A Profile in Cowardice

Jordan Peterson continues to demonstrate why no young man should have ever listened to a single word he said, much less one he wrote, as he explains why the January 6 political prisoners should not be pardoned by Donald Trump when he publicly reassumes the US presidency next year.

I mean, look, obviously many of those people convicted were doing what they believed in their heart of hearts to be right, and maybe there is some truth to their qualms about the Democratic process. But here’s something to consider, if you’re serious about unifying the country, don’t do the one thing that would piss your opponent off to the point where they felt they had nothing to lose. I mean, look, the left really believes these are ‘far-right insurrectionist Nazi terrorists’, whether that’s true or not is irrelevant. Pardoning them will only engender the undirected rage of paranoid Radical Leftists in such a way that compromise becomes impossible.

If you thought the summer of 2020 was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. For peace, I mean, I think they have to be a sacrifice. If the January 6 prisoners knew that they had to remain in prison for the sake of comforting the other half the country, and finding commonality, I think they, well I hope… would be ok with that.

Jordan Peterson is the textbook coward who dies a thousand deaths. No wonder he got addicted to not-meth. It must be literal Hell on Earth to live in constant fear the way he does. If, at this point, you ever recommended Jordan Peterson to anyone, you owe them an apology. And you really need to contemplate how it was possible for you to fall for such an obvious charlatan.