Accountability is Unavoidable

The professional vaxxers are getting worried that their victims are going to hold them personally responsible for what they did:

I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day, from small town Saskatchewan, and he said their local public health nurse has resigned due to death threats. Her father warned her not give the COVID shots, because, he said, “You don’t know what’s in them.” But she was super pro vaccines, so she administered them left, right, and center, and contacted the seniors in her community to come in and “get vaccinated”. She was also somewhat infamous for administering immunizations at the school without parental consent. Well… since 2021, seniors in that small community have been dropping like flies and now, three years later, people are putting two and two together. And they are UPSET.

Then I heard later, of pastors getting death threats for pushing the shot on their congregations for the same reason, so many deaths and side effects. As a side note: if your church is registered under the Canada Corporations Act, it is possible that your pastor or deacon was offered money, by the government to get as many parishioners jabbed up as possible. (If your church issues receipts for charitable donations, it’s registered under the Canada Corporations Act, in case you’re a church going individual and are wondering if this applies to your particular church.)

And now the rats are jumping ship, as well. Health Canada is now saying they were “not aware” that there was DNA in the COVID vaccines. I have a grade nine education and I “was aware’ in 2020, already, that there was sketchy DNA in those shots. If I knew, they knew. And every day I hear of a fresh politician coming out and saying the whole COVID thing was handled wrong, and the vax pass was a bad idea, and they hadn’t supported it from the get-go, and blah, blah, blah. To be clear, they knew EXACTLY what they were doing. Nobody who was pushing this agenda, masks, vaccines, lockdowns, etc. was in the dark. I believe there were unsuspecting individuals who got the shots who didn’t know. But any health care professional, pastor, or politician who was pushing them, or any cop who was enforcing this crap, had been warned by somebody.

Us “anti-vaxxers” have said enough; it’s not our job to hold anybody accountable. But those of you who got it because of pressure from your doctor, your family member who is a nurse, your pastor, your boss, whoever. Hold those people accountable. This is a terrible, terrible thing that has been perpetrated on the world, and the spin off effects will go on for years. Never forget. I’m not saying don’t forgive, but we cannot forget, or it WILL happen again. It will take on a different face, but it will happen again.

I think it will be very difficult for the law to find much fault with the actual victims hounding those who victimized them and materially harmed them, whether their actions were based in fear, misplaced virtue-signaling, or greed. As time goes on, and it becomes ever more clear that the vaxxed have been seriously damaged by the various substances injected into them, I won’t blame any victim who seeks retribution beyond mere ostracism and disemployment.

We can’t be certain that all of the parties responsible for every step of the process were mass-murderers, although some of them at the top almost certainly knew exactly what they were doing and intended the lethal outcomes. But those who administrated the vaxx should confess that they committed mass-manslaughter, as they provably did lethal harm without malice aforethought.

The fundamental problem is that the governments are unlikely to be able to control any future vigilante justice because they have negative incentive to permit the victims to seek legal justice, being themselves among the guilty parties.