The Science of Female Competition

I wasn’t planning to post more than once a week on Sigma Game, but given the high level of interest demonstrated combined with my Cernovichian philosophy which dictates reinforcing success and starving failure, I’ve had to rethink my plans. So, today Sigma Game reviews an old Alpha Game post from 2011 in light of two recently published scientific studies about female competition. It’s fascinating to note the way in which both logic and science line up perfectly with observed female experience.

Due to an inept stylist over-processing part of my hair, it was breaking on one side and not the other, I had to continually cut it to even it out. It was shorter than I’ve ever been comfortable with. Now that it’s growing again I hear from women “oh, I just loved your hair shorter.” I don’t believe it. They also try to convince me to go back to my natural color (dark “dirty dishwater” blonde) instead of the color my husband prefers (platinum). Again, a suggestion I think is insincere and catty. Of course not all men prefer blondes but mine does, and women should not be taken seriously when suggesting hair styles to each other, unless they are trying to prevent the Good Idea Fairy from convincing them to “chop” their hair.

The conclusions of the two studies are highly amusing in light of the vociferous protests that greeted the historical post in defense of a woman’s right to chop her hair off, for any reason, without being forced to endure the painful knowledge that most men will find her less attractive. But I suppose that we have already been reliably informed that science is intrinsically misogynistic due to its inherent failure to prioritize feelings over empirical data.


Sigma Game on Substack

I’ve been working on the much-requested Socio-Sexual Hierarchy book and it’s going very well. Assuming we can get both AH:Q and the first Midnight’s War omnibus out to backers in the next few weeks, which we should be able to do, the crowdfund for the SSH book and the Hypergamous book will probably take place sometime in March, which is also when I anticipate finishing what was originally planned to be a 60k-word book, but will probably end up clocking in closer to 90k.

However, due to the growing mainstream interest in the SSH, particularly in the Sigma and Gamma profiles, I decided it would be a) necessary to have a central site for discussing the concepts that was absolutely not here and b) more immediately accessible to the new readers coming from outside the broader community who aren’t interested in economics, politics, fiction, games, history, or my copious media baggage.

So, I set up a Sigma Game substack. It will last as long as it lasts; no doubt it will come under relentless attack from Gammas and other anklebiters, which should serve to make certain SSH-related concepts readily apparent in a way that no amount of books, posts, and articles written by me ever could. It’s always nice when antifragility is built right into the foundation. It’s a pity that Substack comments can’t be limited to free subscribers, rather than just to paid subscribers, though.

The first post is an analysis of a 2012 Alpha Game post in which I supported Dr. Helen’s contention that shame was not an effective tool for encouraging single men to marry. And a review of the recent data would appear to strongly confirm that contention.

Twelve years later, as anticipated, shame has entirely failed as a strategy to encourage more young men to get married. To the contrary, men have even begun to demonstrate less interest in pursuing sex as well as marriage. And the marriage rate has fallen another 8.6 percent in the interlude, from 16.3 per 1,000 in 2011 to 14.9 per 1,000 in 2021.

Higher Education and the Decline of Marriage, SIGMA GAME, 17 January 2024

I don’t intend to post more than once or twice a week on Sigma Game, but otherwise it can be reasonably considered a revival of the Alpha Game blog. How long I will actively maintain it, I do not know; if the book proves popular enough, I might even transfer it to its own site on one of the UATV servers. But, in any event, it’s there now, so feel free to check it out and subscribe to it if you are so inclined.

UPDATE: Okay, that was fast. Thanks to everyone who checked it out, especially those who have already subscribed.

UPDATE: Given the surprisingly high level of interest there, I may have to contemplate doing a daily Sigma Game post.

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Why the Risk is Worth It

A literal Chad faces the very horror story that the MGTOWs cite to justify their fear of marriage and reaches a pair of surprising conclusions.

I am in the middle of a very ugly divorce. My wife and kids have been AWOL for over three months. Two days before Christmas I got a knock on my door from an officer of the court presenting me with a bill of divorce, ending 14 years of marriage. I loved my wife dearly, and I thought the feeling was mutual despite some differences. We had a few fights, but I didn’t think they were too bad. She was more distant than normal in the months leading up to it. She says it was my conversion to Catholicism, but I know that’s just the excuse, her golden ticket out.

We have five very young children who are now without a father. I received recent news that she will be petitioning the court to move into my house with the children, kicking me out, which will render me literally homeless. In addition I’ll have to pay a huge amount of alimony and child support, so I will also be poor. Whether the judge will honor that or not, or to what degree, remains to be seen.

So the MGTOW’s were right. I stand to lose everything I have built over a decade and a half, or at least a substantial amount of it.

They’re not wrong. Feminism and the gynocentric society we have currently found ourselves in has made marriage a huge risk to men. Feminism has rendered women–even the conservative ones–opportunists who will marry you and then suck you dry, draining your finances on yoga classes, 10-day retreat trips, and countless therapy sessions. Then when you’re in enough debt she hires a sleazy lawyer to drum up humiliations of you in the courtroom. As the nail in the coffin, the state comes in to attach this woman scorned to you for another couple decades like a parasite, leeching alimony and child support from your hard work.

Looking at just those facts, they’re 100% right. Besides the five beautiful children that came out of this marriage, marrying her was a mistake, a big one.

Now for the plot twist. That marriage was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Then another twist. The divorce is possibly the second best.

Now, it’s true that the Christian marriage advocates are, for the most part, blathering morons. Pretty much all the stuff they say about the beauty and perfection of a marital relationship is total nonsense based on relative ignorance; they know about as much of the materialist joys of modern hedonism as a medieval Catholic monk. They’re teetotallers comparing a nice cup of tea to cocaine. The joys of the godless may be but for a moment, but they are real.

To put it simply, if either materialism or hedonism is your absolute priority, then don’t get married. Chase the dragon until you die with all your toys.

However, in like manner, the joys and satisfactions of marriage cannot be understood from the outside. They are more akin to the satisfaction of the architect in seeing his vision come to life in brick and stone, or to those of the writer holding his first novel in his hands. There is a sense of purpose and accomplishment in building a family, and it is something that remains even in the aftermath of a failed marriage.

As one gets older, the more import one places on one’s legacy and the less one places on transitory pleasures and ephemeral happiness. And also, the more you realize that your regrets tend to be based more on the risks you failed to take rather than the failures you experienced.

But these are things that can only be contemplated on the other side of the fence. Even so, it should be kept in mind that decisions made on the sole basis of fear are reliably suboptimal, and if one is to err, it is always best to err on the side of eusociality and eucivility rather than their opposites.

UPDATE: A woman shares her own experience as a child of divorce, which may help explain why women are increasingly choosing to stay married based on their realization that the grass on the other side of the fence is not so green.

I’ve never understood these women. I lived that life, as the daughter of a woman who destroyed everything we had for “greener pastures”. My Mom never remarried, nor found a partner to share her life. She was never financially stable after the divorce. She harassed, bashed and degraded my father, even after his death some 30 years later. She died alone at home, of suicide, at age 67.


Never Seek the Nonexistent

Because most men are romantics, they struggle to accept the reality that a woman’s love for a man is usually conditional. And quite understandably, being romantics, they discount the observations of any men who tell them otherwise for a variety of reasons that range from accusations of misogyny to serial zifogyny.

It is, however, a little harder to discount the opinion of an intelligent and deeply empathetic woman on the subject. One cannot reasonably accuse Florence Nightengale of hating anyone or lacking observational skills.

In one sense, I do believe I am “like a man,” as Parthe says. But how? In having sympathy. Women crave for being loved, not for loving. They scream out at you for sympathy all day long, they are incapable of giving any in return, for they cannot state a fact accurately to another, nor can that other woman attend to it accurately enough for it to become information. Now is not all this the result of want of sympathy?

I am sick with indignation at what wives and mothers will do of the most shocking selfishness. And people call it all maternal or conjugal affection, and think it pretty to say so. No, no, let each person tell the truth from their own experience.

They really don’t have sympathy or the ability to empathize, because they are always judging everyone and every thing as a product on a social value scale that relates to their own egos and bounces off of themselves. There is no capability for genuine feeling.

This is what I have experienced with women, there is no capability for genuine feeling for other humans, or really in general, except when those feelings are for themselves and the other people are just proxies to bounce ideas off of.

“Women Aren’t Capable of Love”, Florence Nightingale

This doesn’t mean that men shouldn’t pursue marriage or stop loving the beloved, nor does justify the hatred, contempt, and fury so often exhibited by low-status males who are losers in the sexual and marital markets. But it does suggest that most men very much need to modify their basic conceptual models to account for the female tendency toward solipsism and the consequent effects.

UPDATE: A thought for the reactive contrarians to consider: If female love is unconditional, why do men have to earn it and prove themselves worthy of it?


Want Has Nothing to Do With it

A follower on Gab wonders why anyone would want to be part of the SSH:

@SigmaGame Why would anyone want to be an alpha, beta, gamma, OR sigma? There should be a check mark for ‘none of the above’

It’s not about “want”. Everyone has patterns of behavior. You can’t escape them.

And on the subject of the SSH, I recently read an interesting passage about one of the more obvious Sigmas in history, Arthur, Duke of Wellington, recounted by Charles Oman.

“The march of the centre column was accompanied by the curious case of insubordination by three divisional generals (those commanding the 1st, 5th, and 7th Divisions) of which Napier makes such scathing notice. Their orders gave an itinerary involving a march over fords in flooded fields ; they consulted together, judged the route hopeless, and turned off towards the bridge of Castillo de Yeltes, which they found blocked by the Army of Galicia. Wellington, failing to find them on the prescribed path, set out to seek them, and came upon them waiting miserably in the mud. He is said to have given them no more rebuke than a sarcastic ‘You see, gentlemen, I know my own business best’ and allowed them to cross after the Spaniards, many hours late. The insubordination was inexcusable—yet perhaps it would not have been beneath Wellington’s dignity to have prefaced his original order with an explanatory note such as ‘ the main road by Castillo bridge being reserved for the Spanish divisions.’ But this would not have been in his normal style. Like Stonewall Jackson fifty years after, he was not prone to give his reasons to subordinates, even when his orders would appear to them very inexplicable.”

  • History of the Peninsular War Vol. VI, Charles Oman


Sigma Game

Last night I asked the Darkstream if the time was right to bring back Alpha Game. The response was near-unanimous in favor of bringing it back, so that is precisely what we are going to do prior to the eventual release of the SSH book.

Until a subject-specific site is set up, this new Gab account will serve as SSH Central. I introduced the account thusly:

The preponderance of grifters, girls, and gammas attempting to abuse and redefine the taxonomy of the observable male behavioral patterns has necessitated an authoritative work on the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy by its original author. This Gab account will serve as the home base for the work in progress.

It’s encouraging to see that the account is already paying dividends in distinguishing the original observations from later additions by others. And in preparation for the future, the relevant URLs for both ALPHAGAMEPLAN and SIGMAGAMEPLAN have been duly acquired. Comments will likely be directed to Gab, Twitter, and SG, which should cut down on the nonsense that we have to tolerate.


What Christian Men Should Know

A retired and repentant Master of Game provides a list of what he believes Christian men should know about women:

Assume that you will never change her

Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies. The heart of her husband safely trusts her; So he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evil all the days of her life. —Proverbs 31:10-12

It’s a fatal temptation for a man to look at a woman, especially a young one, as a tabula rasa, a blank slate for him to mold into his perfect, traditional wife who bakes cookies and croissants all day. Such a man sees all her flaws and thinks that, with time, he can eradicate them one by one as if using a laser beam. Or he sees her annoying personality traits and thinks that he can dampen them with a sort of punishment-reward stratagem. This is delusion. Who she is is who she is, and if she does change, it will be entirely dependent on her own will and its cooperation with God to serve the good. Any immediate change you do see in her, without much in the way of effort, should be viewed with suspicion.

Do you know how hard it is to change a single behavior, personality trait, or quirk? For example, I have the bad habit of taking the Lord’s name in vain by saying the word “Jeez” as an exclamation. For a couple of months, I have tried mightily to stop using this term, but I have not yet been successful. I have a bad habit of eating past 8pm. I’m grumpy in the mornings. I’m overly sensitive to noise and odors. I prefer socializing only in the evening. I have innumerable preferences that a potential wife may not like and will try to change, but chances are she will fail until I’m enlightened by God to work harder at correction not for my sake but for the sake of the marriage.

Through God’s grace, I’ve been able to step away from sinful behaviors, but the little things that are entrenched into my personality, and which do not pose an immediate risk to my salvation, have remained. This is also the case with women. Do not assume you will change her. Do not assume you can even get her to grow her hair an inch longer than it already is. Do not assume she will change at all. Of course a woman will do many things to please her man, such as to lose a few pounds or dress differently, and she may be motivated to improve for you in a way that she didn’t while single, but don’t expect immediate, permanent change.

Women are capable of deceiving men

An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, But she who causes shame is like rottenness in his bones.
—Proverbs 12:4

The more secular a woman is, the more likely she will set out to deceive a man without ever believing she is being deceptive. How this plays out is that everything will seem to be going well with her while in a romantic relationship, and then one day you are blindsided by her shocking behavior. I wrote books on women, thought I knew them better than myself, but was still badly deceived by them, because as a man, we are not given natural tools to spot every female deception under the sun. There are thousands—perhaps millions of men—who came home one day and stumbled upon a horrible discovery that changed their lives forever. In heartache, they concluded that they never really knew their significant other at all.

It’s possible for a woman to pretend to be someone she is not, sometimes for many years and certainly for the short amount of time needed to put forth a favorable impression and cement a man’s affections during courtship. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Depending on how skilled she is, the lie may be something as minor as a political opinion she’s hiding to not displease you or as serious as living an entirely different lifestyle behind your back. The man who is lusting after a woman will not be able to see through the deception, but a chaste man whose eyes and ears are not tainted by lust should be able to see through any false façade by picking up on inconsistencies in behavior while continually self-checking whether she is “too good to be true.”

At the risk of getting philosophical, I believe that women themselves don’t know when they’re being deceptive or not. Their behavior is subconsciously driven to maximize the rewards received from a man with whom they want to be in a relationship. On the other hand, it is unlikely that a woman is consciously deceiving you if she is open about confessing all her flaws and problems.

Read the whole thing. Roosh definitely knows what he’s talking about, and it well behooves the less experienced man to listen to what he has to say on the subject. Ironically, it’s often the men who are least experienced and least successful with women who are most certain that they understand everything they need to know about the opposite sex.

This is not, in fact, true. The truth is that women are every bit as fallen, every bit as inclined toward evil, as men. It’s only that the way in which their fallen nature expresses itself is different in many ways than the way the fallen nature of man does that oftentimes leads men – even good Christian men – to believe that women are morally superior to men.

Number (9), in particular, is useful.


Mailvox: Woman Trouble

One reader takes objection to my observations of the obvious options available to the various MGTOW:

You really need to open your eyes more. I was married for 28 years to a “Christian woman” until she decided leaving and taking as much of my stuff as she could was a better option.

Your rants against MGTOW really need to investigate further, though I won’t hold my breath waiting for that.

You won the relationship (etc.) lottery, as you have admitted in the past. Many of us did not. Modern women are not like my grandmother who was committed to my grandfather even after his death.

Am I supposed to pursue a woman to build a family with (my ex-wife was infertile) at 59? I have already been removed from the gene pool, if that matters. Yeah, I should have known better when marrying, that she would not be faithful for the long run, but that is only easy to see now, and things have gotten much worse.

You do tend to ignore things that go against your beliefs, but I wish I had the silver spoon you had. I got the brains (likely not as high in IQ as you, but high enough), but I never had the support myself. I still do what I can, but not much I can do now. Though I guess I should just be smothered by a pillow in your eyes since I was born 2 years before a magical boundary!

You write some well thought out stuff, but then you also write lots of idiocy. You got the faithful trophy wife. I would have been satisfied with just the faithful part!

The reader’s point is obvious and absurd. He completely ignores the fact that I specifically address “risk”, “failure”, and “casualties”.

MGTOW is retarded, self-destructive, and evil, not unlike feminism.

The idea that one should not fight a war to defend the continuation of civilized society because there is a statistically significant chance that some soldiers will be wounded and killed is astonishingly stupid. The reader should be aware that he is allowing the understandable emotions of his having been a casualty in the intersexual wars to color his ability to reason about the subject correctly.

Another reader writes about the fading of a long-term non-marital relationship.

I’m hoping you can give me some relationship advice. I tried finding some stuff on the old Alpha Game Plan website but couldn’t find anything helpful. Today, my girlfriend of 8 years told me that she feels like the spark is gone from our relationship, that we’re not that close anymore, and that she’s not as attracted to me as she used to be. She said that there isn’t someone else, so at least that’s something.

What should I do? I feel floored by what she told me and I don’t want to do something that nukes our relationship rather than saves it.

The reader should break up with his girlfriend and focus on improving himself in order to become someone that another woman can be attracted to. If a woman isn’t attracted to a man, then the relationship is already dead, because female attraction to a man is an effective proxy for female commitment to her relationship with him. As counterintuitive as the advice may sound, breaking up probably his best chance to eventually get her back in the event he still wishes to do so down the post-improvement road.

More importantly, if she was actually the one, he would have married her 6 or 7 years ago. Ergo, he is best-advised to simply break it off and move on in light of her admission.


At Least His Feelings Are Safe

A tragi-comedy in three acts.

SPACEBUNNY: Women instinctively hate and avoid gammas – these are all examples of gamma behaviour and are not genuine nice guys. The genuine nice guy might not always get the girl, but he almost always eventually gets a girl, settles down, gets married and has a family. These guys will never have any of that.

MGTOW: I just went MGTOW instead and stop caring about what women consider a nice guy or not. Actually I stopped caring what women consider full stop, my bank account and emotional health has never been better.

VD: And you have also rendered yourself entirely irrelevant to human society until you die alone and forgotten. Congratulations. A hedonistic, coke-addled musician who can’t figure out how to put on a condom is literally more useful to the world than you are, and will contribute more to the future than you ever will. But at least you won’t get your feelings hurt again, and that’s what’s important.

The reality is that the whole Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) act is little more than gamma posturing. Omegas who have no choice but to go their own way due to social rejection don’t make such a major production of it and are usually quite willing to admit that they are lonely and would prefer that things were otherwise. And most MGTOW will drop the act in a heartbeat if a woman happens to smile at them or say something nice to them, at least until they inevitably say something that causes the smile to vanish from her face and inspires her to flee as quickly as social etiquette permits.

Lifelong loneliness is not a reasonable price to pay for avoiding the occasional rejection by women. And there is no point in pretending you are not lonely, because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be constantly posting on social media telling strangers how you don’t care what women think about you. And doubling down on the very weirdness that both men and women find off-putting is not something that will increase either your emotional health or your odds of social success.

If your life sucks, then change it. What have you got to lose?


Triggering the Irrelevant

All the cowards and incels on Gab were triggered by this.

The future belongs to those who show up for it. Stop whining. Start fighting by getting married, having children, and planting the acorns of the trees in whose shade your grandchildren will play. Yes, there are risks. You might get your heart broken. You might lose half your toys. So what? Action requires risk and risk is inherent to life.

There is no point in whining, blackpilling, or worrying about things you can’t possibly control. If you’re not willing to take risks to build the future, if you’re not willing to live, if you’re not willing to set your face against the entropy of the universe, then you are irrelevant and your inferior genetic line will end with you, due to your cowardly narcissism.