Creepy Creeps Creeping Creepily

AC analyzes a video of two of the murdered Idaho girls recorded the night of their demise, and concludes that they may have been under surveillance prior to their murders. Which tends to look more than a little suspicious in light of what subsequently happened.

What I describe here may not be surveillance. Surveillance is designed to look normal. The things I see could be normal motions and body postures. But they exhibit many mannerisms common to foot surveillance, so we will use them here as examples of what foot surveillance looks like.

The following is a four hour video shot by a food service truck working in Moscow, Idaho, on the night of the Idaho murders. Kaylee Goncalves, and Madison Mogen, two of the students murdered, visited this truck to pick up some food, and were captured on its internet livestream later in the night. It would be significant if these girls were under domestic surveillance coverage before they were murdered, of course.

It’s really rather startling to see the images through the lens of the commentary. Because, while at first it all appears to be innocent and coincidental enough, as the encounter proceeds, it becomes practically undeniable that, at the very least, the various individuals involved a) are acquainted and b) are up to no good.

I would hope the police have already been examining this video closely as well.