Guess Who’s Back on the Not-Meth?

Jordan Peterstein: Hey New Nazi troll rats

Anonymously trumpeting your anti-semitism doesn’t rescue you from your mother’s basement Or from the demon of resentment

Or make you more attractive to the women who take one look at you and shudder

And rightly bloody so
You are despicable bottom-rung cowards
Using GazaGazaGazaHamasHamas As camouflage for your detestable Cluster B psychopathy, narcissism, Machiavellianism and of course Sadism
I’ve got your number you pathetic tantrum-toddlers
You don’t even have the courage of genuine bullies
You Cheeto-dust covered sweat stained white T-shirted hide-behind-your-mommy’s skirts scum

Andrew Torba: They call us every name in the book, but they never call us liars.

Jordan Peterstein: There are no bigger liars

Than those who believe their own lies
I don’t think you do believe your own lies @BasedTorba

Even though you are obviously a liar

And a despicable liar

I think instead that you are voluntarily irredeemable

Apparently Mr. Definitely Not Meth is back on the Not-Meth and projecting hard. He’s observably off his gourd again. I very much doubt he’s going to recover from his next meltdown. Once he realizes that he’s condemned himself forever by his full-throated endorsement of the Gazacaust, and that the greater part of the world views him as nothing more than a shameless apologist for Clown World, he’s not going to be able to live with himself.