A Free Pass on Beating Children

Minnesota public schools have completely embraced Somalialand:

In Savage, Minnesota, a distressing incident unfolded at Hidden Valley Elementary School, where a nine-year-old girl was reportedly attacked by classmates for not being Muslim. Shawna Larson, the girl’s mother, shared that her daughter was assaulted during a school playground event, prompting an urgent discussion with the school’s principal and teacher. Despite the severity of her injuries, which included a black eye and multiple bruises, Larson was dissatisfied with the school’s handling of the situation, feeling that the response lacked the necessary rigor and consequences for the attackers.

The alleged assault led Larson to file a report with the Savage Police Department, highlighting a disturbing trend where she feels that racial and religious motives are overlooked in school settings. This incident has raised significant concerns about safety and the enforcement of disciplinary actions in educational environments. Larson was particularly troubled by the lack of immediate action against the students involved, noting that no suspensions or expulsions were issued.

History strongly suggests that the beatings will not end until Christians re-establish crusades and inquisitions in their societies. But I could certainly be wrong, and if being nice and civil to strangers are, as the good Scandinavian Lutherans of Minnesota always insist, the only correct solution, no doubt we can expect to see things rapidly begin moving in the right direction soon.