight into a tree totalling the vehicle.

Hearing this, I thought, vaccine poisoning. Witnessing increasingly terrible drivers, accidents happening out of the blue to previously healthy individuals, I think we are going to see more of this type of stuff happen.

I don’t know exactly how this “vaxx zombie” phenomenon could be triggered by the vaxx, but I suppose anything that creates thrombosis, strokes, and blood clots in the brain must be capable of impairing human behavior in a variety of ways. I haven’t noticed anything like this myself, but then, it’s hard for me to distinguish between normal everyday MPAI and genuine physical impairment.


Machiavelli on the Haters

In his Discorsi, which are rapidly threatening to unseat the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius as my favorite practical guide to life, the Florentine analyst explains the futility of attempting to appease, accommodate, reason with, or otherwise win over those whose enmity is ultimately rooted in envy. It’s from Chapter 30, That a Citizen in His Own Republic Who Wishes to Employ His Authority for Some Good Work Must First Extinguish Envy:

This text takes note of what a good and wise man should do, of how much good it can bring about, and how great a benefit such actions can bestow upon his native city when, through his goodness and exceptional ability, he has extinguished envy, which is on many occasions the cause of men’s inability to do good deeds, since it does not permit them to enjoy the authority necessary in important matters. This envy is extinguished in two ways: either through some serious and difficult incident, where someone, seeing himself lost, defers every ambition and willingly races to obey the man he believes may, with his exceptional ability, deliver him; this happened to Camillus, who, having given so many indications of being a most excellent man, having been dictator three times, and having always conducted that office for the benefit of the public rather than for his own, had acted in such a way that men did not fear his greatness; and since he was so great and so renowned, they did not deem it shameful to be inferior to him (and for that reason, Livy wisely declares in these words: ‘nor did they believe, etc.’). * Such envy is extinguished in another way when, either through violence or the natural course of events, those men die who have been your competitors in attaining a certain reputation and a certain level of greatness; such men will never be able to acquiesce or remain patient, seeing you are more highly esteemed than they. Furthermore, when they are men accustomed to living in a corrupt city, where education has produced no good in them whatsoever, in order to fulfil their wishes and to satisfy their perversity of mind, they will be happy to see the ruin of their native city.

To conquer such envy, there is no other remedy than the death of those who feel it, and when fortune is so favourable to a man of exceptional ability that he dies in a normal fashion, he becomes illustrious without scandal from the moment that, without any obstacle or harm, he can demonstrate his exceptional skill. But when he does not have such good fortune, he must think about every means of removing the envious from his path, and before he does anything else, he needs to adopt methods that will overcome this difficulty. Anyone who reads the Bible intelligently will see that, in order to advance his laws and his institutions, Moses was forced to kill countless men, who were moved to oppose his plans by nothing more than envy. * Brother Girolamo Savonarola recognized this necessity very clearly; Piero Soderini, the standard-bearer of Florence, also recognized it. The former (that is, the priest) could not overcome envy, because he lacked sufficient authority to do so, and because he was not well understood by those who followed him and who might have possessed such authority. Nevertheless, he did what he could, and his sermons are full of accusations and invectives against the wise men of the world: for this is what he called such envious men as well as those who opposed his institutions. The latter believed he could extinguish that envy in the passing of time through kindness, his own good fortune, and favours to some; he saw himself to be rather young and with the great new popularity his mode of conduct brought him, he believed he could overcome those many who opposed him out of envy without any unusual acts, violence, or disorder, and he did not know that time does not wait, kindness is insufficient, fortune varies, and malice receives no gift that placates her. In this way both of these two men came to ruin, and their downfall was caused by not knowing how or not being able to overcome this envy.

Discourses, Machiavelli

If it sounds a little bit too much like the average suburban mother’s analysis – they’re just being mean to you because they are jealous of you – keep in mind that Machiavelli literally recommends having them executed. While that isn’t generally an option for people who are not Roman consuls, Renaissance princes, or dark lords, what that means in a practical quotidian sense is that one should pay absolutely no attention to anything that the trolls, haters, and critics want, and one should not ever bother to engage with them in any way.

It’s really rather remarkable how many of the great minds of the past clearly observed the gamma mindset in action, they simply never happened to label it.

I view this section as additional support for my decision to not revive the comments here on the blog, as well as for the autoblocking of every social media account that attempts to correct, criticize, or contradict my posts on the posts themselves. While I neither object to nor mind correction, criticism, or being contradicted, those who wish to do so can do so on their own time, in their own space. As it happens, very little is lost this way, as the noise-to-signal ratio is so great that the extinction of the envious from the discourse is well worth the cost of losing the occasional substantive critique.


India Defeated Covid with Ivermectin

It’s not up for debate anymore. The expensive mRNA fake vaccine approach has completely failed, with Antibody Dependent Enhancement and Vaccine Enhanced Infection “breakthroughs” now outnumbering the number of unvaccinated people being infected everywhere from Israel to Ireland. Meanwhile, in India, the disease has been all but eradicated by a US-size state that has relied upon a cheap, well-known, Nobel Prize-winning medication.

Uttar Pradesh, India — 33 districts in that state have been declared “Covid-free.”

Well, ok, not that entirely the entire state is Covid free, but close enough.

241 million people, 199 active cases. The positive test rate is currently 0.01%. In other words, statistically zero.


It’s not vaccination; statistically-speaking none of their people have been vaccinated while, according to JAMA’s study approximately 62% of the population of the US showed vaccine-generated antibodies as of May.

I bet you can figure out how they did it and it will only require one word too.

If you’re having trouble, well, read here because it’s fully explained and that one word is not vaccines.

Tell me again why hospitals, doctors and so-called “public health experts” still have a microphone to use; as I advocated for many, many months ago Utter Pradesh has cut off forward transmission of the virus with a cheap and safe drug.

No transmission, no epidemic. Period. It’s that simple.

This is a state that has a per-capita GDP of about $1,000, a total GDP of $240 billion, 40% of the citizens are below the poverty line, well above average for the nation as a whole.

It is a poor state and worse, the most-populous in the nation and has extremely high-density cities — the most-fertile environment imaginable for a pandemic virus — yet they slayed Covid with a cheap, wildly-available drug.

The fake vaccines aren’t just evil Satanic initiation rites that are intended to reduce the global population, they are also irrelevant, ineffective, and obviously unnecessary.

UPDATE: A direct comparison of how Utter Pradesh (241 million) is doing compared to the United States (331 million)

A population comparable to the US went from about 35,000 cases and 350 deaths per day to nearly ZERO within weeks of adding Ivermectin to their protocol. By comparison, the United States is the lower graph. On August 5, here in the good ol’ USA, blessed with the glorious vaccines, we have 127,108 new cases per day and 574 new deaths.

Let us look at the August 5 numbers from Uttar Pradesh with 2/3 of our population. Uttar Pradesh, using Ivermectin, had a total of 26 new cases and exactly THREE deaths. The US without Ivermectin has precisely 4889 times as many daily cases and 191 times as many deaths as Uttar Pradesh with Ivermectin.

It is not even close. Countries do orders of magnitude better WITH Ivermectin.

Why Old Books Matter

Compare and contrast the lies of this so-called “conservative” with an objective historical account from 110 years ago.

There is no Palestinian land, plain and simple. If there were, when would it have been founded, and by whom? What would its borders have been, and what about the name of its capital? What would its major cities have been? What would have constituted the basis of its economy? What form of government would it have lived under?

Was Palestine ever recognized as an entity by another country? By whom? What was the language of the country called Palestine? What was Palestine’s religion? What was the name of its currency?

There Was Never a Country Called Palestine, American Thinker, 12 February 2012

Mr. Sobel’s posturing notwithstanding, the easily verifiable fact is that the entry for this supposedly nonexistent land called PALESTINE in the 1911 Encyclopedia Brittanica runs for 27 pages. The entry answers all of Mr. Sobel’s rhetorical questions, and then some, in considerable detail. A brief selection:

PALESTINE, a geographical name of rather loose application. Etymological strictness would require it to denote exclusively the narrow strip of coast-land once occupied by the Philistines, from whose name it is derived. It is, however, conventionally used as a name for the territory which, in the Old Testament, is claimed as the inheritance of the pre-exilic Hebrews; thus it may be said generally to denote the southern third of the province of Syria. Except in the west, where the country is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the limit of this territory cannot be laid down on the map as a definite line. The modern subdivisions under the jurisdiction of the Ottoman Empire are in no sense conterminous with those of antiquity, and hence do not afford a boundary by which Palestine can be separated exactly from the rest of Syria in the north, or from the Sinaitic and Arabian deserts in the south and east; nor are the records of ancient boundaries sufficiently full and definite to make possible the complete demarcation of the country. Even the convention above referred to is inexact: it includes the Philistine territory, claimed but never settled by the Hebrews, and excludes the outlying parts of the large area claimed in Num. xxxiv. as the Hebrew possession (from the “River of Egypt” to Hamath).

Population.—The inhabitants of Palestine are composed of a large number of elements, differing widely in ethnological affinities, language and religion. It may be interesting to mention, as an illustration of their heterogeneousness, that early in the 20th century a list of no less than fifty languages, spoken in Jerusalem as vernaculars, was there drawn up by a party of men whose various official positions enabled them to possess accurate information on the subject. It is therefore no easy task to write concisely and at the same time with sufficient fullness on the ethnology of Palestine.

There are two classes into which the population of Palestine can be divided—the nomadic and the sedentary. The former is especially characteristic of Eastern Palestine, though Western Palestine also contains its full share. The pure Arab origin of the Bedouins is recognized in common conversation in the country, the word “Arab” being almost restricted to denote these wanderers, and seldom applied to the dwellers in towns and villages. It should be mentioned that there is another, entirely independent, nomad race, the despised Nowar, who correspond to the gipsies or tinkers of European countries. These people live under the poorest conditions, by doing smith’s work; they speak among themselves a Romani dialect, much contaminated with Arabic in its vocabulary.

The sedentary population of the country villages—the fellahin, or agriculturists—is, on the whole, comparatively unmixed; but traces of various intrusive strains assert themselves. It is by no means unreasonable to suppose that there is a fundamental Canaanite element in this population: the “hewers of wood and drawers of water” often remain undisturbed through successive occupations of a land; and there is a remarkable correspondence of type between many of the modern fellahin and skeletons of ancient inhabitants which have been recovered in the course of excavation. New elements no doubt came in under the Assyrian, Persian and Roman dominations, and in more recent times there has been much contamination. The spread of Islam introduced a very considerable Neo-Arabian infusion. Those from southern Arabia were known as the Yaman tribe, those from northern Arabia the Kais (Qais). These two divisions absorbed the previous peasant population, and still nominally exist; down to the middle of the 19th century they were a fruitful source of quarrels and of bloodshed. The two great clans were further subdivided into families, but these minor divisions are also being gradually broken down. In the 19th century the short-lived Egyptian government introduced into the population an element from that country which still persists in the villages. These newcomers have not been completely assimilated with the villagers among whom they have found a home; the latter despise them, and discourage intermarriage.

Some of the larger villages—notably Bethlehem—which have always been leavened by Christianity, and with the development of industry have become comparatively prosperous, show tangible results of these happier circumstances in a higher standard of physique among the men and of personal appearance among the women. It is not uncommon in popular writings to attribute this superiority to a crusader strain—a theory which no one can possibly countenance who knows what miserable degenerates the half-breed descendants of the crusaders rapidly became, as a result of their immoral life and their ignorance of the sanitary precautions necessary in a trying climate.

The population of the larger towns is of a much more complex nature. In each there is primarily a large Arab element, consisting for the greater part of members of important and wealthy families. Thus, in Jerusalem, much of the local influence is in the hands of the families of El-Khalidi, El-Husseini and one or two others, who derive their descent from the heroes of the early days of Islam. The Turkish element is small, consisting exclusively of officials sent individually from Constantinople. There are very large contingents from the Mediterranean countries, especially Armenia, Greece and Italy, principally engaged in trade. The extraordinary development of Jewish colonization has since 1870 effected a revolution in the balance of population in some parts of the country, notably in Jerusalem. There are few residents in the country from the more eastern parts of Asia—if we except the Turkoman settlements in the Jaulan, a number of Persians, and a fairly large Afghan colony that since 1905 has established itself in Jaffa. The Mutāwileh (Motawila), who form the majority of the inhabitants of the villages north-west of Galilee, are probably long-settled immigrants from Persia. Some tribes of Kurds live in tents and huts near Lake Huleh. If the inmates of the countless monastic establishments be excluded, comparatively few from northern or western Europe will remain: the German “Templar” colonies being perhaps the most important. There must also be mentioned a Bosnian colony established at Caesarea Palestina, and the Circassian settlements placed in certain centres of Eastern Palestine by the Turkish government in order to keep a restraint on the Bedouin: the latter are also found in Galilee. There was formerly a large Sudanese and Algerian element in the population of some of the large towns, but these have been much reduced in numbers since the beginning of the 20th century: the Algerians however still maintain themselves in parts of Galilee.

The most interesting of all the non-Arab communities in the country, however, is without doubt the Samaritan sect in Nablus (Shechem); a gradually disappearing body, which has maintained an independent existence from the time when they were first settled by the Assyrians to occupy the land left waste by the captivity of the kingdom of Israel.

The total population of the country is roughly estimated at 650,000, but no authentic official census exists from which satisfactory information on this point is obtainable. Some two-thirds of this number are Moslems, the rest Christians of various sects, and Jews. The largest town in Palestine is Jerusalem, estimated to contain a population of about 60,000. The other towns of above 10,000 inhabitants are Jaffa (45,000), Gaza (35,000), Safed (30,000), Nablus (25,000), Kerak (20,000), Hebron (18,500), Es-Salt (15,000), Acre (11,000), Nazareth (11,000).

Encyclopedia Brittanica 1911, Vol. 19-20 MUN to PAY

The liars and propagandists should be considerably more cautious about attempting to deceive the literate with their lies about history. The truth tends to reveal rather more than they were originally attempting to hide.

JERUSALEM, the chief city of Palestine. Letters found at Tell el-Amarna in Egypt, written by an early ruler of Jerusalem, show that the name existed under the form Urusalim, i.e. “City of Salim” or “City of Peace,” many years before the Israelites under Joshua entered Canaan.

Encyclopedia Brittanica 1911, Vol. 13-14 HAR to ITA


The Vaccine is the Virus

An in-depth and informative interview with two French vaccine experts, one of whom, Dr. Christian Perrone, was the Vice-President of the European Advisory Group to the World Health Organisation and was in charge of France’s vaccine program from 1994 to 2020:

Mike Robinson: Professor Perronne, I’d like to delve into hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in a little more detail in a minute, but before we get there, you said something in your last comment there that just raises a question. Is there currently a pandemic? What you said suggests there isn’t. Was there ever a pandemic?

But, as well as that, with respect to the “variants”: the mainstream media and the politicians are pushing—on the normal Sunday morning politics programmes—once again very strongly that the “Delta variant” and the “subsequent variants” which are coming along are going to have an extremely negative impact on anyone who’s unvaccinated at the moment. They’re saying that this coming winter, the “vaccinated” are going to be fine generally, but the unvaccinated are going to have a very hard time.

So is there a pandemic, was there ever a pandemic, but as well as that, should the unvaccinated be afraid of the current “variants” that are out there, and the coming “variants”?

Christian Perronne: Exactly the reverse! Vaccinated people are at risk of the new variants. In transmission, it’s been proven now in several countries that vaccinated people should be put in quarantine and isolated from society. Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous to others. That’s been proven in Israel now, where I’m in contact with many physicians. They’re having big problems in Israel now: severe cases in hospitals are among vaccinated people. And in the UK also, you had a larger vaccination programme and there are problems [there] also.

But also, the “variants” are not very dangerous. All the “variants” since last year are less and less virulent. That’s always the story in infectious diseases. In my hospital, in March-April 2020, the whole building was full of people with Covid-19: fifty patients. And the so-called “second”, “third”, “fourth waves” were just very small waves, because the hospitals are not full any more. But in the media, they said that all the hospitals were full of patients. That’s not true. Of course, the epidemic was going on, but the “variants” were less and less virulent.

You know, in August 2020, they said, “The ‘Spanish variant’ will kill all of Europe!”—but in the end, there was no real problem.

After that, they said, “The British variant!”, and after that, “The New Zealand variant!”, and “The American variant!”, and “The South African variant!”, and so on. All that is only media stuff. It’s not scientifically-based. The “Delta variant” is of very low virulence. If you look at the official rates of the disease and of death in Brazil and India, which were the two last countries in the world with an active transmission of the disease, all the curves are going down. And now, the epidemic is quite over in many countries worldwide.

Yet now, you have governments obliging their citizens to be inoculated with these so-called “vaccines”—and in the countries where they did that, once the epidemic was [already] finished, the epidemic came back, and deaths started again.

In Vietnam, for example, it was an amazing success, they had only a few dozen deaths over more than a year, [the epidemic] was finished, and then one of the ministers said, “We have to vaccinate the whole population!” It’s now nearly mandatory, and after the start of this vaccination campaign, the epidemic came back and fatal cases occurred again. That’s proof that these inoculations are not a vaccine, but may facilitate the reappearance of the disease and also of deaths.

Read the whole thing. It’s increasingly clear that Russian military intelligence was essentially correct in its analysis of the situation. There was never any pandemic, as the “fear the deadly virus” campaign was a massive psychological operation designed to kill as many as five birds at once, but most importantly, freeze the global economy to prevent the financial crash that was imminent at the time.

  • Prevent a financial crash and credit evaporation
  • Weaken Xi Xinping and punish China for choosing nationalism over globalism
  • Prevent the re-election of Donald Trump
  • Produce billions in profit for various corporations in the pharmaceutical and medical industries
  • Provide a foundation for the human depopulation agenda

Meanwhile, the servants of Satan at Pfizer have now announced that they will seek vaccination of children as young as six months:

Pfizer to seek US vaccine approval for children between 6 months and 5 years in November