No, Harry, No!

Prince Harry has left readers wincing with his account of applying Elizabeth Arden cream used by his late mother to his frostbitten penis in 2011. The moment appears in his explosive memoir Spare, with a clip from the audiobook narrated by the Duke of Sussex himself making the rounds on social media, where horrified readers have called it a ‘Freudian nightmare.’ In the passage, Harry recalls that his late mother Princess Diana used to apply the cream to her lips, and says the smell of the product made him feel like his mother ‘was right there in the room’ before he applied the cream to his penis.

We’ve officially reached the point where satanic humiliation ritual may be the most optimistic explanation for Harry Markle’s behavior. Who ghostwrote this for him, Jordan Peterson?


When Jordan Took the Ticket

A Twitter user wonders why Jordan Peterson is so insistent on blaming the victims of sexual abuse and claiming that it is nothing more than a figment of their imaginations.

Jordan Peterson (for some reason) frantically explaining how “satanic pedophile rings” are simply the product of the minds of schizophrenic mothers and confused children. This video appears to have been completely scrubbed from the Internet. 🤔 Curious.

It’s not very well-known that one of Jordan Peterson’s early appearances in the media was an attempt to explain away a Canadian pedophile ring that went back to the 1960s. I didn’t address it in Jordanetics because there wasn’t really anything to say about it at the time other than the weirdness of Peterson inserting himself into the investigation. And yet, this sort of thing appears to surround him on a regular basis.

Toronto police have reportedly spoken with Jordan Peterson, the controversial Canadian academic and author, as part of an ongoing investigation in Northern Ireland into the “bizarre” disappearance and death of a 14-year-old boy.

It’s no wonder that Jordan Peterson hates himself and needs to drugs himself into oblivion just to get through the dark nights. He’s probably too sensitive to the evil that, if Maps of Meaning is any guide, has surrounded him since he was a child, and too aware of what appears to be his complicity in it.

TORONTO – It’s been more than 10 years since allegations that a pedophile ring operated in eastern Ontario first made national headlines.

And long after the dust has settled from the tome that is the Cornwall inquiry report some will continue to believe in a conspiracy to cover-up the truth, experts and observers say.

Commissioner G. Normand Glaude concluded Tuesday that children were sexually abused by people in positions of authority and that public institutions failed victims by mishandling complaints dating back to the 1960s.

But many were looking to him to lay to rest a more sinister explanation for those events, that it was the work of a pedophile ring and a cover-up that reached all the way to the Attorney General’s office was at play.

He did not, saying in his 1600-page report that he would not make an unequivocal statement about the theory either way.

For some, it may not have mattered.

An explanation that to some appears to debunk a conspiracy theory just further confirms others’ suspicions, said University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan B. Peterson.

“It’s very difficult to disprove a conspiracy theory, because every bit of disproving evidence can be just written off as additional evidence that these conspirators are particularly intelligent and sneaky,” he said.

Conspiracy theories are usually started by people who are very untrusting and it gathers steam among others who are somewhat untrusting, Peterson said.

They’re psychologically compelling because they neatly tie together troubling facts or assertions, he said. When things go badly there are often many explanations, and an orchestrated conspiracy “should be pretty low on your list of plausible hypotheses,” Peterson said.

“A good rule of thumb is: Don’t presume malevolence where stupidity is sufficient explanation,” he said. “Organizations can act badly and things can fall apart without any group of people driving that.”

Pedophile Ring Theory in Cornwall, Ont., Will Likely Continue to Swirl, Allison Jones, Winnipeg Free Press , December 17, 2009

That reads so much differently in the post-Epstein and Saville era than it did before we had conclusive evidence that there are persistent pedophile rings operating among the government and bureaucratic elites across the West, doesn’t it?

And here is a much more reliable rule of thumb: anyone who tries to blame obviously wicked actions on stupidity and incompetence instead of evil is probably complicit in that evil and is attempting to cover for it. Because there is no inherent contradiction between evil and stupidity.

UPDATE: It could get worse. A lot worse.

Before Tammy Peterson devoted her time to supporting her husband as an advisor, she worked professionally as a massage therapist. Tammy has also been an avid foster parent since she was 30, housing many children from orphanages in and around Canada.

She just loves kids, apparently. Such an amazing devotion to children.


They Call Him “Teacher”

Dr. Peterson is having his “they like me, they really like me” moment.

You know, when people meet me on the street, they’ll say things. I met a couple of Orthodox Jews in New York and they said to me, on the street, that they called me Rabbi, which was – emotional, teary-eyed pause – It’s a hell of a thing!

Let’s hope he makes the most of it before he is inevitably hurled from the high horse.


James Delingpole Catches Up

By disavowing Jordan Peterson. His take is particularly damning because he gave Jordan Peterson every possible benefit of the doubt, but to no avail:

One of the more disappointing gigs of my life was An Evening With Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson & Douglas Murray at the O2 arena in 2018. It had been billed as ‘the Woodstock of live speaking and debate’ but, just like its rainwashed predecessor, it was all hype and no trousers. I walked out half way through, which was a bit embarrassing, given that I was in one of the more visible front row seats, that the PR from whom I’d got my free tickets was nearby and that Douglas was a friend.

In my head – and a subsequent article – I persuaded myself I’d quite enjoyed it and that I just needed to leave early because the O2 was miles from civilisation and I wanted to get back home. In my heart, though, I knew it had been shit. Harris had droned on, as he always does, about Marcus Aurelius. Peterson had been abstruse, remote, obfuscatory – by which I mean he was using lots of words, in that annoying wheedling voice of his, to tell us very little. And, like Led Zeppelin not playing Stairway To Heaven, he was determinedly refusing to offer any gobbets of juicy red meat to his puppyishly eager and forgiving young male audience. Douglas was feline and quite funny, but that was about it.

So why didn’t I say at the time that the Emperor was wearing no clothes? Because back then I wanted so badly to believe that he was. Peterson, I thought, just had to be a good thing because lots of people on my side of the argument, all the edgy right-wing contrarian types, were saying he was. We’d read – or even written – many pleasing articles celebrating how well he was doing (earning well over a million a year playing huge arenas like this one), which was just great because we were used to living in a culture where only liberals and leftists were rewarded. Peterson was our guy because though he came from leftie academe, he was sticking it the libs. He’d destroyed that prissy left-wing interviewer called Cathy Newman who’d tried to get the better of him on Channel 4 news; he was down with Pepe the Frog; his bestselling book was punchy, savvy, digestible; he said clever, funny stuff about lobsters. He was leading the backlash against the destruction of Western Civilisation.

Except, we now know, he wasn’t. Peterson is a bad actor – and probably was so all along.

Vox Day was ahead of the game on this as he so often is. As early as 2018, he published the (so I gather: I really must read it) corrosive and utterly damning Jordanetics: A Journey Into the Mind of Humanity’s Greatest Thinker. It has taken most of the rest of us till now to catch up.

For me, the clincher was watching a video called Jordan Peterson Dismantled, which argues, plausibly I think, that Peterson’s goal is not to bolster the political right but to neutralise it. That was made three years ago, so I’m a bit late to the party. The reason I’m thinking about him now – to be honest I’d pretty much stopped doing so since that 2018 snoozefest – is because one or two people on my side still appear to be taking him seriously. And I don’t think they should. He’s a menace.

Peterson is a bad actor. He’s a very bad actor in both sense of the term. He’s now such an obvious psychosexual train wreck that it’s astonishing anyone still even tries to take him seriously.


The Global Moral Compass

Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro are putting on their little rhetorical soft-shoe routine in Jerusalem:

Dr. Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychologist, and owner of one of the most listened-to podcasts in the world said last night (Thursday), while he tearfully pleaded with those present in the International Convention Center in Jerusalem to protect the holy city.

Peterson said: “As Jews in Israel, are you telling the greatest story ever told? Well, you decide that by how you live. And what you do will affect the world – for one reason or another, it’s not so easy to understand, everyone looks here to see, well, how are you actually doing, under this tremendous assault of adversarial criticism, as this little, tiny people in the middle of no man’s land in some real sense, as a -what would you say – cardinal model of the nation-state and the city on the hill. You have a tremendous moral responsibility, like you have, perhaps, for your entire history, for reasons that are very difficult to understand, and I think it is true, in some real sense, that the fate of the world depends on the decisions of the people of Israel. Just as the fate of the world depends on the decision of every individual, so you make yourself a shining light on the hill, right? You attract people here because of what you’re capable of doing. You show the world what the holy city could look like. Because we need it. We need it, and it’s up to you to do it. Thank you very much.”

Ben Shapiro, the well-known American political commentator, and the owner of the media body The Daily Wire explained that in his eyes, Jerusalem, chosen especially by the two as the place where they will appear when they arrive together in Israel, is a global moral compass. “We have returned to an era in which divine rule does not come from above, not through laws, not through logic and not even through providing a sufficient explanation, but through force alone. When chaos ruled everything.”

You have to love the Petersonian bafflegarble. It just sounds so deeply sincere while simultaneously saying absolutely nothing. But when you’re relying upon a definitely-not-meth addict and a manufactured fast-talking media whore to define the moral compass for the world, you’re most definitely serving Satan in some capacity. As anyone who knows anything at all about the history of modern Israel is aware, despite being a remarkable success story, it provides absolutely no basis whatsoever for a functional stand-alone civilization, let alone a model for the nations.

Imagine the average U.S. Home Owner’s Association Karen, except the entire neighborhood is entirely comprised of male and female Karens. I am reliably informed, by Israelis, that is a reasonable analogy for daily life in Israel. Which is fine, if one happens to enjoy conversations about conversations, but sounds remarkably like Hell to less extroverted personalities. I’m all for the right of Israelis to live in Israel however they see fit, but let’s see it survive for a single decade – or even for a single year – without relying upon any outside funding or support, before holding it up as a successful model worthy of imitation elsewhere.

“We couldn’t think of a better opening for the new year than with an event like this, with the participation of our three greatest minds,” commented Amiad Cohen, CEO of Tikva Israel Fund.

So Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro are as good as they’ve got? That sound you hear is Wang Hunin, laughing himself sick, in Chinese.


The Self-Immolation of Jordan Peterson

He really is the gift to humanity that keeps on giving. Did I not tell you he was quite literally crazy? Did I not observe that he was the product of multigenerational sexual abuse? And was the cover of Jordanetics not eerily prescient? Jordan Peterson’s inept excursion into poetry is simultaneously one of the funniest – and one of the saddest – things we will ever have the good fortune to witness in our lives.

Hello everyone! I’d like to tell you very briefly about my new book. It’s called An ABC of Childhood Tragedy. It’s illustrated and designed by Juliette Foger who’s the illustrator, who managed the illustrations for my last book, Beyond Order, published by Libra Press. It’s coming out mid-October, right now, it’s coming out just in a few days.

I wrote these poems, it’s 26 poems, one for each letter of the alphabet. I wrote these poems when I was doing a lot of clinical work and seeing the sorts of terrible things that happened within people’s families, and I suppose in some sense it was an attempt to blow off some steam. The book itself and the project is an attempt to investigate the Nexus, let’s say, of beauty and tragedy and humor, a strange triad, and maybe I’ll read you a couple of the alphabet poems so you get some sense of what you’re in for if you dare to buy the book. It’s pretty rough so be warned.

Adela, an abusive sprout
Was fond of teasing little brats
They finally jumped her One Fine Day
And now Adela’s locked away

D – this is a very rough one.
Dick was a damaged little boy
Who’s prancing father made him coy
When he ended up in jail
All competed for his tail.

Frederick was sadly flawed
After he was madly pawed,
By his neighbor deeply awed
Where the hell was Christian God

Well, so these are a bit Brothers Grimm-like I suppose. Pretty brutal, terribly comical, perhaps, if you have that sense of humor, very beautiful. Juliet did a wonderful job, we have some music coming out to accompany it. It’ll be quite a contentious project, to say the least, and so if you’re interested in such things, if you liked A Nightmare Before Christmas, if you like Edward Gorey and his Victorian Catastrophes in Poetic Form, then maybe you’ll like An ABC of Childhood Tragedy.

Happy Reading, folks.

I know, you’re thinking that this has to be a parody, or some sort of cruel caricature. But, as has repeatedly proven to be the case with the Most Influential Thinker in All of Human History, reality easily exceeds even the most vicious satire. And the only thing funnier than the book itself is the hundreds of comments by Peterson fans that are actually praising his doggerel.

  • Hundreds of years from now, humanity is going to look back and recognize this man’s brilliance and contributions to the world. Thank you Doctor Peterson.
  • A wonderful gift for those who dare traverse the mysteriously gothic shadows from the creative depths of Petersons mind.
  • Jordan, you impact my soul, you reach into my heart where all the pain lives and you help me identify and pick it out bit by bit. I’m all alone in there except I allow you in every once in a while to coach me along, keep me away from shame and guilt. Thank you for being the fatherly figure I never had and have never met.
  • Another gem comes out of JP’s brilliant mind. God bless the man.
  • this book is going to be SO very therapeutic for so many of us.
  • Wow! I didn’t know Jordan could also write such beautiful art!

I’m not going to lie. This book is going right to the top of my Christmas list. I just hope no one sane reaches Jordan Peterson in time to stop its publication. But it is, quite literally, inspirational, as I was inspired to commit a little alphabetical doggerel of my own.


Jordan was a wicked man
Who wrote bad rhymes that didn’t scan
And demonstrated his obsessions
With incestuous transgressions


More Adventures in Bafflegarble

Starring, as always, Jordan Peterson.

“Well, the question ‘Did that happen?’ begs the question ‘What do you mean by happen?’
“Because when you deal with fundamental reality and you pose a question, you have to understand that the reality of the concept of your question when you’re digging that deep are just as questionable about as what you’re questioning!
“Now so people say to me, ‘What do… do you believe in God?’
“And I say, ‘OK; there’s a couple of mysteries in that question.’
“What do you mean, ‘do?’
“What do you mean, ‘you?’
“What do you mean ‘believe?’
“And what do you mean, ‘God?’
“And you say as the questioner, ‘Well, we already know what all those things mean except belief in God.
“And I think, ‘No! If we’re going to get down to the fundamental brass tacks, we don’t know what ANY of those things mean.’”

This is what happens when you’re not very intelligent, you’ve never read any Greek, Roman, or Christian philosophy, you have a Christ complex, and you’ve sold your soul to the Prometheans. The addiction to Definitely Not Meth and what appears to be a multi-generational history of sexual abuse probably don’t help.

Every single one of you who ever thought that Jordan Peterson was anything more than a complete intellectual fraud should be ashamed of yourselves. Remember precisely what you did, and what you thought, the next time you’re tempted to tell me I’m wrong about someone.

My track record of predicting future events may be flawed – I am not a prophet and I make no pretense of being one – but my track record of calling out intellectual charlatans is flawless.

Speaking of charlatans, it will probably surprise no one that the multi-vaxxed Scott Adams is impressed by the Petersonian bafflegarble.

This is an interesting “one screen, two movies” situation. If you think he is talking about the dictionary definition of words, it sounds stupid. If you understand his point about how much of reality our brains can access, it makes perfect sense.


She’s Not Wrong

She may be fake-dating a little gay British man and have stumpy little legs, but Olivia Wilde is clearly brighter than the average Hellmouth whore. Jordan Peterson cried in public because Wilde correctly identified him as “an insane pseudo-intellectual”.

Jordan Peterson had tears in his eyes as he said he was not ‘bothered’ by the movie star calling him an ‘insane pseudo-intellectual hero’ to the ‘incel’ community as she revealed he was her inspiration for a character played by Chris Pine in Don’t Worry Darling.

‘We based that character on this insane man, Jordan Peterson, who is this pseudo-intellectual hero to the incel community,’ Wilde said, adding that incels are a community of ‘disenfranchised, mostly white men, who believe they are entitled to sex from women.’

When asked whether he agrees with Wilde’s assessment that he is an ‘intellectual hero’ to incel men, Peterson became emotional and had tears in his eyes, before insisting that her comments ‘really didn’t bother me’.

Peterson said that he was a ‘hero’ to incels or ‘involuntary celibates’ – a mostly online group of young men who believe society unjustly denies them sexual or romantic attention. Speaking on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Peterson said: ‘Sure, why not. People have been after me for a long time because I’ve been speaking to disaffected men – and what a terrible thing to do that is.’

Peterson then paused as he became emotional and tried to fight back tears, before adding: ‘I thought the marginalized were supposed to have a voice.’ Speaking about how Wilde branded him ‘this insane man’ and a ‘pseudo-intellectual’ who appealed to an ‘incel community’, Peterson said: ‘You know, as far as critique goes, that was kind of low level.’

Yeah, because he handled the high-level criticism that was directed at him in Jordanetics so very well. At least this time he didn’t go off on a Definitely Not Meth binge that landed him in a coma in Russia.

People aren’t after you because you speak to disaffected men, Jordan. They’re after you because you are a dishonest pseudo-intellectual with a Christ complex who delves into the occult, passes off faux Jungian bafflegarble as philosophy, and offers terrible advice to people who need much better role models than you can provide.


A Satanian Lectures Churchians

Jordan Peterson, who is a “little satan” if there ever was one, literally accuses the Christian churches.

It is of course completely presumptuous of me to dare to write and broadcast a video entitled message to the Christian churches but I’m going to do it anyway because I have something to say and
because that something needs to be said.

It is completely presumptuous. It is completely absurd. He’s now gone beyond his conventional luciferian Babelism to literal satanry. And Peterson is leaving out something rather vital, he’s attempting to mislead young men and subvert Christianity and its institutional organizations because his new masters at the Daily Wire hired him for precisely that purpose.

We in the West are facing an all-out assault at the deepest levels on what that old joker Jacques Derrida deemed the faux logo-centric conceptual structure of civilization itself. To take that apart, that’s a society centered on the encouraging adventurous masculine spirit and that privileges – that hated word – of all things, the divine logos, and what should we worship and celebrate properly other than that deconstructionists the words of that mass murderer Karl Marx, and it is precisely those young men who are deeply conscientious, capable of guilt and regret, who have come to believe in pain, that every deep impulse that moves them out into the world for the adventure of their life, even that impulse drawing them to women, is nothing but the manifestation of a spirit that is essentially satanic in nature.

This is not only wrong theologically, morally, psychologically, practically, and scientifically, it is literally
anti-true. It’s not a mere misstatement about the nature of reality, a minor conceptual error, but something that literally could not be farther from the truth and something that distant from the truth comes from a place that cannot be distinguished from Hell.

This is pure Judeochurchian bafflegarble. The assault on the West has been spearheaded by the very people for whom Jordan Peterson now draws a paycheck. And it comes from Hell, not “a place that cannot be distinguished” from it. The satanic war is first against Jesus Christ, second against the European nations, third against the Greco-Roman philosophic legacy, and fourth, against the rest of humanity. It’s not a war against masculinity or young men; the assault on young women has been even more serious and devastating, as many young men can readily attest.

The Christian Church is there to remind people, young men included, and perhaps even first and foremost, that they have a woman to find a garden, to walk in a family, to nurture an ark, to build a land, to conquer a ladder to heaven, to build, and the utter terrible catastrophe of life to face stalwartly in truth, devoted to love, and without fear.

Invite the young men back. Say literally to those young men: you are welcome here. If no one else wants what you have to offer, we do. We want to call you to the highest purpose of your life, we want your time and energy and effort and your will and your good will. We want to work with you to make things better, to produce life more abundant for you, and for your wife and children, and for your community and your country and the world.

No. A thousand times no! The Christian church is absolutely not there to remind people to pursue certain specific material goals. The Christian church is there to worship Jesus Christ, to care for the flock, and to spread the Gospel. It is not there to more efficiently produce material goods for the betterment of the world; to the contrary, it is there to war against the fallen world and its myriad of falsehoods! And one reason so many young men and women have left the institutional churches is because those churches have replaced Christianity with the very Churchian materialism Peterson is now claiming is the purpose of the Christian Church!

Peterson’s understanding of the role of the Church doesn’t even rise to the level of an evil pagan occultist like Hitler, who at least understood that “Kirche” was something fundamentally distinct from “Kinder” and “Kuche”. And life is not “a terrible catastrophe”. This is not only subversion, it is pure inversion, and most of you reading this will understand the significance of that.

Your church is for god’s sake. Quit fighting for social justice, quit saving the bloody planet. Attend to some souls, that’s what you’re supposed to do, that’s your holy duty. Do it now, before it’s too late and the hour is nigh.

And which “god” is that, Mr. Peterson. Which “god” is that?

Like the professional gatekeeper that he is, like the deceitful inversionist snaketongue that he is, Peterson is demanding a return from social justice evil to materialist Enlightenment evil in order to prevent those seeking the Way, the Truth, and the Life from founding new Christian bodies that will supplant the invaded, conquered, and subverted organizations that have been rightfully abandoned. This is simply an attempt to maintain the viability of the converged churchian institutions in order to prevent them from collapsing completely.

Needless to say, the average Churchian will drink this pseudo-philosophical poison up like Kool-Aid on a hot summer’s day.

UPDATE: Fencing Bear points out how, in his own words, the little satan actively rejects the central beliefs of Christianity while accusing the churches of failing to live up to his materialist standards for them.

Dogmatic belief in the central axioms of Christianity (that Christ’s crucifixion redeemed the world; that salvation was reserved for the hereafter; that salvation could not be achieved through works) had three mutually reinforcing consequences: First, devaluation of the significance of earthly life, as only the hereafter mattered. This also meant that it had become acceptable to overlook and shirk responsibility for the suffering that existed in the here-and-now; Second, passive acceptance of the status quo, because salvation could not be earned in any case through effort in this life (a consequence that Marx also derided, with his proposition that religion was the opiate of the masses); and, finally, third, the right of the believer to reject any real moral burden (outside of the stated belief in salvation through Christ), because the Son of God had already done all the important work.