When Jordan Took the Ticket

A Twitter user wonders why Jordan Peterson is so insistent on blaming the victims of sexual abuse and claiming that it is nothing more than a figment of their imaginations.

Jordan Peterson (for some reason) frantically explaining how “satanic pedophile rings” are simply the product of the minds of schizophrenic mothers and confused children. This video appears to have been completely scrubbed from the Internet. 🤔 Curious.

It’s not very well-known that one of Jordan Peterson’s early appearances in the media was an attempt to explain away a Canadian pedophile ring that went back to the 1960s. I didn’t address it in Jordanetics because there wasn’t really anything to say about it at the time other than the weirdness of Peterson inserting himself into the investigation. And yet, this sort of thing appears to surround him on a regular basis.

Toronto police have reportedly spoken with Jordan Peterson, the controversial Canadian academic and author, as part of an ongoing investigation in Northern Ireland into the “bizarre” disappearance and death of a 14-year-old boy.

It’s no wonder that Jordan Peterson hates himself and needs to drugs himself into oblivion just to get through the dark nights. He’s probably too sensitive to the evil that, if Maps of Meaning is any guide, has surrounded him since he was a child, and too aware of what appears to be his complicity in it.

TORONTO – It’s been more than 10 years since allegations that a pedophile ring operated in eastern Ontario first made national headlines.

And long after the dust has settled from the tome that is the Cornwall inquiry report some will continue to believe in a conspiracy to cover-up the truth, experts and observers say.

Commissioner G. Normand Glaude concluded Tuesday that children were sexually abused by people in positions of authority and that public institutions failed victims by mishandling complaints dating back to the 1960s.

But many were looking to him to lay to rest a more sinister explanation for those events, that it was the work of a pedophile ring and a cover-up that reached all the way to the Attorney General’s office was at play.

He did not, saying in his 1600-page report that he would not make an unequivocal statement about the theory either way.

For some, it may not have mattered.

An explanation that to some appears to debunk a conspiracy theory just further confirms others’ suspicions, said University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan B. Peterson.

“It’s very difficult to disprove a conspiracy theory, because every bit of disproving evidence can be just written off as additional evidence that these conspirators are particularly intelligent and sneaky,” he said.

Conspiracy theories are usually started by people who are very untrusting and it gathers steam among others who are somewhat untrusting, Peterson said.

They’re psychologically compelling because they neatly tie together troubling facts or assertions, he said. When things go badly there are often many explanations, and an orchestrated conspiracy “should be pretty low on your list of plausible hypotheses,” Peterson said.

“A good rule of thumb is: Don’t presume malevolence where stupidity is sufficient explanation,” he said. “Organizations can act badly and things can fall apart without any group of people driving that.”

Pedophile Ring Theory in Cornwall, Ont., Will Likely Continue to Swirl, Allison Jones, Winnipeg Free Press , December 17, 2009

That reads so much differently in the post-Epstein and Saville era than it did before we had conclusive evidence that there are persistent pedophile rings operating among the government and bureaucratic elites across the West, doesn’t it?

And here is a much more reliable rule of thumb: anyone who tries to blame obviously wicked actions on stupidity and incompetence instead of evil is probably complicit in that evil and is attempting to cover for it. Because there is no inherent contradiction between evil and stupidity.

UPDATE: It could get worse. A lot worse.

Before Tammy Peterson devoted her time to supporting her husband as an advisor, she worked professionally as a massage therapist. Tammy has also been an avid foster parent since she was 30, housing many children from orphanages in and around Canada.

She just loves kids, apparently. Such an amazing devotion to children.