Want Has Nothing to Do With it

A follower on Gab wonders why anyone would want to be part of the SSH:

@SigmaGame Why would anyone want to be an alpha, beta, gamma, OR sigma? There should be a check mark for ‘none of the above’

It’s not about “want”. Everyone has patterns of behavior. You can’t escape them.

And on the subject of the SSH, I recently read an interesting passage about one of the more obvious Sigmas in history, Arthur, Duke of Wellington, recounted by Charles Oman.

“The march of the centre column was accompanied by the curious case of insubordination by three divisional generals (those commanding the 1st, 5th, and 7th Divisions) of which Napier makes such scathing notice. Their orders gave an itinerary involving a march over fords in flooded fields ; they consulted together, judged the route hopeless, and turned off towards the bridge of Castillo de Yeltes, which they found blocked by the Army of Galicia. Wellington, failing to find them on the prescribed path, set out to seek them, and came upon them waiting miserably in the mud. He is said to have given them no more rebuke than a sarcastic ‘You see, gentlemen, I know my own business best’ and allowed them to cross after the Spaniards, many hours late. The insubordination was inexcusable—yet perhaps it would not have been beneath Wellington’s dignity to have prefaced his original order with an explanatory note such as ‘ the main road by Castillo bridge being reserved for the Spanish divisions.’ But this would not have been in his normal style. Like Stonewall Jackson fifty years after, he was not prone to give his reasons to subordinates, even when his orders would appear to them very inexplicable.”

  • History of the Peninsular War Vol. VI, Charles Oman